Rounded Tufted Ottomans Here: Comparison & Personal Piece of Advice!

Ottoman’s are a common sight in many types of home décor thanks to their convenient design and elegant style. Ottoman’s started as a form of the couch that would often have a head but no back built-in, though in many cases they lack both. Overstuffing is a hallmark of the design, with all of the structural wood being concealed by upholstery and stuffing.

3 Chic Ways to Use an Ottoman

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List & Comparison of Round Tufted Ottomans:

Belleze Tufted Beige Linen Round Accent OttomanBelleze Tufted Linen Round Ottoman33.5x33.5x17.8in
LinenView on Amazon
Convenience Concepts 163060FGYConvenience Concepts 163060FGY19.8x19.8x17in
Faux Linen, Wooden FeetView on Amazon
HomePop K6171-B122HomePop K6171-B12219x19x18in
Velvet Fabric, Wooden LegsView on Amazon
Safavieh MCR4601ASafavieh MCR4601A27.2x27.2x18.3in
Linen, BirchwoodView on Amazon
Dorel Living DL6993-CHDorel Living DL6993-CH36x36x18.2in
Linen-look Fabric, Solid WoodView on Amazon
Modway EEI-2225-TEAModway EEI-2225-TEA40x40x16.5in
Fine Polyester, PlasticView on Amazon
Baxton Studio 501-Gray-OTTOBaxton Studio 501-Gray-OTTO41x41x15.75in
Linen, Polyurethane, Eucalyptus WoodView on Amazon
Design 59 inc Tufted Round OttomanDesign 59 inc Tufted Round Ottoman30x30x17.50in
Oatmeal Linen, Burlap, Red OakView on Amazon
Convenience Concepts 163060WConvenience Concepts 163060W19.8x19.8x17in
Faux Leather, Plush Fabric LiningView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 304981Christopher Knight Home 30498122x22x15.2in
Velvet, Polyester, PlasticView on Amazon
Great Deal Furniture Tufted Velvet Round OttomanGreat Deal Furniture Tufted Round Ottoman29.5x29.5x17.5in
Velvet, Polyester, BirchView on Amazon
Design 59 inc Tufted Coffee Table OttomanDesign 59 inc Tufted Coffee Table Ottoman30x30x17.5in
Vinyl, Vegan Leather, Oak Frames, MapleView on Amazon
Baxton Studio 532-Beige-OTTOBaxton Studio 532-Beige-OTTO37.4x37.4x15.25in
Linen, Polyurethane, Eucalyptus WoodView on Amazon
Divano Roma Furniture OT05-VVDivano Roma Furniture OT05-VV35x35x18in
MicrofiberView on Amazon
HomePop N8264-F1077HomePop N8264-F107725x25x15in
Woven fabric, Complementary WoodView on Amazon
Belham Living 5068-ROUND-GBelham Living 5068-ROUND-G24x24x13.8in
Wood Frame, Polyester FabricView on Amazon
Safavieh MCR4601CSafavieh MCR4601C27.2x27.2x18.3in
Cotton, Birch WoodView on Amazon
Simhoo 19-SL-83101Simhoo 19-SL-8310133.5x33.5x17.7in
Linen Fabric, Foam, RubberwoodView on Amazon
Divano Roma Furniture OT02-VVDivano Roma Furniture OT02-VV23x23x15in
VelvetView on Amazon
Sunpan Modern 01006Sunpan Modern 0100619x19x17.2in
Faux Leather, MetalView on Amazon

It takes its name from its having roots in the Ottoman Empire where this piece of furniture was a central part of seating in homes. Initially, this piece was quite large, expanding around three of the four walls of a room, but in time it has reduced in size to the common footstool we know today.

I’ve long been fascinated by these elegant pieces of furniture and knew I wanted them to play a central role in both my bedroom and living space. This list represents the myriad of designs I discovered on my search and a cross-section of what you might find in your own.


How to Pick A Round Tufted Ottoman

There are a few things one needs to consider when looking for their own Ottoman, and it starts with the shape of the ottoman you’re looking for. While the list below only includes round ottomans, there’s still an impressive amount of variation both in shape and size.

Ottoman’s can be tall or short; they can rest on legs or sit on the floor, they can be round, or hexagonal, or rectangular, even cylindrical. All of these designs have the possibility of including an interior storage space as well, so there are lots to think about.

This doesn’t even begin to cover the colors, fabrics, woods, and metals you can find included in their design. Picking an Ottoman for your space requires you to be aware of which of these features you want to be included in your furniture, so start by creating a list.

As you research Ottomans further, you’ll want to add new discoveries to the list and mark out features you feel you can do without. Through this process, you’ll end with a piece you can love and appreciate.

Review of the Best Round Tufted Ottomans:

1. Belleze Tufted Beige Linen Round Accent Ottoman

My Impressions
This ottoman immediately struck me as an elegant and beautiful option for my bedroom décor. It’s designed perfectly fit in with the vision I had for my bedroom and I could see it serving a myriad of uses throughout my day.

The metal button trim offset the luxurious white fabric strikingly, and the tufted nature of the surface gave it an old-world beauty I couldn’t overlook. The wood that supports the ottoman and the casters are durable and sturdy, ensuring it will have a long life.


  • Legs on casters
  • Studded trim
  • Durable enough to sit on
  • Overall dimensions: W: 33.5” D: 33.5” H: 17.8”

2. Convenience Concepts 163060FGY

My Impressions
This simple ottoman had a hidden treasure in the form of internal storage space, making me strongly consider it for my living space. My partner and I do a lot of gaming, and this ottoman struck me as a convenient space to store our controllers for both the TV and the various game systems we have.

The material is durable enough to put up with the abuse of visiting friends and children would heap on it. The color was perfect for this as well since it would hide a lot of dirt and stains.


  • Durable fabric
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Interior Storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 19.8” D: 19.8”H: 17”

3. HomePop K6171-B122

My Impressions
The beautiful plush velvet of this piece drew me to it, as well as its vibrant teal color. There was something about it that just said ‘statement piece.’ Combine that with the fact that it has a nice interior storage space and I knew it was something I was going to want and use. It’s incredibly durable as well, rated to hold 250lbs in spite of having an interior container. That alone impressed me.


  • Interior space
  • 250lb Load Capacity
  • Overall dimensions: W: 19” D: 19” H: 18”

4. Safavieh MCR4601A

My Impressions
This was another ottoman that immediately caught my attention as a potential piece for my bedroom. It comes in a variety of colors and I was once again drawn to the casters that graced the sturdy wood supports. The wood used in this is a mellow birchwood which compliments the texture of the linen fabric used in its design perfectly. The top piece is elegantly tufted for that old world look I so craved.


  • Rolling Casters
  • Sturdy Birchwood and Linen construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 27.2” D: 27.2” H: 18.3”

5. Dorel Living DL6993-CH

My Impressions
This was another piece I strongly considered for use in my living room. While it lacked the interior storage space, I found so convenient in the former piece it made up for it by being a beautiful accent piece that could serve as additional seating for game nights.

The rich wood color of the legs perfectly compliments the light gray of the material. Once again the material of this piece was found to be durable enough to put up with active use by people of all ages, and the piece itself was more than sturdy enough to support the bouncing of over-exuberant gamers in the midst of victory or defeat.


  • Tufted top, Welted Sides
  • Sturdy Legs For Long-Term Use
  • Easily cleanable material that’s dark for hiding stains
  • Overall dimensions: W: 36” D: 36” H: 18.2”

6. Modway EEI-2225-TEA

My Impressions
This piece demonstrates a beautiful example of the style and is available in a staggering number of colors. The rounded design of the ottoman is inviting for sitting or kicking your feet up on. The tufted pattern ensures that the ottoman is sturdy, while the short plastic legs underneath help to protect the floor and the ottoman from damage. The array of colors and overall design were the central elements of this design that drew me to it. I felt this piece would make an excellent addition to both my bedroom and living room thanks to the versatile nature of its design.


  • Tufted overall
  • Plastic non-marking feet
  • Overall dimensions: W: 40” D: 40” H: 16.5”

7. Baxton Studio 501-Gray-OTTO

My Impressions
I was spending a lot of time looking at ‘legless’ ottomans when I came across this one. I really appreciated the overall design and the resilient and decay resistant nature of the eucalyptus wood that formed its support. I also appreciated the overall size of the piece; a 40” ottoman provides a lot of space to relax on. This one also included the non-marking feet that made it excellent for use on linoleum and hardwood floors.


  • Eucalyptus wood frame
  • Non-marking feet
  • Button tufting
  • Overall dimensions: W: 41” D: 41” H: 15.75”

8. Design 59 inc Tufted Round Ottoman

My Impressions
I was intrigued by the use of burlap in the design of this ottoman, I’ve mentioned that I was in need of something durable for living room that could double as seating as well as a footrest. Again this piece lacked the storage space I would have preferred, but the linen and burlap construction gave it an attractive design.

Burlap is notoriously durable, and linen of appropriate thickness can be as well. The white color of the linen did concern me somewhat, but I felt it was still a good option for that space. It would also serve quite well in my bedroom for many of the same reasons, and the white would be less likely to become stained.


  • Burlap Construction
  • Diamond tufting
  • Removable Legs
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30” D: 30” H: 17.50”

9. Convenience Concepts 163060W

My Impressions
This was the first piece I looked at for my bedroom that actually had the storage space that I desired included in its design. The cover was made of faux leather, which made it durable and easy to clean, and it was available in multiple colors.

This meant this piece was suitable both for my living room and my bedroom, and the design was suitable for use as a place to sit or for propping up one’s feet. The legs come attached, so there’s no need to spend any time on assembling this piece.


  • Faux leather construction
  • Interior storage area
  • No assembly required
  • Overall dimensions: W: 19.8” D: 19.8” H: 17”

10. Christopher Knight Home 304981

My Impressions
If my intent was to turn my bedroom into a lavish palace reminiscent of that belonging to the finest Ottoman sultan, this would be a good place to start. The material of the ottoman is a rich velvet studded with brass round-headed nails that provide a stunning accent.

Really the only thing this piece is missing is interior storage, which would have been the winning touch. It also comes with non-marking plastic feet to protect the fine material of which it’s made. The plush nature of the piece makes it perfect for sitting on or for propping one’s feet up on.


  • Velvet material
  • Plastic legs
  • Brass Accents
  • Overall dimensions: W: 22” D: 22” H: 15.2”

11. Great Deal Furniture Tufted Velvet Round Ottoman

My Impressions
The short knap velvet of this piece gives it the perfect balance between comfort and being able to be easily cleaned. The comfortable height of this ottoman makes it a perfect sitting space and will also serve nicely as a place to prop up your feet.

No assembly is necessary on delivery; it’s ready to accent your living space right out of the box. This was once again a candidate for both my living room and bedroom, though its lack of storage made it a more likely candidate for the bedroom.


  • Plastic Legs
  • Velvet Material
  • Overall dimensions: W: 29.50” D: 29.50” H: 17.50”

12. Design 59 inc Tufted Coffee Table Ottoman

My Impressions
This piece was considered as a potential addition to my living room décor. The warm brown color of the faux leather combined with the ease of cleaning made it a serious candidate for this purpose. The authentic brass tacks impressed me as well from an aesthetic point of view, while the oak wood that forms its inner frame means it will put up with a lot of abuse. The use of Maple for the legs only reinforced that it would be able to put up with the abuse my rowdy gamers would heap on it.


  • Oak frame
  • Maple legs
  • Real Brass Tacks
  • Vegan Leather
  • Handmade
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30” D: 30” H: 17.5”

13. Baxton Studio 532-Beige-OTTO

My Impressions
This piece was definitely a bedroom consideration, it was too short to be used in the living room and lacked storage, so it struck out for that use on two counts. I did love the overstuffed design of the piece, and any time they use actual brass upholstery tacks, I’m interested in picking a piece up.

Eucalyptus is both resistant to rot and quite durable, so I know that this piece would stand the test of time. Finally, I loved the non-marking plastic legs that would protect the hardwood in my bedroom.


  • Eucalyptus Construction
  • Non-marking plastic legs
  • Real Brass Upholstery Tacks
  • Overall dimensions: W: 37.4” D: 37.4” H: 15.25”

14. Divano Roma Furniture OT05-VV

My Impressions
This piece blew me away with the overwhelming elegance of its design. I immediately fell in love with the flowing designs of the legs, the wheels were something that I was hoping for in my bedroom piece, and the tufted design was perfect. Even better, this one has easily cleaned thanks to the microfiber used for the upholstery. There was some minor assembly required, but not enough to dissuade me from adding it to my final list of possibles.


  • Micofiber upholstery
  • Caster wheels
  • Some assembly required
  • Overall dimensions: W: 35” D: 35” H: 18”

15. HomePop N8264-F1077

My Impressions
This was a cute piece that didn’t stay in consideration very long, but that I left on this list in case I came up with a use for it. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for ottomans that are tufted all over and that have a small, short design.

I just never knew what I was going to do with them. This piece also only came in one color, so I couldn’t seriously consider it for my living room due to staining concerns, and my bedroom piece needed to be taller. Ultimately it’s a gorgeous little piece that I’d be proud to own if I could think of where to put it.


  • Interior storage
  • Faux Leather construction
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Overall dimensions: W: 25” D: 25” H: 15”

16. Belham Living 5068-ROUND-G

My Impressions
This was a cute piece that didn’t stay in consideration very long, but that I left on this list in case I came up with a use for it. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for ottomans that are tufted all over and that have a small, short design.

I just never knew what I was going to do with them. This piece also only came in one color, so I couldn’t seriously consider it for my living room due to staining concerns, and my bedroom piece needed to be taller. Ultimately it’s a gorgeous little piece that I’d be proud to own if I could think of where to put it.


  • Sturdy wood frame
  • Easy to clean Polyester fabric
  • Overall dimensions: W: 24” D: 24” H: 13.8”

17. Safavieh MCR4601C

My Impressions
The look of this piece caught my eye because I thought it might have interior storage, but I stayed for the unique legs and caster assembly, and the overall attractiveness of the design. The mushroom color was almost considered for the living room, while the white one would be perfect for use in my bedroom. The cotton fabric used in the upholstery was relatively easy to clean and durable, and I have a soft spot for birchwood in its natural, unstained state.


  • Beautiful wooden legs
  • Variety of colors
  • Cotton material
  • Overall dimensions: W: 27.2” D: 27.2” H: 18.3”

18. Simhoo 19-SL-83101

My Impressions
This was a piece that combined my favorite aspects of the large raised ottomans and beautiful design. The combination of size and mobility provided by the wheels made it a good option for the living room, especially once I noticed its 275lb weight capacity.

The linen upholstery would be easy to clean and put up with an immense amount of abuse, while the strong wooden frame would ensure that all the bouncing in the world wouldn’t break it. It was a strong contender for my final selection for the living room.


  • Caster wheels
  • Durable linen fabric upholstery
  • Solid wood construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 33.5” D: 33.5” H: 17.7”

19. Divano Roma Furniture OT02-VV

My Impressions
The purple caught my eye here, and that’s no surprise. I hadn’t even been considering a piece like this when I stumbled on it, but that color just grabbed my eyes and my imagination.

When I looked closer and realized that it was made from a luxurious velvet material and had plenty of cushions, I started frantically trying to figure out what I could do with it. Ultimately I ended up picking up one of these to give to my daughter, who absolutely lost her mind at the bright purple color.


  • Dark wood legs
  • Velvet Upholstery
  • Minor assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 23” D: 23” H: 15”

20. Sunpan Modern 01006

My Impressions
This was another piece that almost won a place of honor in my living room. It’s durable enough to serve as a seat, small enough to be stowed away when not needed, and large enough to prop your feet up on when you need some time to relax.

I couldn’t believe the overall design of this and thought the cylindrical nature of it was quite striking. It was just the perfect combination of form and function, and I was sure I was going to pick up a couple as a result. The material was also easy to clean, so it really had a lot going for it.


  • Compact cylindrical design
  • Easy to clean material
  • No assembly required
  • Overall dimensions: W: 19” D: 19” H: 17.2”


As you might imagine, I had a lot to think about when it came down to the final selection. What I can tell you is that I went with two of the swivel ottomans thanks to their ability to be tucked away handily. I also picked up one of the Convenience Concepts pieces to store the gaming supplies in the kitchen. I ultimately settled on the very first one on this list for my bedroom piece; it was far too beautiful to pass up and correctly suited my needs.

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