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Homes and apartments alike are getting smaller every year, and with more and more people sharing space with roommates to meet the rising cost of living there often isn’t room for a full-sized desk.

When my daughter was on her way to college helped her find living space near the college that wasn’t on campus. The people were great, the location convenient and in a good neighborhood, but the room was a postage stamp.

I knew that she was going to need a desk to be able to comfortably work without distraction, but there was barely any room left after her bed was set up. I immediately set out to find her a solution that would give her space to work, and fit in her new accommodations.

On that journey, these five desks survived the cull of ones that just didn’t fit the bill, all that was left was to choose among them.


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List & Comparison Of Small Computer Desks:

Furinno Compact Computer DeskFurinno 11181BK/GY39.6x15.6x33.6inСarb compliant composite wood, PVCView on Amazon
Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming DeskAtlantic Original Gaming Desk40.1x23.5x29.5inCarbon fiber laminated topView on Amazon
Mainstay Corner Computer Desk WorkstationMainstay 9115025WP59.50x29.56x49.69inComposite woodView on Amazon
OneSpace Stanton Computer DeskOneSpace Computer Desk27.5x19.6x29.5inMDF, steel, PVCView on Amazon
Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Computer DeskSeville Classics WEB16223.75x15.7x(h)20.5-33in(adjustable)Wood, steelView on Amazon

A couple of them were included for their innovative nature and incredible design, in spite of their being far more compact than even her limited space required.

Best Small Computer Desks Review:

1. Furinno Compact Computer Desk

The minimalist design provides ample space for laptop usage with convenient side storage. The composite wood used in its construction provides a sturdy low-cost material that will stand up to typical use.

Combined with the plastic tubing that supports the side storage it creates an affordable and versatile space-conscious work surface. The rounded edges add to its stylish and space-saving design.

First Impressions

This is the ultimate in minimalist design and brings nothing more to the table than what is absolutely necessary for use as a computer platform. This design is compact enough it won’t be able to accommodate a traditional setup unless you intend to hold the keyboard on your lap.

It’s perfect for those looking for a place to set up their laptop, however.

It even has a few side shelves for storing incidentals like speakers and the like. This desk is perfect for those with extremely limited space for their computing needs. The rounded edges on the design are a nice touch since it limits the possibility of a painful encounter when squeezing past it.

This desk made its way onto my final five in spite of being too small for even my daughter’s compact space thanks to the elegance of its design.


  • Compact space-conscious design
  • The l-shaped design provides ample working space
  • Minimalist Design
  • Easy assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 58” D: 29” H: 44”

2. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk

This space-conscious desk comes with a variety of features that helps enhance its utility while still respecting the need for minimal use of square footage. The monitor platform helps save neck strain while adding additional surface space and is just one of the features offered by this desk.

A phone charging cradle, under-desk storage cage, drink holder, and headset and speaker mounts make this the perfect space-saving solution.

First Impressions

When I took my first look at this desk I have to admit that I was amused more than impressed with all the extra bits it came with. When considering a space for my gamer geek academic daughter I suddenly had a new appreciation for the innovative nature of this desk.

The storage cage under the desk is a handy addition, but what really knocks it out of the park is the various holders for peripherals.

There’s even a drink holder that can be moved to a position that suits you by hanging it off the cage style legs. It was a strong contender for addressing my daughters needs and came with a lot of additional features.


  • Underdesk storage bin
  • Phone charging cradle
  • Cup Holder
  • Speaker and Headphone Mounts
  • Overall dimensions: W: 40” D: 24”H: 30”

3. Mainstay Corner Computer Desk Workstation

The beautiful wood design provides an elegant and compact workspace without sacrificing appearance. Multiple over and under shelves optimizes storage space while corner nook provides sufficient room for both monitor and keyboard arrangement.

Additional storage available under a central desk, as well as providing for discreet cable management.

Top shelf perfect for lighting, display, and storage options. Ergonomic design provides full access to all areas of the desk without unnecessary twisting and bending.

First Impressions

My first impression of this desk was to be blown away by the combination of aesthetics and utility it held. There was a substantial amount of storage space available on this desk, and the way it was designed meant it could easily fit into the corner of the room by my daughters’ bed.

I was momentarily concerned by the lack of additional surface space for writing papers.

Once she assured me that her classes had moved to an almost entirely digital format it was clear this was close to the perfect solution for her needs. So many compact desks sacrifice appearance for utility, and it was a relief to find one that didn’t.

All of these factors ensured it made it directly onto my final five lists.


  • Underdesk Storage Area
  • Raised shelving for easy storage on desktop
  • Compact design for limited space
  • Quick Assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 31” D: 18” H: 35”

4. OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk

This desk features an extremely light and compact design that maximizes space without sacrificing durability or quality. Multiple color choices are available to ensure it can meet the aesthetic of your workspace.

The keyboard tray includes room for a mouse pad and features a safety lock to ensure it isn’t overextended.

The shelf underneath the main deck is perfect for a peripheral like the printer, the CPU Tower, or for use as additional storage.

First Impressions

My first thought when I saw this desk was “This is minimalism taken to an extreme.” After looking closely at it I had to admit that it was a work of genius when all was said and done.

It is absolutely nothing more than it needs to be and is one of the most compact designs I could imagine for a computer desk.

The keyboard tray is scarcely wider than most standard keyboards, and the depth of the desk ensures it can hold most CPU towers. Ultimately this desk was more minimalist than my daughter’s workspace required, but I remained impressed with its utilitarian design.

For its size and design, it’s not an unattractive desk either.

While being less than my daughter could technically take advantage of, I still included it on the final five lists.


  • Ample surface space
  • Convenient Shelves For Storing Binders Or Books
  • Built-in grommets for cable management
  • Combines the compact design with ample storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 51” D: 53” H: 28”

5. Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Computer Desk

This ultra-minimalist design is perfect for laptop users, utilizing adjustable central support to enable it to meet any height requirement. Rollers make it convenient for use anywhere, allowing it to be easily transported from location to location.

Those in wheelchairs would appreciate the forward-leaning slant of the main support along with its portability.

First Impressions

Just when I thought a computer desk couldn’t possibly get more minimalist I found this design. Only appropriate for laptops I realized there was a significant number of people who could benefit from such a compact design. When I showed it to my daughter she was really excited to see it.

This minimalist desk meant that she could join her friends in the living room of their shared space and continue to use her laptop for group projects and gaming sessions.

It also became apparent to me that it was a great design for those who were confined to a wheelchair or wanted to use their laptop in non-committed spaces.

We ended up getting two, one for my daughter and one so I could relax on our porch with it. Even if your space is large enough to accommodate a bigger desk, I recommend any laptop used to get one of these for their utter convenience.


  • Adjustable Main Support
  • Light and Easy To Move with rollers
  • Minimalist Features
  • Compact Design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30” D: 29” H: 20”

Small Computer Desks FAQ

What small computer desk is best for?

As mentioned above, a small computer desk is best for those who are struggling with limited space but have need of a computer desk. They’re perfect for students, children living at home with small rooms, or those living in compact apartments or homes that provide little space for a full-sized computer desk.

For those with more spacious accommodations, they can also serve as perfect secondary desks for living areas when a primary computer room exists. For those working from home, it can be beneficial to have multiple workspaces throughout the home to provide fresh perspectives.

Here’s How To Pick A Small Computer Desk

The first step in deciding on a small computer desk is creating a list of elements you’re going to need in your new workspace. Do you need room for a laptop or are you using a traditional tower setup? Will you need space for peripherals like speakers, printers, mouse pads and the like?

What are the dimensions and layout of the space you’re trying to put the desk in?

Without knowing these details you won’t be ready to set out on your search for a new desk to accommodate your needs. Some desks even have cup holders, phone platforms, and places to hang your headset or place your game controller if you use one.

Be sure to keep that list growing as you search, you may find additional features you want that you didn’t know existed.


Also, here’s a honorable mention of my previous reviews:

My shopping excursion for a small computer desk resulted in more than I had anticipated, that’s for sure. My daughter ended up settling on the adjustable laptop desk from Seville Classic, which I also picked up for my personal use.

For her workspace in the apartment, she selected the Mainstay Hutch desk and has regularly raved about how useful and appropriate for her space it has proven to be.

Compact workspaces don’t have to be unattractive or grossly utilitarian, more and more you can find attractive desks and solutions for spaces like these. If you’re trying to find the best way to accommodate a small workspace by finding a compact desk, any of these five will serve you well.

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