Choosing a Yellow Ottoman for Your House?

The Ottoman Empire has left at least one lasting impression on the world, and that’s the piece of furniture that bears their name. In the beginning, they served in some of the most lavish homes in the world, including the home of the Ottoman Emperor, as luxurious armless couches.

While modern ottoman furniture tends to be relatively small in its design, usually used as a footstool or small bench, they used to be quite large. These important pieces would cover nearly three-quarters of the wall in any dwelling in which they were used.

As the centuries passed they would change in form to become simple stand-alone backless couches, and then would reduce in size again to be most commonly found as corner furniture and extra seating.

Today they find a variety of uses, most commonly as footstools. Like many people I decided that an ottoman would make a perfect addition to my home décor.

Unlike many, I decided that I wanted a yellow color that would brighten up the room and add interest. Below are the pieces I found that drew my interest, and hopefully they’ll be of use to you.

3 Chic Ways to Use an Ottoman

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List & Comparison of Yellow Ottomans:

Modway EEI-2225-SUNModway EEI-2225-SUN15x40x16.5in
Polyester, Foam, PlasticView on Amazon
Homelegance 4500-F3Homelegance 4500-F320x20x17in
Polyester, WoodView on Amazon
Sunon SF37.YJD.MR-SD3583Sunon SF37.YJD.MR-SD358317x17x17in
Woven Linen, Sponge, Wooden FrameView on Amazon
Convenience Concepts 163523YConvenience Concepts 163523Y15.8x15.8x16in
Faux LeatherView on Amazon


How To Pick A Yellow Ottoman

Well at least you’ve already selected color, but that’s not where your journey ends. Ottoman comes in a rainbow of colors, but throughout the centuries there have been multiple innovations in their design. This can include material, overall size, and shape, with legs and without, internal storage (with a variety of options there), and much more.

To begin selecting your ottoman you need to understand your space and what your new piece of furniture will do in that space. My art space has a bright sunny color scheme with white flowing curtains over the windows that are painted a cheery yellow. The colors of spring and summer fill the room and the lighting is bright and welcoming.

A yellow ottoman in this room would help tie these colors together and add to the uplifting atmosphere I was working at creating. Storage wasn’t a major concern, though you can never have enough of it in an art space, and I was equally comfortable with a piece that sat on the floor as one that had legs.

The one thing I knew is that I didn’t want the legs to dominate the appearance of the piece, so a stool type design wouldn’t work.

Review of the Best Yellow Ottomans:

1. Modway EEI-2225-SUN

This oversized ottoman features a mid-century modern design that gives it a striking appearance in any home or office. The selection of 16 colors means there’s a perfect fit for any décor scheme. The legs provide stable and non-marking support that preserves the fabric of the ottoman from damage or scuffing.

This well-padded piece is comfortable for sitting, usable as a footstool, or even as a low coffee table or work surface for those who like sitting on the floor. The material is pleasing to the touch.

First Impressions
I was immediately drawn to this ottoman; there was something about the broad shape of it that made me think it would serve a perfect role in my art room. In yellow on my grass-green floor, it would look like a dandelion you could sit on.

This piece was remarkably comfortable in its design, with sturdy wood being used for its structure that would allow it to be turned to a myriad of uses. The all-over tufted design gave it a lot of visual interest to go with a bright color.

The material was also easy to clean and resistant to staining, something which would prove invaluable in its time in my art space. Finally, it had almost no legs, but those it had were non-marking and perfect for my needs.


  • All over tufted design
  • Easy clean materialsSturdy construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 40” D: 40” H: 16.5”

2. Homelegance 4500-F3

This classic style round ottoman comes in three colors, including this mellow yellow design with radial art. The polyester material that was used to upholster it ensures that it is easy to clean and durable enough for long term use.

The dark color of the legs provides a stunning contrast and must be attached upon delivery. Seat lifts off to provide an internal storage area that’s convenient for remotes, books, magazines, art supplies, and more.

First Impressions
Of course, this artistic piece caught my eye when I was looking for a piece for my art room! I also loved the mellow tone of the yellow, and the pattern on it was reminiscent of flowers. In my motif, the dark color of the legs would perfectly represent the stem of a flower or tree, so it fit right in with the plant/nature theme of my space.

The internal storage would be perfect for keeping art supplies, and the polyester material meant it would be easy to clean off stains and art materials.


  • Internal Space
  • Polyester Upholstery is easy to clean
  • Dark wood legs are durable
  • Overall dimensions: W: 20” D: 20”H: 17”

3. Sunon SF37.YJD.MR-SD3583

This round pouf ottoman comes in a bright yellow color accented by gray. The elastic sponge that is used for its cushioning is comfortable and relaxing on the hips, while the wooden frame ensures it can hold up to 200lb. A perfect stool for use under a desk or one that is tucked away frequently.

Easily portable thanks to the inclusion of a strap on the side. Small pad legs are included under the ottoman to prevent scuffing and marring of floors. Certified with Greenguard to provide cleaner indoor air quality by reducing the use of harsh chemicals.

First Impressions
I thought this piece was absolutely adorable, and I loved the transportability the strap provides. The cushion in it being certified with Greenguard was a big selling point for me considering that I frequently have children in my art space.

The resilient nature of the sponge used for cushioning in this piece is nice, especially when combined with the wood structure that ensures its durable. I saw this piece being hauled around by the kids and used to move from the art station to art station. The pad legs underneath are nice for protecting the floor too!


  • Four pad legs
  • Convenient carrying strap
  • 200lb Load Capacity
  • Overall dimensions: W: 17” D: 17” H: 17”

4. Convenience Concepts 163523Y

This striking bright yellow ottoman is available in multiple colors and finishes to fit any décor scheme. The lid lifts away to provide access to the internal storage and can be flipped over to provide a stable flat surface for use as a nightstand or table.

Round wooden legs protect your carpet and the material of the ottoman without impacting usability. An innovative design that makes the already ottoman even more useful.

First Impressions
This piece had a number of useful features, and one of the ones that directly drew my attention was the reversible top. The hard flat surface that was available under the lid meant that it could be used as an art surface without directly impacting the appearance of the ottoman, and that really appealed to me.

The minimal presence of legs was another thing that fit my vision of the piece, and the interior storage was ideal for use for keeping supplies available. The color wasn’t as bright a yellow as I might have preferred, but it was still a beautiful piece.


  • Reversible Lid
  • Easily cleaned materials
  • Internal Storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 15.8” D: 15.8” H: 16”


These pieces were all excellent selections for my art space for different reasons, and each of them represents a different style and design. This list is far from comprehensive; I went through hundreds of unique pieces of furniture before I settled on these five for my final pieces to choose from.

If you’re really determined to have a specific look and feel for your ottoman rest assured there’s a design out there that will suit your needs. You just have to look hard enough. In the end, I settled on the Convenience Concepts round accent storage ottoman thanks to the reversible services and overall usability.

I also picked up one of the first ones for every Convenience Concepts one I picked up to use as a seat while they were in use as a work table. They have worked out magnificently for me, and the adults and children that use my art space all love them. It just goes to show that there’s an ottoman for everyone’s needs, and it’s clear why they’ve been around for so long.

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