What Is A Brush Hog?

Similar to line trimmers, brush hogs are cutting machines that use metal blades to cut through dense vegetation, such as weeds and long grass. As a farmer, I love brush hogs, because then I get to clear out my fields without much issue and can replant my seeds for the next season.

However, as the opportunity arose, I’m in need a new hog for my fields, and when they overgrow, they’re a mess to deal with. Below, I’ll provide a comparison for the best brush hog brands and will give a review and overall preference for what I believe is the best brush hogs on the market.

Brush Hog FAQ

Brush hogs, commonly known as bush hogs, are rotary mowers that are attached to farm tractors, made with dull blades so they can cut through dense plants more efficiently.

Brush hogs use either a three-point hitch or drawbar to attach themselves to the tractor and can be adjusted in height and even apply chemicals to the vegetation.

With tops speeds of 150 mph, brush hogs can make farming a lot more efficient than using a tractor by itself. For homeowners, there are also pusher lawn mowers with attached brush hogs and engine operated turn mowers with seats.

How to Pick a Brush Hog?

Depending on the type of subcompact or compact tractor you have at your disposal, rotary cutters are a considerable investment. Have lots of land with slopes and contours? Need something more powerful that can cut small trees in your way or rid yourself of ditch banks?

These are all questions that you have as a landowner and should always be considered. Brush hogs do not provide clean lines such as those on golf courses. They’re made to remove significant areas of overgrown weeds to help manage it at a reasonable level.

While tractors can significantly benefit in pulling these machines, not every brush hog needs a tractor to pull it. Some only need an ATV, UTV, or riding mower to be drawn.

The best ones are ones that are easy to hook up, and in cases where rocks are present, it’s best to remove the stones beforehand to avoid damaging the machine and its blade.

Overall, brush hogs make for a smooth way to clear all the rough patches in your fields, and I’d highly recommend them if you own large pieces of land.

Out of the total I’ve seen on the market, I have a few favorites of mine that I believe will serve me well. King Kutter has overall been my favorite pick due to its design and high-functioning capabilities.

All of the cut well, but King Kutter particularly suits my needs when I require a brush hog that can be easily attached to my tractor and not have many issues going over damp areas and heavy-duty weeds. It’s also simple in its construction, so I don’t have to worry as much about repairing it.

The second favorite of mine would be the Billy Goat, which benefited me greatly for more of my backyard work.

I was able to give away some of these pieces of equipment to friends of mine who needed them or at least needed a spare. The Blue Diamond ended up being given to a friend of mine in construction because I don’t own a skid steer loader to operate on it.

Since he works in construction, he’ll be able to make good use out of it for his landscaping projects. Other were given to neighbors and locals who needed to manage their fields, and I decided, in the end, to keep King Kutter and Billy Goat as my own personal selection of brush hogs.

I’ve enjoyed working with every one of these brush hos, even if some of them presented some difficulties. Even then, the problems I had were minuscule in comparison to the overall performance of each of these brush hogs.

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