Event: Landscape Webinar

Have you been in landscape design for a long time or just want to learn its basics? You have such an opportunity! My name is Jessica and I am the author of this site. I would like to announce a webinar for those who are interested in landscape design.

The webinar will be interesting to not only professional landscape architects and designers, but also to amateurs. If you want to design your garden so that it pleased you and your loved ones - then be sure to join.

You will get not only a good theoretical basis, but also consider the specifics of the design of the garden or park visually on the bright examples of the best parks in the world. Acquired knowledge you can apply in practice already in your garden and turn it into a paradise island.

The theme of the webinar

Basic skills in the design of the garden and frequent mistakes in the creation of landscape projects.

Participation price


Webinar Program

  1. Gardens of Inspiration
  2. Consider inspiring examples of decorated gardens.
  3. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of design on the given examples.
  4. Design of small gardens and public parks.
  5. Division of space into zones: creating space for rest and reading, children's playgrounds, a communication zone, overview spaces.
  6. Harmony of plants in projects
  7. Selection of plants for different seasons to ensure year-round flowering.
  8. The art of combining colors and aromas
  9. Correct cultivation of fruit trees.

In general, the webinar program can be divided into two parts:

Part one. "Plant structure of the garden." (construction of plant compositions, methods of planting and methods of working with plants, green structure, types of structural plantings, assortment, design, image, shaping of green structures, modern approach, author's tendencies).

Part two. "Coloristics, semantics, seasonality." (color in the landscape, color - environment, style, seasonality, coloring of wood - how, with what and why, analysis of modern color solutions).

It is always necessary to remember that the garden should be decorative all year round. Early spring, we are always unexpectedly pleased with the first blooming bulbous perennials: snowdrops, crocuses, tulips and daffodils. Their flowering is supported by spring decorative shrubs.

The beginning of summer is especially rich in flowering perennials, the riot of colors and aromas simply overflow the garden at this time. Stability are maintained by coniferous and evergreen plants.

The middle of summer and the beginning of autumn are the most magnificent period for a rest in garden.

The purpose of the webinar

I want to share my experience with my readers. Often, even professionals make mistakes and I would like to focus on it. So do not pass by, I promise, it will be interesting!


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