Best Glider Chairs: FAQ, How-Tos’, and Buyer’s Guide!

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a glider chair

Today you would rarely see a modern nursery without a glider chair. So whether you plan a nursery yourself – or look to update it – you will probably need a good glider chair for you and your baby. Even if your child is already too big for a glider, a furniture piece like that will always be useful.

Glider chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, especially semi-upholstered models that come with beautiful woodwork and soothing designs. They can serve both as a nursery piece and a living room relaxation spot, especially with the addition of a cozy ottoman.

What to Look for in a Glider Chair?

When looking for a new glider chair for your home, it’s important to establish its main future use. Is it going to be a baby chair or a nursing chair for a newborn? Gliders make for good play chairs for toddlers as well as neat nap spaces for you and other adults.

More affordable designs include polyester and microfiber upholstery, but manufacturers that deal with baby furniture take great care in making all materials safe and free of toxins. Among customers, favorites are gray, beige, and coffee designs with matching or contrasting wood hues like espresso and white.

If you plan to use it in your nursery rather than the living room or other similar spaces in your house, it’s important to think about safety. One of the more important safety features to look for is a built-in locking mechanism. Gliders that have this feature will lock the gliding mechanism to both prevent your child from getting hurt and also to fix the chair in the preferred setting.

Locks prove to be especially useful when feeding since you need some semblance of stability. It’s also there to make sure you can lift yourself from the chair with ease while still holding your baby. Moreover, you can place your chair even closer to the wall when it’s in a locked position.

Another helpful feature is a slightly reclining or adjustable backrest. Some glider chairs bend backward to 45-60 degrees, depending on the model, which allows you to feed your baby at a more comfortable angle. It also adds to the gliding motion and helps you soothe the baby faster.

Ottomans are an important part of a glider chair set as they are designed to provide the needed relief for your feet, ankles, and legs. Some ottomans can also glide to match the chair’s movements, so you might want to check for that feature if you need more assistance when rocking your baby to sleep.

Glider Chairs Comparison Chart

Stork Craft 06550-419Stork Craft 06550-419
  • Material- Polyester
  • Dimensions- 29” x 40” x 27.5”
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Angel Line 61311-21Angel Line 61311-21
  • Material- Polyester
  • Dimensions- 24.8” x 25.8” x 39.5”
Check Price Amazon
Angel Line 61510-49Angel Line 61510-49
  • Material- Polyester
  • Dimensions- 27.5" x 50" x 37.5"
Check Price Amazon
Naomi Home 20104Naomi Home 20104
  • Material- Polyester
  • Dimensions- 39.5” x 25.75” x 24.75”
Check Price Amazon
Storkcraft 06550-549Storkcraft 06550-549
  • Material- Polyester
  • Dimensions- 29” x 28” x 37.5”
Check Price Amazon
Angel Line 61327-75Angel Line 61327-75
  • Material- Polyester
  • Dimensions- 24.8” x 25.8” x 39.5”
Check Price Amazon
Dutailier C20-81C-60-3128Dutailier C20-81C-60-3128
  • Material- Polyester
  • Dimensions- 31” x 27” x 42.5”
Check Price Amazon
Storkcraft 06442-481Storkcraft 06442-481
  • Material- Polyester
  • Dimensions- 42.7” x 29.5” x 28”
Check Price Amazon
Child Craft Cozy GliderChild Craft Cozy Glider
  • Material- Microfiber
  • Dimensions- 26.5” x 26” x 39”
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Table of Contents

Review of the Best Glider Chairs

Stork Craft 06550-419

One of the leading brands of baby furniture, Stork Craft has been delivering reliable furniture pieces for over 70 years. This Premium Hoop glider and ottoman set showcase Stork Craft’s award-winning qualities, from the durability of hardware to the softness of baby-safe cushioning.

Engineered from sturdy hardwood, the framework of this glider chair features flexible ball bearings—all hidden from view for a better final look—that allow for a smooth gliding experience. The dark brown frame is exposed to add a certain sense of classic style to the entire chair as it beautifully matches the soft beige upholstery.

The rounded backrest comes with extra padded cushions to create the maximum possible relaxation for you and your baby, and the matching ottoman padding provides ample support for your legs and feet. Additionally, both armrests offer wide storage pockets that can be used for safekeeping various electronics, books, magazines, or small baby toys.

One of the best points of the comfort of this glider is its cushy seat that measures 18 inches wide and 18 inches deep. To provide optimal leg support, the 20-inch wide ottoman stands at 16 inches tall to work in tandem with the 17.5-inch height of the seat.

Even though the recliner needs to be assembled, the process is easy and painless and only takes one person to complete. Covered in pleasant beige polyester upholstery, the Stork Craft glider, and ottoman present a complete set compatible with all nursery designs and give any baby room a stylish touch.


  • Finish: Espresso/Beige
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item weight: 43 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29” D x 40” H x 27.5” W


  • Comfortable seating with durable base support
  • Extended armrest storage 
  • Supports up to 250 pounds
  • Quiet gliding action suits nurseries
  • Matching espresso ottoman 

Angel Line 61311-21

Angel Line presents this Windsor Glider and ottoman set in a fitting white and gray finish combination able of brightening up any nursery or playroom. Quality materials are safe to use even around very small children.

Combining the pristine white of the hardwood base and the calm gray of the textured upholstery, this glider creates a clean silhouette in a modern yet familiar style. Both the seat and the backrest are fully padded and easily removable for cleaning, while the close-fitting armrest cushions allow for more mobility.

On top of its easily cleanable polyester upholstery, the glider offers neat side pockets for storing various baby items, electronics, or reading material. The ottoman comes in matching colors, providing enough leg space for balanced support.

Mounted on strong solid wood, the chair can glide effortlessly and safely while maintaining its classy appearance. The matching ottoman base is just as intricately crafted as the chair’s frame, giving your room a perfect blend of quality and style.


  • Finish: White/Gray
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item weight: 45.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.8” x 25.8” x 39.5”


  • Includes side pockets for storage
  • Cushy pillows are removable
  • Upholstery is easy to clean
  • Gliding mechanism is safe to use around a child

Angel Line 61510-49

Another contemporary Angel Line set with a comforting touch of tradition, this Monterey glider, and ottoman combo delivers a balanced design with the beige finish and deep brown hardwood base.

This glider is equipped with study yet lightweight bearings that enable the gentle gliding feature perfect for rocking your baby to sleep. Additionally, the mechanism conceals all dangerous parts of the structure to make using the chair completely safe around pets and children.

With its stylish base completed in espresso brown and contrasting light beige chair finish, the glider complements most modern room designs in your home, from your living room to nursery and media room. The color-coordinated ottoman stands just at the right height to create the needed support for your legs while keeping the final look carefully uniform.

In addition to its soft cushy armrests and backrest, the chair ensures there is enough seating space for you and your child without needlessly taking too much room. Side pockets are also included for giving you more storage options, whether you are an avid reader with a book collection and ebook devices or a gamer with a favorite tablet, phone, or handheld console.

All chair cushions can be removed for cleaning, but it’s highly recommended to avoid machine washing and to hand wash only with a soft soap solution.


  • Finish: Espresso/Beige
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item weight: 33.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27.5 x 50 x 37.5


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Hides metal bearings for safety
  • Cleans easily
  • Side pockets for more space

Naomi Home 20104

This contemporary Brisbane glider and ottoman set by Naomi Home offers a fusion of established tradition and modern sensibilities with its neutral beige finish and classic hardwood frame in espresso hues.

Designed to be used primarily in nursery rooms, this Naomi Home glider can be easily applied to other locations in your home with your child growing and requiring different things. With its universally appealing design, the glider fits any room just right and makes any living space even cozier.

Supported on hidden ball bearings, this chair creates a mild gliding motion just enough to rock your baby to sleep or provide you with calm nap time on a weekend. The ottoman can be positioned just at any distance that would be most suitable for your legs or completely removed for convenience.

Thanks to its wide seat and luxuriously padded backrest, the glider chair can hold you and your baby with comfort, while the thick and soft polyurethane foam (1) filling creates a cushy sensation throughout usage. Side pockets added to both armrests give you enough space to store various plushies, electronics, and magazines.

This model is easily assembled and also supplies all the necessary tools. It’s also fairly simple to clean it: simply remove the cushions, hand washes them with care, and dry naturally.


  • Finish: Espresso/Cream
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item weight: 38 pounds
  • Dimensions: 39.5” H x 25.75” W x 24.75” D


  • Extra comfortable cushioning
  • Safe gliding mechanism
  • Side pockets and removable elements
  • Wide ottoman with optimal height

Storkcraft 06550-549

Completed in a rustic yet elegant style, this Tuscany glider by Stork Craft delivers a highly complementary chair design suitable for all types of living rooms and living room decor.

Even though the glider base of this model is visible, the actual metal mechanism responsible for the motion is covered, both for aesthetic and safety purposes. This way the chair retains its fresh design and also lets you glide and rock without worrying about any damage.

The unusually wide backrest is at its largest at the top and it slowly narrows towards the seat framed by classically curved armrests with exposed solid wood elements. The backrest is lavishly cushioned, so you can properly kick back and relax while propping your legs over the plush ottoman for support.

You will need to assemble this model, but luckily it comes with a helpful manual and required tools.


  • Finish: Espresso/Beige
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item weight: 45 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29” x 28” x 37.5”


  • Features storage pockets for holding different items
  • Beige upholstery suits all types of room design
  • Gliding action is gentle yet powerful
  • Matching cushions in the set

Angel Line 61327-75

This is another example of the previously shown Windsor glider by Angel Line, although this model comes in a more neutral gray palette with a somewhat cooler shade.

Just like the other models from the Windsor line, this glider is exceptionally plush and features a wide rounded backrest with classic button tufting and modestly stuffed arms. The seat is soft and comfortable, and the ottoman gets your legs just to the right height for ultimate relaxation.

The gliding mechanism itself is hidden but can be accessed with ease in case you need to re-tighten it, and the upholstered padding is removable for any form of spot control and maintenance.

There are also useful pockets located on either side where you can store your things and always reach them with ease. Stylistically, this chair offers a curious contrast with its unusual light gray of the hardwood frame and darker upholstery, creating a much fresher look for your living room or nursery.


  • Finish: Gray/Dark Gray
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item weight: 44 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.8” x 25.8” x 39.5”


  • Good back support
  • Easy clean pockets and cushions
  • Sturdy frame and soft upholstery
  • Well-matching ottoman

Dutailier C20-81C-60-3128

Handsomely padded and widely set, this handcrafted Sleigh glider by Dutailier makes a great addition to your home, whether as a nursery chair or a regular living room relaxation rocker.

Right away this model showcases the incredible plushness of its cushions. The backrest, seat, and armrest padding is supported by high-density foam that doesn’t break its structural integrity over time and yet remains soft and comfortable.

The chair’s armrests are especially thick and cushy and their width supports the use of most pillows designed for breastfeeding. Matching pockets can be found on either side of the armrests, providing enough space for storing baby items and personal reading or entertainment devices.

One of the standout features of this model is its responsive locking mechanism. While reclining, you can engage the lock in any of the available positions and fix the chair in the desirable mode to extend your comfort.

Another functional addition to this glider is the backrest customization. The chair allows you to recline at a 45-degree angle and adjust the multitude of positions between the upright setting and the full 45-degree recline. This way you can nap at a more sparing angle for your back while also calming your baby into sleep.

The exterior of this glider presents neutral colors suitable for modern nurseries, combining the pristine white of the wooden base with the smooth dark gray of the upholstery. Additionally, the matching ottoman also allows you to engage the gliding action for more flexibility of use.

This chair is pre-assembled, so you will only need to tighten the screws and position the pillows before using it.


  • Finish: White/Dark Gray
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item weight: 58 pounds
  • Dimensions: 31” x 27” x 42.5” 


  • Assembled from locally sourced supplies
  • Crafted manually in Canada
  • Ottoman supports gliding
  • Neat reclining angle
  • Multiple positions for gliding

Storkcraft 06442-481

This dapper and smart-looking Graco Parker glider by Stork Craft appears richly oversized due to its thick and cushy padding, making it a good choice for a nursery chair as well as a comfortable chair for your elderly family members.

Similar to many semi-upholstered chairs, this glider balances its frame durability with the heightened comfort of the cushions. Completed in a soft off-white finish, the hardwood base supports the chair with added weight and engages the gliding functions evenly and gently.

The extra plush backrest and cushions feature classic four-button tufting, adding more style to the entire product while also providing full back support for any user. All cushions are covered with soft to the touch dark gray material which is safe and gentle on you and even your baby’s skin.

Additionally, the color-fitting ottoman is also capable of gliding and its motion can be synchronized with the chair’s gliding to let you experience relaxation fully and deeply. Moreover, the ottoman comes with a pull-out nursing stool to create appropriate leg support which is particularly important for breastfeeding and midnight rocking.

This set is designed to appear as neat as possible. Including the ottoman’s foldable feature that lets you stash it away under the chair when you don’t need it. And of course, the polyester upholstery can be easily cleaned once you remove the cushions. The hardwood elements also make maintenance simple, so you can be sure your nursery will remain clean and safe for your baby.


  • Finish: White/Dark Gray
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item weight: 37.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 42.7” x 29.5” x 28” 


  • Removable cushions
  • Oversized backrest paddings
  • Full leg support
  • Extra stool for nursing

Child Craft Cozy Glider and Ottoman

The Forever Eclectic glider by Child Craft combines smooth rocking and gliding functions to deliver the best nursery experience for your home. This model offers calm, neutral hues that will fit perfectly in your space.

Featuring a wide and plush backrest, this glider suits even tall adults since the reclining area is so soft and accommodating. The tufting is minimal and tasteful, adding just the right amount of personality to your space.

The chair’s seat can be removed and cleaned freely without the risk of dirtying up the rest of the upholstery. Though the ottoman matches the chair’s design precisely, its cushion is stylized slightly differently to offer more shape versatility. Additionally, the ottoman glides together with the chair to give you the ideal rocking experience.

Aside from structural advantages—such as extra strong ball bearings concealed within the rubberwood frame—this chair offers premium quality microfiber upholstery that has no toxic materials and feels safe and pleasant on your skin.

Convenient pockets are added for easily accessible storage, so you can keep your baby supplied close and not worry about fetching them during night feedings. The chair needs to be assembled, but the step-by-step guide is easy to follow and complete on your own.


  • Finish: White/Dark Gray
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Item weight: 42 pounds
  • Dimensions: 26.5” D x 26” W x 39” H


  • Supports weight up to 250 pounds
  • Ottoman stands at the comfortable height for your legs
  • Superior back comfort
  • Side storage for quick access

In Conclusion

How much is a glider chair?

Glider chairs come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, so the price generally depends on the type of chair you may have in mind. For example, the most basic glider chairs consist of simple wood frames and therefore can be much more affordable since they use fewer materials.

These types of glider chairs can go for anything between $120 and $500, depending on the wood used for the frame. More classy and rare wood materials will be more expensive, such as cherry and maple, while more common types (with added high-density board) can be as cheap as $100.

Then there are much more attractive glider chairs with upholstery. The price typically hinges on the upholstery materials and the amount of padding used in chair support. Semi-upholstered glider chairs leave their wooden bases exposed, so they use less fabric, making them slightly cheaper than fully covered models.

Depending on the quality of the fabric, these types of glider chairs can run between $150 and $600. More expensive materials, such as quality microfiber or suede, can add to the price some substantial amounts, while polyester fabrics are more affordable. Polyester will also make it easier to use around a small baby since you won’t mind the stains as much as you would with extremely expensive materials.

What is a glider chair?

Glider chairs are equipped with a special mechanism that makes the entire unit slide in a forward and backward fashion. This creates a relaxing motion that can be especially helpful for parents with young children. There are glider chairs that also add reclining and swiveling features to their arsenal, although the prices for those are pretty steep.

There are three types of glider chairs: wooden gliders, semi-upholstered gliders, and upholstered gliders. As mentioned earlier, wooden gliders are the simplest form of this type of chair and they also are more compact, making them more suitable for extremely small spaces.

Semi-upholstered gliders are also sometimes referred to as wooden gliders since their wooden framework is often exposed. However, semi-upholstered models feature comfortable padding and extra cushions with various upholstery materials that come in a wide range of designs. This allows you to possibly change the upholstery to fit your child’s needs as they grow older.

Plenty of semi-upholstered glider chairs throws in some extra features like storage pockets or softer armrests or even backrest reclining. Typically, glider chair cushions are removable, allowing you to manually wash them or even replace them in the event of irreversible damage.

Many glider chairs are sold in sets with matching ottomans designed for leg support. Ottomans can also be different depending on their purpose, but they generally can also glide in tandem with the chair.

Fully upholstered gliders, on the other hand, skip the ottoman option and use built-in footrests instead. These glider models are usually larger and more padded, making them expensive and space-inefficient but highly comfortable. Most functions are typically automated, including the footrest and the gliding motion, though some models require an extra push on your part.

What is better: a glider or a rocker?

Both gliders and rockers have their benefits which are best utilized in different settings. Gliders are generally recommended for nurseries since they are much quieter and gentler. Their mechanisms are safer to use around children and pets. The gliding itself is considered to be the better option for infants and young children since the motion soothes more gradually. These chairs are also recommended when coupled with ottomans that provide you more flexibility and comfort when nursing and feeding.

Rockers are also designed to heighten one’s comfort. The rocking action makes for a favorite pastime for many adults, especially those working long hours on their feet. Elderly family members will find rockers exceptionally relaxing since they offer good lumbar support. Rockers also create a soothing up and down motion perfect for day naps and reading.

Are glider chairs necessary?

Like many appliances and furniture pieces, glider chairs aren’t strictly speaking vital, but they are a widely recommended addition to a modern nursery. Glider chairs create a safe and relaxing space for both parent and child, alleviating the parent’s exhaustion and assisting in late-night feedings and nursing. (2)

Those who find themselves soothing their baby at early morning hours will probably benefit the most from gliders: the chair lets you actually rest and not tend to your child on your feet so late at night, while the additional ottoman takes care of your legs and even helps you find a better position for feeding or nursing.

What’s essential about glider chairs is that they are generally multi-purpose. As your child grows, you can repurpose the chair for other needs, and it’s especially helpful for those who struggle with back pains, joint aches, and various cardiovascular problems.

Does a glider chair rock?

Glider chairs don’t exactly rock, but they create a similar motion or at least one in its effect. Most glider chairs are mounted on ball bearings that extend the base forward and then retract it, generating that gentle back-and-forth action.

Fully upholstered gliders can often include a rocking option which is also automated like the rest of the features, but semi-upholstered gliders only provide the gliding option; luckily, it’s usually enough for most users.

Do I need an ottoman for my glider?

Although ottomans are not compulsory, it is generally a good idea to purchase one with your chair. Today many baby furniture brands sell gliders in sets with matching ottomans for convenience, so you don’t have to look for them separately.

Ottomans give you the necessary leg support since semi-upholstered glider chairs don’t have built-in or automatic footrests. You can choose the ottoman based on your primary needs, whether it’s gliding, nursing, or static.

What’s the difference between a rocker and a glider?

As mentioned before, rockers and gliders are made to serve similar functions but they usually do it in different ways. Rockers are equipped with special arch-like mechanisms that create the famous up-and-down motion that you normally see in traditional wicker rockers. These chairs are more familiar to most people since more rudimentary examples of modern recliners have been around for centuries. Modern models, on the other hand, are fully automated and usually include other functions like swiveling and reclining.

Gliders utilize the same principle but in a linear fashion. As opposed to rockers that move their entire structure in an arch path, gliders only move the base—which of course moves the rest of the chair—in a linear path, creating a softer motion that generates less noise and commotion. Many fully upholstered automatic gliders can also combine other motions such as swiveling, reclining, and even rocking in some cases.

How do I choose a glider chair?

Glider chairs are fairly simple to understand and get around. The first thing you should consider before looking for a new chair, however, is the size. This includes your room size and how much space you have available that could potentially fit a glider chair.

Always measure your free space and compare it to the glider in question. Take the gliding motion into the account—it requires you to position the chair a bit farther from the wall. Measure the place in which you plan to install your chair with a regular measuring tape and always keep these numbers on hand when you browse for gliders. Keep in mind that gliders don’t go flush with the wall—they need some room to breathe, as it were. Their gliding function requires at least 6 inches of space (depending on the model) and sometimes more. Though certain models come with special locking features that allow you to tuck the chair away when not in use, so you can put it flush with the wall during idle hours.

However, measurements also include the ottoman. Consider how you are going to store it—underneath the glider if it allows it or to the side—and how much space you have left in front of the chair. Some ottomans are designed specifically to fit under their respective gliders, but others may not fit with certain furniture placements, for example, if you position the chair too close to the wall, a corner, a wardrobe, etc.

There’s also the issue of the playroom. If your glider takes too much space, there simply won’t be any room left for your toddler to play in. Even more troubling is the issue of child curiosity and how it can put them in harm’s way. When it comes to semi-upholstered glider chairs, it’s especially disconcerting since their exposed framework can fascinate children enough to want to touch it, and if the chair isn’t locked, it can damage your child’s fingers. So it’s important to take every single precaution with baby proofing your glider chair, including automatic or manual mechanism locks and special frame covers. But the best way to keep your child safe is to never leave them unattended when the chair isn’t safe.

Look at base materials and upholstery. Most semi-upholstered glider chairs have wooden frames, but it’s always best to double-check. Solid wood, rubberwood, mixed wood are all good picks for chairs of this type, though the sturdier the base the more reliable its support. Glider frames come in different colors to match the fabric finish, so use your room’s decor as a general guide when picking the palette. Popular colors for frames include dark brown or espresso, dark gray, light gray, white, and off-white.

Upholstery often features some elements of decorations like button tufting or trimming which can add more charm to your nursery. Common materials for glider upholstery include polyester, microfiber, and various natural fabrics. Polyester is more widespread since it’s more affordable and cleans easily. Most manufacturers don’t recommend machine or auto wash since it can damage the fabric’s integrity. It’s best to clean the upholstery with mild soap, soft brushes, and special sprays designed for use with polyester or microfiber.

Choose the ottoman. Glider chairs usually come in sets with color-coordinated ottomans that have corresponding dimensions to suit your chair’s height and glide margin. There are two types of ottomans: gliding and nursing.

Gliding ottomans can be sold separately as well and they provide the necessary elevation for your feet. These ottomans glide together with the chair, though they don’t have a lock feature.

Nursing ottomans are essentially the same as gliding models since they can also glide freely, except they also feature a pull-out nursing stool. This stool is designed to help you achieve a good position for nursing, feeding, or even reading. They can be rather compact and foldable too, so you can save more space in your room.

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