Memory Foam Recliners – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

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a memory foam recliner rests against a brick wall

Memory foam is a synthetic material fabulous by its properties, which has long reached recliners. All the most beautiful and technologically advanced man’s creations get on our store shelves from space, military or automotive industry research labs.

This time, memory foam owes its appearance to NASA, which in the ’70s’70s, used to look for chair upholstery material for astronauts to help reduce the load on the spine during the take-off and landing of the spaceship. The experiments resulted in Memory Foam, a low elasticity polyurethane foam with open cells.

Due to their features and structure, the cells are compressed under human pressure and heat. The foam then takes an anatomically correct shape. If a person changes the position in his sleep, the material gets into its original condition after 5-10 seconds.

All memorial materials have a foam structure with many small balls of air, separated by thin membranes inside. When you lie down on a memory foam mattress, your heat makes these partitions more elastic, and the bed deflects, but only where it touches the body and heats up.

And the remaining part retains its elastic properties without heating up, thus giving your muscles reliable support.

Let’s consider a pillow made from such foam. When you move your head or neck lying on such a pillow, the foam restores its shape, but very slowly. Why? The partitions heated become elastic, cool down, and return to their original position gradually, in a few seconds.

So, if you often change your body position in your dream, spin your head, turn from side to side, the pillow will delicately envelop your body with each of your movements, doing it smoothly, maintaining a calm sleep. Thanks to this mechanism, you will feel that your head is floating in weightlessness (zero-gravity feature).

It seems like your head is lying on the pillow, but, at the same time, a unique filler does not create back pressure on the body, adapting to the shape and carefully supporting the neck as well.

Memory Foam Advantages

  • The correct, anatomical position of the body during sleep on the side or on the back (the material adapts to your bulges and provides soft, pleasant support);
  • Pain relief and support for the spine, shoulders, neck (muscles relax and provide comfort and excellent rest);
  • You don’t have to fluff the pillow – it’s like a cloud, always supports your head;
  • Durability and longer lifespan;
  • Bacteria resistance;
  • Anti-allergic features;
  • Cradling comfort;
  • Stability during sleep.

Peculiarities of using memory foam:

  • Solar (ultraviolet) radiation must be avoided;
  • Receptive to low temperatures – loses its softness (restores its properties at room temperature).
  • Taking the recliner apart can be a bit trickier thanks to the nature of the material.

Memory Foam Types

Memory foam has three main types: traditional, open cells, and gel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at them.

  • Traditional memory foam provides good sleep by adjusting to your body. One of the biggest complaints we will address in a later section is that it tends to retain body heat, which makes it not always comfortable to sleep. The other two types of memory foam were created to solve this problem.
  • Memory foam with open cells is the primary type. It allows for better air circulation inside the mattress, allowing it to better drain heat from your body when you sleep.
  • Gel memory foam is made from a gel-infused viscoelastic material that uses your body heat to conform to the shape of the body and provide better comfort. It also enhances air
    circulation, which allows body heat to escape, resulting in a cooler sleep.

Many mattresses/padding with a layer of memory foam include blocks with independently pocketed springs. This is precisely what we will discuss in our recliner chair review today.

Please scroll down to check out our top recliners with memory foam to make your life more comfortable!

Table of Contents

Top Memory Foam Recliners

Major-Q MQ-59470Major-Q MQ-59470
  • Weight Capacity- 290 lbs 
  • Material- PU Leather, Memory Foam, Springs
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MorriSofa MNY1721-9PH-3000-27232MorriSofa MNY1721-9PH-3000-27232
  • Weight Capacity- 300 lbs
  • Material- 100% Polyester Fabric, Solid Hardwood, Plywood, Coils
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Acme Furniture 59527Acme Furniture 59527
  • Weight Capacity- 300 lbs
  • Material- Microfiber, Memory Foam, Solid Wood, Metal
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MorriSofa MNY2242-91-0000-27230MorriSofa MNY2242-91-0000-27230
  • Weight Capacity- 300 lbs
  • Material- 100% Polyester Fabric, Memory Foam, Solid Hardwood, Plywood
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Major-Q MQ-59470 Memory Foam Recliner

This recliner chair will make you enjoy superior comfort, no matter where you place it. Major-Q, a US-based brand located in Southern California, guaranteed this, producing high-quality furniture products for many years. The best place for this comfy single-function recliner is the living room in front of your TV.

The recliner will make your room and your life cozier, and you will know that after you spend a few minutes in it, feel all the stress evaporating from your body. It’s like you didn’t even know what the word “comfort” meant! The stitching details and balanced padding are impressive, just like the chair design itself.

Don’t be afraid to sink in it too deep, because the chair will not let you. It merely takes the meaning of relaxation to another level with its overstuffed design and smooth reclining mechanism. All you have to do is pull an external handle on the side, and the chair will recline to make you feel like you are on the 9th cloud.

A Dark Grey color option (model #59466) with a slightly different backrest pillow design is also available.


  • Dimensions – 36″(L) x 36″(D) x 41″(H)
  • Material – PU leather, memory foam, springs
  • Weight – 77 lbs
  • Weight capacity – 290 lbs


  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Oversized design
  • Stylish espresso finish
  • Ultimate comfort
  • A 10mm-thick memory foam layer
  • Dense back and seat cushion
  • Smooth motion reclining mechanism
  • Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight design

MorriSofa MNY1721-9PH-3000-27232 Memory Foam Recliner

First things, first! The Hunter from MorriSofa is a big game! It’s a high-quality power recliner that can boast an adjustable headrest and an integrated 5-button control panel on the inner side of the armrest, which also features a USB charging port.

You can push two buttons to power recline or another two switches to power adjust the headrest, and then there’s also one button for easy getting back to the original upright chair position.

You understand that comfort is guaranteed when you see a chair like this. It’s about high-quality sponge foam padding topped with a 10mm-thick memory foam layer and individually pocketed coil springs underneath. The Hunter recliner is covered with 100% polyester fiber for ultimate, balanced comfort.

You can lean back and recline into infinite positions and experience ultimate relaxation. Have an excellent resting experience as you watch a movie, read a book, listen to music, or take a nap after a long hard day. This chair is built to last for years and bring functionality, coziness, and support wherever it stands.

The MStar Hunter power recliner frame is made from solid hardwood and high-quality furniture-grade plywood for flawless operation and a longer lifespan.


  • Dimensions – 41″(W) x 40″(D) x 41.5″(H)
  • Material – 100% polyester fabric, solid hardwood, plywood, coils
  • Weight – 110 lbs
  • Weight capacity – 300 lbs


  • The smooth power recline mechanism
  • USB charging port
  • Integrated power switch
  • Power-adjustable headrest
  • Medium firmness

Acme Furniture 59527 Memory Foam Recliner

The Bina is a modern manual recliner from Acme Furniture wrapped up in a high-quality microfiber upholstery (Taupe finish) and comes with a regular handy latch handle on the side and a 10mm-thick memory foam top layer with high-quality sponge foam and pocketed coils underneath.

As you can see from the picture, the recliner has overstuffed cushioned armrests, which are pretty soft. What you can’t see, though, is that the back and seat cushions of this chair are pretty tight and may seem a bit too firm for some people, but this only guarantees high-quality memory foam and no sagging over time.

The size of this reliable and straightforward recliner is pretty compact, so don’t think it’s oversized or something, and you can sit there with your beloved one or your kids. It’s a simple 1-function recliner, designed and constructed for a single (slim enough) person to recline and chill selfishly as long as they want fully. The chair will fit any small room’s modern decor with no problems.

Light Brown, Gray Polished, and Charcoal color options are also available. Minimal 2-second assembly required.


  • Dimensions – 38″ x 38″ x 39″
  • Seat width – 29″
  • Weight – 70 lbs
  • Weight limit – 300 lbs
  • Material – microfiber, memory foam, solid wood, metal


  • Overstuffed armrests
  • Tight back/seat cushions
  • 10 mm memory foam layer
  • Great relaxation when reclined
  • Pocketed coils
  • Medium firmness
  • Compact size (perfect for a small place)

MorriSofa MNY2242-91-0000-27230 Memory Foam Recliner

You can fully recline in this Cameron chair wrapped in soft-to-the-touch durable upholstery as well! Why not? It’s all about your priorities and budget, though. This model is twice as expensive as the previous one. Why? Because, well, MorriSofa said so! At first, it may seem like it’s nothing new compared to the previous model, except for the finish.

It’s a reliable recliner that offers exceptional comfort and smooth rocking motion to eliminate all your stress. It even has the same memory foam layer thickness, upholstery type (well, almost the same – polyester/microfiber), and weight limit (300 lbs). Why the double price then? Ah… The rocking function. Wait, that’s it? That’s it. The rocker recliner from MorriSofa is at your service!

The Cameron rocker recliner will enhance your seating experience and can quickly become your favorite place to stay at home. It’s stuffed with foam sponge and heavy-duty pocketed coils and features detailed stitching, contrast black piping, 100% polyester upholstery, and thick plush arm cushions.

It’s easy to clean, and you can assemble it quickly. Expect years of exceptional comfort and durability.


  • Dimensions – 37.6″(W) x 39″(D) x 40″(H)
  • Weight – 97 lbs
  • Weight capacity – 300 lbs
  • Material – 100% polyester fabric, memory foam, solid hardwood, metal, plywood


  • 5-button control panel with buttons
  • A 10mm-thick memory foam layer
  • Sturdiness and durability
  • High-quality materials
  • Ultimate relaxation (you just need 15 minutes)
  • Extra back and neck support
  • Smooth rocking motion
  • Great after-sale service
  • Custom stitching


Some people insist that memory foam mattresses are why they started sleeping well again. Is that true? In general, it’s not that easy to measure because sleep is so subjective. It varies from person to person, so it’s hard to tell what good sleep looks like. However, we know of some critical benefits to memory foam. And, if you’re looking for premium materials and features, feel free to take a look at the best recliners for seniors!

One of the advantages of memory foam is that it can use your heat and body pressure to replicate your shape accurately. Your body heats up and softens the memory foam, becoming more viscous. This is what allows you to sink in. It creates a profile of your body. The foam goes back to its original shape when you get out of bed.

This will make it more comfortable for people to sleep, as a mattress with these properties is perfect for meeting their needs. It’s also great for keeping your spine aligned.

Memory foam mattress absorbs movements and stays motionless. This is partly due to the density of the bed. As you sink in, the motion is mainly absorbed by the mattress, rather than being transferred as it is with traditional coiled mattresses, which is beneficial if you are a light sleeper.

Another advantage of memory foam is that it’s hypoallergenic. It has a very dense structure, which helps reduce the number of allergens that can accumulate. Dust, mites, mildew, and other allergens will not find their way into your mattress.

Memory foam is good for pain relief. If you have arthritis or joint pain, a mattress with memory can help. It will reduce the pressure created by contact between your body and the bed.

Although the foam has many favorable properties, it is not always the solution to sleep issues. Memory foam mattresses may not have any effect on sleep at all.

High memory foam density can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Density can make a mattress too firm.

Another disadvantage is that memory foam can retain body heat. This means that sleep can become uncomfortable during warm months, quickly becoming a problem for people who live in a warm climate with a lot of moisture in the air.


What does memory foam do?

A memory foam recliner seat combines a layer of memory foam (typically polyurethane) and springs (or support sponge foam). The durable visco-elastic material with sufficient density uses our body heat to soften and mold our body shapes. This provides additional support, pressure relief, and excellent comfort.

There are traditional, open-cell (better air movement and heat transfer) and gel-infused (gel microbeads regulate your body temperature during sleep) types of memory foam.

Is memory foam better?

In terms of anti-allergic features, density, durability, pain relief, body shape fitment, cradling comfort, and stability during sleep (does not move when your sleep partner tosses and turns) – definitely yes. In terms of weight (heavy), body heat-retaining during hot months, moisture resistance (not waterproof), and off-gassing (chemical-like odor) – probably not.

If you are sensitive to temperature changes or chemical smells, you might not find yourself happy with memory foam. Otherwise, it’s a great thing. But you have to know what type of memory foam you are getting in advance.

Is memory foam unhealthy to sleep on?

If you sweat a lot or your blood pressure is usually high, memory foam might not be a good option, especially if your climate is rather hot. Poor quality memory foam with Isocyanate compounds can also cause harm to the skin and respiration problems.

Is memory foam dangerous?

No, and yes. It depends on the mattress you buy. Certain types of memory foam can be dangerous for some people as they contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, methylene chloride, toluene, trichloroethane, naphthalene perfluorocarbons, and polyols.

Some low-quality memory foam mattresses also contain isocyanates, which can irritate the eyes, throat, nose, and skin. Be well-informed before you buy. Ask for certificates confirming various chemical tests.

Which is a better memory foam or gel memory foam?

Gel memory foam. It’s made from gel-infused viscoelastic material, which uses your body heat to conform to the body’s shape and provide better comfort. It also enhances air circulation, allowing body heat to escape, resulting in a more relaxed sleep.

Why is memory foam so expensive?

It’s a durable, long-lasting material that requires special processing during manufacturing, resulting in higher, continued effectiveness than pocket-spring mattresses.

Is memory foam good for side sleepers?

Yes. Memory foam lets users sink into the mattress, providing proper spine position (aligning the spine) and pressure relief around shoulders and hips.

Does memory foam get hot?

Yes. Memory foam accumulates more body heat than other mattress materials. Gel-infused memory foam deals fine with that, however. You can also buy a separate mattress pad/protector or topper, a thin layer of naturally breathable fiber (cotton/wool) to create a barrier between your body and the mattress.

Does memory foam make you sweat?

Yes. Regular memory foam is a purely synthetic material. It can’t regulate temperature or absorb moisture. It envelops your body and traps your body heat to conform to your body shape. This may result in sweating.

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