Recliners For Back Pain Relief – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

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woman using a recliner for back pain relief

Nothing beats a comfortable, plush, inviting recliner, especially one that just calls you to slip into its ample folds of soft, warm, and comforting fabric.

Whether you prefer leather or velvet, washable cloth materials, or synthetics, the best chair for back pain sufferers is always going to be made to be the most comfortable recliner for your body.

To understand what the best recliner for back pain is, you need to understand what a recliner chair has to provide, and at the end of this review, I answer some frequently asked questions that will help you better understand what you need to look for.

This review was created from actual testing, as well as compounding over a thousand recliners tested in 2018 and 2019.

I have categorized each unit for easy identification:

  • Basic Recliner: inexpensive or lower price range, basic features.
  • Brand Recliner with Lumbar Support: fully featured with pain relief design.
  • Massage Recliner: fully automated massage units.

List & Comparison of Recliners for Back Pain Relief:

Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300
  • Features- 6 Rollers, SL-track, Air-Cell Massage, Foot Massage, Heating Therapy
  • Dimensions-  48"D x 47"W x 28"H 
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Sinoluck Tinycooper Massage ChairsSinoluck Tinycooper Massage Chairs
  • Features- 8 Massage Rollers, 32 Air Bags, Heat Therapy 
  • Dimensions-  47"D x 30"W x 45"H 
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Real Relax Favor-04Real Relax Favor-04
  • Features- 8 Massage Points, Heater, 6 Air bags, Feet Roller
  • Dimensions-  11.22"D x 25.59"W x 42.52"H 
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  • Featured- Air Massage Technology, Dual Foot Rollers, Back Heating
  • Dimensions-  65"D x 30"W x 40"H 
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Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800
  • Features- L-Track, 4 Roller Massage System, Air-Cell Massage, Heating Therapy
  • Dimensions-  46"D x 31"W x 48"H 
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BestMassage BM-EC06BestMassage BM-EC06
  • Features- 21 Air Bags, Heat Therapy, 7 Massage Modes
  • Dimensions-  55"D x 42"W x 35"H 
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OOTORI Asuka A600OOTORI Asuka A600
  • Features- S-Track, Back Heat Therapy, Foot Rollers
  • Dimensions-  49.61"D x 31.1"W x 42.91"H 
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Table of Contents

Review of the Best Recliners for Back Pain Relief:

Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300

Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300

Get some real massage experience using this recliner chair from Kahuna! Every session feels like an actual visit to a professional massage therapist. SM-7300 impresses with its features and capacities – 21″ wide seat, 24″ wide shoulder area, and 12″ extended leg section; 320 lbs weight capacity; fits up to 6.5ft tall people.

This luxurious recliner has 9 various massage modes including 4 special modes (Office Person, Golfer, Senior Mode, Dynamic Sport) which are targeted at certain body areas. This Kahuna chair provides increased massage effect and blood circulation, allowing you to customize massage functions.

It also has side LEDs, a 6-wheel roller system, air-massage and heating systems, wrap-around “squeeze” massage for your legs and feet (scraping, rolling, and kneading functions), zero gravity position, space-saving technology (3″ from the wall), calf & foot massage, modified remote controller with LCD, massage control timer (up to 30 minutes).

Considering the price, you can say that this chair can do anything, but most importantly, SM-7300 will make you forget about back pain forever! You can also choose from 4 dark color options.


  • Triple hip airbags
  • Modified remote controller
  • 5-level air intensity
  • 5 auto pre-set massage modes (Yoga Stretching, Fast Recovery, Pain Relief, Relaxation, Athlete)
  • 4 special programs (Office Person, Golfer, Senior Mode, Dynamic Sport)
  • Zero Gravity position
  • Kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, tapping + knocking massage partial/fixed functions
  • Wider shoulder/hip areas (+3″) for big bodies
  • Space-saving technology
  • 6 rollers
  • Capacity – 320 lbs
  • Dimensions – 48″ x 28″ x 47″
  • Weight – 238 lbs

Sinoluck Tinycooper Massage Chairs

Sinoluck Tinycooper Massage Chairs

This chair has the most affordable price on the list. Considering the features and quality, it’s worth the money! It has a 3-level zero gravity massage function (inspired by NASA technology), ergonomic design, lower-back and calves massage functions, seat vibration, full-body airbag massage, and foot rollers which are no worse than in other more expensive massage recliners.

The therapeutic effects, provided by this chair when it’s fully reclined (your legs are higher than your heart), are incredibly efficient and felt immediately. There are also neck/back kneading and back/waist shiatsu massage functions.

It’s like you have an intelligent massage performed with real hands! You can choose from three color options available (black, brown, coffee).


  • 8 massage rollers in the backrest
  • foot rollers
  • 32 airbags (shoulder, arms, seat, and legs)
  • 3-stage zero gravity massage
  • 5 motors
  • 1 air pump
  • 95-145 incline range
  • Weight – 151 lb
  • Dimensions – 47.3″ x 30.3″ x 45.3″

Real Relax Favor-04

Real Relax Favor-04

This one has a very nice touch upholstery which makes this ergonomic chair soft and comfortable. Combined massage functions work together in certain areas of the body to provide a high-quality head-to-toe massage experience.

The chair is equipped with a heating system for your perfect blood circulation and proper stable temperature for the utmost relaxation. The 4 pre-set massage modes include various methods.

This chair was modified and upgraded with new easy-to-use remote control, electronics, frame, and longer height (up 6.1 ft). Air squeeze functions, 6 airbags, foot rollers, 4 pre-set massage modes, high-quality foam, and a high-power motor.

Fully tested before release! Black and brown color options are available.


  • Zero-gravity ergonomic design
  • 8 massage points
  • 2 wheels for easy moving around
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Easy assembly (10 minutes)
  • Air-squeeze functions
  • Foot rollers
  • 6 airbags
  • 4 pre-set massage modes
  • High-quality foam
  • High-power motor
  • Dimensions – 48″ x 29″ x 40.5″
  • Weight – 93.7 pounds



This high-quality recliner from RELAXONCHAIR was designed with premium-quality components to provide the most professional therapeutic massage experience and stretching.

This chair has the L-Track innovative system which is especially beneficial for people with lumbar areas, back problems, and sore muscles. It has undergone rigorous tests to provide exceptionally good and deep full body massage, including your forearms and wrists.

The chair is wrapped in soft-grained eco-friendly synthetic leather upholstery. The user-friendly remote control that comes with this chair is big, stylish, and easy to understand – you can see what’s going on with your chair and body on the large screen.

There’s also a full-body scanning system to detect your height and the length of your spine to provide a customized massage. The RELAXONCHAIR model has five manual peculiar targeted massage modes, including kneading, tapping, and combos. Charcoal and chocolate color options are available.


  • High-quality massage rollers
  • Modified remote controller
  • 5 manual massage modes (Kneading, Tapping, Kneading + Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling)
  • 4 pre-set programs
  • 3 massage speeds
  • 3-stage automatic zero gravity
  • Full-body scanning system
  • L-Tracking massage system
  • Airbag massage technology
  • Body-stretching and deep massage functions
  • Lower back heating function (2 heating pads)
  • L-Track massage system
  • Arm and calf massagers
  • Easy assembly
  • Time control (30 minutes)

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

This popular Kahuna model has 6 automatic massage programs, double-layer shoulder airbags, and extra foot padding. LM6800 is a perfect recliner to start your day with before work.

The L-Track massage system is impressive and when you try 3 stages of Zero Gravity positions, you will fall in love with this chair. Smart body-scanning technology detects your body size and provides individual custom-fit massage.

Then there are inflatable cushions that are designed to deliver first-class air massage. They inflate independently and cover your entire body!

6 pre-set auto modes including special yoga stretching and full-body stretching are complimented with dual foot rollers to relieve your feet from stress. LM-6800 operates quietly and saves your room place (requires only 3″ from a wall).

This chair has it all for your total relaxation and energy recharge.


  • Dual foot rollers
  • Detachable footer area
  • Yoga stretching and full-body stretching programs
  • Smart body scan technology
  • 3-stage Zero Gravity
  • L-Track massage system
  • 6-auto massage modes
  • Timer (30 minutes)
  • Dimensions – 48″ x 31″ x 46″
  • Weight – 249 lbs
  • Fully assembled chair (except for side parts)

BestMassage BM-EC06

BestMassage BM-EC06

Another great recliner with a modified controller for a great massage experience in your home or office. The most “bright” function of this chair is its heat therapy on the waist and feet. No more waist aches, shoulder and back pain!

Besides, your whole body gets scanned to receive the most suitable custom massage! BM-EC06C has all been included! It has a great lying angle of 170 degrees, so you can fully relax in it while receiving a high-quality professional massage.

If you feel like changing the angle, you can adjust it to the most comfortable position. The same goes for speed control, width, and massage intensity level (3 levels). Air pressure is also adjustable (4 levels).

Your neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet will get the support you expect from a premium-quality recliner. The remote control on the stick has a detachable panel with custom extra options underneath it.

When using this recliner, your joints and muscles recover faster and blood circulation improves. The manufacturer also states that this chair is the only one you need in your whole life! I guess we don’t have a choice now!


  • Adjustable speed, width, intensity, air pressure
  • Heating function
  • Body scan
  • 7 massage modes
  • 9 pre-set auto massage program
  • 20 airbags
  • Dimensions – 55″ x 42″ x 35″
  • Weight – 300 lbs
  • Capacity – 350 lbs

OOTORI Asuka A600

OOTORI Asuka A600

This massage chair from OOTORI has adjustable electric massage rollers for various shoulder widths (from 1.57″ to 8.27″). Get your body scanned to detect your height and have an amazing full-body flexible massage provided by the S-Track system (from head to waist) or a custom massage for specific areas.

The 3-level gravity system in A-600 offers 3 Initial, Comfort, and Deep positions for your ideal relaxation.

Besides, the chair has 2 heating pads in the lower back and waist areas, foot rollers for stimulating your blood circulation, adjustable airbag intensity and shoulder width, and leg stretching function for different heights.

This chair is the best when it comes to shiatsu massage and it only needs 3″ from your wall so you can place it anywhere in your house.


  • S-Track system
  • Smart body scan
  • 3 zero gravity angles
  • 3 massage speeds
  • 3 pre-set massage modes
  • 3-level roller width
  • Adjustable airbag intensity
  • Full-body air massage
  • Lower back and waist heating functions
  • Vibration function (hips)
  • Foot rollers
  • Extendable legrest
  • No assembly required
  • Dimensions – 49.6″ x 31.1″ x 42.9″
  • Weight – 194 lbs
  • Capacity – 400 lbs


Is a recliner good for your back?

Recliners can be good for your back if they come with a lumbar support feature. A lumbar support feature is when there is a cushion that supports your lumbar region set in the back and has no gaps in the lower region of your body.

Is sleeping in a recliner bad for you?

For short periods, no. For long sleep, yes. A recliner is not designed to be a bed; it is a comforting chair, used to allow the user time to relax between, or after chores. These units do not provide orthopedic support for long periods of rest. There is one exception to the rule; a true zero-gravity unit is the only one that will support long sleeping modes.

Is leaning back in your chair bad for your back?

Based on recent research, slouching at an angle of 135 degrees reduces stress on the back and is good for you. Sitting at 90 degrees is placing pressure on your lower back and can eventually lead to more back problems. (amazing, isn’t it! I wish my parents knew this when I was young.)

What Is Zero Gravity Seating?

Zero gravity is a NASA-designed position; this is the position that Astronauts use when taking off, and is essentially the position where G forces have the least impact on the body. This means that the body’s weight is evenly distributed across the chair, and this leads to improved blood circulation and helps decompress your spine. The Zero-G features are popular among recliners for seniors since the support it provides is quite good.

8 thoughts on “Recliners For Back Pain Relief – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!”

  1. Great little recliner for the money! Nice color. Seat cushion was a little hard at first but will soften in time I’m sure. What do you think?

    • Hi Nicky,

      Yes, I’ve actually have tested it. This recliner is constructed with a steady and smooth 360-degree swivel feature that lets you turn the chair in any direction with ease. This is a very important function for relieving back pain without having to stress the back constantly when trying to get something out of reach.

      The most important aspect of the features of this recliner is its solid lumbar support, which is immediately apparent when you first settle down into its folds. The upholstery is a soft, yet sturdy leather that provides both warmth, comfort and exceptional design.

      The Mac Motion recliner comes with a separate ottoman that is angled perfectly for your feet.

      The bottom line is that this is an exceptional recliner for back relief, and while it doesn’t come with all the IoT fixtures, it is an exceptionally well designed, comfortable lumbar supporting recliner.

      It’s main features:

      • Product Weight: 87 pounds
      • Product Dimensions: 34.5 x 22.8 x 30 inches
      • Ottoman Dimensions: 20 x 18 x 15 inches
      • Colors: Cobblestone (Tan)
      • Cover Material: Leather
        • Hi Irma! It’s a pleasure to have you here)
          About the Svago, its key characteristics are zero gravity positioning, massage and heating features, and high-end design.
          The Svago Zero Gravity Recliner is a more expensive option to choose I listed in a review above, but this is a full zero gravity recliner and is designed for optimum comfort. “Svago” actually “relaxation” in Italian, and this is the core of this recliners design. It is engineered to provide absolute comfort.

          This recliners design includes many features all focused on delivering the perfect chair, and these features include Zero Gravity seating, building each unit’s frame from contoured beech wood, and covering the frame with memory foam. These features all work together in perfect harmony, delivering massage, heat, and Zero Gravity for a mind and body relaxing experience.

          The Svago integrates massage and heat functions to improve the overall experience, and they succeed in this soft bonded leather upholstered feat of ingenuity. This material is not real leather, but a synthetic designed especially for the Svago performance requirements.

          The chairs zero gravity relieves back pain and improves your spine and circulatory health, and moves from reclining to sitting position in a smooth and stressless operation.

          The model comes with extended armrests that span the full length of the chair and continues on out towards the footrest. You also get a removable headrest and lumbar pillows which enables you to adapt your comfort in any way you prefer.

          There is a separate footrest that comes with the unit and is an independent unit, can be useful even when not used in combination with the chair.

          This is a full massage zero-gravity recliner, and you get a lot of amazing relaxing features in another minimalistic frame approach that doesn’t take up as much space as most of its competitors. Combined with the unique Italian touch, you have a perfect unit.

  2. I have the Best Massage Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner. In my opinion, when it comes to a professional massage chair, the kind you see in malls and airports, the Best Massage immediately springs to mind. It comes with 30 airbags, of which 20 are located around the lower part of the chair, giving you more than just a back massage, it provides you with a full-body experience starting from your ankles and working all the way up to your neck. There are a number of massage options and these range from Shiatsu to compression and percussion, as well as chop action and kneading. Each message type is used to deliver a focused experience that will reduce stress, relieve pain, and invigorate your circulatory system. You’ll find the massage type that is right with you with the variety that is available. First, there are massage programs that include four main categories – recovery program, extend the program, relax program, and refresh the program. Under each program comes a number of options, so, essentially you are getting the widest and most comprehensive set of massages you could ever hope to find. Apart from the 30 airbags you also get a built-in intelligent heating system that uses the rollers to deliver a flexible and body-conforming heat dispersion during the massage. This recliner includes a special neck massage feature focusing on your necks “tsubo points.” The lower back is covered by roller heads that go all the way to your tailbone. The 20 lower body airbags are used to help in circulatory excitement, which generates energy as it helps your heart and lungs perform better. In addition to these massage features, you also get a vibration massage to your buttocks, and a rolling airbag a massage to your thighs and calves. The arms are not left untouched, and you get an air squeeze massage that reduces the stress of arm fatigue. This is a budget level massager, which means that its price is below the average for such a unit, and surprisingly it does not underperform, it actually delivers a comprehensive and comfortable result, making this a very popular choice.


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