Gas Ranges – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

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Burner on gas range stove top

“There is simply no comparison to the gas range for cooking excellence. The ability to control temperature, the immediate cessation of heat and the overall performance of these stoves have made them remain an industry standard for restaurants and homes alike. Combine that with its ability to function during power blackouts and there’s no reason to buy an electric unless you can’t get gas in your home.”

List & Comparison of The Best Gas Ranges:

  • Type: Slide-In
  • Size: 30"
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Whirlpool 30-inch FreestandingWhirlpool 30-inch Freestanding
  • Type: Freestanding
  • Size: 30"
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  • Type: Slide-In
  • Size: 30"
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Viking VGIC53014BSSViking VGIC53014BSS
  • Type: Freestanding
  • Size: 30"
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Bosch HGI8054UCBosch HGI8054UC
  • Type: Slide-In
  • Size: 30"
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  • Type: Slide-In
  • Size: 30"
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  • Type: Freestanding
  • Size: 30"
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Thermador PRL304GHThermador PRL304GH
  • Type: Freestanding
  • Size: 30"
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Table of Contents

I have long been an adherent of the gas stove cult, those who believe that there is no other choice for proper cooking than a gas stove. I have selected homes by whether or not gas was available and I have done the same for any hotel I stay in for any length of time.

To me, there’s simply no alternative to that blue flame and the versatile cooking options it offers. It may just be my imagination but gas stoves just seem to produce a cleaner, healthier heat that cooks food evenly and thoroughly in a way electrical stoves just can’t manage.

So when I was in the market for buying a new home you better believe that there was nothing that was going in my kitchen that wasn’t a gas stove. I had carefully selected my home to make sure that gas was available, and then started looking for the right stove to fit in my gorgeous kitchen.

Eventually, I narrowed down my options to the five below, and I had every one of them installed for a test run before I settled on one. Be sure to ask about the satisfaction guaranteed option when you purchase so you know how long you have to send it back.

Review of the Best Gas Ranges:

1. Samsung NX58H9500WS Slide-In Gas Range

Samsung NX58H9500WS

This gas stove provides incredible versatility with its 5 gas burners, including an 18K BTU right front burner, a 15K BTU left front burner, a 5K BTU right rear burner, a 9.5k left rear burner, and a center 9.5k oval burner for use with skillets or to keep food warm.

The generous 5.8 cu ft capacity of the convection oven has 3 fans that ensure your food cooks evenly and comes with an included temperature probe. Don’t let food get cold waiting to serve with the 3 level warming drawer.

Prepare dinner before you leave home and have it ready to come out of the oven when you return with the auto-start and shut-off option. Parents can get peace of mind with the child safety lock. The perfect gas stove for a busy family home.

First Impressions

I have to say that this stove represents one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my home thanks to its complete range of features.

Breakfast has always been a hit in our house so the central burner is used nearly every day with a cast iron griddle to produce fresh eggs, bacon, and pancakes to see us off to work.

This stove is perfect for Jewish families with its Sabbath mode delay that means you can start dinner before the sabbath begins and have the stove auto-shutdown after the meal is done. I loved this oven!


  • 5 Sealed Burners
  • Dual Power Burner


  • Custom Wok Great
  • Sabbath Timer

2. Whirlpool WFG320M0B Freestanding Gas Range

Whirlpool WFG320M0B

Stainless steel construction combines with advanced Whirlpool technology in this incredible freestanding 30-inch gas range. As soon as it arrives it’s ready to be installed so you can start cooking without hesitation. The top range has broad supports to ensure pots of all sizes can be used, even across burners.

Clock display makes it easy to plan out your meals and ensure everything comes out the way it’s supposed to. Dual-level convection glass oven means you can cook a whole meal at once without having to stage them or serve them at uneven temperatures.

First Impressions

If you have a large family you may very well benefit from this gas range, especially given its reputation for long-lasting operation without any needs for repair.

The broiler in this thing is amazing for those who know how to use it, but what makes it shine is the adjustable nature of the burners. You do have to be a little careful about the door of the oven when it’s in use as it gets a bit hot, but it’s otherwise a fantastic stove!


  • Adjustable burner flow
  • Clock Display


  • Spacious Oven with dual racks
  • Full top support grate

3. GE JGSS66EELES Sealed Burner Cooktop


5 sealed burners are included with this beautiful gas range from GE, including the non-strick griddle that is placed between the top burners. The oven has a 5.6 cu ft capacity that makes it great for cooking for large families.

Don’t scrub your oven anymore when you can use the steam-powered self-cleaning option to make it simple. The oven includes a storage drawer and dishwasher safe heavy-duty grates. Electronic controls make accurately setting temperatures and gas marks easy on this ADA compliant unit.

First Impressions

If you’re cooking for a large family, especially for breakfast, you’re going to love this gas oven. The built-in griddle makes feeding an army easy, while the storage drawer means you won’t be looking all over for the things you need. I keep my cookie sheets, casserole dishes, and more all within easy reach.

The oven has a respectable capacity that makes cooking multiple dishes at once easy, and believe me when I say that the steam-powered cleaning system that comes built-in is an absolute life-saver.


  • Self-Clean Steam Option
  • Electronic Controls


  • Grates can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Center Griddle

4. Viking VGIC53014BSS Freestanding Gas Range

Viking VGIC53014BSS

This gas range from Viking features 4 Open Burners and comes with the patented VariSimmer technology. No more do you have to worry that your food will burn when you need it to Simmer, just turn the knob to the marked simmer setting and rest at ease.

The bowls for the burners are made of easy to clean durable porcelain. The oven is a comfortable 4.0 cu ft with 6 rack positions to take full advantage of the built-in convection system and infrared broiler. Get a clear view of what’s inside when you turn on the interior halogen lighting.

First Impressions

This is easily one of the most gorgeous gas stoves I’ve ever seen, and I love the way all of its knobs are organized. The one thing I seriously have to crow about is the VariSimmer setting.

While I love gas stoves my one complaint has always been that there isn’t a reliable simmer setting on them, especially on stoves with large burners. The VariSimmer technology found in this stove is a lifesaver. The porcelain bowls under the burners are an absolute breeze to clean, which is a relief when spills happen.

I also love the fact that everything inside the oven is easy to see without having to open it up, those halogen bulbs are amazing.


  • 5 burners including a central griddle
  • VariSimmer Setting


  • Spacious 4.0 cu ft oven
  • Convection System for Easy Cooking

5. Bosch HGI8054UC 800 Gas Slide-In Burner Range

Bosch HGI8054UC

This versatile offering from Bosch Gas Stoves is a true piece of culinary luxury. The all-over grating provides a versatile cooking surface when combined with the 18k BTU central burner. With 9 cooking modes, you’re sure to be able to make every dish come out great every time.

The oven is a generous 4.6 cu ft convection affair that helps cook food evenly and efficiently. Never clean your oven again thanks to the pyrolytic self-clean option! Bosch has been making exceptional gas grills for generations and this piece is one more example of their precision engineering.

First Impressions

Bosch has always been one of my favorite brands for appliances like this, and this model just goes to show I have exquisite taste. The beauty of this oven is the first thing that caught my eye, the high-tech design and clean lines meant that it could fit perfectly in any kitchen.

The warming drawer is amazing, especially since you can open it with your hands full by pressing on it with your foot. Sure, you have to clean it afterward, but while you’re cooking that’s hardly an issue.

The fan didn’t kick on when I first started using the oven, but a little research told me this was operating as intended and only kicks on when it passes through the preheat cycle.

Thinking back on that makes perfect sense and the oven cooked everything evenly, it was amazing. The only thing you need to get to connect is a 90-degree gas elbow, which won’t cost you much at your local hardware store.


  • Convection Oven
  • Pyrolytic Self-Clean


  • 4.6 cu ft oven
  • 18k Central Burner



Kitchenaid has long been the first name is kitchen appliances ranging from powerful food processors, amazing mixers, and of course gas ranges. The interior of this oven is huge, offering an incredibly generous 5.8 cu ft of cooking space that will allow you to make a whole meal at once.

The built-in convection heating system ensures that everything that comes out of the oven will be evenly cooked to a delicious golden brown. Like all good gas stoves, this one comes with a self-cleaning option that takes most of the work out of your cleaning efforts.

Looking to whip up burgers for the family? The griddle top will cook them to perfection before you lift it out and clean it in the sink. The central burner is an 18k BTU affair, while the other four are 15k, 9.5k, 8k, and 5k respectively, a perfect selection for different cooking needs.

Two-handle racks are integrated into the oven to provide ample space for trays and pans.

First Impressions

There was just so much space in this oven I had to squeal when I first got it! I didn’t realize just how much different than an extra 1.8 cu ft would makeover my present oven (yes, it was a smaller affair). The griddle top was amazing and made cooking a breeze when you wanted something simple.

I’ve never made better-grilled cheese than I got off of this griddle. The controls are easy to manipulate to your desired setting, and the oven cooked as evenly as promised, part of the reason I love convection ovens.

The large glass front on the oven made it a breeze to see how everything was cooking up so I didn’t waste heat by opening the door to check. The integrated racks were something of a disappointment as I love being able to move them around, but they provided ample space, even when I put a turkey in!


  • 15k Gas Burner
  • Aqualift Self-Clean


  • Integrated Handle Racks
  • Convection Oven

7. LG LDG4315ST Double Oven Gas Range


LG doesn’t just do TV’s, in case you hadn’t heard. They also do a full range of appliances, including an incredible line of gas stoves. This stove comes with five burners, including a large center griddle perfect for all your flat grill needs.

The oven utilizes Probake Convection technology that ensures an even bake every time thanks to moving warm air. Never worry about cleaning your unit again when you use the EasyClean Technology that’s been incorporated into it. Do you cook for large families?

Then you’re going to love the dual oven technology that this unit comes equipped with. The upper oven provides 2.6 cu ft of space that’s perfect for casseroles, pies, and bakes, while the bottom 4.3 cu ft oven provides ample space for roasts, turkeys, and more!

You also can rest easy knowing that little hands can’t get into the oven thanks to the lockable oven doors.

A great oven for every need, but especially for larger families.

First Impressions

This oven was a great buy, and I loved the fact that it had two ovens that could be set to different temperatures for cooking. We do big holiday meals in our house so the ability to have multiple things cooking at multiple settings was essential.

The griddle on top was one of the best parts of the whole thing though. As I mentioned previously I have a serious love affair with grilled cheese sandwiches, and the griddle managed to maintain a steady temperature that left each side perfectly browned and the cheese completely melted.

It was easy to clean too! Wipe it down while it’s hot to get the worst of it off, and once it’s cooled take it to the sink to clean off any stubborn bits! I want to be clear about these ovens, don’t let the size fool you.

My family is not small, and we cook significantly large turkeys at Thanksgiving, alongside those we have the yearly spiral cut ham. We used to have to cook them separately, but not anymore! I appreciate the spacious burners on this unit too.

I tend to collect every chicken bone throughout the year before I do a massive chicken stock boil that leaves me with ample bags to use throughout the year. This means that a clean steady burn is important, and one that can be properly set to a low simmer for several hours.


  • Double Oven
  • Top Griddle


  • Beautiful easy to clean stainless steel
  • Convection Cooking

8. Thermador PRL304GH Gas Range

Thermador PRL304GH

This gas range from Thermador’s professional series is the standard depth with a 30in wide cooktop. The top of the stove features four Star Burners while the interior of the unit is a 4.4 cubic oven sporting six racks.

With other gas stoves, you may have difficulty setting a simmer option, but that won’t be the case with Thermadors ExtraLow technology! You can leave your food to simmer at as little as 100 degrees for hours without fear of burning the pot or cooking it more than you intended. Pedestal mounted burners make cleaning under them a breeze.

The baking burner produces 22k BTU of heat while the broil burners provide an additional 19k BTU for powerful cooking options. The oven sports a respectable 4.4 cu ft with a telescopic rack and two racks of standard design, all of which have an easy-grip handle integrated.

Never lose sight of what’s in your oven with their halogen lighting system. Need to set up your oven to cook meals before you get home? Put the food in the oven and set the Sabbath timer with start and stop times to arrive home to a piping hot meal!

First Impressions

This oven was pretty incredible, and if it wasn’t for the one with the double oven arrangement it would have been the first one that I went with. Other than that it was a great unit, with conveniently designed burners and the ExtraLow technology that makes it possible to simmer food without worries of overheating.

It was suitable for feeding my large family, which was something essential to any choice I made in an oven. The pedestal-mounted burners were just as easy to clean as the hype suggests.

One small feature that appealed to me was the positioning of the gas line that made it possible for the stove to sit flush against a wall without anything being able to fall behind it or under it.

Those little touches are the kinds of things that have consistently set Thermador apart from its competitors. While I didn’t end up buying this for my permanent unit I was very satisfied with the time that I had it and would recommend it to anyone.


  • ExtraLow Simmer Setting
  • Pedestal mounted burners


  • Gas line positioned to allow sitting flat against the wall
  • Built-in auto-cleaning feature

Surveys And Gas Range Reviews

Reviews on gas stoves are pretty clear when it comes to preferred performance. A survey of professional cooks revealed a 90% preference for gas stoves for their places of work and home alike.

They cited the ability to smoothly and consistently control the heat, shorter cooking times, and results that just can’t be achieved on an electric stove. They weren’t quite as adamant about ovens but the majority of them still leaned heavily towards electric for their ovens. This was due, in part, to overhead as well as performance.

Gas ovens are simply cheaper to operate than electric.

My reviews come from my personal experiences with these stoves being set up in my home and used in a normal household setting for a month. I made sure to test-run every one of them and take advantage of their satisfaction guarantee if they ended up not suiting my needs.

I may not be a professional chef but I’m a firm believer that good food is made with good ingredients and excellent tools. Throw in a dash of love and your food will be as satisfying as any four-star chefs.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality gas range then I suggest you take a look through this batch of five I’ve put together. They were carefully considered and I’ve done my best to give a realistic report of my experiences with them.

I then posted them here in the hopes that other people may be able to benefit from my experience and their judgment based on them.


Each of these stoves had their own merits, and I was thoroughly impressed with their overall performance. I only had room in my house for one stove, however, so I ultimately had to weed out the winner from the losers, and I just couldn’t turn down the performance of the double-oven stove from LG.

It heated evenly and the stovetop was large enough for all my needs, especially that weekly grilled cheese extravaganza. I used it to cook quite a few meals for my family, and every time it pulled through with a consistent performance that left any errors in the food entirely on me.

That may sound like a strange qualifier, but no cook wants their efforts ruined by a poor stove.

The Thermador stove was a close runner up, it did provide an exceptional degree of performance that set it apart from the rest. As I mentioned above if it had had a two-oven arrangement it certainly would have been the one I went with.

I hope these reviews have been useful to you and given you a clear idea of what the capacity of each of these stoves is and how it might serve your own needs.

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