Large Office Desks – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

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a large office desk with a laptop and other supplies on it

I have the good fortune of having a sizable office space at my disposal in my home. I’d been using a foldable plastic table as a desk since we first moved into our new home, partially out of laziness, and partially out of not having the time to locate a permanent desk for my office.

When I decided to start looking I realized that the ability to have a good-sized desk in my office meant that I had an immense number of options on the market. It took a long time for me to sort through dozens of desks that fit my profile, and I ultimately narrowed it down to my final five.

Factors including size, cost, material, and overall suitability for the purpose I intended the desk to serve all came into play in my decision. Below I present the results of that long winnowing process, and the desks that made it to my final six.

List of Top-Rated Large Office Desks

Tribesigns FF-HO-1002Tribesigns FF-HO-1002
  • Dimensions- 39x20x30in
  • Materials- E1 Particle Board, Stainless Steel
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Need AC3BB-140Need AC3BB-140
  • Dimensions- 55x23x29in
  • Materials- E1 Particle Wood, Metal
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Ameriwood Home 9354015PCOMAmeriwood Home 9354015PCOM
  • Dimensions- 53x51x28in
  • Material- Laminated MDF, Particleboard
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Sauder 402375Sauder 402375
  • Dimensions- 59x23x29in
  • Material- Engineered Wood
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Monarch Specialties 7046Monarch Specialties 7046
  • Dimensions- 60x30x31in
  • Material- Particle Board, Hollow-core, Laminate, Mdf, Metal
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Tribesigns H0883Tribesigns H0883
  • Dimensions- 55x23x29in
  • Material- Engineered Wood
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Table of Contents

High-Quality Large Office Desks Review:

1. Tribesigns Modern Large Office Desk

Tribesigns Modern Large Office Desk

This simple office desk provides a spacious work area made of White laminate E1 Particle Board mounted on a gold powder-coated steel. Simple assembly requires less than 15 minutes to attach legs and bars using included hex screws and tools.

Incredibly durable design provides 900lbs of load capacity for your most demanding needs. Leg pads are adjustable so the desk is usable and flat on any surface.

First Impressions

I was impressed when I unboxed this desk as it only took me 15 minutes to assemble and the result was a simple and aesthetically pleasing piece of office furniture. The surface area meant that there was space for both a monitor, keyboard, and peripheral without making it feel crowded. While it certainly isn’t the most involved affair it was beautiful in its simplicity.

I particularly appreciated the extensive legroom available, and the ability to level out the desk using the leg pads.


  • 900lb Carrying Capacity
  • Laminated E1 Particle Board
  • Solid steel construction of legs
  • Simple hex-key/screw construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 39” D: 20” H: 30”

2. Need Computer Large Size Office Desk

Need Computer Large Size Office Desk

Minimalist teak tone desk with ample surface space on black supports. Available in 3 sizes, including 47”, 55”, and 63” wide. Sturdy particleboard construction provides 900lb load capacity for crafting and large units. The frame is powder-coated to provide aesthetic improvements, durability, and stability.

The surface is coated with a high gloss finish to prevent scratches and protect the material from water. Simple assembly means you’re just minutes from box to desk.

First Impressions

This desk caught my attention as a straightforward solution to my need for a large desk. Its straightforward design meant that it would be easy to arrange within the room and the general appearance of the item appealed to me.

The glossy surface of the desk does protect against scratches and like, and its high strength construction meant that the desk could be turned to multiple purposes.

While it didn’t find a home in my office, I ended up picking one up for my garage. It was just perfect for all my crafting projects and was more than durable enough to hold the equipment used in that process.


  • 900lb Load Capacity
  • High Gloss Finish to Protect Surface
  • Simple assembly using hex screws with a provided key
  • Adjustable leg pads
  • Overall dimensions: W: 55” D: 23”H: 29”

3. Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk

Standard L-shaped desk with Sonoma oak pattern surface with white supports. Convenient shelving provides additional storage accessible from outside the desk. Grommets are included on the surface of the desk for cable management purposes. Available in multiple colors. 100 lb load capacity.

First Impressions

My first impression was that this was an attractive desk designed with a straightforward purpose in mind. My opinion of the desk didn’t change as I assembled it and set it up in my office, but I did realize something that made me realize that I’d have to consider what I did with this desk.

The load capacity of the top of the desk is only 100lb, which is more than sufficient for simple office and computing needs. Thankfully I don’t have a great deal to load on top of my desk so it was perfect for me. One of the things that I loved about this desk was the two grommets that were provided for managing your cables.

There’s nothing that makes me happier than being able to keep my cables properly organized.


  • Grommets for Cable Management
  • Additional Storage Space In Two Shelves
  • 100lb Capacity
  • Convenient corner desk design for saving space
  • Overall dimensions: W: 53” D: 51” H: 28”

4. Sauder Large Computer Desk

Sauder Large Computer Desk

A sturdy desk with a beautiful brushed maple finish brings an air of distinction to any office space it occupies. One of the two easy-glide drawers doubles as a filing cabinet with hangars for filing folders, while the side cabinet holds a storage area for CPU towers.

A keyboard tray provides convenient storage space for keyboards and mice and maximizes the available space available on the desktop. A grommet hole is included in the desktop to aid with the management of cables. The desk is easily assembled thanks to its T-slot drawers.

First Impressions

My first impression of this desk was that it was absolutely beautiful and would be perfect for any office looking for a distinctive professional appearance. One of the things I love about this desk is the keyboard tray.

It isn’t common to find a desk that includes a tray that covers the entire distance of the open area it occupies with a solid piece of material.

The drawers had ample space available for storing office supplies, additional peripherals, or important documents. This desk became a strong contender both for its available storage space and sheer beauty.


  • Brushed Maple Finish
  • Storage Space For CPU Tower
  • Full-Size Keyboard and Mouse Shelf
  • Filing Hangers in Large Desk
  • Overall dimensions: W: 59” D: 23” H: 29”

5. Monarch Specialties Large Computer Desk

Monarch Specialties Large Computer Desk

This desk boasts a contemporary design with a chic white gloss finish paired with silver-tone hardware. 3 convenient drawers are included to provide options for storage for paperwork, office supplies, and other items.

The tabletop is a sturdy 2” thick and made from engineered wood for maximum durability. All sides are finished to provide flexibility in placement options. Included instructions make it easy to assemble.

First Impressions

This was a step away from the other designs I had been looking at, but I’ve always found the contemporary style to be appealing. I wasn’t sure how I’d fit it into my largely modern décor, but it was beautiful enough that I felt space could be found for it.

One of the appealing features of this desk was the three drawers that were included for storage.

I don’t often need much in the way of storage space since I’ve moved most of my documents to a digital format, but it’s always nice to have a place to store various office supplies and maybe a snack or three. I ended up not going with this piece, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t deserve a place on my final five.


  • Sturdy desktop at 2” thick
  • 3 drawers for convenient storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Overall dimensions: W: 60” D: 30” H: 31”

6. Tribesigns Large Office Desk

Tribesigns Large Office Desk

This desk boasts a light walnut surface paired with sturdy black legs. Ample surface space provides room for all necessary parts of the computer, including peripheries like printers.

The legs are metal in construction and have leg pads that are adjustable to ensure the desk remains even. The Under-desk area is perfect for taller users thanks to the generous space provided. Included hex key makes assembly a breeze, just connect the four legs, two-leg bars, and then attach to the desktop.

First Impressions

This was another minimalist desk I considered for my home-office workspace. It is slim on features, with no drawers, keyboard trays, or other additions, but remains a favorite for its overall appearance and ease of construction.

It was another contender for my exterior crafting space thanks to its 900lb Load capacity.

The surface of the desk is made of laminated MDF to protect it from scratches and water damage.


  • Laminated Surface
  • 900lb Load Capacity
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Included Tools
  • Overall dimensions: W: 55” D: 23” H: 29”


These desks were fantastic examples of what was available on the market today, and I had a great time looking through Amazon’s offerings. It took me a while to winnow the selections down to the above five, but it was a process that was worth it.

Two desks were selected in the end; the white l-shaped desk was purchased to outfit my office, while the Need Large Office Desk found a space in my crafting room. They’ve both served me well, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a desk for their office or workroom.

Large Office Desk Faq

How To Recycle A Large Office Desk

In today’s environmentally conscious world an important question comes in the form of “How would I recycle my desk if I decided to upgrade or get a new one?”.

The biggest struggle in recycling these desks is one of sheer size, and it often takes two people to safely remove a desk from its location. Large desks can be recycled but often require being broken down due to all the materials used in their construction.

Compressed and real wood desks are commonly used for mulch or waste energy. Metal components like screws, fixtures, legs, etc will be removed and separated for recycling into their base material.

Glass can be a struggle to recycle, often only be purchased in large quantities or ground down for use in concrete. If you’re looking to recycle your desk contact your local disposal center to get guidelines on how to prepare it for the recycling company.

How To Put A Large Office Desk Together

When you invest in a large desk, especially one that has many components, it can be a bit of a trial to put the unit together. Large desks often have additional drawers, cupboards, and cubbies that will complicate the construction of the item.

You can often find good YouTube tutorials to help you with assembling your new furniture, and some companies offer expert assembly as part of your order.

This ensures that you won’t have to worry about putting it together, it will be assembled for you. We often suggest that those assembling a large desk do so with another person to help make things easier.

Large desks often have larger individual components that can be difficult to manage on your own. If you do have to put it together on your own I suggest doing so in a space that will allow you to support the larger pieces, and to carefully read the instructions before you begin.

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