Metal Roof Gazebo Here: Comparison & Personal Piece of Advice!

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a metal roof gazebo in a backyard area

Gazebos allow you to enjoy lots of space and comfort as you unwind at the end of a long day or week, and getting the right one is the key to great summers and weekends. A gazebo should be large enough to shade the number of people you wish to host, so be sure to keep this in mind when making purchases.

You should also look into the strength of the gazebo and how long its warranty is, lest you end up going to the store again come the next summer. Here are some of the best gazebos in the market at present which have construction details that are sure to wow you. Have a look…

List and Comparison of Metal Roof Gazebos:

Sunjoy L-GZ340PST-3ASunjoy L-GZ340PST-3A
  • Size- 10'x12'
  • Mosquito Net- Yes
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Kozyard Alexander GazeboKozyard Alexander Gazebo
  • Size- 10'x12'
  • Mosquito Net- Yes
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Abba Patio APGGII95GAbba Patio APGGII95G
  • Size- 9'x5'
  • Mosquito Net- No
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Sojag 500-5157871Sojag 500-5157871
  • Size- 12'x16'
  • Mosquito Net- Yes
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Sunjoy L-GZ238PST-10Sunjoy L-GZ238PST-10
  • Size- 8'x5'
  • Mosquito Net- No
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Table of Contents

Review of the Best Metal Roof Gazebos:

1. Sunjoy 10 x 12 Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo

Sunjoy L-GZ340PST-3A

Sunjoy is not a brand that is new to making gazebos, and it is, therefore, expectable that their products should be fantastic, as is the case with this 10×12 gazebo with a metal roof. Their products all pass the quality tests which the company conducts before introducing anything to the market, and you thus have an assurance that you are getting value for your money.

This gazebo is quite eye-catching, and if you want something that can brighten up your space, this is an excellent choice. Sure, it may seem a little pricey when compared to other options on the market, but the upside to getting it is that you will incur minimal costs in its maintenance and you get to enjoy its services for years on end.

It has a very stable construction which allows it to stay put in the event of thunderstorms and strong winds. For people living in areas where the weather tends to be on the extreme side, this is a great choice.

The gazebo features powder-coating on its body which ensures that it does not chip, corrode, or rust, so you save tons of money that would have gone into making repairs to the gazebo. There is a vent in the roof which ensures that there is adequate circulation of air and you and your guests should thus be comfortable while using it as the temperature regulation is at an optimum.

Assembly takes some time, and in most cases, you may have to call in a professional. However, you can opt to have some friends over to help with the heavy lifting if you are not in a hurry. Though it might seem ideal to spend a few bucks and get something else in its stead, this is the better choice as you can avoid yearly trips to the store for replacements.

Product Features

  • 10*12 feet
  • Hardtop metal steel roof
  • Aluminum coating
  • Powder coating
  • Mosquito netting screen
  • Instruction manual


  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Resistant to rust
  • Optimum airflow
  • Bolting down possible

2. Kozyard Alexander 10’x12′ Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo

Kozyard Alexander 10'x12' Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo

If you want to add comfort and style to your space, this gazebo metal roof is the way to go. It features a classy design that will give your outdoors a boost in appearance as well as a sturdy construction to ensure that you will enjoy its use regardless of the season. There is aluminum in its build which ensures that you no longer need to pay mind to rust, so feel free to leave it outdoors for as long as you like.

Thanks to the comfort provided, you can use the space for parties or as a quiet space where you can read those books you’ve been dying to enjoy. Or you could play some board games and have stimulating conversations that last into the dead of the night. The net sidewall will ensure that your stay in the gazebo is free of bugs which can be quite annoying as you try to enjoy the ambiance of the outdoors when the moon is out.

The hard metal top ensures that you can enjoy enhanced durability, and if you wish, you can add an extra layer of sidewall for added privacy. The ventilation in play is adequate to keep you cool in the hot months. What’s not to love about this setup?

Product Features

  • Dark brown hue
  • Aluminum frame
  • Triangular stand pole
  • Hard metal top
  • Mosquito Netting


  • Beautiful design
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Resistant to rust
  • Long-lasting
  • Good ventilation
  • Withstands heavy snow
  • Does not allow rainwater entry

3. Abba Patio 9′ x 5′ Outdoor Backyard BBQ Grill Gazebo with Steel Canopy, Gray

Abba Patio APGGII95G

This metal roof gazebo features durable steel construction with a powder-coating finish which enables it to be resistant to rust, corrosion, and chipping. Furthermore, it is waterproof, and you can thus stay in the space when there is a downpour without fear of getting soaked.

An attractive addition to this gazebo is the shelves on the side, and where you plan on using it for grilling, you can store your accessories and cutlery in the space for easy access. There are also hooks on the inside from which you can hang your tools. This space is large enough to accommodate grills and other equipment, and you can thus hold a cookout in the area without worry of congestion.

This gazebo works for both commercial and recreational settings as it can protect you from the elements during outdoor cooking. It also protects your grill and any other equipment in place from the sun. With this gazebo in play, bad weather will no longer be a hindrance to great meals.


  • Steel construction
  • Powder coating finish
  • Shelves on the sides
  • Inside hooks
  • 9 ft by 5 ft


  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to rust formation
  • Lots of storage space
  • Adequate shade and protection from the elements

4. Sojag 500-5157871 Meridien Hardtop Gazebo Outdoor Sun Shelter, 12′ by 16′, Charcoal

Sojag 500-5157871

This metal roof gazebo features an aluminum frame with powder coating that protects it from rust, corrosion, and chipping. It also has a hard poly-carbonate roofing system which allows for entry of light without letting UV light pass through, thus keeping you safe from harmful rays.

You can place mosquito netting in the frame to keep bugs away to ensure that you stay in the space is comfortable. It thus creates an ideal environment to have great conversations with friends, play games, and enjoy meals in the outdoors. What’s more, it features an elegant design that boosts the appearance of your outdoors.

This gazebo is large enough to accommodate many people at a time and is a great setup for anyone looking to have table settings. It is resistant to flames, and you can thus enjoy sitting around fires as you enjoy some delicious meals.


  • Charcoal hue
  • Aluminum frame construction
  • UV protected roof panels
  • PVC coating
  • Mosquito Netting


  • Great design
  • Resistant to rust formation
  • Tons of replacement parts
  • Long-lasting
  • Gives you value for your money

5. Sunjoy Harper Hard Top Grill Gazebo

Sunjoy L-GZ238PST-10

This metal roof grill gazebo has tons of unique features that will wow you for years to come. For one, this gazebo is available at an affordable price, which is excellent for someone who can’t or doesn’t want to spend a ton of cash on this kind of investment. And though you get to save some bucks on its purchase, you end up with a high-quality product that will be of use to you and your loved ones for a very long time.

This gazebo is meant for grilling as it provides shelter as you work the grill, keeping you safe from the elements. You can have your loved ones over for some tasty meals which you can make, without having to withstand the scorching sun on those hot summer days. Attending to the needs of your guests will not be a hard task if you can be in the same space as them as you down some cold drinks and catch up with each other’s lives.

It is well ventilated to ensure there is adequate air circulation and that smoke can escape, which allows you to enjoy clean air as you cook. There are shelves along the sides where you can store your tools to make them easily accessible. The compact design of the gazebo allows people with small spaces to enjoy the benefits of outdoor cooking spaces.

The good thing about this gazebo is that although its primary goal is to provide you with shade while grilling, you can also turn it into a relaxation space. However, note that the small space will only allow two people to recline comfortably as more people will lead to congestion in the gazebo.


  • Vented canopy
  • Eight-feet wide
  • Steel construction
  • Square posts
  • Measures 81*40*15 inches
  • Weighs 250 pounds


  • Great air circulation
  • Works for all grill sizes
  • Durable construction
  • Long-lasting


Factors to Consider

A gazebo will dent your pocket in the range of hundreds of dollars and thus getting the right one for your space ensures that you don’t end up using your money on a product that can only serve you for a season or less. Additionally, don’t forget to protect yourself and your loved ones with chigger repellent.

Here are some important considerations you need to keep in mind to get this right:

The Purpose

Someone buying a gazebo to brighten up their space cannot go for the same product as someone who wishes to seek shade from the same. Think about why you want the gazebo and whether the product you have in mind can afford you the use that you want. For example, many people like using these spaces for grilling on the weekends and summers, and their gazebos are a reflection of the same as they are sturdy and airy.

The Size

The sizes vary, and you should think of how many people you would like to accommodate in the space before getting anything. The standard sizes start at 8*8 and go all the way to 12*16. If you plan on having two people in the space, there is no reason why you should splurge on an ample space as you could save money by getting something that works for two or so people. Also, think about where you wish to place the gazebo. If you would like to have chairs by the fireside, opting for a round or square gazebo should afford you this placement.


There are tons of options on the market, and you can thus play about with different colors to see what works best for you. While doing this, consider the various materials on offer. People often lean towards aluminum as it is stylish and affordable, thus providing a win-win situation.


Go for something that will last you through the seasons as you get to save lots of money this way. Sure, there are cheap options on the market with less-resistant tops, but this will mean that you will have to maintain the gazebos much more than you would if you were to get something durable.

Use these factors to narrow your choices down to a few before choosing the product that is ideal for you and your loved ones. All the best!

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