What is a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

Recumbent Exercise Bike improves the function of the heart and blood vessels, remove toxins from the body, relieve stress, and solve many other problems.

A recumbent exercise bike is a perfect choice for safe practice!

Horizontal bike models do not have the drawbacks of their vertical counterparts. The pedals are on the same level as the seat. The user can lie down and keep his legs straight. It is a big plus if you need to unload the back and neck.

At the same time, the leg muscles work fully, and the joints of the legs are loaded in a gentle mode. It is especially important in old age, as well as for recovering from trauma and for people with diseases of the back.

With the help of such exercises, you can maintain good physical shape, develop stiff joints, and burn excess calories.

What are the Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bikes?

Horizontal models have a more ergonomic design, allowing you to take a semi-sitting position. Thanks to this comfortable pose, the back of the user is not overloaded and is always in a relaxed state.

Recumbent exercise bikes allow you to evenly distribute body weight, especially the buttocks and back. And the conventional units focus the weight on the buttocks. So if you have problems with your back or lower back, then a horizontal model is the most suitable option.

Since exercise bikes with a horizontal design allow you to exercise in a supine position, they prevent deformation of the spine and help to avoid pain in the shoulders and back. You can maintain a beautiful posture with regular workouts.

Another advantage is the location of the legs during training on a horizontal exercise bike. In a horizontal position, the legs are closer to the heart, the blood flow is stimulated, increasing the endurance of the athlete. When the body is evenly distributed over a larger area, blood circulates much better than in compressed vessels during workouts on vertical models.

Training on a recumbent bike is more stable. So people with movement disorders find them more suitable. It is also worth noting that the use of horizontal simulators makes training longer. It is a great opportunity to pump up the buttocks and legs, as well as lose extra pounds.

Can You Lose Weight on a Recumbent Bike?

Regular exercise on an exercise bike helps get fit.

What are the main aspects if you want to lose weight by pedaling?

  • The main thing is to observe the regularity of training. It would be great if you can train every other day. This mode is perfect for getting rid of extra weight, strengthening muscles, helps restore physical strength and cheerful mood. More frequent exercises are not recommended, as the body needs rest before subsequent full-time workouts. If you practice high-intensity training every day, very soon you will get tired and lose interest.
  • The duration of the workout. You need to start with twenty minutes and gradually increase to forty to fifty minutes. Duration must be adjusted individually, although common standards exist. The workout can last from forty minutes to one hour. This will depend on your physical fitness, age, weight, as well as the state of health.
  • The amount of burned calories. It is suggested to burn from 400 calories to 900 calories in one hour. The intensity of the load can be set individually, focusing on the pulse. It is very important to calculate correctly its indicators, otherwise, the weight loss will not go so intensively.
  • Workouts should be combined with proper and rational nutrition. These two components complement each other and give excellent results. The time for losing weight while exercising on a recumbent bike is individual for everyone. Different people with the same loads lose a different number of kilograms. It depends on the individual characteristics of each person the degree of physical fitness and compliance with many additional rules regarding nutrition, regimen, etc.

Do Recumbent Bikes Work Your Core?

An exercise bike will not allow you to build up volumetric muscles since the very concept of cardio training contradicts it. But you can tone the muscles of the buttocks and legs, make them fit and sculptured, get rid of the fat layer. The intensity of the load on the recumbent exercise bike can be compared to running.

So, what muscles does the exercise bike train? These are the muscles of the buttocks, the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh, calves, the back surface of the thigh, the front surface of the thigh. All these muscles, working comprehensively, allow for rotational movements of the legs in the process of the workout.

The muscles of the press and lower back will also be included in the work. Abdominal muscles are responsible for the maintenance of respiratory function, and lower back muscles provide flexion of the thigh and support the spine.

Thus, a recumbent exercise bike can be a great assistant in losing weight and strengthening the body. You can pedal both at home and in the gym while listening to your favorite music. Consider all the advantages, develop the right training program for yourself, and then the result will be amazing.


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