Best Mission Style Recliner (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

If you want to add a touch of timelessness to your interior, one easy way to do so is to invest in a mission style recliner. This chair was first known as the Morris chair, and its Victorian-style won the hearts of many people who were in awe of its craftsmanship.

It features un-upholstered arms with a low seat and vertical slats in play and has a classic design that is sure to brighten up an interior space.

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List & Comparison of Mission Style Recliners:

Barcalounger 7-4411 5401-16Barcalounger 7-4411 5401-1632.5x36x42inTop-grain leatherView on Amazon
Signature Design by Ashley 1990126Signature Design by Ashley 199012634x39x43inFaux high-grain leather, faux warm woodView on Amazon
BarcaLounger BarcaMission7-3323-FudgeBarcaLounger BarcaMission7-3323-Fudge32.7x37.5x42inMahogany stained wood, leatherView on Amazon
Evan Palance Dixie Espresso 3-Way Recliner ChairEvan Palance Recliner Chair33.5x36.8x40.3inAsian hardwood, furniture grade plywood, bonded leatherView on Amazon
Amish Solid Wood Recliner Chair Heartland Mission Arts & CraftsAmish Solid Wood Recliner33x38x41inSolid hardwood, leather or fabricView on Amazon

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The frame is of hardwood with some lacquering to make the shade darker for an elegant appearance. The pillows can either have ornate patterns or be plain, depending on what the manufacturer would like to achieve.

The back of the chair has hinges, which allows you to recline the chair to a comfortable position as you unwind at the end of the day.

There are some old models with a metal bar latch system to help with fixing the angle. Some even have rows of pegs in place for this purpose.

When these chairs hit the market, people could not get enough of them, and a century later, they are still quite popular as they have some modern designs in play to make them appealing to the current generations.

Review of the Best Mission Style Recliners:

1. Barcalounger Craftsman II Recliner Chaps Saddle

This chair features a thin design that exudes the classic style, which so many people want in their homes. Its unique style is a simple way to enhance the appearance of your home without breaking the bank, and it can serve as a statement piece or accent chair in your indoors.

You can have it in many rooms, including the man den, living room or family room. It features classic mission arms with some slits down the sides, which gives it incredible support and adds to its beauty.

Its high back has a semi-attached pillow which you can move as needed and one that gives you the support you need as you lie back and relax. The headrest protrudes by a fraction to give your head the support it needs for you to be comfortable as your body aligns naturally.

The arms of the chair go all the way to the floor, joining the stable legs and completing the aesthetics with simplicity. The chair comes with a one-year warranty that should give you peace of mind as you recline and enjoy the comfort provided by this beautiful piece.


  • Back cushion
  • Foam cushion
  • Pocket springs
  • Recline mechanism
  • Leather upholstery


  • Adjustable
  • Maximum comfort
  • Sturdy build
  • Long-lasting
  • Elegant design

2. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Santa Fe Recliner

This chair has a different build from most of the chairs that you will come across on the market, which is a good thing for anyone looking to invest in something that is not in every home. It has a lovely chocolate brown hue that matches the wood finish frame, and it thus stands out from most of the mission style recliners.

The high-quality leather used in the upholstery will please you as it complements the build of the chair and the reinforced seat and footrest are welcome features. The seat cushions are tight, allowing you to move as freely as you would like without the risk of toppling them over.

Getting in and out of the seat is a breeze, and owing to its sturdy construction, you can rely on its service for years to come. This seat works great for family rooms as it adds a sense of timelessness to spaces.


  • Available in chocolate and bark
  • Mission style recliner
  • High leg design
  • Wood finish frame
  • High-grain leather upholstery
  • Corner-blocked frame
  • Metal reinforced seat


  • Beautiful design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable
  • Value for your money
  • Long-lasting

3. BarcaLounger Mission All Leather Push Back Manual Recliner Chair

This seat is for anyone who is all about classic craftsmanship with a boost of comfort. It comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose what works best for your home, and you can use it as a statement piece in one of your main rooms.

It reclines with ease using the manual recliner that allows you to choose how far you want to go. The hand carvings on the sides are a sight to behold, and you can consider this a masterpiece adorning your interior.


  • Varying color options
  • Manual push back recliner
  • Hand carving
  • Mahogany stained wood
  • Pocketed Coil
  • Down wrap
  • One-year warranty


  • Great design
  • Luxurious comfort
  • Long-lasting build
  • Value for your money
  • Stable

4. Evan Palance Dixie Espresso 3-Way Recliner Chair

Now, here is a recliner that will interest you. What do you get when you blend chic contemporary with classic mission? The answer is this beautiful mission style recliner with a comfortable seating and stylish appearance.

It features brown upholstery that adds to the natural look of its build, and the plush cushion should give you all the support you need as you lean back for a recline. There is an extendable footrest at the bottom which provides you with a space to rest your feet at the end of a long workday.

The Asian hardwood in play is sturdy and will serve you for a very long time to come. Note that backrest assembly is required, but it is a simple task that will not take up much of your time.


  • 40.25 inches high
  • 33.5 inches wide
  • 36.75 inches deep
  • Weighs 95.46 pounds
  • 24 inches arm height
  • Asian hardwood
  • Plywood construction


  • Great movement control
  • Works for all sizes
  • Doesn’t take up much room
  • Long-lasting build
  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable

5. Amish Solid Wood Recliner Chair Heartland Mission Arts & Crafts

This Amish sofa chair is an excellent way to ease yourself into the world of mission style recliner chairs owing to its sturdy build and beautiful design. It features two reclining positions to enable you to choose what works best for you as you sink into the plush cushions that offer support during sitting.

The curved armrests are a sight to behold, and you’ll be happy to know that there are arm pads available if you need some extra cushioning. You can choose between the nine differed hardwoods to see what best matches your interior when making this purchase.


  • Handcrafted
  • Made in the USA
  • Solid wood construction
  • Fabric choices
  • Coil spring construction


  • Comfortable
  • Durable construction
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Resistant to stains
  • Beautiful aesthetic



Over time, manufacturers were able to stick to the concept while branching out into various ways to make these chairs. Thus, you will find that there are tons of options on the market as follows:

The traditional chair
This chair features a dark hardwood frame with lacquering, some plush pillows laid on a low seat with high armrests with vertical slats. The seat has a hinged back for fixing of the angle. The thing with these models is that they lack a leg rest, which has become characteristic of most of the modern recliner chairs in the market.

The modern chair
You will note that though there have been many changes to the traditional chair, manufacturers have not made many adjustments to the concept. The hardwood frame does not have any lacquering as it did in the past, though this is a case by case issue as some people still go down this route. Where there is no lacquering, you can take in the raw beauty of the wood’s natural color. These chairs also have leg rests which extend outward when you recline the chairs. The cushions in place feature padding to make them comfortable, and they can either be movable or not. Other than these changes, these chairs are quite similar to the original versions.

The rocker
These chairs borrow the concepts of the Victorian design, and they incorporate the same with rocking chairs, resulting in sturdy furniture.

The recliner with Ottoman
These seats allow you to recline them when you wish and you can lay your feet on an ottoman as you relax. Additionally, you can use them as a seat.


Buying a mission style recliner may pose a problem to someone who has not been in the market before for the same, and here are some pointers to help you out with this. You need to look into:

The Pillows

You will find that the pillows can either be movable or not, and each of these options comes with its pros and cons. Most chairs have in-built cushioning, which allows you to move as much as you want without fear of ruining your comfort by moving the pillow. Where the pads are removable, you have the advantage of taking them out and cleaning them when necessary.

Also, you can fluff them when you feel that they are saggy, which is something that you cannot do with fixed pillows.

Where the pillows can move, you should consider getting pillow ties as this will help you lock them in place and make your seating all the more comfortable. Failure to have them in place will mean that the pillows can slide when you recline, thus disturbing your peace.

The Leather

If a chair has bonded leather in play, it is a great option. This material did not come to be in use in these chairs until a few decades ago when people realized how beneficial it was. For one, it is waterproof, and you thus don’t have to worry about ruining the seat with spills. Two, it is durable and will ensure that you get long service from the chair.

Three, it is easy to clean and will thus make maintenance work easy.

Reclining Features

Look into how far you can recline the seat. Some chairs will limit you as to how far you can go while others offer you limitless options. The latter is the best for you if you would like a chair in which you can take naps or one you can lay out as a bed for guests. Think of the many ways in which you can use the chair and make a decision accordingly.

The Appearance

Now, this is a personal issue as what works for one person may not necessarily work for you.

People love mission style recliners for their timeless appeal, and no matter what chair you choose, you will be sure to get the same. Luckily, there are many options on the market, and you can choose a finish that compliments your home. Where you have wood paneling, the effect of this chair in the room will amaze you and anyone lucky enough to get a glimpse of the same.

There are tons of mission style recliner options on the market, and if you follow the tips above, you are sure to end up with a dependable chair. Good luck!

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