Snake Repellents Here: Full List and Complete Guide

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Snakes in the backyard are equal to yikes! Is there a better way to put it? The relationship between these slithery reptiles and man has been sour since time immemorial. And as a result, people have worked on getting rid of these animals, mostly using traditional means. While these methods worked in the past, they did not guarantee 100% results, and they still don’t. So if you want snakes out of your life for good, what you need is an effective snake repellent.

What is a snake repellent?

Well, there are both traditional and modern means. These are methods used in keeping these animals as far away from you as possible, not taking any chances. From chemicals to traps, people have come up with tens of ways to deal with these animals.

The best way to define a snake repellent would be as a granule, noise, or spray that affects the snake’s Jacobson organ. With this organ affected, snakes cannot find fresh air, and they thus have to find another suitable environment. This guide will focus on the effectiveness of these methods, what works, what doesn’t, and how you should go about choosing the right means.

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List of Top-Rated Snake Repellents

Havahart DT362Havahart DT362
  • Type- Chemical
  • Coverage Area- 4-5-Inch Wide
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Pinelake Industries Snake Defense Repellent and Deterrent 128ozPinelake Industries Snake Defense Repellent and Deterrent 128oz
  • Type- Chemical
  • Coverage Area- 3 Feet
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Woodstream Corp 6400Woodstream Corp 6400
  • Type- Chemical
  • Coverage Area- Band 8-Inch Wide
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Haibinsh Solar Ultrasonic Vibrating Rodent Mole Solar Snake Repeller Sonic Wave GopherHaibinsh Solar Ultrasonic Vibrating Rodent Mole Solar Snake Repeller Sonic Wave Gopher
  • Type- Electronic
  • Coverage Area- 9 Meters
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GARDEN SECRETS Professional Solar MOLE & Snake Repellent 2 PackGARDEN SECRETS Professional Solar MOLE & Snake Repellent 2 Pack
  • Type- Electronic
  • Coverage Area- 55 Square Feet
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Senca Solar Sonic Mole Repellent Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 PackSenca Solar Sonic Mole Repellent Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 Pack
  • Type- Electronic
  • Coverage Area- 7,500 Square Feet
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Ortho 0489510Ortho 0489510
  • Type- Chemical
  • Coverage Area- 1,220 Square Feet
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How to choose the best snake repellents

Coupling chemical means with physical barriers will give you better results. But how should you go about this? How can you tell that you are settling for something worth the money you are about to dish out? Here’s how:

The Brand

When buying a shoe, you may not care much about the brand. All you want is something comfortable and attractive. So even if you get a subpar brand, you will not mind. That does not hold for snakes. If you get an unreliable brand, you are putting your life and that of others, at risk. As such, you should pay attention to the brand.


Look at what people have to say about the product you have in mind. Knowledge is power, and thanks to the internet, you are that powerful. People have a lot to say about products. They will get into the ease of use, the effectiveness, the negative sides of the product, and all that. With these details, you can gauge how great your experience would be or not.


Here, you have two options: go natural or go chemical. From the points shown above, you can tell that this article heavily leans on the chemical side. But on the market, you will find that people advocate for natural products. Why is this? Natural ingredients are cruelty-free and will not harm people, snakes, and pets. They work in repelling the snakes without causing them harm.

With chemicals, you are not sure what you are putting in your outdoors. Take time reading through the list of ingredients and figure out how each component will affect you. Also, think about the resultant smell.


How do you wish to distribute the chemical around your home? There are granules, sprays, vibrators, and other such means. Your choice will depend on the site characteristics as well as the people you have in the home. For homes with kids, using chemicals can be dangerous. The same goes for compounds with pets and vegetables.

Review of the Best Snake Repellents

Havahart DT362 Snake Repellent

Works for

This snake repellent works for garter snakes and rattlesnakes

What I like

This snake repellent will not harm snakes, and it works on keeping them away from your compound. It is available in granular form and will remain on the application site for two to three months. You apply the granules to the target areas, and their smell works in disrupting sensory reception in snakes. The snakes turn away from the target area unharmed and look for fresh air elsewhere.
Ensure that you apply the chemical while wearing gloves. For garter snakes, you should place the granules four inches apart. You can double this distance for rattlesnakes. Check for the intensity of the odor and re-apply the pellets once the smell fades.


If you want to keep both venomous and non-venomous snakes at bay, this is a good solution. It helps that it will not harm snakes. Note that pellets are not safe for humans and animals, so have measures in place to prevent accidental ingestion.

Product Features

  • Naphthalene 7%
  • Sulfur 28%
  • 91% repellent rate
  • Granular


  • Works on venomous and non-venomous snakes
  • Does not harm snakes
  • Long-lasting


Q: Will this repellent work for coral snakes?
A: Yes, it will. Ensure that you get the right dosage as per the size of the target area.

Pinelake Industries Snake Defense Repellent and Deterrent 128oz

Works for

This snake repellent works for homes with children and pets.

What I like

This snake repellent does not make use of messy traps or poisons. If you are looking for a natural means to get snakes out of your home, this can work. You can get better results from getting rid of debris around the house.


This snake repellent will work in keeping snakes away from your compound. It comprises essential oils in their pure form and is thus safe for use around animals and children. Note that it requires frequent touchups to remain effective.

Product Features

  • Pure essential oils
  • Spray form
  • 1 gallon


  • Natural
  • Works on all snakes
  • Safe for pets and kids


Q: What essential oils are in this snake repellent?
A: It contains clove oil and peppermint oil, among other strong scents.

Woodstream Corp 6400 Snake Repellent

Works for

This snake repellent is great for homes with pets, kids, and vegetable gardens.

What I like

This snake repellent is powerful, such that a few granules will go a long way. It comprises sulfur and essential oils, creating a strong scent that keeps snakes away. The smell is intense yet will not harm snakes, allowing them to fend for themselves elsewhere.

This formula comes ready to use, and all you need to do is to sprinkle the granules on the target areas. The bands should be at least eight inches wide.


If you want a long-lasting formula that will not harm your loved ones, this could work. It is a mostly natural formula with essential oils as active ingredients.

Product Features

  • Granular
  • Sulfur and essential oils
  • 4 pounds


  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Safe for kids and pets


Q: What snakes will this repellent effect?
A: This formula works on all snakes, regardless of whether they are venomous or not.

Haibinsh Solar Ultrasonic Vibrating Rodent Mole Solar Snake Repeller Sonic Wave Gopher

Works for

This ultrasonic snake repellent works for homes with kids and pets.

What I like

This repellent relies on solar power and will thus not eat into your utility bills. It is environmentally friendly and will not release toxins into the environment. Furthermore, it repels snakes from the outdoors, keeping your compound safe. It also works in repelling other animals such as moles and chipmunks.


If the use of chemicals is not ideal for your home, this solar-powered repellent can do the work.

Product Features

  • Solar-powered
  • Waterproof
  • High power vibration motor


  • Works on snakes and rodents
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for kids and pets


Q: Will this repellent work in the presence of rain?
A: Yes, it is waterproof. Ensure that it remains at least four inches above the ground in areas that experience heavy rainfall.

GARDEN SECRETS Professional Solar MOLE & Snake Repellent 2 Pack

Works for

This chemical-free snake repellent works on garden moles and snakes.

What I like

This repellent is free of toxins and is an excellent option for people with pets and kids. It releases vibrations into the atmosphere and is thus a humane way to deter snakes from entering your home.


If you are looking for a way through which you can save time and money, this repellent is a good idea. The batteries charge automatically even when the sun is low, and you will not require a power source. Furthermore, you will not use chemicals on your land.

Product Features

  • Aluminum tube
  • Waterproof design
  • Pulsing vibrator


  • Wide coverage area
  • Efficient pest expulsion
  • Free of toxins


Q: What should the distance be between the spikes?
A: You should keep them twenty feet apart for the best results.

Senca Solar Sonic Mole Repellent Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 Pack

Works for

This snake repellent is effective in repelling snakes, rats, raccoons, and moles.

What I like

This repellent relies on the use of vibrations to keep pests at bay. It thus will not harm animals in or around your home. Also, it does not contain chemicals or toxins which could affect children and pets. It works at a range of 7,500 square feet and releases vibrations into the atmosphere every half minute.


People who have pets and children in their homes should consider using this repellent to keep snakes at bay.

Product Features

  • Solar-powered
  • Range of 7,500 square feet
  • ABS plastic


  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Free of chemicals


Q: How does this repellent work?
A: You dig a hole that is eight inches deep and installs the device. Ensure that you leave at least two inches above the ground. It should charge for twenty-four hours before you start using it.

Ortho 0489510 Snake Repellent

Works for

This granular snake repellent works on venomous and non-venomous snakes.

What I like

The active ingredients used in this repellent are castor, cinnamon, peppermint, clove, and castor oils. The formula is free of a stink, and it will thus not be uncomfortable for your pets and kids. It comes in a ready-to-use form and is safe for use around pets, plants, and children.

Additionally, it can withstand harsh weather conditions and rains for long periods before re-applications. Apply the granules to the target areas once a month, or as soon as you spot a new snake.


If you have concerns as to the safety of your pets, kids, or plants, this formula is a good option. It does not stink and will deliver pleasing results.

Product Features

  • Weighs two pounds
  • Covers 1,440 square feet
  • Comprises essential oils


  • Does not stink
  • Safe for use near pets and kids
  • Long-lasting


Q: Can I rely on this formula to deal with my garter snake problem?
A: Yes, the essential oils present in this repellent are sure to deter snakes from entering your home.

Snake repellents FAQs

Is snake repellent safe for dogs?

Manufacturers state that their products are safe for use around pets. While they may do the best that they can to ensure this, they cannot provide 100% safety. It is thus up to you to ensure that your dog does not ingest pellets. Else, they will not be safe.

Is snake repellent effective?

Snake repellents will work, but you need to use them in combination for you to get good results. That means that you should have both physical and chemical means in place. Practices such as keeping the grass short, using fences, and moving bird feeders will help. They work in keeping snakes away and protecting your home from these reptiles.

Is snake repellent safe for pets?

Accidental consumption of chemicals is always a risk when dealing with pets. When using ultrasounds and natural ingredients, this should not be a cause for worry. However, when using pellets, you should have precautions in place to ensure that your pets do not come to harm.

Is snake repellent harmful to chickens?

Spraying homegrown foods such as vegetables with chemicals puts your chickens at risk. The same goes for spreading pellets all over the compound as the chickens could eat it. If you choose to use chemical compounds in your home, ensure that you keep animals away from the site. Alternatively, have the chickens in the henhouse until you have cleared the pellets.

Plants that are snake repellent

Some plants have strong scents and bitter tastes that disorient snakes when they come into contact with them. Examples include garlic, marigold, and wormwood. Planting these in your home will chase snakes away from your compound.

Are mothballs a good snake repellent?

For a long time, people relied on the use of mothballs to keep snakes away. However, this age-old tradition is not effective when used on its own as snakes smell with their tongues. You would need something extra for these to work, and they are often used in combination with sulfur.

Does snake repellent work on lizards?

Some snake repellents, such as mothballs, will work in keeping lizards and other pests away from your home. Opt for products with strong smells.

Does snake repellent work on frogs?

Snake repellent will keep frogs away. All you need to do is to spray the repellent around the fence, and frogs will stay away from your compound. You can also use granules for this.

Does snake repellent work on copperheads?

Spraying snake repellent around your fence will keep copperhead snakes away. However, for the method to be fully effective, you should also rely on physical means. Seal cracks in your foundation, keep debris out of the compound, cut the grass, and so on.

How snake repellent works

Snake repellents work in keeping Jacobson’s organ from working, thus denying snakes access to fresh air. The repellent can be in the form of a smell or a sound.

What snake repellent is best?

The suitability of a snake repellent will depend on the site characteristics. For people with pets and children, using chemicals would not be the best option. For small homes, using ultrasounds would be costly. Think of your situation and choose a repellent accordingly.

What snake repellent is safe for dogs?

The best repellents for use around dogs would be natural products and ultrasounds. With chemicals, you run the risk of your dog ingesting the compounds and getting sick, or worse.

How to use snake repellent

Snake repellents work in different ways. Some come as granules; others work as sprays while others produce vibrations. How you use a repellent will depend on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How long does snake repellent last?

Chemicals will remain in place for as many as three months. However, they may last a shorter time in the presence of rain. Natural ingredients last shorter periods, while physical barriers will remain in place for years on end.

What is snake repellent made of?

The ingredients in snake repellents are not standard, and they highly depend on the manufacturer. However, you will find that they mostly contain naphthalene, sulfur, ultrasonic sounds, natural ingredients, or predator urine. They may work in combination or alone.

What is the best snake repellent for homes?

Snake repellents are a highly subjective issue. What works for one home may not work for another. It is thus best to assess your needs first before getting a product. Suppose you do not have homegrown foods, pets, or children, using chemicals would be the most effective means.

What does snake repellent smell like?

Snake repellents have strong scents that make snakes sensitive in their presence. This sensitivity owes to interference with their Jacobson’s organ.

How to spread snake repellent

When using chemicals, wear gloves, and apply an amount equal to what is on the manufacturer’s guidelines. For natural products, you can use as much as you feel is necessary. The same goes for ultrasounds and physical barriers.

How to apply snake repellent granules

Ensure that you wear gloves when handling the pellets. Proceed to spread them around areas you wish to protect, such as around the house and fence.

Effectiveness of snake repellents

The last thing you want is to buy a repellent that does not do the job. After all, you are not dealing with any animal, but instead, you have a snake on your grounds. And having it there serves as a risk to you, your children, and your pets. It is a life and death situation in most cases, and taking chances is not advisable.

Most repellents we use on pests have little effect on us and the environment, but that is not the case with snake repellents. For example, back in the 50s, high concentrations of mercaptan were in use in snake repellents.

It later became clear that this chemical was harming the central nervous systems in human beings. To make matters worse, it was not evident that the chemical had worked on repelling snakes.

Another example is naphthalene, which contains strong neurotoxins. Suppose a pet or a child were to consume this chemical, fatality is possible. As is the case with mercaptan, its effects on snakes are not scientifically proven. People often use this chemical in the form of mothballs. Studies have shown that snakes will avoid these balls, even when in enclosed environments.

Sulfur is another option, but you will not find it in use against snakes. However, when used in combination with naphthalene, it can affect these animals. It has a bad smell that can affect a snake’s senses. On the downside, sulfur can get washed away during downpours.

Traditionally, people used diesel fuel, urine, smoke, and other such substances to keep snakes away. Studies have shown that these, too, are also ineffective. Furthermore, these means could harm the environment. An example would be diesel fuel, which harms both plants and insects.

Smells will hardly affect snakes. Why is this? Well, snakes perceive smells with their tongues and will thus feel a chemical through licking it. That is why you should only get repellents designed for snakes and not those suited for universal use. However, some products listed as universal repellents will work. Examples are repellents in use against moles and raccoons, such as those on our list.

Scientists are unable to decide if powders and granules with sulfur and naphthalene have effects on snakes. For that reason, you can rely on these to repel snakes in your outdoors.

Bottom Line

What works, and what will not? Ultrasound repellents rely on ultrasound action. Studies show that snakes do not have ears, and this might have you thinking that vibrations will not work. However, snakes can feel the vibrations, and all you have to do is to vary the patterns to ensure that they do not get used to them.

For homes with pets and kids, this is an ideal way to deal with snakes. Natural repellents such as essential oils will not work in repelling snakes. Chemical repellents will work when used in combination, and examples include naphthalene and sulfur. Additionally, there are chigger and insect repellents for a wider safety reach.

Glue traps will work by ensnaring snakes and are a humane way to deal with non-venomous snakes. Having a fence in place will work in keeping snakes away from your home and is a recommended method by ecologists.

This article will delve into both chemical and physical means which work in repelling snakes and why that is the case.

Physical Means

Snakes are dangerous creatures, and having physical barriers is a proven way to keep them at bay. Having a solid fence dug deep into the ground is one way to deny them access to your home. It would help if you also had trapped in place in case they make it through the barrier. Here is how you can go about this:

Install a snake-proof fence

You can either buy one or create one. The fence should be thirty inches high and buried at least three inches in the ground. Stakes should be present along the fence to ensure that snakes cannot crawl up the fence. Your gate should be tight and should remain closed when not in use. Ensure that the fence is in good shape to prevent the entry of snakes through the holes.

Also, avoid piling items along the fence and always cut your grass near the ground level. Furthermore, tilt the fence to face outward at an angle of thirty degrees to make climbing it hard.

Use glue snake trap

Here, you can either buy one from the store or make your own. The traps are sticky to ensure that snakes cannot get away once caught. Ensure that you have an extension handle on the trap. Snakes become agitated once caught, and the last thing you want is close contact with an irritable reptile. To release the snake, you can pour vegetable oil on it, and it will go free.

If you decide to use a trap, ensure that you check it daily for any snakes. Else, the snakes will lack moisture and will die, which is not the aim here when it comes to non-venomous snakes. For venomous snakes, you should let them remain on the trap as you engage an expert on the same.

Using Pets

Some animals will feed on snakes, and examples include dogs and hedgehogs. However, this is not an ideal way to deal with snakes as pets could come across as dangerous snakes. You would not want to risk their lives, would you?


The market is yet to offer a product that can put an end to snakes invading people’s compounds. In the meantime, get a good snake repellent and ensure that you have adequate physical barriers in place. You cannot succeed by using one without the other. All the best!

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