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I am fortunate enough to be employed with a company that makes its plans well in advance, and that remained true when we were looking at our production floor.

As a telecommunications company, we knew that you have to be willing to start small and that all too often the needs of the business will dictate the configuration of your available space.

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List Of Top-Rated Modular Desks:

Bush Business Furniture Modular Computer DeskBush Business A 36W35x26x30in
Particle boardMore Information
Alera Modular Office DeskAlera VA214830MY47x29x29inWoodgrain laminateMore Information
Bush Business Furniture U Shaped Corner DeskBush Business Furniture U Shaped Corner Desk76x39x30inEngineered wood, thermally infused laminateMore Information
Thaweesuk Shop Modular Computer DeskThaweesuk Shop Computer Desk44x20x47inWood particle board, steelMore Information
Modular Computer Desk with Modesty PanelOFM Computer Desk36x24x31in
Thermofused melamine surface, steelMore Information

When I was asked to find a solution for our call floor that would be able to grow and adjust as the needs of our company changed, I knew I had my work cut out for me.

As a sideline, they also wanted a similar approach taken with the offices of the supervisors and company leaders as well. It didnโ€™t take long before I realized the perfect solution to all these concerns was to be found in modular desks.

Best Modular Desks Review:

1. Bush Business Furniture Modular Computer Desk

This desk is part of a series of components that can be used in meeting any need for your office. The Open leg design ensures that ample legroom is available for those that work at these units. Wire management system ensures that the workspace can be kept safe and accessible.

Optional keyboard tray further optimizes the available space, while a hutch and pencil drawer can be included for greater utility. Available in one of seven tones of thermally applied laminate that is resilient enough to resist staining and scratches.

First Impressions

This desk was one of the most straight-forward and utilitarian pieces on my list, and it looked perfect for our callers. There was sufficient room for a monitor, a call unit, and the keyboard theyโ€™d need to do their job.

The grommet provided an excellent solution for keeping all the wires under control, and I particularly liked the included rail in the back that kept the wires off the floor and had sufficient space to handle an increasing load from multiple consecutive units.

The color options meant that I could avoid the drab gray tone thatโ€™s usually associated with call centers and would help make their spot more โ€˜homeyโ€™.


  • Scratch and stain resistant thermal laminate
  • Cable management system built-in
  • Back rail for keeping wires off the floor
  • Compatible with multiple other Series A Components
  • Overall dimensions: W: 35โ€ D: 26โ€ H: 30โ€

2. Alera Modular Office Desk

This unit is available in multiple sizes, all of which are compatible with the entire range of Series 48 modular system. Available in deep mahogany or rich cherry that gives a professional appearance to any office.

Included grommets provide exceptional cable management options. The special edging ensures that the corners are protected from damage.

A fine charcoal accent underlays the work surface as an accent. A modesty panel is included in the front of the unit for privacy. Drawers are available for this unit.

First Impressions

This was one of the first pieces I looked at for the supervisors and corporate leaders that would be located in our building. It had everything that was necessary for them to perform well, once we ordered the optional drawers to provide sufficient storage space in the unit.

The built-in grommets were a must to make sure that the cables were kept tidy and werenโ€™t a tripping hazard.

I was particularly fond of the protective edging and the durability of the work surface. The desk contained many options for customization that made it an excellent option as each individual staff member was going to have their own needs and preferences as pertained to their job.

I made sure to put together a comprehensive package of all the options available when presenting it.


  • Available in two colors
  • Grommets included for wire and cable control
  • Protective edging prevents damage to edges
  • Part of the series 38 modular system
  • Drawers and other components available
  • Overall dimensions: W: 47โ€ D: 29โ€H: 29โ€

3. Bush Business Furniture U Shaped Corner Desk

The U-Shaped design of this provides ample working space that is perfect for a reception area. Ample room for peripherals and additional workstations. The surface of the desk is a scratch and stain-resistant laminate.

Comprehensive cable and wire management system ensure clean floors and removal of tripping hazards with desktop and leg grommets.

Wire channels included on modesty panels also aid in creating an orderly workspace. The base unit includes 2 drawers and open storage. The drawers are a box drawer suitable for office supplies and a full-extension drawer for important documents and files. Hanging rods included for a legal, letter, and A4 documents.

First Impressions

The receptionist station was another concern I had been tasked with addressing, and this piece seemed perfectly suited for the task. It had ample room for the receptionist to have all necessary supplies at their disposal, and also gave sufficient space for printers and other necessities.

The surface was the same durable material as presented in other offerings on this list, and the variety of colors once again meant that Iโ€™d be able to avoid creating a cold corporate atmosphere by including rich wood tones.

There were a lot of additional options that would allow the head receptionist to personalize the desk and ensure that it was suitable for the needs of her and her staff.

It was even possible to turn it into a U-Desk arrangement with a flip-door entryway to make it possible for additional receptionist staff to man it when demand was high. Overall this was a perfect single-purchase solution for space, and the price-point was entirely acceptable.


  • Three Unit Bundle
  • Comprehensive wire and cable management system
  • Drawers and storage space included
  • Thermal surface resistant to stains and scratches
  • Overall dimensions: W: 76โ€ D: 39โ€ H: 30โ€

4. Thaweesuk Shop Modular Computer Desk

The minimalist design of this desk ensures highly efficient use of available space, while the contemporary design makes it suitable for inclusion in multiple dรฉcor schemes. Materials used in construction include engineered wood and black powdered steel framing.

Four shelves are included in the design, as well as footpads with a non-slip feature to protect surfaces.

Simple construction means youโ€™re in business in minutes.

First Impressions

This piece stands out from the rest of the units included in part because of its intended use. The server room for our company was crammed to the gills and the IT lead professed that a large workspace wasnโ€™t necessary, since the majority of the time theyโ€™d be patched in remotely.

When I showed them this unit they agreed that it would be perfectly adequate for the limited use it would see.

This desk is really a simple affair with its shallow desktop clearly intended for use with a laptop, and the side shelving was perfect for the technical manuals and peripherals the IT lead wanted to store in the server room. Overall this desk was perfectly suited for our specific need, so into the final five lists, it went.


  • Streamlined contemporary design
  • Four shelves for ample storage space
  • Non-slip pads for surface protection
  • Adjustable height
  • Overall dimensions: W: 44โ€ D: 20โ€ H: 47โ€

5. Modular Computer Desk with Modesty Panel

This desk combines engineered wood surfaces with a powdered steel framework to create a durable and versatile desk. The modesty desk included in the front maintains privacy while the grommet located in the top of the desk aids in cable management.

The construction ensures a durable design that can put up with constant use while being light-weight enough to easily move to new locations as needed.

First Impressions

This desk was included as a potential option for the training rooms thanks to its very compact design. Its durability ensured that it would be able to withstand the fidget behavior of dozens of potential employees going through their training period.

The materials used to construct this desk produced a surprisingly durable and light-weight unit that could be easily moved to the various training rooms as need dictated. The size of the desk was useful for the companies needs as we would be processing call center workers frequently thanks to the high turnover nature of the position.


  • Modesty Panel
  • Sturdy powdered steel framing
  • Engineered wood surface
  • Overall dimensions: W: 36โ€ D: 24โ€ H: 30-60โ€

Modular Desk FAQ

What Is A Modular Desk?

I had no idea what these were or that they even existed before I stumbled onto them, though I realized something of the sort must be out there. So before we get started with the reviews let me explain exactly what modular desks are.

The obvious part is in the name, desks that can be assembled or combined with multiple components to fit specific needsโ€ฆ Modular, made of parts.

It just so happened that the task I had been set to would be easily completed through modular desks.

This style of desk design is going to be immediately familiar to anyone who has ever worked in a โ€˜cubicle farmโ€™, where every desk seems exactly like the one next to it and they all seemed meant to coexist. The reason it seems that way is, quite clearly, because they were.

The magic of modular desks means that they didnโ€™t have to, or have to exist in that specific configuration. They could be mixed and matched and combined with any components they were meant to fit with.

That tiny cubicle that so many sit at each day could easily be expanded into an L or even U shaped desk. There are even bookshelves and other components that can be included depending on your specific model. Whatever your office may need, modular desks are certain to be able to fit your needs.


Also, here’s a honorable mention of my previous reviews:

All of the options above provided a solution for needs our growing company had. When I brought the complete list to the purchasing officers they were quick to adopt my selections.

The selections included solutions for those who would need to change position at their work station, the limited workspace required by the IT team, and our production floor.

The selection for the company leads proved serviceable, though a couple of team members requested additional components to suit their need. This was easily accomplished thanks to the modular nature of these units.

Modular desks are a fantastic solution for just about any office space, whether youโ€™re outfitting a whole building or just your home space.

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