What Square Storage Ottoman is the Best?

Something is enduring about the functional simplicity of the ottoman. A common piece of furniture since the rise of the Ottoman Empire and especially popular during the Victorian era, it’s appeared in multiple forms, sizes, and colors.

One of the most popular innovations that have occurred over the extensive lifespan of the ottoman is that of internal storage.

The idea of having a comfortable and functional piece of furniture that also added additional storage space to the home appealed strongly to those who use them. When combined with a square design, it enhances the use of both the furniture and space inside it.

I know that when I went looking for a storage ottoman for my craft room, that square would be the most convenient shape for making the maximum use of my space.

On my journey for the perfect storage ottoman, I put together a list of those I thought would best fit my space and put them together here for others looking for the same.

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List & Comparison of Square Storage Ottomans:

Seville Classics WEB291Seville Classics WEB29115.7x15.7x15.7in
Non-woven PolyesterView on Amazon
Best Selling 220520Best Selling 22052031x31x18.5in
Bonded Leather, WoodView on Amazon
Best Selling 376632AZBest Selling 376632AZ31x31x15.2inBonded LeatherView on Amazon
Best Selling 076632AZBest Selling 076632AZ24x24x17.8
Faux LeatherView on Amazon
Simpli Home 3AXC-OTT235Simpli Home 3AXC-OTT23536x36x20inPU Leather, WoodView on Amazon


How To Pick A Square Storage Ottoman

When I first started looking for an ottoman for my craft space I knew that I wanted a square one so that at least got the shape I was looking for out of the way, or so I thought.

Square is definitely an easy enough shape to center on, but the pieces you’ll find will come in all sizes, heights, and designs.

I knew that the ottoman I was looking for would have storage, be reasonably attractive, and be made of a material that would be durable and comfortable in equal measure.

A tall order, I know. Those are some of the other considerations you’ll have to make when you’re looking for your own square storage ottoman.

They can come in an immense range of colors, and the materials you’ll encounter will include Polyurethane Leather, linen, cotton, vinyl, and countless others. Be sure to consider the space that you’ll be putting your ottoman in and what kind of stresses it will face.

Put together everything you can think of into a list and have it ready when you go shopping, and be prepared to alter that list as you find new features you didn’t know of and eliminate other factors from it.

In the end, this process will lead you to find the perfect ottoman, and the list I’ve provided above will be a great place to start.

Review of the Best Square Storage Ottomans:

1. Seville Classics WEB291

This ottoman combines functionality and convenience in its sturdy and foldable design. The upholstery material is durable and easy to clean and is available in a variety of materials and colors.

Rated to support up to 400lbs when fully assembled, it is strong enough to be used as a seat, a footstool, and even as a step stool when necessary.

It provides ample interior storage when assembled for magazines, linens, toys, etc. This piece would go well in a living room, a child’s play space, office, or just about anywhere you need convenient and durable storage space.

First Impressions

One of the things that drew my eye to this ottoman was the sheer convenience of the piece. It was capable of being folded down and put away when I needed to clear space in my craft shop.

It also was able to function as a seat, a step stool, and a place to store crafting supplies for a myriad of projects.

The 400lb load capacity of the piece was really impressive to me, especially for a unit that was capable of being collapsed. Finally, the gray color would survive the kind of stains it might receive from craft projects gone wrong. All of that plus storage too, I was pretty impressed.


  • 400lb Load Capacity
  • Foldable design for easy portability
  • Ample interior storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 15.7” D: 15.7” H: 15.7”

2. Best Selling 220520

This mid-century ottoman is designed with utility, comfort, and functionality in mind. Tufted upholstery is made of bonded leather that is resistant to stains and is easy to clean up, requiring nothing more than a gentle spray cleaner and cloth to erase most messes.

The frame of this ottoman is made of sturdy wood, making it durable and capable of being turned to multiple uses without sacrificing comfort. The interior storage space provides an additional degree of functionality that will make it useful for multiple applications.

First Impressions

This piece was a little larger than I was originally considering, but it had a number of features that I was looking for. It was durable and easy to clean thanks to the bonded leather exterior, and it had ample interior space thanks to its generous dimensions.

The additional height gave it an edge above Seville Classic model as I intended on using it for at least occasional seating. It does require a small amount of assembly, which pretty much amounts to putting the feet on it.

I also appreciated the fact that the lid had a pneumatic hinge on it so I would be able to be hands-free while accessing the contents.


  • Interior storage
  • Bonded leather design for Ease of cleaning
  • Sturdy design ensures durability
  • Pneumatic hinge makes accessing contents easy
  • Overall dimensions: W: 31” D: 31”H: 18.5”

3. Best Selling 376632AZ

The design of this ottoman provides an expansive interior storage space while also being low enough to serve as a footrest or coffee table in some living rooms. An even split between padded cushion top and storage interior ensures it is equally suitable for both purposes.

The pneumatic hinge ensures that it can be accessed conveniently and safely by children and adults. Caster wheels provide ease of mobility, allowing it to be conveniently transported to any desired location.

The combination of features ensures a versatility that will make it a great choice for any buyer.

First Impressions

I really liked this piece, especially given the width and breadth of its dimensions. Its reduced height was mostly due to it lacking traditional legs, these being discarded in favor of caster wheels for added mobility.

I did like the fact that it had such a plush cushion for the top, which would make it comfortable for sitting on while working on projects.

The low height of the piece was something of a turn-off but only for my specific needs. The bonded leather upholstery was a plus though, as it provided a surface that was resistant to staining and easy to clean.


  • Interior storage space
  • Caster wheels for ease of movement
  • Extra-plush top seat
  • Bonded Leather for ease of cleaning
  • Overall dimensions: W: 31” D: 31” H: 15.2”

4. Best Selling 076632AZ

This sturdy ottoman contains multiple features for additional functionality and includes a comfortable padded top. The neutral brown color of the upholstery ensures it can be used in any space with nearly any décor.

The lid lifts off to reveal interior storage space, and can also be reversed to provide a serving tray with non-spill lip and handles for moving the tray about quickly. Made of a stain-resistant material that is easy to clean, and requires no assembly.

First Impressions

As I read over the features that this unassuming ottoman came with I became increasingly impressed by its versatility.

My first glance at the image made me think it was a small space, but further, inspection revealed that the lid provided a two-foot by two-foot serving surface, and the interior storage was ample as well.

The craftsman in me was impressed by the innovation that was evident in the design of this piece, and I immediately started thinking of ways I could make use of it in my craft room.

The material it was upholstered in was a strong selling point as bonded leather is remarkably easy to clean and resistant to staining. These were vital concerns in a crafting area.


  • Bonded leather material
  • Reversible lid for serving tray
  • Interior storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 24” D: 24” H: 17.8”

5. Simpli Home 3AXC-OTT235

The unusual split-top design of this ottoman makes for an interesting conversation piece, especially given its traditional tufted upholstery. The interior storage space is the focus of the ottoman, with the surface being lightly padded.

The mid-century design ensures perfect functionality as a seat, footstool, or coffee table.

The lids are both supported by child-safety lids to prevent accidents and aid access. The ottoman is upholstered in PU leather and framed in solid wood to provide durability. This piece arrives partially assembled and must be completed by the recipient.

First Impressions

The split-top immediately caught my attention; I’m always looking for a new and exciting design in traditional furniture. The sheer size of the piece was also attractive as it would provide ample storage space as well as being easily turned to other applications.

The PU Leather material meant that it would be easy to clean, but also difficult to repair if it became damaged. It did lack ample padding on the top, but that wasn’t a focus of my need for the craft room, so it didn’t detract from its utility at all.

There was also sufficient room in my space for the broad design.

In many ways, it was exactly what I was looking for.


  • Split-Top Designs
  • Child-safety hinge on lid
  • Ample interior storage
  • Sturdy Wood Design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 36” D: 36” H: 20”


As you can see, I had quite a challenge ahead of me trying to select from these incredible pieces. Ultimately the shorter pieces were ruled out simply because I wanted a greater range of functions.

While many of them could theoretically find use as a seat, I wanted one that high enough to be comfortable while working at a crafting bench.

The bonded leather materials really got bumped up the list, and in spite of it being both the tallest and overall largest of the pieces, I had to rule out the Simpli Home bench. It was beautiful and versatile, but PU Leather just wouldn’t put up with the abuse it would experience in my crafting space.

In the end, I opted to go with the Wellington model, that reversible top was just too good to ignore. It was also the second tallest piece on my list, making it the best suited for use as additional seating.

This list is the result of my specific search driven by my needs for my space, but it can serve as a good launching point for anyone trying to select a new storage ottoman. Remember that these represent only a small fraction of everything that’s available out there.

The endless variety can be challenging, but it also makes your journey particularly rewarding when you finally find the right piece. Good luck on your search for the perfect storage ottoman!

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