Sleeper Chairs – Buyer’s Guide!

Sleeper chairs, or flip chairs, are convenient pieces of furniture designed to save space while providing a bed like functionality. Sleeper chairs come in many shapes and sizes and are in fact one of the most popular residential and commercial options for guests, and children when optimizing living space.

Since this is a very basic and simple product to make, you get thousands of designs, materials, colors, swatches, and sizes, and there are whole categories of such items for adults, students, teenagers, and children.

In this article, I present five of the best single sleeper chairs on the market. These are chosen for their cost-functionality-comfort ratio as well as customer reviews.

List of Top-Rated Sleeper Chairs Comparison Table:

Product ImageProduct NameLenghtWeightColorMore Information
1.American Furniture Alliance Children's Studio Chair Sleeper Jr. Twin 24", Royal Blue64"10lbsBlueMore Information
2.Coaster Casual Black Leather Armless Lounge Chair2.Coaster Casual Black Leather Armless Lounge Chair51"56lbsBlackMore Information
3.Fun Furnishings Chair Sleeper, Blue Micro Suede3.Fun Furnishings Chair Sleeper, Blue Micro Suede47"7lbsBlueMore Information
4.HOMCOM Single Person Folding 3 Position Steel Convertible Sleeper Bed Chair - Rich Brown4.HOMCOM Single Person Folding 3 Position Steel Convertible Sleeper Bed Chair - Rich Brown73"44lbsBrownMore Information
5.Giantex 5-Position Adjustable Convertible Flip Chair5.Giantex 5-Position Adjustable Convertible Flip Chair66"22lbsGreyMore Information

The Sleeper Chairs Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

1. American Furniture Alliance Children’s Studio Chair Sleeper Jr. Twin 24″, Royal Blue

The American Furniture Alliance Children’s Studio Chair Sleeper is a very basic and simple sleeper chair for children.


It doesn’t come any simpler or easier than this model. A 24” foam mattress stitched together in a foldable construct that has no frame for shape integrity; it relies on the foam to define the shape. This chair/bed weighs only 10 lbs. and is perfect for home use, yard use, and camping.

The material is a comfortable cotton polyester mix, so cleaning is easy, and it folds up into four parts, the folds are stitched material housing the foam.


  • Four-part folding single sleeper bed
  • Dimensions: 23.5” x 24” x 28.5” L


If you want a reliable sleeper that doesn’t fall apart after a few uses, then this is the one you want to invest your money into. It’s very convenient comes in a standard blue color and meets the bill for a short 28.5” long kiddie sleeper.

2.Coaster Casual Black Leather Armless Lounge Chair

The Coaster casual black leather armless lounge chair is a foldable sleeper chair designed to fit into any lounge and study area without denoting the areas elegance.


Made of leather bounded metal and wood frame, this upscale sleeper is a perfect fit for any home and office. The material is a durable leatherette in a black finish with accented stitching, providing an upscale furniture design that looks good anywhere and everywhere.

This model can be opened up fully as a bed, or just partially to be a lounger and is a great addition to any office where late-night work is a frequent visitor.


  • Solid construction is weighing 50.6 Lbs.
  • Dimensions when opened 8.5” x 33” x 29.8.”


This is an upmarket sleeper, an individual sleeper with a great finish so it can be used for executive purposes. If you are willing to buy design as well as performance, that this is the model for your home or office.

3. Fun Furnishings Chair Sleeper, Blue Micro Suede

The Fun Furnishings sleeper chair is an exceptional hybrid that serves as a comfortable armed chair as well as a fully operational bed for young people.


There are armless sleeper chairs that look great, but without armrests are not the best of seating companions. Then there is the Fun Furnishings sleeper chair that combines all the features of a great seat with the wonders of a comfortable bed.

This product has a metal and wood framed seat, and the seat cushion is a three-part folding bed. You can sit comfortably with its ample padding, or sleep on its comfortable foam mattress.

The floor to seat height is 9,” and the seat folds out to a 47” long bed.


  • Seat Dimensions 20”H x 25” W x 25”D
  • Bed Dimensions 47” L x 15”W
  • The gross weight is 13 Lbs., where the ottoman weights 4 Lbs.
  • This foldable sleep seat is suitable for children and young adults that don’t weigh over 65 lbs.


For the price, you pay you are getting an exceptional deal that gives you both a functional sofa chair and a single bed. This is a great piece of bedroom furniture that will provide your kids with ample space and great sleeping solutions for sleepovers.

4. HOMCOM Single Person Folding 3 Position Steel Convertible Sleeper Bed Chair – Rich Brown

The Homcom single person 3 position folding sleeper chair is the epitome of elegance and design and provides you with the ultimate in both design and performance at an exceptionally reasonable price.


This Homcom sleeper chair looks good everywhere and anywhere. It’s just one of those amazing designs that consider every facet and detail. Starting with the powder coated steel frame and legs, that support the bed above the floor, to the exceptionally high-quality finish of the high-quality microfiber flannelette fabric covering medium density foam.

While it captures the essence of a minimalist design, the 3 positions are far from minimal. You get multiple levels of adjustment and a fast and easy unfolding bed. Add to this the removable cover that is machine washable, and you have the perfect combination of design, comfort, and maintenance easy product all wrapped up nicely in one exceptional package.


  • The backrest angle has 3 adjustable levels of comfort
  • High-quality microfiber flannelette fabric covering medium density foam
  • The frame is powder coated steel
  • The three functions include a chair, a sofa bed or a chaise lounge
  • This model weighs a solid 40 lbs. and can hold up to 220 lbs of weight.

The three functional dimensions are:

  1. Sofa Dimensions: 29″L x 26.75″W x 31.5″H
  2. Bed Dimensions: 73.5″L x 23.25″W x 10.5″H
  3. Pillow Dimensions: 25″L x 15″W x 6.5″H

The Armrest Height is 6,” and the Floor to Seat Height is 15″


When it comes to near perfection, this is what I am talking about. The price is so convenient that you think this is an 80% discounted expensive model, but it isn’t. Bottom line, don’t think twice if you want a sleeper that sits on legs and not the floor gets this one without delay.

5. Giantex 5-Position Adjustable Convertible Flip Chair

The Ginatex 5 is a great soft adjustable sleeper chair that is designed specifically for children and adults and comes with 5 adjustable positions.


This amazing product is simple to a core. It is suede covered foam that has five cushions and can be a chair, a chaise long, a bed, a mattress, and a play surface.

The dimensions of this bed are great for any limited space, and when fully opened reach 83” which is good for any sized adult.

Each section is covered with a smooth suede material that is washable. The parts are stitched, and this is one long piece of suede with stitched hinges that make it a virtually unbreakable piece of furniture.

Closed or open, this product will serve all your needs, and it can come with you on holiday camping too. It comes with non-slip rubber feet that make it stick to any surface.


  • Easy to clean suede cover
  • 5 Adjustable Positions
  • Easily Converts from a chair Into A Bed
  • Designed for small spaces
  • No Assembly requires
  • Weight is only 16.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions when fully opened are 83″(L) X 28.3″(W) X 4.5″(H)
  • Dimensions with Folded Pillow are 66.5″(L) X 28.3″(W) X 4.5″(H)
  • Chair Dimensions are21.7″(D) X 28.3″(W) X 8.7″/23″(H)


It is simple, and then there is Giantex 5 simple. Its kind of an oxymoron, since its simplicity, is genius and as such defies simplicity. I confuse myself sometimes, so I will just state that this is the one to buy if you are in a dilemma between models.


Foldable sleeper chairs are amazing products; the one I presented to you are the best in their categories when considering small things such as reliability of design, ruggedness of materials, easy to maintain and clean, as well as durability of the framework and the opening and closing process.

When you look for a sleeper chair, consider the surface it will sit upon, the dimensions you are constrained into and the person that will use it. In general, consider a model that will fit into the design of your home, can be used by many, and is easy and lightweight enough to be mobile, but rugged and solid enough to be reliable.

Final thoughts consider the price as a very important base for your decision. These products tend to wear out very quickly, even when made of the best materials. They are also not really meant to replace a bed fully, and as such are for one nighter more than constant use. Consider buying one where you can replace the upholstery, sometimes a quick change of the upholstery is enough to provide a new looking sleeper chair that can last a lifetime.

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