Modern L-Shaped Desks Here: Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide & Advice!

The realities of modern living have had a profound impact on the design of office equipment, and desks haven’t escaped this fact. As more and more offices move to use digital formats to store their information, there becomes a decreasing need for big bulky desks with ample storage space.

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List of Top-Rated Modern L-Shaped Desks:

Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer DeskHago Modern L-Shaped Desk66x47x29inP2 Particle Board, Thicker SteelMore Information
Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer DeskTribesigns H0980066x49x29inE1 Particle Board, MetalMore Information
LITTLE TREE L-Shaped Computer DeskLITTLE TREE LT-17023-0367x59x24inE1 Particle Board, Thicker SteelMore Information
HOMCOM Modern L-Shaped Symmetrical Tempered Glass DeskHOMCOM DAD-237069x69x33inMDF, Steel FrameMore Information
Monarch Specialties Computer DeskMonarch Specialties I 730471x71x30inParticle Board, Hollow-core, Laminate, Mdf, MetalMore Information

Modern design focuses on sleek, open, and attractive designs that maximize the durability of modern materials while following the trend of open office design. Further, desks are getting smaller overall as overall space in offices tends to be at a premium either through small working spaces or large staffs.

I’ve examined some of the L-Shaped desks on the market and brought to you those I feel best combine form and function with an emphasis on modern design.

High-Quality Modern L-Shaped Desks Review:

1. Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

This desk integrates a smooth flowing style with a large L-Shaped design that creates an attractive and straightforward workspace. The ample surface provides storage space for any needed peripherals, including multiple monitors, and has a CPU stand included for storing your tower under the computer.

A steel frame combines with E1 Particle Board to create an attractive and robust design with adjustable legs that allow it to be leveled on an uneven floor. The buckles included aiding in instruction are of the easy to assemble M-style fasteners standard in many designs.

First Impressions
I really fell in love with this cute little desk from the moment I saw it. The color scheme flows nicely throughout the whole unit, with the CPU stand being made of the same wood and metal as the rest of the desk.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to move and set up, and the legs of the desk are easy to adjust and remain sturdily in place once locked. For my tastes, the individual ‘arms’ of the desk don’t provide enough surface space, but its attractive appearance offset that enough that I still had to consider getting it.


  • Durable design can support 450lbs
  • Maximizes use of space attractively
  • Incorporates elements of humanistic design to aid comfort
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Overall dimensions: W: 66” D: 47” H: 30”

2. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

This desk is built from environmentally safe particle board on a durable steel frame. Its L-Shaped design maximizes the use of space to provide a functional writing or computing surface. An excellent support structure ensures that it is durable and stable to offer an excellent working surface. The buckles included with this design are M-Buckles that makes assembly easy, and it can support up to 450 lbs.

First Impressions
I don’t typically lean towards desks that are monochrome, and especially not those that are all white, but there was something about this desk that drew my eye. I think it was the sharp edge in the corner, a design element I’ve always liked better than a curved edge as I feel it pleasingly complements the room corner.

While it wasn’t immediately apparent when I first researched the desk, I found that the legs were adjustable, which would have been convenient if my space had an uneven floor. The CPU stand was a cute little model that mirrored the aesthetic of the table in color and form. I also particularly approved of the open design of the support structure, which lacked any crossbars and instead had a secure square design.

Large enough to support multiple monitors this desk also has room for a single peripheral such as a printer or scanner, or that space can be left open for a writing surface.


  • Minimalist support design
  • Convenient Corner Cutout For Cable Management
  • Included CPU Holder
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Overall dimensions: W: 40” D: 24”H: 30”

3. LITTLE TREE L-Shaped Computer Desk

Attractive cherry-tone particle board with a convincing wood grain combines with black powder-coated steel supports to create a stylish and professional modern l-shaped desk. Adjustable legs ensure that it can be easily placed anywhere with uneven floors, while its reversible desks mean it can fit in any corner.

Two side storage shelves provide a convenient place to store books, files, or knick-knacks. Additionally, the desk comes with anti-slip pads on the legs that eliminate wobble and floor-scrape.

First Impressions
This desk was one of my favorites, but I’ve always been drawn to dark wood toned design. I appreciated the shelving that’s included, and the triangular design of the support legs lend it an elegant air that I love. The desk is perfect for offices that don’t have carpet as others have reported that the legs don’t perform as well on a carpeted surface.

While the desk provides ample surface space, I found that having an arm mounted monitor upped the usability and turn an already respectable amount of desk space into a positive expanse. Don’t be afraid to load this desk up either; the 300lb limit its advertised with isn’t just smoke and mirrors, it is respectably sturdy and fully capable of living up to its advertising.


  • Underdesk Storage Area
  • Raised shelving for easy storage on desktop
  • Compact design for limited space
  • Quick Assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 31” D: 18” H: 35”

4. HOMCOM Modern L-Shaped Symmetrical Tempered Glass Desk

Black wood and glass surfaces come together with a steeply angled design to create a desk that gives expansive desk space without occupying a vast amount of space. Included with this desk is a wheeled CPU tray that allows you to easily extract it for maintenance and cleaning without having to remove it from its mount or crawl under your desk.

Includes a convenient keyboard tray and monitor shelf.

First Impressions
This desk drew my attention due to its combination of wood and glass, and its integration of traditional and modern l-shaped desk design. It has a distinctly professional appearance that would be suitable in any office space, and I certainly thought it would look lovely in mine. The keyboard desk and monitor shelf are unique among the offerings in this review, and they made it all the more attractive to me.

I also appreciated the fact that this desk was adjustable, and that it was incredibly easy to set up thanks to its easy to follow instructions. The smoked glass is incredibly attractive, and I played with putting LED rope lights under it to create a futuristic lighted surface to incredible effect.

If you’re looking for a corner desk with ample space and designed with a centrally located monitor in mind, this is going to be a great option.


  • Ample surface space
  • Convenient Shelves For Storing Binders Or Books
  • Built-in grommets for cable management
  • Combines the compact design with ample storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 51” D: 53” H: 28”

5. Monarch Specialties Computer Desk

This imported desk brings a beautiful distressed wood design in dark taupe together with a unique gray steel support system. It contains a large file drawer along with two large storage drawers which can be assembled on either side of the desk. The design of the legs is known as track design and is a central feature of contemporary design. It’s modern lends a kitschy and professional air to any office as part of its solid form.

First Impressions
This one caught my eye for obvious reasons; it comes with a unique dark taupe coloration that I haven’t seen in other pieces. It perfectly mirrors the texture of distressed wood without the expense or risk of splinters that come with using such a medium. I was particularly in love with the legs of the desk, which gave it a delicate, artistic, and kind of floating appearance in spite of its surprisingly sturdy design.

The drawers on this desk provide ample storage and are convenient to use with tracks that slide easily and aren’t prone to popping off like some designs. If you’re looking for an l-shaped desk in a color that makes a statement, you’re going to love this desk. It has a permanent home in my wife’s office, and I’ve considered getting one of my own.


  • Distressed wood design
  • Gray track legs
  • Ample storage space and customizable drawer placement
  • Durable and attractive
  • Overall dimensions: W: 71” D: 71” H: 30”

Modern L-Shaped Desks FAQ

What Is The Difference Between Modern and Classic L Shaped Desks

This question comes up quite often, and for those not familiar with the vagaries of interior design, they likely sound like buzzwords. This would be a fair assessment, but buzzwords have meaning, and that remains true with the word ‘modern’ concerning desk design. A modern style leans towards a sleek and minimalist design that emphasizes open space and functionality over form factors.

Classic L-Shaped desks more closely resemble traditional designs with the underside of the desk enclosed and additional features like drawers and shelving. Modern desks are perfect for modern needs where almost everything that was once kept on paper is now stored in a digital format, removing the need for storage for files, writing utensils, and other traditional office equipment.

How to Pick a Modern L Shaped Desk

While the aspects of the design mentioned above describe the standards of modern design, they certainly don’t incorporate all the possible variations. Many contemporary desks still include drawers, sidewalls, and shelving in their design. What will always be present is the minimalist design that takes advantage of sturdier modern materials that can support more desk with less framework.

Selecting a modern desk means finding the balance between minimalist design and storage space to suit the needs of your space. If you’ve gone entirely digital with records traditional kept on paper, you’re not likely to need any sort of storage on your desk. Alternately, if you still use paper documents or your desk doubles as a crafting space, storage areas incorporated into your desk may be useful.

Write down everything you’ll need your desk to do and cross-reference this list with designs that appeal to you until you find that perfect balance between the two.


Also, here’s a honorable mention of my previous reviews:

In the end, I had a hard time choosing between these desks but ultimately settled on getting the HOMCOM for my home office, mostly due to the keyboard tray and monitor shelf. My wife fell in love with the Monarch design, which was my second choice. Both of these desks have served us spectacularly well, and I don’t have a single complaint about either one. Sometimes I wish the HOMCOM came with storage like the Monarch does, but those LED lights remind me that sometimes style is more important than substance.

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