Wood Computer Desks Here: Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide & Advice!

While the days of solid wood desks being the standard are behind us, wood is still very much a part of the desk building industry in the form of composite woods. Composite woods, also known as engineered woods, are made from wood waste or recycled wood and a bonding agent like glue or resin.

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List of Top-Rated Wood Computer Desks:

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Mission DeskConvenience Concepts Mission Desk26x18x30inBirch veneerMore Information
Leick Corner Computer and Writing DeskLeick Furniture 8143048x24x30inHardwoodMore Information
Winsome Wood Computer DeskWinsome Wood 9904242x20x29inSolid beechwoodMore Information
DYH Vintage Computer DeskDYH Vintage Computer Desk47x29x23inMetal, woodMore Information
Sauder Camden County Computer DeskSauder 10173054x20x34inPressed woodMore Information

These manufactured materials can have all the durability of wood, and in some cases, even be stronger than the original wood used to create them while remaining cost-effective.

This combination of durability and low cost means that there are incredible desks available on the market that can be found at a low price point.

When I started looking for a wood desk for the family computer in the living room, I knew that I wanted a desk that was at least made of composite wood, if not actual wood planks.

Best Wood Computer Desks Review:

1. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Mission Desk

This oak colored desk provides a compact working space that contains no more than what is needed. The keyboard tray provides additional workspace by removing the necessity to place a keyboard on the desk’s surface.

The elegant mission style construction of this desk makes it a beautiful addition to any room. This desk is also available in three other colors, driftwood, espresso, and black.

First Impressions

This desk caught my eye for its sheer simplicity and functionality. While the space I had available in the living room could certainly accommodate a more robust desk than this, I had to ask myself if there was any need for a larger desk.

This one came with sufficient desk space for a monitor while still leaving room for traditional writing and note-taking.

The keyboard tray was surprisingly sturdy and hidden behind a fold-down drawer front, which was something I appreciated from an aesthetic point of view. In the end, its form factor made it an attractive and suitable option for my needs.


  • Hidden keyboard tray behind the fold-down door
  • Sturdy compact design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 26” D: 18” H: 30”

2. Leick Corner Computer and Writing Desk

This elegant corner desk combines beautiful construction with functionality in a single package. Available in five colors including black, chocolate oak, burnished oak, dark oak iron, smoke gray, and mission oak.

The primary material in the desk is hardwood with an applied finish, resulting in a desk that will retain its beauty and function for generations.

The front drawer has versatile functionality as either a drawer or a keyboard tray/mouse thanks to its full extension glides and drop-down front. Hidden behind the desk is a wire retaining grommet to aid in cable management.

Two shelves under the desk provide room for peripheral and CPU tower placement. Easy to assemble and transport.

First Impressions

My first impression was simply this β€œWhat an absolutely lovely desk.” After the beauty of the peace had sunk in, I started realizing this was more than just a beautiful piece of furniture; it was an elegantly constructed piece that combined form and function incredibly well.

The shelves under the desk were perfectly sized for a CPU tower, and a cut-out was included in the back panel allowing straight-forward cable management options.

Even better the cut-out was large enough to accommodate additional wires from the printer I intended to include if there was enough space.

This desk definitely provided sufficient space for that purpose. It’s only limiting factor was that it was a corner desk, but that wasn’t a concern for me.

One of the more forward-thinking aspects of the desk was the center drawer which was usable either as a storage space or was able to be used as a keyboard/mouse tray thanks to its drop-down front.


  • Fully extendable central drawer with drop-down front
  • Cutout in back panel for easy cable management
  • Beautiful hardwood construction
  • Knockdown assembly for ease of assembly and movement
  • Overall dimensions: W: 48” D: 24”H: 29”

3. Winsome Wood Computer Desk

This simple but beautiful desk is built from solid beechwood and is finished with a warm Honey tone. The drawer represents a pull-out keyboard tray with a drop-down front for maximum versatility.

Matching pieces are available, including a corner table, writing desk, printer stand, bookshelf, and file cabinet for a complete office setup.

The slender craftsmanship of the legs lends itself to a casual classic style when combined with the clean lines of the desk.

First Impressions

Sometimes it really is best to go with a simple solution, and this piece definitely fits the bill in that regard. The color of the desk was pleasing to the eye and neutral enough to fit in with just about any decorating scheme.

The light tone of the desk would fit in well in my living room, and it certainly had enough room for my purposes.

The drawer was another example of the pull-out/drop-down variety that could be used as either a keyboard tray or a storage space. This made it perfect for use with either a keyboard or a standard CPU tower.


  • Pull-out/fold-down drawer for keyboard tray
  • Clean lines and solid wood construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 42” D: 20” H: 29”

4. DYH Vintage Computer Desk

This desk is designed around the Industrial-chic style with powder-coated metal legs and a desk with a faux wood grain desk; it’s the perfect complement to a den or office.

EVA pads on the bottom of the open-concept legs provide protection from scratching for surfaces. The desk is built from MDF construction and is not solid wood.

First Impressions

This desk was another one that caught my eye for its aesthetics, as I could easily see the dark wood and metal construction fitting into the design of my living room. The surface provides ample space for a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, as well as being perfect for use with a laptop.

While it would be a tight fit, it would be possible to fit my desired printer on the surface of this desk.

I liked the open design of the legs as well as the sturdy construction that comes with powder coated steel tubing. The inclusion of pads on the bottom of the legs made finding a solution for protecting my hardwood floor unnecessary.


  • Steel legs
  • Included pads to prevent scratching
  • Wood-grain surface with MDF construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 47” D: 29” H: 23”

5. Sauder Camden County Computer Desk

This desk is compact and provides an excellent solution for a multi-purpose office platform without taking up too much space. The keyboard tray is one metal runners and prevented from over-extension with safety stops.

The assembly of the desk uses a T-Lock system. The side-drawer contains rods for hanging file documents that are letter-sized.

Cherry finish provides an attractive appearance while protecting the engineered wood construction underneath. Dedicated CPU tower storage space provided along with a supplemental cubby for files, books, or other items. The raised stand is removable or can be used for peripherals like a printer.

First Impressions

This design perfectly fit my plans for the living room piece and provided ample usable surface in a compact space. The best part of this desk was that it was neither more than I needed nor less than I could use.

The filing cabinet drawer would be perfect for holding some of my more important documents, and the raised platform was exactly what I needed for my printer.

The keyboard tray was convenient and sturdy enough that it would put up with the abuse of the youngest family members getting over-excited at the games they wanted to play. All in all, it was the perfect solution for my living room.


  • Filing cabinet drawer for letter sized documents
  • Raised platform for peripherals
  • Keyboard and Mouse Tray
  • Dedicated CPU Storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 54” D: 20” H: 54”

Wood Computer Desk FAQ

What Should You Put Under A Computer Desk On A Wood Floor?

One of the concerns I had when looking for a wood desk was that the floor of my living room was also made of hardwood.

While this meant I had a beautiful floor in my living room, it also meant that that floor was subject to scuffing and marring, especially if another wood was placed on top of it.

I solved this issue by buying an attractive rug to place under my living room computer, but there are multiple options on the market to solve this concern. I could have used felt or rubber stickers that can be placed on the legs or supports of a desk to protect the floor it rests on.

Also in this vein, you can find plastic caps that go over the ends of the legs of your desk, some of which have a non-slip surface to help it stay in place as well as protecting the floor.

How To Laminate Wood Computer Desk That’s Become Damaged?

One of the drawbacks to a laminate surface on a composite wood desk is that they occasionally will come loose. If you don’t take care of this loose piece, it can become caught on a piece of clothing or something else and break.

The laminate coating on wood desks is very thin and is secured to the desk with a layer of wood glue.

Thankfully several approaches can help you fix the laminate on your wood desk. The simplest involves carefully lifting the laminate enough to hit the space underneath with a hair drier or heat gun to remelt the adhesive so you can secure it back down.

Sometimes this won’t be effective, and you’ll need to carefully spread a layer of adhesive where it has become loose and securely place it back down.

In both cases, you’ll either want to use a clamp or a pile of heavy books to keep the laminate and wood together while the adhesive cures. This technique can be used in reverse if the laminate becomes damaged and needs to be removed.

Simply use a heat gun to heat the laminate while carefully lifting it with a broad tool until the glue underneath loses its grip. Once it’s removed, you can scrape away the old glue to provide a new surface, reapply, and then carefully and evenly place the new laminate on it.

These five desks represent a great selection from Amazon’s marketplace, and all of them represent a direction I could easily have gone for my living room desk. While I ultimately settled on the largest desk in the list, the others would have been great options as well.

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