Solid Wood Desks – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

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a solid wood desk with some chairs pushed under it

When my father was getting close to retirement, I remembered a conversation we’d once had about his beloved library. All his life, he had been slowly adding old books, beautiful antiques, and other items that recreated a classic English Den in this space.

The one thing he was holding out for was the perfect desk, something he’d never quite been able to find.

I came to believe that what he needed was someone to pull the trigger on that desk for him since while he was always looking at desks, he never seemed to settle on one. His retirement seemed the perfect opportunity to take that step for him and finally finish his sanctuary.

Through all my searching these desks were the ones that were contenders as part of my final five.

Beauty, construction, and a host of useful features were all taken into consideration when adding a piece here. If you’re looking for a suitable solid wood desk, I suggest starting here.

List Of Solid Wood Desks I Found:

Homelegance 3228-15Homelegance 3228-15
  • Dimensions- 60x28x30in
  • Materials- Poplar Wood, Wrought Iron 
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International Concepts OF-41International Concepts OF-41
  • Dimensions- 48x26x30in
  • Materials- Hardwood
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UMBUZÖ Solid Reclaimed Wood & Metal DeskUMBUZÖ Solid Reclaimed Wood & Metal Desk
  • Dimensions- 48x23x30in
  • Materials- Walnut Wood, Forged Steel
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Simpli Home 3AXCSAW-07Simpli Home 3AXCSAW-07
  • Dimensions- 60x24x30in
  • Materials- Solid Wood 
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Coaster Home Furnishings 800800Coaster Home Furnishings 800800
  • Dimensions- 72x36x31in
  • Material- Poplar Wood, Cherry Wood, MDF, Plywood
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Table of Contents

Best Solid Wood Desks Review:

1. Homelegance Factory Metal Frame Writing Desk

Homelegance Factory Metal Frame Writing Desk

This elegant wooden desk has a design that hearkens back to the factories of yesteryear. Solid wrought iron legs support four shelves convenient for storing crafting supplies or other items. An exceptional desk for a workspace or could serve as an island in a kitchen. Intended for use as a rustic writing desk this beautiful piece is perfect for any purpose.

First Impressions

I did fall in love with this piece when I first saw it; it had a beautiful and simple appearance that told me it would provide a perfect writing desk for my father. For all the time and care he’d put into his library, he’d never been a pretentious person, and the simplicity of this piece would suit him perfectly.

The solid poplar planks used to build the wooden portions of this desk provided a beautiful grain and were durable enough to last well beyond my father, and I don’t doubt generations beyond.


  • Wrought Iron Legs
  • Popular Wood Construction
  • Four convenient storage shelves
  • Overall dimensions: W: 60” D: 28” H: 30”

2. International Concepts Writing Desk

International Concepts Writing Desk

This unfinished desk provides a beautiful raw wood that can take any stain. The drawer offers a convenient place to store writing supplies while the hardwood construction means it is durable enough to become a family heirloom. Arrives unassembled but is easy to put together.

First Impressions

This desk was beautifully simple and would make a perfect writing desk for my father. Its unfinished state would also allow him to make it his own by selecting a stain that suited his desires.

The sturdy construction appealed to me as my father could be unsteady sometimes, and any furniture in his sanctuary should be able to support him if he stumbled. The drawer was perfect for his penchant for ink wells and parchment and provided ample storage space for both.


  • Drawer provides storage space
  • Unfinished surface permits personalization
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable hardwood construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 48” D: 26”H: 30”

3. UMBUZÖ Solid Reclaimed Wood & Metal Desk

UMBUZÖ Solid Reclaimed Wood & Metal Desk

Handmade construction means each piece is unique. Constructed from reclaimed wood that is stained to take advantage of its natural grain. Legs are constructed of steel that was machine forged. Includes a lifetime guarantee. 400Lb capacity makes it capable of serving any purpose.

Rubber gliders are included to protect the floor and make moving as easy as gliding it across a smooth floor without the risk of marring the surface. Easy to assemble using self-tapping screws that are included.

First Impressions

Another simple writing desk for my father’s office, and one that certainly met the requirement of being sturdy. I love the rich color of the stain and the way that it took to the reclaimed wood used in its construction. My father had a love of old things, so I knew he would love this for the story behind the desk’s origin.

The surface space provided was also more than sufficient for his writing, painting, and crafting activities. Everything about this desk is beautiful and well constructed, so it made its way onto my final five.


  • Reclaimed Wood Construction
  • Machined Steel Leg
  • Each piece hand-made and unique
  • Easy assembly using self-tapping screws
  • Overall dimensions: W: 48” D: 23” H: 30”

4. Simpli Home Sawhorse Solid Wood Modern Desk

Simpli Home Sawhorse Solid Wood Modern Desk

This solid wood desk uses a simple sawhorse design to create a stable surface crafted from high-quality wood. A combination of Medium Saddle Brown stain and a special lacquer helps to uplift the natural grain and unique quality of each piece. The wide design allows support for two monitors and is perfect for craftsmen looking for a piece reminiscent of their work.

Includes an integrated keyboard tray that maximizes the available space on the surface.

First Impressions

My father spent a great deal of his life working with his hands, and the sawhorse design immediately struck me like something that he would appreciate. I loved that it included a keyboard tray, though I was uncertain if it were something my father would use.

The construction of this desk is beyond reproach, sturdy, and reliable with the capacity to support significant weight. The fact that each piece is made from solid wood means that each desk is a unique piece with natural wood grain.


  • Sawhorse leg design
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Handmade, each piece is unique
  • Protective stain
  • Overall dimensions: W: 60” D: 24” H: 30”

5. Tucker Double Pedestal Executive Desk

Tucker Double Pedestal Executive Desk

Luxurious Tudor style desk constructed of three natural kinds of wood with MDF and plywood supports. Metal hardware is varnished to produce a beautiful finish that complements the vibrant brown color of the desk.

The top drawer on each side is lined in felt, while all the drawers are equipped with a slide that allows them to extend from the desk fully. A total of 5 drawers and one storage cabinet provide ample storage, while the cabinet has adjustable shelves to aid in supporting any CPU.

First Impressions

This desk quickly caught my attention and was the one that I settled on when it came time to order a desk for my father. It had an undeniably luxuriant air that spoke to his desire for a full English library/study.

It had a substantial amount of storage, traditional felt-lined drawers, and extensions on the drawers that meant they would be easy to their full capacity.

The surface of the desk was beautiful, and I could see my father hunched over one of his old documents by lamplight in my mind. I quickly ordered it and looked forward to it, finding a place in his library.


  • Felt lined drawers
  • Comes assembled
  • Storage cabinet for CPU Tower
  • Beautiful Poplar and Cherry construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 72” D: 36” H: 31”

Solid Wood Desk FAQ

Which Is Better? Solid Wood or Wooden Desk

If you read this question and immediately wondered “aren’t they the same thing?” then this answer is for you. A solid wood desk is made of solid planks of wood and is generally considered to be of the highest quality.

These desks have a noble history and have occupied some of the most distinguished offices in history.

They are beautiful, have a natural wood grain, and in some cases need only a clear varnish to bring out their intrinsic beauty. Wooden desks are merely made of wood products. This can mean compressed wood, engineered wood, particleboard, and other forms of composite wood.

While you can find these with a faux wood grain, they don’t have the natural beauty or durability of solid wood construction.

Even better you can usually reclaim portions of a wooden desk for use in other projects, giving the desk and the material it’s made of a second life.

What Can I Turn A Solid Wood Desk Into?

A solid wood desk can be converted into other items thanks to its sturdy construction, and there are countless ways to do it. I’ve seen standing chests of drawers that were constructed out of the drawers from a large office desk.

I’ve seen kitchen islands built out of small desks that were raised upon their original legs.

Repurposing an old desk into a garden workbench is another popular way to reclaim these solid old pieces of furniture. The limits of what you can do with a solid wood desk are only limited by your imagination and the structure of the remaining desk.

How To Get A Solid Wood Desk Upstairs?

One of the struggles many people face when considering a solid wood desk is how they’re going to get them into their upstairs rooms. If this is a situation you’re concerned about, there are many viable options.

The simplest, of course, is just to pay someone else to do it for you (it’s what I did).

No one who isn’t paid for it needs to face the weighty struggle that is the solid wood desk. If you have large windows in the room you’re considering putting the solid wood desk in then you can also use a lift to get it in that way.

We’ve also seen ingenious pulley arrangements, but I can’t encourage you to use those unless you’re an expert in moving heavy items with a block and pulley arrangement. Ultimately, however, you decide to go about it, there’s one solid answer to how you get a solid wood desk upstairs… Carefully.


These desks were incredible, and while I couldn’t support a Tucker Executive desk in my own office, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a use for any of them.

My father is absolutely in love with the Executive desk I bought him, but I’m more obsessed with the sawhorse desk I purchased for my work area in my barn.

All of these desks have their features that make each of them perfect for different shoppers, but for my money, the simplicity and durability of the sawhorse desk won the day.

On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a solid wood desk, I advise you to produce a list of limits and requirements that will help you narrow down the desk that will be right for you.

Once you’ve purchased one, you have a piece that will last your family for generations thanks to sturdy, high-quality construction.

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