Oversized Chairs and Ottomans Here: Comparison & A Piece of Advice!

There have been many iterations of the handy ottoman since it was first introduced by the Ottoman Empire in 1299, and one of the favorite uses for them was as a footstool paired with a comfortable chair.

While the ottoman was once a centerpiece in any room, covering up to three-quarters of the available wall space in its original design, it’s humbler footstool design is no less respected or coveted in the modern age.

Throughout history, multiple cultures have embraced this piece of furniture, and I was about to do some embracing of my own.

I knew that an ottoman was a piece that I wanted in my living room, but I also knew that it needed to be paired with the comfiest of chairs. It was during a search for this that I stumbled onto these over-sized chairs that came packaged with great ottoman.

There was an impressive number of these, but I managed to winnow it down to these five before I made my final selection.

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List & Comparison of Oversized Chairs and Ottomans:

Sofamania EXP171-FBSofamania EXP171-FB34x31x35in20x20x19in
View on Amazon
Sofamania EXP172-VVSofamania EXP172-VV34x31x35in20x20x19inView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 302592Christopher Knight Home 30259230.5x33.3x33.5in30x30x18in
View on Amazon
Domesis Littleton Chair and OttomanDomesis Littleton Chair and Ottoman31x31x28.521x24x18in
View on Amazon
Belleze 014-HG-31935-BBelleze 014-HG-31935-B20x28.8x28in18.5x21x15.3in
View on Amazon
Eternity Modern Barcelona Chair & OttomanEternity Modern Barcelona Chair & Ottoman30.5in wide23.5in wideView on Amazon
Sofamania EXP187-FBSofamania EXP187-FB44x32x35in35x20x19inView on Amazon


How To Pick An Oversized Chair And Ottoman

As you might imagine, I learned quite a bit on my search for a new chair and ottoman combo. One of the most important things I learned is that the listings will often provide the dimensions for the ottoman or the chair, but its rare that you’ll get both.

When they do include measurements, it’s almost invariably for the chair, leaving one to wonder at the actual size of the ottoman.

During your search, if you happen to find a piece that has the color and style you like but doesn’t include the measurements for both pieces, be certain to drop the seller a line for them. While you’re looking for an oversized chair and ottoman pair you’re going to discover that they come in an extensive range of colors, styles, and configurations.

In order to find your way through this morass, you’ll need to get organized and determine exactly what it is you’re looking for. The easiest thing to start with is usually color, pick one or two that will match the color of the space you plan to put them.

This will still leave you with an immense amount of options, so be sure to check for other features you want, including interior storage in the ottoman.

Finally, start considering styles, do you prefer the leggy approach of the mid-century ottoman or something more like the boxy design of the modern style?

Every specification you add will help refine your search further until you have only a few lefts to choose from. The list below is what I was able to narrow my search down to with enough time.

Review of the Best Oversized Chairs and Ottomans:

1. Sofamania EXP171-FB

This chair and ottoman combo are upholstered in a linen fabric that is soft and durable. The frame of both units is comprised of sturdy hardwood to ensure durability and long life. The legs of both pieces are also made of hardwood and are stained to compliment the color of the chair itself.

High-density foam provides a comfortable and supportive surface on both units. The ottoman contains a storage space that is hidden from view, the top cushion being a lid that is supported by a safety-hinge to aid in accessing the interior. A perfect combination for any living space.

First Impressions

This combination is just simply lovely, and I loved the fact that the backrest and cushion on the main chair were able to be removed. I’m prone to falling asleep in comfortable chairs and losing the contents of my pockets as a result, so fixed cushions are an annoyance I can do without.

The interior storage in the footrest gave me plenty of places to store my favorite reading material, crafting supplies, and other items that I want at hand when I’m relaxing. Further, the black color helps hide wear and tear, staining, and dirt, all of which suited me fine.


  • Soft linen upholstery
  • Hidden storage in ottoman
  • Safety hinge for ease of access
  • Overall dimensions: W: 20” D: 20” H: 19”

2. Sofamania EXP172-VV

Comfort and function are combined in this mid-century chair and ottoman combo. The comforting texture of the microfiber material comes together with exquisite craftsmanship to provide a sturdy and appealing set of furniture. A resilient hardwood frame lay underneath the soft-brush microfiber to provide a lasting piece of furniture that will be with you for years.

The dark stain of the legs provides a perfect compliment to the material of the chair itself. The ottoman contains a hidden storage area with a safety-hinge for ease of access.

First Impressions

I have to say that I immediately fell in love with the velvety blue color and texture of this chair and ottoman set. The rich navy blue hue would perfectly compliment the rich jewel tones of my living area, and the ottoman was a perfect storage place for all the things I mentioned previously.

The ottoman appeared to provide less internal storage than the other, but not enough that it wasn’t suitable for my purposes. One thing I noticed right away is how sturdy this piece is, the hardwood construction was excellent.


  • Hardwood frame for durability
  • Luxurious soft-brush microfiber
  • Interior storage in ottoman with safety-hinge lid
  • Overall dimensions: W: 20” D: 20”H: 19”

3. Christopher Knight Home 302592

An excellent selection for those looking to create seating in an area with coordinated colors and individual pieces. High-durability fabric is used in upholstering these pieces in a light grey tweed that can easily fit in with any home décor.

The framework of the pieces is made of hardwood, as are the lightly stained legs. The cushions are attached in both the chair and the ottoman, providing a safe and secure space for resting. Excellent addition to any home.

First Impressions

I know, I said I was going for jewel tones, but there was something about the subtle grey shade of these tweed pieces that really caught my eye. I loved the subtle gradations in color and the clear quality of the materials and craftsmanship that went into these units.

The fact that they came as a paired set was also appealing, as it would provide seating for both me and my husband in a way that would nicely bring our living room together. I ultimately overlooked these pieces because of the color, but they truly were lovely.


  • High quality fabric upholstery
  • Hardwood frame for durability
  • Comes in a pair of 2 chairs, 2 ottoman
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30” D: 30” H: 18”

4. Domesis Littleton Chair and Ottoman

This chair and ottoman combo is upholstered in luxurious turquoise polyester velvet that brings color and beauty to a room. The woods are stained a dark espresso to supply a lovely accent to the primary color. The armchair provides back support through a collection of sinuous coils while the cushion is comprised of high-density foam to provide comfort.

Mixed hardwoods are used in the construction of the piece to ensure a durable unit that will serve your family for years. The ottoman brings a graceful curved design to add distinction to any space.

First Impressions

This pair wasn’t being looked at for my personal space, but for my grandmother. The dusty blue color of the turquoise velvet was perfect for her home, and she absolutely loved the appearance and style of both units. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the color discrepancy one would have quickly found its way into my living room.

The crimson was almost enough to persuade me, but it didn’t match that Jewel Tone I was looking for and would sharply offset the décor of the room. My grandmother, on the other hand, loves hers.


  • Mixed hardwood frame for durability
  • Polyester Velvet Upholstery
  • Chair and Ottoman Set
  • Overall dimensions: W: 28” D: 28” H: 16”

5. Belleze 014-HG-31935-B

This set is adorned with a french script on high-quality black linen stretched over the gracefully curved hardwood frame. Comfort is a central focus of this design, as is evident from the deep seat with high arms, which also encourages good posture.

The ottoman provides a comfortable surface for raising one’s feet for reading, relaxing, or napping. Both the seat of the chair and ottoman are plush and supportive thanks to a thick foam insert.

First Impressions

I was really drawn to this piece for my living space. The black base color compliments the jewel tones of my living room well, while the French script adds a literary air to the piece that suits me personally. It’s incredibly comfortable; I love the way the curved raised back wraps around me like a protective shell as I curl down to read.

Combined with a dim reading light, it creates an illusion of being in a secluded bookshop, a sensation I happen to love. It was a great choice, and my husband is considering having me get him one or at least one which similar lines.


  • Thick foam cushion for support
  • Deep seat and high arms
  • French script on high quality linen
  • Overall dimensions: W: 18.5” D: 18.5” H: 15.3”

6. Eternity Modern Barcelona Chair & Ottoman

Beautiful Barcelona styled chair provides an exotic air to any space. High-quality Italian leather is the upholstery for the cushions while high-density foam serves as a support in the cushions. Originally designed to seat the royalty of Spain in 1929 during their visit to the International Exposition in Barcelona, this piece has history and grace.

The accompanying ottoman was intended to seat their servants. The frames of these seats are made of high strength stainless steel for long-lasting durability.

First Impressions

I’m something of a history buff, and I knew exactly where the design of these chairs was originally used, and they immediately caught my attention. I was interested in having a set for conversational purposes, but they also happened to look extremely comfortable for relaxing in.

Ultimately I opted not to get them since they didn’t really fit my décor, but I love sharing the picture and story of their original purpose.


  • Stainless steel frame
  • 100% Italian Leather
  • Chair and Ottoman Set

7. Sofamania EXP187-FB

Striking cornflower blue linen upholstery adorns this loveseat and ottoman combo over a sturdy hardwood frame with accents in the dark wood of the legs. High-density foam is used to fill the cushions provide excellent support that won’t sag.

Seating in the love seat is broad enough for two, while the ottoman provides great leg support or can serve as an additional seat. The ottoman also contains interior storage with a lid secured by a safety-hinge to make access safe and easy for all ages.

First Impressions

My first impression was a stark disappointment that it didn’t come in the colors I was looking for, especially since literally everything else about this piece was perfect. The ottoman provided ample storage space, the seat would fit both me and my husband or plenty of lounge space for just one, and the dark wood of the legs fit in perfectly.

The cornflower blue just wouldn’t do for the living room, but I am considering getting one for the library or office space. If it ever comes out in a jewel tone, I’ll be picking it up immediately.


  • Internal Storage in Ottoman
  • Loveseat design can fit two
  • High Quality Linen Upholstery
  • Mixed Hardwood frame for durability


These combo sets are some of the nicest that I’ve encountered during my search, and I absolutely love all of them for differing reasons. I ended up going with the French Script set because it was so close to the perfect thing for my living room.

I did lament the lack of storage in the ottoman, but the beauty of the piece really overcame any real objection I may have had. Hopefully, this guide will help you on your own search for an oversized chair and ottoman set for your needs.

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