Top-Rated Dishwashers Under 400, 500, 600 Dollars, And Above!

Washing dishes does not need to be an expensive function, there are many solutions, and some of them come from the top brands.

Recent changes in design have moved the control features to the top of the machine, in electronic display models there is a sleek LED polymer strip, and in mechanical models, there are simple to use push buttons that settle back into the panel.

Stainless steel is a favorite, and many models come in that sleek, brushed stainless steel look, but for those that prefer a colored model, or one that fingerprints don’t stand out on, enamel-covered units are plentiful.

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List of Top-Rated Dishwashers For 400-600 and Above

1.GE GDF610PSJSS 24GE GDF610PSJSS24”4More Information
2. WHIRLPOOL 2479885 Dishwasher with Anyware Plus Silverware Basket, Stainless Steel, 4 CyclesWHIRLPOOL 247988524”4More Information
3.Frigidaire FFID2426TS 24Frigidaire FFID2426TS24”4More Information
4.SPT SD-9252SS Energy Star 18SPT SD-9252SS18”6More Information
5.Danby DDW1801MWP Portable Dishwasher, WhiteDanby DDW1801MWP18”6More Information

Apart from design features, functionality is a major concern for consumers, and most modern models come with a minimum of 4 cycles to choose from. The size of the model does not attest to the quality; size is actually a functional design feature where some kitchen spaces are too small, and built-in units must come in adaptable sizes.

In this article, I present you with 5 of the best dishwashers and believe you me it was hard to pick out the five best models. After much consideration, including testing each model for all cycles, I came up with this list. Everyone is a winner.

The Best Dishwashers Review:

1. GE GDF610PSJSS 24″ Energy Star Built-In Dishwasher Under $400-$600

The GE GDF610PSJSS is a 24” 16 places setting dishwasher that delivers on every feature you would expect in a branded dishwasher.


This is a built-in tall plastic tub model that comes with 4 dedicated jets integrated into the upper rack that shower water deep inside the basin, delivering the ultimate cleaning performance.

This model comes with the GE Piranha™ hard food disposer with removable filter; this ensures a constant and consistently clean, and the stainless-steel blades rotate at an impressive 3,600 RPM. These blades not only wash the dishes, but they also pulverize the food as well.

This system comes with a Sanitize option (NSF Certified), that provides a high-temperature rinse that both sanitizes and reduces the bacteria content found on dishes by 99.999%.

The ample wash zones enable you to use half or full loads in the upper and lower racks and do not impact on performance.

What you also get is a Steam PreWash cycle that is used to loosen all hard matter from the plates, this reduces the need for a pre-wash cycle, and thereby reduces water usage considerably.

The machine comes with the GE SpaceMaker® silverware basket that is adaptable to both the door and the rack.


  • Steam PreWash
  • SpaceMaker® silverware basket
  • 3-digit countdown
  • Electronic display counts down remaining cycle time
  • 51 dBA with status light on the door
  • Pearlescent dark gray racks with ball tip tines


It is sometimes hard to decide which one to pick between all these amazing top dishwasher units. However, the GE is an exceptional model and the choice between this one or the other 24” is on personal design features rather than washing cycle features. The GE is exceptional and well worth the buy, and the racks move effortlessly in and out, perhaps slightly smoother than the other models.

2. WHIRLPOOL 2479885 Dishwasher Under $400-$600


The WHIRLPOOL 2479885 is a top-level budget friendly 24” dishwasher that provides you with multiple functions for a very good price.


This model is a 24” model that gives you a 1-Hour Wash Cycle, and also has a cycle memory feature that enables you to push start it without selecting the wash cycle, it remembers the last one you used, and uses that one.

There is a TargetClean™ Option that uses 40 targeted spray jets in a designated wash area. These jets scour away baked-on foods without soaking or scrubbing.

The built-in Soil Sensor will also determine the cycle based on the level of dirt, and this model comes with an In-Door Silverware Basket, so you save on space. The upper racks are adjustable, and you get folding tines to create a larger space for big pots and pans.

Other features include a Sani Rinse Option, a Stainless-Steel Tub and two main cycles, a normal one for standard washing and a heavy-duty cycle for extremely soiled and hard to clean dishes, pots, and pans. There is also a High-Temperature Wash Option and a Heated Dry Option that provides you with readily dried dishes straight from the machine.

This is an ENERGY STAR® Certified device.

Exceeds government standards to help conserve natural resources and save money on utility bills.


  • 1-Hour Wash Cycle
  • Cycle Memory
  • TargetClean™ Option
  • Soil Sensor
  • Adjustable Upper Rack
  • Folding Tines
  • Sani Rinse Option
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Normal Cycle & Heavy Cycle
  • High-Temperature Wash Option
  • Heated Dry Option
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified


When it comes to near perfection, nothing comes close a great Whirlpool device, these are market leaders in dishwashing technology, and even the budget-friendly models are extremely well built with a lot of functionality. Another great feature is the ample spare parts, the customer care, and the warrantees. The blades are easy to clean, and they do really macerate the large food particles, so you get fewer congestion issues in the water jet holes.

3.Frigidaire FFID2426TS 24″ Built-In Fully Integrated Dishwasher Under $400-$600


The Frigidaire FFID2426TS is a 24” 4 cycle built-in dishwasher with integrated controls.


This Frigidaire model uses the Frigidaire OrbitClean® Spray Arm, that is designed to provide a wider and larger water coverage area, as well as provide great food pulping and cutting performance. Combined with their BladeSpray® technology, the arm is one of the stands out features of this device.

This model uses their DishSense™ Technology. This technology automatically adjusts the cycle time, based on how dirty your dishes are, and you also get the Heated Dry option, which gives you ready to stack dry clean results.

There are Multiple-Cycle Option Features that include a Top Rack, Rinse Only and Heavy Wash option, and you also get the 2, 4 or 6 Hour Delay Start that enables you to set the time you want the machine to start washing.

The interior is made of a Polymer that supports the drying process, and you get Ready-Select® Controls with a Low-Rinse Aid Indicator Light and warning lights for water, salt, detergent, and filter issues.

This is an ENERGY STAR® Certified product and provides optimized energy and water usage for delivering the best results.


  • BladeSpray® Arm
  • NSF® Certified Sanitize cycle removes 99.9% of common household bacteria.
  • DishSense™ Technology
  • Multiple-Cycle Option
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • 2 – 6 Hour Delay Start Set
  • Low-Rinse Aid Indicator Light
  • Ready-Select® Controls
  • Heated Drying System
  • Heating element helps to dry your dishes the first time.


Frigidaire continues to surprise me with their constant attention to detail and their near-perfect products. This is an amazing machine and is another top contender, the decision on which one to pick is really based on design and not performance since they all perform exceptionally well.

4.SPT SD-9252SS Energy Star 18″ Built-In Stainless Steel Dishwasher Under $400-$600


The SPT SD-9252SS is an 18” (slim) dishwasher model designed for tighter kitchen spaces and comes with some impressive features.


Sometimes space is an issue, and when you need that 6” difference, this is where the SD-9252SS comes into play. While the 6” difference does mean smaller washing area, the performance and features do not fall from the 24” models, and as such, the price, while similar, is weighed against the dimensions you need. After all, if you don’t have space, you cant cram the 24” model into an 18” hole.

This model comes with an extremely quiet performance; it only sounds off at 55dB. There is a time delay feature, as well as all the alarm functions required to warn you of low water pressure, and low detergent, salt, and energy issues.

This model comes with an all stainless steel interior and can hold up to 8 standard place settings, which makes it a very efficient model for its size. There are 6 wash cycles, so it does have more versatility than many other models in the same price range, and these cycles include All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse and Speed.

The SD-9252SS comes with a silverware basket, and there the standard two spray arms covering the lower and upper racks.

This is an energy star, efficient model.


  • Time Delay Feature: allows you to program operation at a later start time (1-24 hours)
  • Error Alarm: displays fault codes
  • Rinse Aid Warning Indicator: refill reminder on rinse aid.
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • 55 dBA Quiet mode.
  • 6 Wash Programs:
  • Silverware Basket
  • Energy Star certified


When it comes to space, nothing beats a good 18” SPT model. This is a workhorse that delivers all the features and functions of a larger model and is an exceptionally good investment. This is a built-in model for high performance, and the design matches the extremely high levels of performance.

5.Danby DDW1801MWP Portable Dishwasher Under $400-$600


The Danby DDW1801MWP is an 18” portable dishwasher that saves on space in an exceptionally well designed mobile feature.


The Danby comes with four sturdy wheels, so you can actually move this model around, if you live in a very tight space, or need all the kitchen area, then this model is perfect, since it can be wheeled anywhere and operated anywhere (so long as there are a water and electricity supply).

Apart from the mobility functionality, this dishwasher comes with an Energy Star rating, so it’s proven to be economical as well as functional.

This model comes with stainless steel arms and a stainless-steel interior, so it’s highly durable and reliable. The exterior is white enamel, making it easy to clean and resistant to fingerprints and smudges.

It has an 8-place setting capacity that comes with a silverware basket.

The electronic control panel comes with an array of indicator lights, and the system delivers 6 wash cycles that include; Intensive, Normal, Economy, Rapid, Glass and soak.

You also get a built-in water softener system which is very useful in hard water locations.


  • White enamel portable dishwasher
  • 8 place setting capacity with silverware basket
  • Energy star compliant
  • Simple, intuitive electronic controls with display light
  • 6 wash cycles
  • Stainless-steel spray arm and interior
  • Built-in water softener system
  • Rinse agent and Detergent dispenser


When it comes to mobility, this is the one to beat, and no one does. The combination of performance with mobility makes this a winner for any space-challenged location. This is a perfect unit for moving around and connects very quickly to any water supply.


If it’s a budget-friendly washing machine you seek, you don’t need to buy an anonymous design. This list proves that even the top names in kitchen and home appliances provide top quality products and affordable prices. All these models provide excellent design and functionality features, and all were tested for their performance.

Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and GE are all global brands, and SPT and Denby are exceptional national brands that deliver quality compact machines.

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