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Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill
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Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill
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A treadmill is a common type of home exercise equipment. It provides an easy and effective aerobic exercise. Treadmills belong to cardio simulators, that is, machines designed to train the cardiovascular system.

These simulators have become very popular in recent decades due to the rapid development of heart diseases and poor blood vessels.

What is vital, this simulator is a good option for novices, because walking is the easiest exercise for most people, regardless of fitness level.

As endurance develops, the treadmill can be used for interval training, jogging, and other aerobic exercises.

The standard treadmills are rather big. And it is not always easy to find a place for it. Even a folding model may not be so good as you will have to unfold it several times a week.

In this case, it is worth considering a version of the model without a railing. The advantage of treadmills without handrails is their mobility and compactness.

You can safely buy a slim tread treadmill for home use if you:

  • Want to lose weight without leaving home
  • Do not have the time or opportunity to visit the gym
  • The whole family will be engaged

Types of Slim Tread Treadmills

It is a deck with a running belt and all the necessary structural elements for its movement. The monitor is located at the bottom of the simulator. There are several types of slim treadmills:

Manual treadmills. This is the easiest and cheapest option. The rotation of the belt is initiated by the movements of the user’s legs. But there are a number of drawbacks. The absence of amortization creates an additional load on the joints. Such a treadmill does not have many features. And the load adjustment is rather rough.

Magnetic treadmills. Magnetic treadmills do not require recharging. However, they also do not have amortization. So people with joint problems should look for another option.

Electric treadmills. This is a smarter version of the treadmill. Here, the load is regulated by the motor, which is controlled by a microcomputer. You can manually adjust the speed and angle of the deck and even set your training program. It is the best option for athletes, beginners, and rehabilitation people who need walking to recover.

Magnetic or electric models are the best for home use as they are safer for the joints. If you choose an electric device, pay attention to the indicators of constant engine power. If you train 2-3 times a week, you can buy a cheaper device. If training is intense, it makes sense to purchase a semi-professional powerful model.

What is so Good About Electric Slim Treadmill?

The principle of electric slim treadmills is clear enough. The movement of the belt is initiated by an electric motor and can be set at the desired pace. The belt moves independently of you and at different speeds. It motivates you to keep up and actually results in burning more calories and losing weight.

You can easily adjust the speed and inclination on the modern slim treadmills during the workout without stepping off to the floor. This way you keep the regular load on your joints.

The brain center of the treadmill is the control panel through which you create your workout, control and adjust all parameters. You can choose a program depending on your goals: endurance, rehabilitation, weight loss and more.

Moreover, various sensors can be integrated, such as pulse measurements and others.

Such simulators have high efficiency, even inexpensive options. The treadmill makes your workout more fun, and perhaps even more enjoyable, as you can keep track of your progress.

It means that you will probably be interested in using the treadmill more often, which will result in burning more calories and achieving a better body shape. Let’s highlight the advantages of slim tread treadmills.

Pros of Slim Tread Treadmills

  • High reliability and ease of use
  • Smooth running, even load distribution
  • High efficiency
  • Suitable for longer workouts
  • Amortization
  • Space-saving construction

Main Features of Modern Slim Tread Treadmills

Programming. You can create your own training algorithm which will allow achieving results faster. Heart rate programs are very effective in combating fat burning and increasing stamina.

After you enter all the necessary parameters of age and weight, the machine itself will adjust the pace of its work and the intensity of the workout. Preset programs allow you to change the angle and speed of the running belt according to the specification.

Amortization and noise level. The shock amortization system protects your joints from shock, which not only reduces the risk of injury but also increases endurance. The noiseless performance will enable you to combine exercising with TV watching or music listening.

Data display. This feature will help you monitor the progress and important parameter of the workout. They are distance, speeds, pulse rate and intensity of the load.

Incline ability. Deck adjusting is a key feature for the efficiency of the training.

Power. Choosing electric slim treadmill, you can choose motor characteristics to your personal needs.

Compactness is another significant feature for small apartments. You can easily store slim treadmills under the bed or desk, or in a vertical position.

How to Choose a Right Simulator?

If you have doubts on what treadmill to purchase, read reviews on the different options. It is always important to focus on your own needs, capabilities, and level of physical activity. You should consider the dimensions of the simulator.

It will be difficult to place bulky equipment in a small apartment, it is better to prefer folding and compact versions. The design should be lightweight and portable. The equipment should withstand heavy loads if there are people of different weights in the family.

Incline feature is another important feature for versatile workouts. The embedded minicomputer will simplify the training. It will also monitor important data like heartbeat rate. And of course, you need to focus on the price.

If you are just a beginner, start with an affordable model. Armed with these tips, you will be able to choose the best simulator. It will be a decent purchase, which will bring maximum benefit.

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