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Have you ever heard the phrase “Less is more”? If you studied design, arts or architecture, maybe you have. The phrase belongs to the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who was one of the directors of the famous Bauhaus architect school.

I almost hear you saying: “Stop! Does this German school of architecture have anything to do with metal office desks we are going to talk about?”

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List & Comparison of Metal Office Desks:

Alera SD4524BWAlera SD4524BW28x48.5x22.5inWoodgrain laminate, steelMore Information
Tribesigns HO-0856Tribesigns HO-085666.1x49.2x29.1inE1 particial board, steelMore Information
Office Dimensions 21647Office Dimensions 2164729.5x48x24inSteelMore Information
Tribesigns HOGA-1003-1Tribesigns HOGA-1003-163x23.6x29inE1 particle board, stainless steelMore Information
Alera 9518259Alera 951825933x63x34inWoodgrain laminate, steelMore Information
Tribesigns HOGA-F1068-2Tribesigns HOGA-F1068-255x21.3x36.6inMelamine board, metalMore Information
Homelegance Factory 3228-15Homelegance Factory 3228-1560x28x30inWood, wrought ironMore Information
Renate Contemporary Wood-Metal DeskRenate Contemporary Wood-Metal Desk30x60x28inReclaimed wood, metalMore Information
Monarch Specialties I 7081Monarch Specialties I 708160x24x30inLaminate wood, metalMore Information
Mainstay Garrett Metal Computer DeskMainstay Garrett Computer Desk30x36x20inParticleboard, metalMore Information

The answer is: totally yes! It has everything to do with metal office desks, chairs, coffee tables, pencil pots and so on. Because someone had to invent them, and that someone was a Bauhaus disciple. Meet Marcel Breuer! He designed the famous cantilever chair, made of the single metal tube bent under strict angles. (Despite popular opinion, it is not the same as Wassily chair.

Wassily chair is of more complicated design. And, by the way, Wassily chair has was not initially meant for, or inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, a famous Russian artist who worked in Bauhaus that time. On the contrary, it was Kandinsky who admired the Breuer’s masterpiece at first sight, and then Breuer made one chair especially for him).

Also, here’s a honorable mention of my previous reviews:

Now, let us take the talk to the level even more practical: which metal desk will suit you the best?

Review of the Best Metal Office Desks:

1. Alera wood and metal office desk

It is not very much metal, but let us start here. The table is as official as an office suit. It has two drawers on the metal rails, with telescoping ball-bearing slides.

Chrome steel frame with legs 1” square, supports the structure soundly. Drawers have a security lock. There is a keyboard tray. What else can one expect from the office desk?

2. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped metal and wood office desk

If Ludwig Mies van der Rohe could have seen this desk, he would have said: “Ja! This is the thing! This is what minimalism is all about!” The L-shaped design lets the customers have as much workspace as they can and have easy access to it at the same time. The thing is solid and stable, it can carry 450 pounds, but the wide space between legs makes it look like something airy. It doesn’t steal the visual space from your office.

The free CPU stand lets you set the CPU wherever you want. The desk also can be reversible, though initially it wasn’t planned this way. You only have to have some skill with a drill to adjust the tabletop. And on the whole, it is easy to put together.

People who play videogames a lot are fond of this desk. It can carry the additional monitor and a powerful computer and a lot of space to operate with your mouse and keyboard. Also, every person that works with several monitors, could be totally satisfied.

3. Office Dimensions 21647 Black office desk with metal rollers

Another perfect marriage between minimalism and functionality. The desk is really stripped from anything except its initial function – being a desk. It offers a customer a lot of working space and, at the same time, can be easily moved everywhere. And when you want it steady, just lock the wheels.

It is all-metal, sleek and sturdy. It may look flimsy, but it is not. It has a metal powder coating – so that your items won’t slide. You might want to order one of these desks for your workshop or office. It is very easy to put together, just pay attention to how you place the legs, they are not the same.

4. Tribesigns Modern metal office desk

One thing we can say for sure: it is wide. It will not ride your office however you want it, this desk certainly comes to take its place and keep it. There is enough space on the desktop for a monitor, a second monitor, a keyboard, a mousepad, a coffee, a dinner, a cat, and a horse race.

The assembling is easy, not to say primitive: just screw 4 legs and 2 leg bars with a hex key. You hardly can screw it up even if you try. The leg pads are adjustable, so if your floor is uneven, you can compensate it. The top is a 1’’ thick particleboard. And you can stretch your legs under it as far as you want!

(About a horse race – I was kidding. The rest is true.)

5. Alera Double Pedestal office desk with metal frame

Well-well, if it isn’t another beautiful monster from the venerable Alera family? And now it comes with two more lockers! Just in case the one is not enough. If your document flow is not entirely electronic yet, if you do a lot of paperwork, this Behemoth of desks will certainly become your best friend.

The lockers will keep your documents safe and the metal frame will support your monitor, your CPU tower, your keyboard, your printer and your weary head at the end of the hard-working day.

6. Tribesigns metal frame office desk

The previous option was characterized as an office desk with a metal frame. It was mostly an office desk. This one is mostly a metal frame, on which five boards are situated to hold your CPU, your books and docs, your printer, your keypad and mouse and your monitor and whatever, it has plenty of working space.

The shelves are reversible, so if you are left-handed, feel free to adjust the CPU shelf on the left. It has a look official enough to fit in the office and nice enough to grace your room. The upper shelf keeps your monitor at eye-level.

The top if half-inch thick Melamine, boasting to be waterproof and anti-scratch. Footpads are designed to adjust the desk on the uneven floor. The whole thing holds up to 450 lbs, though it looks as tender as an ancient plane. The frame is 1.2 mm thick steel. And they provide 18 months warranty, which is a real deal.

It is easy to assemble but quite hard to flip it upside right after the assembling: it weighs about 85 lbs.


7. Homelegance Factory office desk with legs of metal

This one looks even more like an ancient airplane. And there is an obvious influence of the Eastern culture: knobbed legs remind me of bamboo knees. This is not a wonder at all: minimalism was heavily influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of Sabi-Wabi. Well, the item is manufactured in China and it is shown without scruple.

The top and the shelves are made from poplar wood. Alas, shelves are fixed, so you cannot remove one to store a CPU. But people mostly like it for its sturdiness and genuine look. And you can find the matching bookshelves and a matching coffee table. Personally, I would love to have the ensemble and imagine myself a Chinese scholar in his bamboo study.

8. Renate wood and metal office desk

It looks pretty much like the previous one, but without Eastern motifs. It weighs 87 lbs, which pretty heavy, and costs as much as genuine wood and sturdy metal is supposed to cost.

So, finally, everyone succeeded in assembling their item at the end of the day.

Remember we talked about the mission style and the Arts & Crafts? How they proclaimed simplicity in design and making art the part of people’s daily life? Well, the Bauhaus school went even further in that direction.

9. Monarch Specialties white metal office desk

I must admit: I just cannot resist white. This desk comes in other colors but white is my absolute favorite. And this one looks like something extra-terrestrial with its silver coating and fittings. The tabletop looks like it floats above the drawers, and the overall impression of the item is like it denies gravitation, though its total weight is 94 lbs. It is big but that doesn’t mean it is stealing your space.

The drawer on the right is able to fit hanging files. There are no locks on the drawers. The thing comes all disassembled, so it takes patience and effort to put it together. But this is worth it!

10. Garrett Metal Student Computer Desk in Rustic Oak

For the love of Mike, the thing itself looks like a coltish teenager. No wonder it was designed for students. The first word that comes to mind when you see it, is “cute”.

The working space isn’t really wide, but there is enough room on the shelves to put the usual student’s stuff. Fits perfectly in a kid’s small room. And Gosh, it’s cheap!

The metal desk’s attractivity lays in the fact that it can suit any office, like a metal bracelet suits any clothes.


Well, now it is time for this review and the insight into the story of design to come to an end. Now you know whom to thank for the affordable and nice-looking furniture. Let’s say it together: thank you, Bauhaus school!

That’s how metal furniture started its triumphant march around the world.

They too professed the belief in simple forms and functionality, they also said that there must not be a difference between fine arts and decorative arts, but, unlike the Arts & Crafts movement, they adored machinery and worshipped mass production.

That’s why they loved metal, concrete, and glass. Except those materials are versatile, they can be produced on a huge scale.

Let’s’ take a second look on the cantilever chair. Everything it takes to make is one metal tube and two pieces of cloth, or leather, or plastic, or whatever. It takes years to train a decent carpenter. But a welder can be trained in less than a year. So you can train an army of welders and make those chairs as easily as you print stamps.

Alas, the poorer people of Germany mostly rejected the progressive ideas of Bauhaus. They preferred the other decision: Nazism. Nazi didn’t want to give them cheap and functional furniture and houseware, they just promised to make them rich again, to make them the masters of the world, actually. That sounded like a more promising transaction.

Who accepts metal office desks?

Anyone who consciously or unconsciously believes that the form is secondary due to the function. You may be a layperson who doesn’t know a nick about Bauhaus, modernism, and minimalism, but if somewhere inside you think: “I need a desk, something firm and sturdy, but not really big, then it has to be made of metal!” then I congratulate you: you are a subconscious modernist. You think of the functionality first, of the material second.

How to use a modern metal desk in a cozy office space?

Remember, less is more? Less furniture, more space. Fewer panels and walls, more air and light.

Chrome doesn’t care about the color of your wallpaper and carpet, it doesn’t care even if you have any wallpaper and carpet. It fits everywhere. Raw concrete? Alright. Wooden planks? Okay. Wallpaper? If you please. Plastic panels? Will do.

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