Ontel Handy Heater Review – The Good & The Bad

There are few things as pleasant as warm air from a space heater when it’s freezing cold outside. The Ontel Handy Heater, one of the legendary ‘As seen on TV’ items, promises just that. But is it actually worth it’s salt? We’ll walk you through the good and the bad in this comprehensive Handy Heater review!

Ontel Handy Heater | Plug-in Personal Heater

Ontel Handy Heater
Ontel Handy Heater | Plug-in Personal Heater
8/10 Our Score
  • Plugs into a wall outlet – doesn’t take up floor space
  • Small and lightweight, carry it anywhere
  • Automatic shut off
  • Keeps you warm when you’re nearby
  • Doesn’t cost a lot to run
  • Adjustable timer and fan speed
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Not powerful enough to warm up an entire small room
  • A bit on the noisy side for a small heater
  • Must be plugged into a wall outlet

Is The Handy Heater Any Good?

For a cheap, small, portable heater, the Handy Heater will warm up a small space. At about $30, Handy Heater is considered a mid-range heater.

When you first open the box, the Handy Heater seems surprisingly small but also well-built. The device is sturdy and has a high-quality plastic casing, even though it’s so tiny it resembles a toy.

Handy Heater has a ceramic heating element and a reliable fan to disperse warmth. It’s not strong enough to significantly raise the temperature in your room, but it will keep you feeling cozy whenever you’re near the device.

Unique Plug-in System

Handy Heater plugged into bathroom wall outlet while woman brushes hair

Thanks to its small size and the lack of a power cord, the Handy Heater doesn’t get in the way. Instead of using a power cord, this model is plugged directly into your wall outlet.

It has a two-position, three-prong plug installed on its back. You also have the option to rotate the plug and the entire device right way up or upside down, so that it doesn’t block your other outlets. Due to this unique plug-in system, this wall heater doesn’t use any floor space.

The device is designed so you can leave it hanging on a wall outlet, but you can’t place it in a standing position on your desk or the floor because the air intake is on the bottom.

Relatively Low Strength

While the Handy Heater isn’t particularly powerful, it’s no toy either. It uses 350W to give you a fair amount of heat. The manufacturer claims that it can warm up a room up to 250 square feet, but this can only happen after leaving it on for hours. Considering that regular-sized heaters use between 750 and 1500 W (more than 4 times as much), don’t expect Handy Heater to warm up your large room with the same efficiency.

Pick a bigger heater (for example, this affordable Lasko tower) if you want to warm up your space, even if it’s just a small bathroom. On the other hand, Handy Heater is designed to warm you up directly, as you sit and work at your desk or snooze on your couch with the heater plugged in somewhere nearby. If you use it as a personal heater, you’ll be happy with your purchase.


Ontel Handy Heater front quarter view

Despite its compact size, Handy Heater comes with all the features of a larger model. It has an LED screen and 4 buttons that let you set up temperature, fan speed, and an automatic shut-off timer

The Handy Heater will automatically turn off if it overheats, but this model doesn’t feature tip-over protection due to its wall-mounted design. As with all space heaters, make sure to follow all safety precautions and read the Handy Heater official instructions before use.

Handy Heater Specifications


Handy Heater is exceptionally small and lightweight compared to other convective space heaters on the market.

Dimensions (L x W x H)3.2 x 4.7 x 6.2 in.
Weight1.1 lbs


It’s not particularly powerful compared to full-size convection space heaters. However, its power is appropriate for its purpose.

Wattage350 watt
Amperage60 amp
Voltage120 V


Handy Heater comes with advanced space heater features that even some bigger models lack. The set-up is done using a 4-button control panel with an LED display.

Temperature Range60 – 90°F
Timer1 – 12 hours
Fan Speed OptionsLow and High
Remote ControlNone
Automatic ThermostatNone


If you use the Handy Heater in accordance with general space heater safety precautions, there’s nothing to worry about. This model has most of the typical safety features, excluding tip-over safety (which isn’t needed since the model can only be used hanging off the wall socket).

ETL listedYes
Overheat ProtectionYes
Tip-over SafetyNot Applicable

Handy Heater FAQs

Is the Handy Heater a fire hazard?

Every space heater has the potential to cause a fire if left unattended or turned on for too long. The Handy Heater is no exception. This model has the necessary safety features like overheating protection and a timer, so you can rest assured you are safe as long as you use your personal space heater within fire safety guidelines.

If you suspect your Handy Heater isn’t working as it should, unplug it from the wall immediately and get in touch with Ontel customer service through their website.

Is Handy Heater energy efficient?

Compared to most other convective space heaters, the Handy Heater is rates quite well in terms of electric power usage. Whereas a typical space heater uses 1500W, Handy Heater only uses 350W. As a result, you will use less electricity per hour, making your bill cheaper as well.

Is The Handy Heater Worth The Price – Our Verdict

Handy Heater is a unique product and will work great for very particular use cases. If you’re looking for a low cost, compact, wall-mounted, plug-in heater, the Handy Heater is a nice choice.

At 350W, its heating power is just perfect when you’re nearby, however, don’t expect much in terms of room heating. If you’re in the market for a source of supplemental heat for your living room or even your bathroom, keep on looking – Handy Heater is simply not good at raising room temperature.

If you decide you need to keep shopping, be sure to check out our other space heater reviews here.

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