Looking for a Storage Ottoman With Tray for Your Apartment?

In 1299 there was an event that occurred that would change the way the world decorated its houses and living rooms for centuries to follow. The event would be the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, which would continue to exist in some form until 1922.

While that year spelled the end of the empire itself, the furniture that it inspired would continue to make itself known in homes and businesses till the modern-day. This piece of furniture, you’ll be unsurprised to learn, is known as the ottoman.

Throughout the history of this household item, it would take on many different forms, and wind up significantly changed from its initial design which would often dominate three-quarters of the walls in a room.

Today ottomans are usually found in the form of footstools and, less frequently, large benches that can double as armless, backless couches.

Another feature that came to be associated with many models was interior storage, and I happened to find myself in a situation where I was in need of a versatile piece of furniture that included space to put things.

Below is the culled down list of ottomans I explored while looking for the right addition to my home décor.

If you’re looking for a storage ottoman then I hope this will serve as a good place to start.

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List & Comparison of Storage Ottomans With Trays:

Simpli Home INT-AXCAVA-OTTBNCH-02Simpli Home INT-AXCAVA-OTTBNCH-0242x17x17in
Faux Leather, Solid and Engineered WoodsView on Amazon
B FSOBEIIALEO 40.5Grey-1B FSOBEIIALEO 40.5Grey-116x15.7x15in
Linen, FiberboardView on Amazon
Hodedah HI 1185Hodedah HI 118516.5x31.8x16.7in
PVC Faux Leather, WoodView on Amazon
Fresh Home Elements 250089-026Fresh Home Elements 250089-02630x15x18in
Faux Linen, MDFView on Amazon
Convenience Concepts 143523BEConvenience Concepts 143523BE23x15.8x15.8in
Faux LeatherView on Amazon
Convenience Concepts 163020EConvenience Concepts 163020E19.5x34.8x17.8in
Faux Leather, Bent WoodView on Amazon
Convenience Concepts 143033Convenience Concepts 14303334.5x34.5x19.5in
PVC Fabric, Solid Wood Frame, MDFView on Amazon


How To Pick A Storage Ottoman With Tray

One of the first things you’ll have to consider in your search for an ottoman with internal storage is what size of ottoman you’re going for. Ottomans come in a dazzling array of styles and sizes, so knowing what your space can accommodate is going to be necessary.

Speaking of styles, you should probably have some concept of the color you want, as it will help narrow down your selection further.

Of course, regardless of the color, you’re going to be presented with numerous materials and styles of upholstery. Channeled upholstery has nicely stitched lines, while tufted upholstery includes buttons that provide a familiar sectioned surface.

Some forms of ottoman actually collapse down for convenient storage, though you won’t often see one of those with a lid that turns into a tray. The important thing is to keep a list of things you like as you explore the options out there, and slowly winnow it down until you have a small selection to make a final decision from.

That’s what I did to arrive at the five on the list you see above.

Review of the Best Storage Ottomans with Trays:

1. Simpli Home INT-AXCAVA-OTTBNCH-02

This modern style ottoman comes in multiple colors, including the tanner’s brown featured here. It is constructed out of easy to clean faux leather and sturdy hardwood that makes it capable of serving multiple functions.

Copious internal storage combines with a triple-cushion seating surface that flips over to turn into three convenient serving trays. This piece arrives with the legs detached, making assembly simple and straightforward. Interior storage is perfect for blankets, pillows, board games, and more.

First Impressions

This one comes first on my list because its design completely blew me away by meeting all of my personal needs. I was personally taken by the vast interior storage space it provides as well as the versatility of having three individual cushions that flipped over to reveal serving trays.

As each one is completely separate from the others, the ottoman is capable of being set up multiple configurations. The sturdy material that was used in its construction ensures that it is suitable for sitting, use as a footrest, or as a coffee table. I was almost certain this piece would be included in my new living room.


  • Interior storage
  • Three flip-over cushions that become trays
  • Sturdy construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 42” D: 17” H: 17”

2. B FSOBEIIALEO 40.5Grey-1

This convenient foldable ottoman is built from a resilient material that gives it an impressive load capacity of 350lbs. This piece can be folded and put away into a compact space when not in use or can open up into a convenient stool or footrest with ample interior storage.

The lid flips over to provide a tray, ensuring that it will be useful in almost any situation. It is upholstered in durable gray linen that will protect it and keep it looking great for years to come.

First Impressions

This was definitely a take away from the first one, but one of the things I absolutely loved about it was that it was compact enough to break down and be stored inside the Simpli Home model. This essentially turned the big ottoman into a source of sitting space and storage whenever I needed it by unpacking these pieces.

Once unpacked, they proved to be a stable and comfortable sitting surface, and resilient enough to be used time and time again after being stored and brought back out.


  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Internal storage
  • Seat flips over to become serving tray
  • Overall dimensions: W: 16” D: 15.7”H: 15”

3. Hodedah HI 1185

Faux leather ottoman with two removable seats that flip-over to become serving trays. Internal storage is suitable for clothes, books, or other small items. The upholstery material is easily cleaned and resilient. Can easily be used as an end table, a table-top, bench, or footrest.

This item comes in three colors, including brown, red, and black. This item has a sturdy wooden frame that ensures it will endure strenuous use.

First Impressions

This one caught my eye as I was looking for a second ottoman for my living room, and it just so happened that I needed a slightly smaller version than the first one. This one perfectly suited the bill while being similar in almost every other way.

The reversible trays were again a welcome boon, and the ample interior storage space meant that it would accommodate our needs in that department. It was especially useful during our gathering for gaming, where the trays prevented even the most exuberant of gamers from creating a mess with spilled food or soda. A welcome addition to my living room.


  • Two flip-over trays
  • Faux leather exterior for ease of cleaning
  • Sturdy wood frame construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 16.5” D: 31.8” H: 16.7”

4. Fresh Home Elements 250089-026

This ottoman captures the modern style with its simple lines and boxy design, complete with the small legs that are used to provide support and protect the surface its placed on. External upholstery is made of durable faux linen, while the lid lifts off to reveal ample interior storage space.

The reversible seat can be flipped over to provide a wide tray perfect for family dinners in front of the TV or gatherings where additional seating and tables are needed. Durable construction provides a 200lb load capacity that ensures it will survive even the most rigorous families.

First Impressions

This piece was something of a takeaway from the others, but I had considered getting two different types of ottoman for the living room (Rather than two similar styles as I settled on). In this case, I was drawn to the broad flat tray surface that would make it great for board games, serving food, or even creative pursuits.

The faux-linen is lovely and impossible to tell from the real thing while being just as durable as advertised. This piece may not have kept a place of honor in my home, but it made a good showing.


  • Flip-over lid becomes serving tray
  • Faux-linen upholstery for durability and ease of cleaning
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30” D: 15” H: 18”

5. Convenience Concepts 143523BE

This ottoman is an excellent example of modern design and was conceived with both versatility and beauty in mind. The exterior is upholstered in PVC Faux Leather, making it easy to clean and capable of putting up with a good degree of punishment.

The interior of this piece provides ample storage for toys, controllers, blankets, pillows, and anything else the owner imagines. The lid is a double-sided piece that can be flipped over to become a recessed serving tray with handles. Beautiful, durable, and affordable.

First Impressions

While I wasn’t particularly interested in this piece, my son was looking over my shoulder as I was looking at ottomans and took a particular interest in this piece.

He was excited at the idea of having a place to store all of his stray pencils and sketchbooks that so often litter his floor and counter space, as well as having a place his friends could sit when they came over. I was hard-pressed to come up with a reason that he shouldn’t have it, especially since it would mean a more organized bedroom.

I ended up getting one in yellow for his sister as well.


  • Stain resistant Faux-leather PVC Upholstery
  • Flip-over lid turns into tray
  • Interior storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 23” D: 15.8” H: 15.8”

6. Convenience Concepts 163020E

Unique modern design elements are included in this ottoman, including a pair of wood covers on the cushions that flip over to become trays. Upholstered in fine faux leather this piece incorporates standard ottoman design elements including a tufted seat and seam detail stitching.

The feet of this piece is made of solid wood and stained to accent the dark espresso coloration of the upholstery. The lid swings back to provide ample storage space within, while the wood covers slip conveniently over the top or can be reversed to serve as open-sided trays.

First Impressions

While I didn’t end up going with this piece, I have to admit I was intrigued by the unusual nature of its design. I had never seen an ottoman where wood covers came standard as a covering for the upholstered cushions of the top.

This actually added yet another layer of versatility to the design by allowing me to create a stable flat surface on top of the ottoman, to have two mobile serving trays, or a comfortable cushioned top to rest my feet on. It very nearly found a place in my home, but the raised edges of the other trays won out in the end.


  • Unique reversible tray/table/cushion design
  • Ample interior storage space
  • Safety hinges to provide convenient access
  • Overall dimensions: W: 19.5” D: 34.8” H: 17.8”

7. Convenience Concepts 143033

The innovative ottoman design includes four reversible trays in a square configuration that can be independently flipped to either cushion or tray setting. Comfortable fabric handles pair with wooden handles to allow versatility in moving this piece.

Four separate internal storage areas provide options for games, cushions, controllers, blankets, and more. Seats are cushioned using a foam padding accented with stitched details for a spectacular look. Wooden legs complete the piece by providing a dark accent for the lighter colored PVC.

First Impressions

I was really excited about this piece until I discovered that the interior space was compartmentalized. While this could have been a useful feature, I preferred the open interior space of the first two models on this list.

That being said I was impressed with the versatility of the trays and the piece overall and could think of numerous uses it could be turned to if a superior (for my needs) option hadn’t presented itself. It was still hard to pass it by given its unique, versatile, and attractive design.


  • Four cushion top, each reversible to a tray
  • Compartmentalized interior storage
  • PVC upholstery provides easy to clean stain-resistant surface
  • Overall dimensions: W: 34.5” D: 34.5” H: 19.5”


Out of these ottoman, I ended up going for the two rectangular designs with the multiple reversible cushions, but there were a number of directions I could’ve taken. Each of them offered a unique take on the ‘storage ottoman’ motif, and I would have been proud to have any of them in my home.

As you can see, storage ottomans come in a vast variety of styles, colors, and designs, and there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. I’m happy with the choice I made, and my son and daughter have actually kept their rooms cleaner thanks to these convenient storage spaces.

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