When Should You Use A Humidifier?

Healthy Hair, Skin & More with a Humidifier?

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Humidifiers are essential in adding moisture to the air, especially during the cold months when the air gets dry. In so doing, they alleviate allergy symptoms, and they prevent dry skin. They also enable you to wake up with radiant skin.

Thus, using a humidifier in the cold months is of the essence. How about in the other months? Should you use this gadget or should you tuck it away and wait for the winter season? Well, humidifiers are equally crucial in the different seasons, more so when you want to keep allergens at bay.

Let us take a look at how you can use this appliance through the year, for your good and that of your loved ones:


When winter ends, most people think that it’s time to do away with their heaters and humidifiers. After all, the temperatures are increasing, as is the moisture in the air. Why would they need a humidifier? Well, here is the thing. During winter, the humidifier comes into play to add moisture in the air as the atmosphere feels dry.

At this time, you do not need to worry much about viruses as the temperatures are likely below zero. During spring, these viruses start popping up and spreading. The same goes for pollen. Your environment thus fills with irritants, which can cause allergies and flues.

And it gets worse. Yes, spring has warm air. The downside to this is that the air is lighter than what you would have in winter. It thus has less ability to hold onto moisture and effects of dryness begin to set into the home.

The humidity drops and your loved ones start to experience itchy and dry skin, nose bleeds, dry throats, and other related symptoms.

Also, with the rising temperatures comes the need for air conditioning. These appliances are useful in keeping the temperatures at a tolerable rate. However, they dry the air, and this adds to your problems. Thus, running a humidifier would help in curbing these problems.

It is important to note that the use of a humidifier will depend on your region. Where you live in a humid area, using the appliance would not be necessary. For people living in a low humidity area, using a humidifier would be crucial in keeping the air moist.

Where you wish to use a humidifier to deal with allergens and do not want to increase the temperatures, use a gadget with a cool mist. It helps in cooling the room and can reduce your utility costs regarding the air conditioner.


To many people, using a humidifier in the hot seasons seems like a bad idea. Given that the temperatures are soaring and are probably unbearable, people do not want to aggravate the problem. However, before you push this idea to the side, think about the allergens circulating at this time.

During summer, flowers open up and spread pollen through the air with the help of the bees.

With temperatures at a high, air conditioners work at full speed, thus drying the air. You, therefore, deal with high utility costs and dry air that aggravates allergies. A humidifier makes pollen heavy such that it cannot move through the air.

It also hydrates the body and clears up congestions in the respiratory tract. Additionally, it improves the health of your skin and kills germs in the atmosphere.


During the fall, there are many rainy days. There is thus a lot of moisture in the air, and the pollen has reduced. Why would one need a humidifier? Well, it comes down to the heating system. Where you run a heater in this season, the air will dry out, and there will be a need for added moisture.

You can use a humidifier throughout the year to improve your health and that of your loved ones. However, note that you will need to switch from cold to warm mists during some seasons.

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