Red Ottomans (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Ottomans have been an important piece of internal decoration for hundreds of years, first being created by the empire of the same name. In those days the ottoman was an armless couch that was quite sizeable, often encircling three-quarters of a room.

As time went on these couches would become reduced in size, often being broken up into smaller couch-sized affairs.

Later they would find a place as smaller furniture stowed in the corners of the room and used as extra seating or, as today, as stylish footstools. They were a prominent part of Victorian stylings, and have never quite gone out of style since they were first introduced.

I decided that my office would benefit from the presence of an ottoman in the classic red color, and the list below represents those that were among my final options.

3 Chic Ways to Use an Ottoman

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List & Comparison of Red Ottomans:

HomePop N5762-E607HomePop N5762-E60717.5x17.5x17.5in
Faux LeatherView on Amazon
Linon 40602RED-01-KD-ULinon 40602RED-01-KD-U48x20x20in
MicrofiberView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 300167Christopher Knight Home 30016738.3x19.3x15.5in
Fabric, BirchView on Amazon
NB Liner Rectangular Accent Storage Fabric Ottoman Bench ChestNB Liner Rectangular Ottoman46.7x17.7x17.3in
PU Fabric, Foam, PlasticView on Amazon
Divano Roma OT10Divano Roma OT1049.2x21.2x17.7in
VelvetView on Amazon
Casa Andrea Milano OT08Casa Andrea Milano OT0842x22x17in
VelvetView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 296847Christopher Knight Home 29684751.3x17.5x25in
PU Leather, WoodView on Amazon
Safavieh HUD8231RSafavieh HUD8231R17.5x17x16.5in
Bicast Leather, BeechwoodView on Amazon
Divano Roma Furniture OT02-VVDivano Roma Furniture OT02-VV23x23x15in
Velvet, WoodView on Amazon
Safavieh HUD4045ASafavieh HUD4045A19x19x17.5in
Bicast Leather, BeechwoodView on Amazon


How To Pick A Red Ottoman

When I started looking for an ottoman, I immediately had one thing already settled on, the color. Or at least I thought I did. As I began going through the selection of ottoman available, I quickly realized that even looking for a red one didn’t narrow it down.

There are a seemingly endless array of red hues available on the market and an equally dizzying array of materials that change how that hue presents to the eye.

Then I had to decide the size and shape of the ottoman I wanted, as there were large rectangular ones that were nearly couches unto themselves and small ones that were barely a footrest.

There was the option of internal storage, which would prove quite convenient, as well as those that had long wooden legs or no legs at all.

Ultimately selecting an ottoman is a matter of finding the features you want and compiling a list, and then slowly determining which ones you want in your final choice.

Review of the Best Red Ottomans:

1. HomePop N5762-E607

First Impressions

I was fond of the straight-forward nature of this ottoman, and I realized I was drawn to a more boxy design like this one represented. The smooth leatherette material made it a beautiful option, and I was happy to find that it had ample storage space inside for incidentals.

The light-cherry tone of the legs played a perfect complement to the bright, vibrant red of the rest of the piece. I’ve always preferred an ottoman that’s only tufted on the surface, and this one fit that design preference.


  • Internal storage
  • Sturdy design supports 250lb
  • Overall dimensions: W: 17.5” D: 17.5” H: 17.5”

2. Linon 40602RED-01-KD-U

First Impressions

This was another strong contender for my office, in part thanks to the eye-popping red color and the ample storage space provided by this bench-style ottoman.

I was surprised to find that the interior of this piece contained not just open storage space but pockets initially intended for the storage of shoes and other incidentals.

This design made this an incredibly functional piece as it could double as luggage, especially given its ability to double as a seat. Finally, the legs are removable and are the only part of it you need to assemble.


  • Internal storage with side pockets
  • Plush sitting surface
  • Safety Hinge On Lid
  • Overall dimensions: W: 48” D: 20”H: 20”

3. Christopher Knight Home 300167

First Impressions

After the last piece, I was immediately interested in this one. While the red was as vibrant, it didn’t have the storage pockets on the inside which was something I approved of.

I just didn’t have a use for them, as striking as the idea was to me.

The design of this piece was sturdy and had a plush top that was comfortable for sitting on. The fabric used in upholstering this piece seemed sturdier than that of the last, which was appealing for long term use in my office space.

It also included a safety hinge to make it easy to get to items stored inside.


  • Internal storage
  • Furable exterior fabric
  • Great for seating
  • Overall dimensions: W: 38.25” D: 19.25” H: 15.5”

4. NB Liner Rectangular Accent Storage Fabric Ottoman Bench Chest

First Impressions

Yet another beautiful bench style ottoman that I came across. I really appreciated the real brass upholstery nails that were used in its construction; they just added something beautiful to the overall appearance.

The top of the lid was well cushioned and comfortable and the wood feet added a beautiful black accent to it.

The material was also remarkably easy to clean by all reports, which was going to be important in an office with my accident-prone self.


  • Internal Storage Space
  • Real Brass Upholstery Nails Add Visual Appeal
  • Limited assembly necessary
  • Overall dimensions: W: 46.7” D: 17.7” H: 17.3”

5. Divano Roma OT10

First Impressions

For all that I was trying to remain practical in my selection, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for velvet material that drew me directly to this piece. Once again, we have a winning piece with plenty of internal storage, but that presents an all-over tufted design.

It’s large and sturdy enough to serve as a footstool and extra seating.

While I was initially looking for my office, it occurred to me that this piece could serve equally well in my living room or even the bedroom.


  • Soft velvet fabric
  • Easy assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 49.2” D: 21.2” H: 17.7”

6. Casa Andrea Milano OT08

First Impressions

I really liked the look of this particular piece, in part thanks to the all-over tufting. It’s a more substantial piece than some of the others and has a much more comfortable surface for sitting on since it doesn’t have to make space for internal storage.

The ottoman is really beautiful and well constructed, so it could put up with a fair amount of abuse. It was another tempting option for the living room or my bedroom, but without the internal storage, I didn’t think I’d be using it for my office.


  • Plush surface makes for great seating
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 42” D: 22” H: 17”

7. Christopher Knight Home 296847

First Impressions

This ottoman brought me back to the office, and I thought that the red PU leather would work perfectly for both design and functionality. It’s easy to keep clean and would perfectly compliment the rest of the décor in that space.

The wood used in its construction is remarkably sturdy so I wouldn’t have to worry about it breaking. The available internal storage was a strong selling point for me, and with its dimensions, there was a lot of space to go around.

The legs had to be attached when it was received as is typical of these models.


  • Poly Urethane Leather
  • Internal Storage
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 51.25” D: 17.5” H: 25”

8. Safavieh HUD8231R

First Impressions

Significantly smaller than my other options I felt this ottoman would make a wonderful accent for the office, or a pair of them would work well in the living room for storing accessories like controllers and the like.

I liked the exterior design as an alternative to the usual tufting design of ottomans.

For those who like authenticity, this piece is made with actual leather, and the beechwood frame ensures that it’s durable enough for rough use. The dark wood of the legs adds a lovely accent for it whether it’s used as a seat or a footstool.


  • Internal Storage
  • Bicast leather and Beechwood
  • Overall dimensions: W: 17.5” D: 17” H:16.5”

9. Divano Roma Furniture OT02-VV

First Impressions

While this piece wasn’t appropriate for my office, I thought it might make an excellent piece for my daughter’s room where it would find a prominent place as part of her princess play.

Perfectly suited for a smaller person to use as a footstool thanks to its height and evoking the beauty and elegance of the middle ages, it was a perfect fit.

When I showed it to my daughter, she fell in love with it, though she opted for the purple design instead of the red. The velvet material was luxurious and plush, and the wood of the legs was sturdy enough to support her for years to come.

What was important is that she loved the piece now.


  • Velvet material
  • Tall dark stained leg
  • Some assembly required
  • Overall dimensions: W: 23” D: 23” H: 15”

10. Safavieh HUD4045A

First Impressions

I included this piece primarily because it was the first time I’d ever seen this design, and it was something that struck me as simultaneously beautiful and exciting.

It became even more impressive when I realized that not only did it have storage, but the top flips over for use as a tray with raised sides. Truly an ingenious little creation.

The bi-cast leather used for upholstering it added a beautiful point of visual interest to it that I found very appealing. In the end, I opted to pick up a pair for the living room both as a conversation piece and for the pure functionality of the design.


  • Internal Storage
  • Lid inverts into a tray
  • Unique and Attractive Design
  • Sturdy build
  • Overall dimensions: W: 19” D: 19” H: 17.5”


As you can see from the selection above, just picking a color isn’t enough. With the immense number of options that can be found on the market today, even choosing a color and fabric isn’t sufficient to narrow down your selection.

Thankfully this means that there’s no end to the places your interior decorating creativity can take you. In the end, I opted for two of the last piece, as I mentioned previously, and the Christopher Knight piece thanks to the exterior design and functionality of the piece.

If you’re starting your own journey to find that perfect ottoman remember that you need to settle on a color, a fabric, a design, a size, and a myriad of other options.

The best way to do this is to start with a clear idea of what you want in your ottoman and a solid understanding of the space you intend to use it in. This will help you make a decision that will end with a pleasing appearance and a level of functionality that will fit your needs.

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