Velvet Ottomans (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

These plush footstools are an elegant callback to the favored furniture of the Ottoman Empire from which they get their name. The overall tufted design was a common feature of furniture of the era, and throughout the centuries they came to be the comfortable and versatile pieces we know today.

In their original form, they were typically armless couches that would surround three-quarters of the space of any given room. Eventually, they lost their backs and slowly became furniture that was commonly used in the corner of the room, as footstools, or easily moved seats.

When I was designing the living room for my new apartment, I knew that I wanted a luxurious plush feel to everything, and velvet was just the key. That’s how I started my search for a velvet ottoman and compiled this list of examples of this style.

I include it here in the hopes it may be useful to others looking for their own luxurious ottoman furniture.

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List & Comparison of Velvet Ottomans:

Christopher Knight Home 300777Christopher Knight Home 30077729.5x29.5x17.5in
Blush, Baby BlueView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 302192Christopher Knight Home 30219226.2x21x17in
RedView on Amazon
HomePop K6171-B122HomePop K6171-B12219x19x18in
VariesView on Amazon
HomePop N8264-B119HomePop N8264-B11925x25x15in
BerryView on Amazon
Divano Roma Furniture OT02-VVDivano Roma Furniture OT02-VV23x23x15in
Black, Grey, Navy, Purple, RedView on Amazon
Great Deal Furniture Maelyn Teal Velvet OttomanGreat Deal Furniture Ottoman29.5x29.5x17.5in
VariesView on Amazon
Great Deal Furniture 304792Great Deal Furniture 30479230x30x14.5in
Blush, Beige, Cobalt, SmokeView on Amazon
Best Selling 430632AZBest Selling 430632AZ31.8x20x18.8in
PurpleView on Amazon
HomePop K7769-B253HomePop K7769-B25317x17x17in
Pink, GreyView on Amazon
Divano Roma Furniture OT05-VVDivano Roma Furniture OT05-VV30x30x18in
Black, Purple, RedView on Amazon
Sorbus STRG-OTMSU-TLSorbus STRG-OTMSU-TL15x15x15in
VariesView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 298421Christopher Knight Home 29842118.8x50.8x15.8in
Dark TealView on Amazon
Casa Andrea Milano OT08Casa Andrea Milano OT0842x22x17in
Red, Black, Grey, Navy, PurpleView on Amazon
Inspired Home Grey Velvet OttomanInspired Home Velvet Ottoman20.5x20.5x17in
GreyView on Amazon
Jennifer Taylor Home 2345-959Jennifer Taylor Home 2345-95924x24x16in
VariesView on Amazon


How To Pick A Velvet Ottoman

The first part of selecting an ottoman is obviously deciding where you want to use it and what kind of feeling you want it to evoke. For my purposes, velvet was the only option, as I wanted the space I was furnishing to have a relaxed and luxuriant feel.

The primary purpose I had in mind for the ottoman was as a footstool, but many versions also come with convenient internal storage and are both large enough and sturdy enough to serve as additional seating.

While round is the traditional shape for a piece of ottoman furniture they come in as wide a variety of shapes and sizes as you can imagine, so these are other factors I had to consider in selecting my final piece.

Beyond that, it’s just a matter of choosing the color that suits you and the material from which its made. Velvet comes in a lot of different fabrics, some easier to clean than others.

Review of the Best Velvet Ottomans:

1. Christopher Knight Home 300777

First Impressions

This piece was a very straightforward example of a traditional ottoman, and while it came in two colors the blush tone immediately caught my attention. While it looks like it rests on the floor it actually has non-skid plastic feet on it to protect any surfaces its placed on. The overall construction makes it suitable for sitting on or for using as a footrest. I really loved the size and color of this piece, which is how it made it onto this list.


  • Plastic non-mark feet
  • Velvet material
  • Sturdy seating
  • Overall dimensions: W: 29.5” D: 29.5” H: 17.5”

2. Christopher Knight Home 302192

First Impressions

I was drawn to this piece in part by the rich red color, the other thanks to the legs that gave it a profile I absolutely loved. There was some assembly required, however, but it wasn’t hard to screw the legs on.

The sturdy birchwood that was used in the legs made it a great place to sit. The tufted top is a classic piece of ottoman design, but I rather liked that the tufting didn’t extend to the sides as is common in many examples of this type of furniture.


  • Birchwood Legs for Sturdy Design
  • Tufted Top For Classic Look
  • Velvet Cover for Comfort
  • Overall dimensions: W: 26.2” D: 21”H: 17”

3. HomePop K6171-B122

First Impressions

I loved this adorable ottoman the second I laid eyes on it. The variety of colors meant that I had multiple choices that would fit my décor, and they were all in my coveted velvet.

I was particularly fond of the way they did the finish on the legs, the rustic brown color perfectly offsetting the lush velvet. While it’s a relatively small ottoman, measuring only 19” in diameter, it does have a respectable load capacity of 250lbs, making it perfect as an ersatz seat.


  • Velvet material
  • Rustic finish on legs
  • 250lb weight capacity
  • Overall dimensions: W: 19” D: 19” H: 18”

4. HomePop N8264-B119

First Impressions

HomePop is an excellent brand of ottoman, notable both for their beautiful design and sturdy construction. This piece is available in a variety of colors and materials, but my attention was purely focused on their velvet offering in an eye-popping berry tone. In addition to being able to serve as a seat thanks to its 250lb load capacity, it also has the benefit of having internal storage space.

That’s a convenience that has always made me fond of this style of furniture, and when combined with the adorable wood legs on this piece made me want this one in particular.


  • Interior Storage
  • 250lb load capacity
  • Lightweight design at 18 pounds
  • Overall dimensions: W: 25” D: 25” H: 15”

5. Divano Roma Furniture OT02-VV

First Impressions

I knew from the first glance that this piece wouldn’t have internal storage, but the striking colors it came in an eye-catching round design made me not mind that a bit.

The single button securing the top and plush padding made this one of my favorites. The rich dark wood of the legs complimented the luster of the velvet perfectly. This piece does require some minor assembly. Once put together its the perfect height for a child’s seat or a footrest for all ages.


  • Rich Wood Legs
  • Minor Assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 23” D: 23” H: 15”

6. Great Deal Furniture Maelyn Teal Velvet Ottoman

First Impressions

I really appreciated the sheer size of this piece, making it perfect for both sitting and for use as a footstool. It regrettably lacked any form of interior storage, but the sheer size and plushness of it made me willing to overlook that.

The composition of the velvet was lovely and made me really love the overall look and feel of this ottoman. It also comes in multiple colors, with the gray and teal being two of my personal favorites. While I’m not a huge fan of the all-over tufted design, it works on this piece as does the dark wood legs.


  • Dark Brown Finish Legs
  • All-over tufted design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 29.5” D: 29.5” H: 17.5”

7. Great Deal Furniture 304792

First Impressions

This ottoman was one of the more unusual pieces that I found, which plays actively into how it ended up on this list. In all the research I’ve done, this is one of the few ottomans that comes with a tempered glass top that makes it perfect as a footrest or coffee table.

Of course, the surface needs frequent cleaning to take care of the clear reflectiveness of the top mirror, but that’s a small sacrifice for such a lovely piece. The polyester composition of the velvet material makes it easier to clean than non-synthetics, which was a strong selling point with me.


  • Mirrored Surface
  • Polyester Velvet material
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30” D: 30” H: 14.5”

8. Best Selling 430632AZ

First Impressions

My first impression was that this was an impossibly gorgeous and elegant piece of furniture that combined a lustrous shade of purple with rich espresso stained legs to create the perfect ottoman. The color combinations found in this piece are astounding, and the pillowed nature of the top cushion means it can easily be used as a footrest or a chair.

While it lacked any internal storage, it was absolutely too beautiful for me to care.


  • Pillow-top design for ultimate comfort
  • Easy assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 31.8” D: 20” H: 18.8”

9. HomePop K7769-B253

First Impressions

This piece was a little young for my living room, but I thought it might serve as the perfect addition to my daughter’s bedroom décor. Available in bright pink and subtle gray, there was plenty of opportunities for it to fit in with her style. It was also durable enough to serve as a seat for her friends with a load capacity of 150lbs.


  • Sturdy design makes for the perfect seat
  • 150lb Load Capacity
  • Overall dimensions: W: 17” D: 17” H: 17”

10. Divano Roma Furniture OT05-VV

First Impressions

This piece captured all the elegance I was looking for in my living room piece, and it came with caster wheels as a bonus. Ideally suited to those who like Victorian elegance this chair has a richly cushioned tufted-top design that will make it a popular place to sit in your home. It does take a little effort to put together but it’s relatively simple to finish.


  • Caster Wheels
  • Tufted Top Design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30” D: 30” H: 18”

11. Sorbus STRG-OTMSU-TL

First Impressions

This velvet ottoman obviously isn’t the height of opulence, and wouldn’t have a place in my living room, but it was something I was considering for my young son’s room. It was soft and fuzzy and came with plenty of interior space for storage, something that would be important as his toy collection grew.

Even better, it was entirely possible to fold it up and stash it away in the event that we should move. This capability didn’t reduce its durability once assembled, however, and it was still strong enough to be used as a seat or footrest.


  • Foldable design for easy transport
  • Internal Storage Space
  • Overall dimensions: W: 15” D: 15” H: 15”

12. Christopher Knight Home 298421

First Impressions

This piece caught my attention and made me seriously consider purchasing it. The color is beautiful, though slightly out of what I wanted for my living room. It made up for it by being large enough to serve as both a footrest and coffee table, which appealed to me.

The wooden supports were sturdy, allowing it to serve yet another function as a couch that could accommodate one or two people. The birch frame ensured that it was sturdy enough for any use. It was a strong contender with my only complaint being the limited choice of colors and lack of internal storage space.


  • Birch frame for sturdy construction
  • All-over tufted design
  • Overall dimensions: W: ” D: 15” H: 15”

13. Casa Andrea Milano OT08

First Impressions

This was the next one I found, and it quickly earned a place in my living room in that stunning royal purple. It was beautiful, sturdy, and large enough to function as a couch, footrest, and coffee table without concern.

The all-over tufted design was really appealing in this case, and the fact that it required almost no assembly when delivered was a life-saver. It now holds a place of pride in my living room next to my chaise lounge.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Minimal Assembly
  • All-over tufted design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 42” D: 22” H: 17”

14. Inspired Home Grey Velvet Ottoman

First Impressions

The soft gray velvet of this piece would serve as a perfect compliment to the rich jewel-tones I was outfitting my living room with, and I loved the rounded design.

It struck me as a great way to compliment my existing furniture pieces while providing great footstools, additional seating, and being easy to move out of the way when additional space was needed.


  • All-over tufting
  • Versatile use
  • Overall dimensions: W: 20.5” D: 20.5” H: 17”

15. Jennifer Taylor Home 2345-959

First Impressions

This ottoman quickly found its way into my living room, erasing all thought of the gray pieces listed just above. The fringe was classy and evocative of a more elegant time, the top only tufting fit my preferences, and the soft gold coloration was the perfect accent to the jewel-tones I was already using.

The red gold pattern was also very tempting, though I opted to go for the simpler design. The fabric used in this piece is remarkably resilient, being made of high-quality natural fibers that are treated with flame-retardant foam. The cushioning material used in this piece is supportive and firm, making it a comfortable seat as well.


  • Fringe
  • Flame-retardant treatment
  • Durable construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 24” D: 24” H: 16”


These fifteen pieces are a prime example of what you can find in velvet ottoman’s when you go looking. The variety presented is only the tip of the iceberg, and I could easily have kept looking and found countless other styles on the market. In the end, I picked up two of the Jennifer Taylor Home ottoman, the Casa Andrea Milano in purple for my living room, as well as the pieces for my son and daughter. I’ve been satisfied with all of them, and have considered picking up another Casa Andrea Milano in red for my bedroom.

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