Mid-Century Ottomans Here: Comparison & A Piece of Advice!

The ottoman is a piece of furniture with a remarkably long history, with its roots being found in the Empire of the same name that came to power hundreds of years ago.

While the Ottoman Empire is largely gone, the legacy of its name lives on in one of the most enduring and beloved pieces of furniture in the world.

The humble ottoman got its start as a lavish armless couch that would often cover the majority of the available wall space in the rooms it inhabited. As time went on, it would reduce in size and style until it became a common piece seen in the corners of the rooms.

Even in its smaller form, the ottoman would appear in a surprising variety of styles and functions such as internal storage space. The Mid-Century style of the ottoman is best recognized by its long legs, giving it a stool or bench-like appearance.

My personal love of this style is what drove me to compile this list in my search for buying one for my new apartment.

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List & Comparison of Mid-Century Ottomans:

Simpli Home AXCOT267S-DSBSimpli Home AXCOT267S-DSB34x26x18.5in
Faux Air Leather, Solid and Engineered WoodsView on Amazon
Convenience Concepts 161655FGYConvenience Concepts 161655FGY22x18x17inFaux Linen, WoodView on Amazon
Modway EEI-1797-AZUModway EEI-1797-AZU26.5x32x18.5in
Polyester Fabric, Solid Rubber WoodView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 298887Christopher Knight Home 29888750.5x21x16.5in
Fabric, BirchView on Amazon
Rivet AS-6020-O-StormRivet AS-6020-O-Storm31.9x24x18.5in
Polyester, Solid Beech WoodView on Amazon
Etoney Mid Century Modern Fabric Storage OttomanGDF Studio Etoney Mid Century Ottoman19.3x38x16.3in
Fabric, BirchView on Amazon


How To Pick A Mid-Century Ottoman

Selecting a mid-century ottoman starts by considering what features you want in your furniture. If you want your ottoman to function as additional seating as well as a footstool you’re going to need a sturdier build.

If you want it to provide extra convenient storage in the space it occupies than you’ll obviously want one with an internal space, but there are also ottoman that have external pockets, though these are uncommon in the mid-century style.

One of the biggest considerations that many people will face is determining the size and color of their ottoman.

You’ll obviously need to select one that can physically fit in your space, but you also want one that’s going to complement the style and color. As a rule, mid-century ottoman doesn’t tend to come in bright and garish colors, though they can certainly be found in these shades with enough effort.

Put together a list of what you want in an ottoman, and add to it as you research them.

Don’t be afraid to change it up as you go along. Eventually, you’ll get the list down to a set of essentials.

Review of the Best Mid-Century Ottomans:

1. Simpli Home AXCOT267S-DSB

This classic mid-century ottoman brings a rustic charm with its distressed faux leather upholstery. The legs are made of solid wood and have a stylish slope that will add interest to any room. An easy-open lid provides internal storage for remote controls, magazines, and more.

The top is also equipped with a safety hinge to prevent slamming. Sturdy and stylish this piece is the perfect solution for a living coffee footstool, small coffee table, or additional seating.

First Impressions

My first thought when I saw this ottoman was that it would fit perfectly in my living room.

I’ve always had a love of distressed leather, and it would go great with the vintage furniture that made up my décor. Positioned in front of my favorite easy-chair, it would be a great place to store remote controls, extra batteries, and of course the game controllers for our consoles.

It was available in four colors as well, which gave me plenty of decorating options.


  • Internal storage
  • Safety Hinge
  • Sturdy Wood Construction
  • Overall dimensions: W: 34” D: 26” H: 18.5”

2. Convenience Concepts 161655FGY

This fabric upholstered ottoman is easy to clean and comfortable for everyday use. The sturdy wood design comes together with striking gold caps to turn this ottoman into a real statement piece.

Available in three neutral colors it can easily fit into any decorating scheme. Small enough to function as a footstool but large enough to serve as additional seating for smaller individuals.

First Impressions

This ottoman is a great example of variety within a specific design period. Due to the length of its legs and the gold caps on them, it still fits in great with the mid-century design, but instead of a faux leather top, it has that lovely fabric upholstery.

This piece was really appealing, and the design reminded me of my grandmother’s house, which was an aesthetic that always brought a sense of comfort and warmth into a home.


  • Sturdy wood legs with gold caps
  • Fabric upholstery
  • Overall dimensions: W: 22” D: 18”H: 17”

3. Modway EEI-1797-AZU

Durable angled wooden legs and a rich textured fabric come together to produce a classic example of mid-century design in this ottoman. Sturdy enough for use as seating or a footstool this piece is also large enough to function as a small coffee table.

The cushion top is resilient and comfortable enhancing its variety of use even further. The material is easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors suitable for any décor.

First Impressions

While I was disappointed to discover this ottoman lacked any form of internal storage, the plush comfort of the cushion quickly made me decide it was worth it.

The design is perfect for use as a footstool or additional seating, and the color range it comes in is neutral and toned down in the classic 50’s style.

I used two of these to provide a comfortable footstool for my two corner chairs, adding a whole new level of comfort to my evening TV binge.


  • Plush top cushion
  • Sturdy solid wood design
  • Easy to clean
  • Overall dimensions: W: 26.5” D: 32” H: 18.5”

4. Christopher Knight Home 298887

A classic example of mid-century bench-style ottomans this piece is the perfect addition to any living room or seating area. It has the long-legs of the mid-century design providing ample storage area underneath, and its material is evocative of its era.

The cushion is plush and comfortable for seating, and the birch legs are sturdy and darkly stained for a great contrast. Upholstered in a durable and stain-resistant fabric. Some assembly is required.

First Impressions

I almost immediately fell in love with this bench as the perfect solution for a coffee table in my living room. The plush surface also meant it would serve as convenient extra seating when guests were over.

I loved the overall look of it, including the tufted design of the top that gave it a classic feel. The fabric used in its construction is durable and easy to clean, ensuring it would stay looking great for a long time.


  • Stain-resistant fabric
  • Classic tufted surface
  • Ample storage area under the bench
  • Overall dimensions: W: 50.5” D: 21” H: 16.5”

5. Rivet AS-6020-O-Storm

The mid-century design is evident in this piece with its straight lines and sturdy supporting legs. The cushion is extra thick, providing an exceptionally comfortable seating surface.

Easy to clean material was used in its construction and is available in three toned-down colors classic of 50’s interior design.

Sturdy design ensures it can be used as a foot-stool, additional seating, or even a small coffee table.

First Impressions

This variation on this style caught my attention, though I was once again disappointed to find that it didn’t contain any form of internal storage. That aside the thick comfortable cushion on top completely made up for that.

I also noticed that it was available as part of a very nice set that would create a full mid-century design for a living room nicely.

I personally already had the necessary furniture, and this piece would make a perfect finishing touch for my décor.


  • Thick cushion for comfort
  • Sturdy legs ensures durability
  • Easy to clean upholstery
  • Overall dimensions: W: 31.9” D: 24” H: 18.5”

6. Etoney Mid Century Modern Fabric Storage Ottoman

This bench-style mid-century ottoman is an excellent example of its style, combining form and function with internal storage and striking design.

The colors provide great pop for any living space without overpowering the room, and the sturdy legs are a perfect example of the mid-century angled style.

The lip opens to reveal a spacious storage interior and is secured by a child-safe hinge to prevent injury. Its sturdy design ensures it can be used for seating, as a foot-rest, or even as a coffee table.

First Impressions

I fell in love with this piece immediately and new that it was going to be the finishing touch on my home décor. The teal color brought just enough brightness into my living room without drowning out the rest of my period design.

I loved the appearance of the wooden legs and that they captured the style I was going for.

The interior storage was going to provide just the space I needed for storing board games and other accouterments to my lifestyle.


  • Interior storage space
  • Child-Safe Hinge On Lid
  • Sturdy Construction for versatile use
  • Overall dimensions: W: 19.25” D: 38” H: 16.25”


Needless to say, I quickly settled on the Etoney Storage Ottoman as the piece that was perfect for my needs. I had a lot of options available, and all of them were great examples of the mid-century style, which was the focus of my new apartment’s design.

I was really pleased with the bench design of the final piece and realized it was what I had been looking for all along. The rest of the items on this list were presented as the examples I came across while I was researching that perfect piece.

Remember when you’re looking for your own ottoman that you want to ensure it meets your needs for durability and function. Furniture is a long-term investment, and for my part, it didn’t make sense for me not to get the right one for my needs. I hope this guide has helped you in your search for your own mid-century ottoman.

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