Does Dyson Humidifier Purify The Air?

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Dyson Humidier purifying the air

Anyone looking for a humidifier wants the very best standards in the market. It is for this reason that one would be skeptical about buying a new product. Such was the case when Dyson unveiled a humidifier in quick succession after introducing a robot vacuum.

It was not standard for the company to do so, and people were fast to pay attention to the new product.

The company had not made a humidifier in the past. And this being their first product, they were out to awe their consumers. This humidifier did not disappoint and is quite common in many homes today.

When introducing the product, the company emphasized its focus on hygiene alongside even air distribution. One thing that many people will note is that there are quite many risks associated with humidifiers.

Most of them are breeding grounds for germs which then circulate in your home. As such, they end up doing more harm than good to your loved ones.

These gadgets should help with combatting allergies as well as respiratory issues. However, when they fail, they distribute inhalable germs, which aggravate such problems. With the Dyson humidifier, there was an emphasis on clean air.

The humidifier is thus able to clean water to the required standards before distributing it as a mist. The use of ultraviolet light comes in handy in the cleaning process. Users can thus look forward to 99.99 percent bacteria-free water making its way through the rooms and into their lungs.

What can one expect of this humidifier?

It features a polycarbonate build, and you can thus expect to use it for years on end. With a three-liter capacity, it can run for up to eighteen hours before a refill is necessary. With this in mind, be sure to change the water daily, regardless of how often you use the device.

It comes with a remote control that allows you to schedule sleep time. Additionally, it enables you to switch from one airflow to the other. With ten options from which you can choose, you can vary the intensity based on the season and humidity levels.

Note that the remote is the only way to control the humidifier which does not have controls on the side. The upside to this is that the gadget looks sleek and is a welcome addition to any room. The disadvantage of this is that if you lose the remote, you cannot use any of the functions.

You will be happy to know that where you do not require to use the device in the hot months, it also serves other uses. For one, you can rely on it as a fan to help you tolerate the high temperatures. It features a thermostat and a humidistat which can regulate the humidity and the temperature of the room.

You thus don’t have to buy these gadgets separately, and you save a ton of money. You can also monitor if the machine is working by checking for a blue light.

As to whether this humidifier is efficient, the answer is yes. It works better than most ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers in the market. For one, it can raise humidity levels in a room by twenty-four percent. Also, it operates silently, and you can thus use it as you sleep. It comes with a see-through tank which allows you to gauge the water levels. Additionally, it has a visual indicator to guide you as to the refilling times.

This humidifier is easy to use as it features clear instructions regarding cleaning and assembly. With the ability to kill 99.99% of bacteria and a sleek design to boot, this humidifier is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purify their air.

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