Is Glider Recliner The Same Thing As A Rocker Recliner?

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a glider recliner that is reclined back

Glider recliners are very much like classic rocker recliners, but they have a slight difference in movement and construction. Gliders are like a modern version of traditional rockers. Instead of rocking along the arched paths, like rockers, they move forward and back in a horizontal sliding motion on a linear path and some of them swivel as well.

A glider suggests more comfort and convenience, as your toes will not get trapped underneath the recliner when rockers tend to cause some problems in this way if your feet happen to be in the wrong place. And the whole ride is much smoother and gentler, plus, there are models with some soft durable padding and upholstery that make you just want to sink in the chair completely.


  • A lot of gliders offer great features for your comfort like locking mechanisms, in case you have curious kids with “long” fingers that like to stick them everywhere they should not (e.g. in sliding mechanism), or in case you just don’t feel like sliding in your recliner. For instance, if you have a sleeping baby on your lap and you want to leave the recliner easy without interrupting the baby’s sleep. By the way, these chairs are simply the best for nursing and soothing your baby.
  • Many models come with comfortable ottomans for resting your legs and feet that are stretched out by pulling the levers on the sides of the recliner.
  • Some recliners have storage pockets on the sides for anything you may need beside you (remote controls, accessories, your diary, pens, baby’s toys, etc.).
  • Some recliners come with various (up to 7) customizable reclining positions for a better rest. Not all of them tilt-back actually, so keep that in mind.
  • Some companies also let you choose an upholstery color or a print to make your recliner look stylish to complement your interior.
  • You can get yourself a glider with springs underneath the seat for additional comfort, but the price for models with additional features is, of course, higher.

The mechanism of a glider is on a stable metal base that provides the sliding motion. It may look bulky, sophisticated, heavy, not that portable as a rocker, but the number of pleasant feelings you get when sitting in it is simply unmeasurable. Mostly due to its padding and back cushions. And if your glider also has soft padded armrests, that will add to the comfort.

What to consider before buying?

If you are still thinking about buying the right glider for yourself, consider a few tips that may help with choosing the perfect one:

  • Height. Pick the glider with the right seat height for yourself so you can touch the floor.
  • Decor. Make sure your recliner fits your interior. Choose wisely.
  • Durability. Choose famous brands and reliable constructions with firm frames that will not get squeaky with time.
  • Upholstery. Make sure the fabric it’s strong, healthy, non-toxic, meets safety standards and is easy to wash. Especially, if you have a baby. By the way, some gliders are also water-resistant.
  • Padding. Have a sit. Feeling comfortable? Well, you are supposed to. But are you sure it’s always going to be this way? If not, make sure the padding is reliable and non-sagging.
  • Size. Make notes with numbers if you need, so that there are no surprises when you place your new recliner in your room. Do you have enough space? Your body proportion must match your recliner so pay attention to the dimensions and always opt for a glider that fits your body perfectly with no nuances. Spend some good time in it before you buy it and try every feature.
  • Versatile. Think good about what you need a recliner for and pick the mechanism that you need. If you don’t care about 360 swiveling or an easy-pull ottoman, then go for a cheaper version and save your money. Check the locking mechanism’s availability for steadiness. This feature is important. Also, check if it’s easy to assemble.
  • Warranty. Anything can happen. And in case your recliner is covered, you will not have to overpay. Find out exactly what’s covered and for how long.

You can always find a good reason for picking up this piece of comfortable furniture. But sometimes it’s just a necessity. Just don’t forget to make sure the chair is sturdy, safe and all the parts work properly.

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