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If you are one of the many that bought a Weber Genesis Grill, then you know you need a grill cover that will protect the grill unit during the winter season as well as cover the grill between uses.

A grill cover is not just to protect the grill from rain and snow; it’s to protect it from all-weather conditions including early morning dew and mid-day sun.

Let’s start by stating that a Grill cover is a mandatory accessory for all grills, and even more so for a Weber Genesis since this older grill model is made from painted steel that will rust when open to wet elements.

The modern Weber Grills are made using stainless steel, but this is also prone to corrosion due to the different chemicals used in pesticides, fertilizers and cleaning agents used on ceramic floor tiles.

When you buy a new Weber Grill, you might think that buying Weber cover is the best deal, in many instances it is, however, there are occasions, which are based on location, that a third party grill cover might be better than the original Weber Grill cover.

So here are some tips about the different grill covers you find on the market.

Golden rule: Do not buy a felt-lined grill cover, the felt tears away over time and degrades causing a mess and is usually a sign of poor manufacturing using weak and low-quality cover materials.

Weber Genesis (I and II) Grill Cover

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Weber Grill Covers

These are the expensive brand covers that come from Weber and are cut to the exact size of your grill. They are also made from top-grade polyester fabric. Their grill covers last for many years, sometimes even up to ten which is a very long life for Grill covers.

However, apart from the price, they come with vent holes in the top of the cover that are susceptible to rain. If you keep your grill out in the open, this cover will not protect your grill in the winter or rainy seasons.

Third-Party Grill Covers

Many companies offer universal fit covers, steer clear from them. Only go to a company that makes grill cover for a specific application.

This is a sign that the company has taken its time to research grills that are popular and in demand.

As such, they also usually fabricate using the best materials that will last for many years. If you are on a tight budget, then consider this; when you buy a cheap cover expect it to last for one season only before it starts to crack.

You will then need to replace it with a new cover. Estimate how much it will cost to buy one cheap cover every year in comparison to buying one very good cover that will last many years.

Grill Cover Construction

There are many considerations to factor into choosing the right grill cover, and these include the material, the stitching, the dimensions, and the methods for securing the cover.

Always make sure there is some kind of securing measure such as Velcro straps that secure the cover around the legs. The material must be thick enough to withstand many years of seasonal changes, as well as being pulled off and over the grill numerous times.

The material should not crack or crumble, and the stitching should be at a minimum showing you the cover is made from one piece. Vent holes must be included in a protected format so that the buildup of moisture is reduced, and rain cannot leak into the underside of the cover.

Weber Genesis

The Weber company opened back in 1952 and had grown in size as well as in models ever since. This company started with the kettle grill, in fact, George A. Stephen, Sr. a co-founder of the Weber-Stephens Company invented the Kettle Grill.

Weber was the first to introduce the kettle-shaped grill units to charcoal barbeques. During the 1970’s they introduced the gas kettle grill, and this evolved into the Genesis models that first appeared in 1985.

1985 marks the year that the three Genesis square models hit the market, and these expanded in number to include 3 more variants, ranging from Genesis Jr., Genesis 1 to 5 models.

During the ’90s the Genesis models expanded furthermore, and the 1000 to 5000 variants were introduced, each model came with significant upgrades in materials, design, and features.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Genesis Silver, Gold and Platinum series was introduced, and the Platinum was the top model available.

During 2007 the latest Genesis E/S models were introduced, and these come with control knobs in front, sear burners and electronic ignition. The side burner was repositioned to the right-hand side.

Today the Genesis models come with 2, 3, 4 or 6 burner models and meet many different objectives and budgets. During 2018, the Genesis models underwent a further change that includes S-310 stainless steel lid, stainless steel grates, Flavorizer bars, and heat deflectors

List of Top-Rated Grill Covers for Weber Genesis

1. Weber 7129 Weber Genesis II CoverWeber 712925x52x44.5inPolyesterMore Information
2. Kingkong 7552 Grill Cover for Weber Genesis Silver / Gold / 2000 - 5500 Gas Grills with Brush and TongsKingkong 755222x61x37inPolyesterMore Information
3. CoverMates – Grill Cover – 60W x 25D x 45H – Elite CollectionCoverMates Grill Cover60x25x45inPolyesterMore Information
4. Weber 7131 Weber Genesis II CoverWeber 713165x25x44.5inPolyesterMore Information
5. Classic Accessories 73912-WB Veranda Grill Cover fits the Weber GenesisClassic Accessories 73912-WB58x24x48inPolyesterMore Information

The Best Grill Covers for Weber Genesis Reviews

1. Weber 7129 Weber Genesis II Cover

This is the original Weber 7129 cover fro Genesis II, models


The Weber 7129 fits Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX 200 series gas grills and is made from a lightweight and durable polyester. The design features an easy pull-on and off action and comes with fastening straps to secure the cover in windy conditions.

This model’s dimensions are 44.5″H X 25″W X 52″D, and the material is designed to protect the grill from UV as well as inhibits fabric fading.


  • Fits Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX 200 series gas grills
  • UV Inhibiting Polyester
  • Fastening Straps


Since this is the original Weber product, it is considered to be the best choice, and it is proven to last for a decade.

2. Kingkong 7552 Grill Cover for Weber Genesis Silver / Gold / 2000 – 5500 Gas Grills with Brush and Tongs

This is the King Kong 7552 BBQ Coverpro Heavy Duty Grill Cover


The King Kong 7552 is designed to fit Weber Genesis Silver C, Genesis Gold B & C, and Genesis 2000 – 5500 gas grills. The dimensions of this cover are 61” L x 22” W x 37” H and it is made from UV resistant polyester fabric.
This model is easy to clean and comes with Velcro straps that enable you to secure it against the wind.


  • Designed to fit Weber Genesis Silver C, Genesis Gold B & C, and Genesis 2000 – 5500 gas grills
  • Thick Polyester Fabric
  • Velcro Straps


With the specific application, this cover is a perfect fit for your specific Weber grills, and the soft fabric is easy to fold and frequency reuse over a few years.

3. CoverMates – Grill Cover – 60W x 25D x 45H – Elite Collection

This is the Covermates Elite Collection model


The Covermates Elite collection is special due to the materials and construction, it is a universal cover but stands out against the completion by providing exceptional performance properties.

To start with, the cover material is made from 300 denier polyester, which is a 12-gauge vinyl structure including mesh vents that promote airflow while reducing the formation of moisture, thereby eliminating the chances of mildew and mold growth.

The material is a UV inhibitor, and the finish comes with elastic hems that secure the cover over any sized grill. The dimensions are an ample 60” W x 25” D x 45” H.

To top off this model, there are also dual buckle straps and a draw chord locking system that provides a tighter fit for added security.


  • 300-denier solution-dyed polyester
  • UV and fade-resistance
  • PVC-free polyurethane backing
  • Buckle straps
  • Drawcord locking system
  • Covered mesh vents
  • Rot-resistant thread with rust-free hardware


This is a universal fit, and yes, I did state that you should steer clear from these, however, there are exceptions to every rule and this is an exceptional exception.

4. Weber 7131 Weber Genesis II Cover

This is the original Weber 7131 Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX 300 series gas grills, and Genesis® 300 series gas grills cover


Weber 7131 is the original cover for Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX 300 series gas grills, and Genesis® 300 series gas grills. This model comes with all the standard Weber features that include a lightweight polyester material. Velcro fastening straps and humidity vents. The dimensions of the model are 113.03cm H X 63.5cm W X 147.32cm D.


  • Fits Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX 300 series gas grills, and Genesis® 300 series gas grills
  • Original Weber cover
  • Polyester with Fastening Straps


As an original Weber it is designed specifically for Weber grills and in this case leads the pack.

5. Classic Accessories 73912-WB Veranda Grill Cover fits the Weber Genesis

This is the Classic Accessories 73912-WB Veranda Grill Cover fits the Weber Genesis


The Classic Accessories 73912-WB Veranda Grill Cover is made from a proprietary heavyweight Gardelle™ woven polyester fabric that is UV resistant, crack-resistant, and waterproof.

This model comes with exceptional finishing touches that include a protective dark splash guard skirt and is designed to fit over specific applications, in this case, the Weber Genesis II models.

The dimensions of this cover are 58″ L x 24″ D x 48″ H, and the finish comes with securing straps and vents for humidity control.


  • Fits Genesis II models within specific dimensions
  • Gardelle™ woven polyester fabric
  • Classic Tan and Brown Cover


This is a stylized cover for Weber Grills and delivers a different finish to the classic black cover look.

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