How Close Should A Humidifier Be From Your Bed?

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Active humidifier far away from bed

You have probably heard stories of humidifier experiences gone wrong. While this may be scary and may have you second-guessing the need for one in your room, there is no need for worry. As long as the gadget is well-placed, you should be fine.

The first thing you should consider is the purpose of the humidifier. From here, you can move on to how large the appliance is and how far it should be from the bed.

You should also consider the number of people in the room and the size of the room. With these factors in mind, placement will not be much of a hassle.

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Let us start with the purpose of the humidifier. Some people need warm mist humidifiers, and using these near the bed can be dangerous. Look at it this way. These appliances work by boiling the water in them, thereby releasing warm mist into the environment.

You can thus imagine how high the temperatures get in the appliance for the water to get to its boiling point. Now, picture having this appliance next to your bed where you can easily reach it. Suppose you reached over in your sleep and knocked it over; what would happen?

The chances are high that it could fall on you or the ground and break, releasing the hot water. You could quickly get burned in the process, not to mention how shaken you would be from this experience.

Now, let us look at the size. The larger the appliance, the more mist it releases into the environment. While this may work for areas with low humidity, being around this appliance is not a good idea as it could trigger health issues.

The state of the humidifier also matters as dirty appliances spread germs through the air. The closer it is to you, the easier it is for you to get sick.

From the above examples, you can see that having a humidifier near your bed is dangerous. Yes, it could be clean, small, and cold mist, but it is still not advisable. Thus, it would be best if you looked into how you can place this gadget in the room without compromising your safety. Here’s how to do this:


One excellent place to have the humidifier is towards a wall on a stable surface that you cannot reach in your sleep. In this way, the appliance would work without toppling over or spreading germs to you as you sleep.

In such a position, if anything were to make the gadget fall, you would be safe. This distance may have you wondering if the appliance will be as helpful as it should be. As long as you get a large gadget to serve your room, this should not be a problem. Any humidifier can work from this safe distance. Keep in mind that different rules apply to humidifiers and dehumidifiers when it comes to positioning.

Another option is to have the humidifier close to your bed. Doing this is the better option for some people as they suffer from allergies and need to ease the symptoms. It could be that the appliance helps you reduce snoring or you wish to moisten your sinuses.

Whatever the reason behind the need for proximity, this is possible. You can place the humidifier at least two feet off the ground on a stable surface. Ensure that the stool or table is at least two feet away from the bed for safety reasons.

Having the humidifier on the floor increases the risk of an accident if someone bumps into it. It can also encourage damage to the floor and surrounding furniture.

When placing a humidifier close to the bed, be sure to go through the manufacturer’s safety precautions.

They will help you gauge the safety or lack thereof of using the appliance close to the bed. Be sure to exercise caution in this. All the best!

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