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Mahogany is one of the world’s most beautiful woods, and it is commonly associated with opulence and beauty. When furniture manufacturers and home builders speak of this wood its in a hushes, almost reverential tone as the very idea of using it invokes a sense of awe.

Reproduction Pedestal Desk in Antique Mahogany

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List Of Top-Rated Mahogany Desk:

English Classics Mahogany Gillows Writing DeskEnglish Classics Mahogany Gillows Writing Desk60x36x30inWoodMore Information
Alera - Valencia Series Reception DeskAlera MSS344556A0171x35x42in
Woodgrain Laminate, PVCMore Information
NOF045 Large Mahogany Executive DeskNIAGARA FURNITURE NOF04572x38x30inMahogany woodMore Information
Southern Enterprises Mission Computer DeskSouthern Enterprises HO880847x23x30inSolid Wood, MDF, VeneerMore Information
Techni Mobili Mahogany Computer L-Shaped DeskTechni Mobili Mahogany Desk73x57x34inLaminate, MDF, steelMore Information

So when I was charged with designing an opulent den for one of my clients, I knew that a mahogany desk was going to have to be featured as the centerpiece. There were several considerations to take into account in my search for the perfect desk, but in the end, the following pieces were the ones that stood out.

I’ll warn you going in that there’s nothing inexpensive about a mahogany desk, they are the very best and brightest of office furniture. What you get for the price is a piece that friends and family will be envious of for years to come.

Review of the Best Mahogany Desks:

1. English Classics Mahogany Gillows Writing Desk

This handcrafted desk is a stunning example of traditional English craftsmanship, built by hand in the UK by skilled craftsmen. The hand-finished mahogany surface is accented with beautiful hardware and topped with a black leather workspace that brings this desk an undeniable air of quality and tradition.

Two drawers are included in the design, each with a lock to secure important documents within.

First Impressions
Here we have the perfect example of everything I was talking about bundled up in one little package. This is the absolute peak of beauty and design and deserves a place alongside any traditionally constructed office furniture.

While this piece undeniably met every element that the client wanted the price-point was beyond what they could reasonably afford to spend on such a piece. Regardless we spent a significant amount of time admiring the fine quality of the piece, and the inclusion of those beautiful drawers with their beautiful handles.


  • Locking Drawers
  • Black leather desktop
  • Handcrafted design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 60” D: 36” H: 30”

2. Alera – Valencia Series Reception Desk

This desks l-shaped design makes it a perfect piece for any office space, especially where space is a concern. The sides are interchangeable to make it suitable for any space the owner wishes. Of its four drawers, two are filing drawers with the requisite bars to hold letter and larger size folders.

A pull-out fold-down drawer is included for use as a keyboard and mouse tray. The side drawers have a lock and key assembly for added security. Modesty board included along with raised privacy wall around the outer edge.

First Impressions
This one wasn’t precisely what the owner was looking for, but he had expressed an interest in l-shaped desks, so I felt this was worth bringing to him. The price-point on this significantly larger desk was 1/3 of that of the previous piece, making it a very economical purchase without sacrificing form in the process.

The desk includes a total of six drawers, one of which is intended for use as a keyboard tray. The other drawers have a locking mechanism, and the bottom ones are filing folders that are deep enough to provide significant storage space. The surface of the desk provides room for peripherals like a printer, scanner, etc.

These features made it a strong contender for my client’s office space.


  • Locking drawers
  • Two filing drawers with hanging rods for letter size and larger folders
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Modesty Board
  • Overall dimensions: W: 71” D: 35”H: 42”

3. NOF045 Large Mahogany Executive Desk

This beautiful desk provides exceptional quality construction with ample storage space and a worked leather surface. Made of solid mahogany this desk is a statement piece that will serve multiple generations and serve as a beautiful heirloom. A total of nine drawers provides ample storage space for office supplies and important documents.

First Impressions
This desk returned us to the original price point but did so in a way that provided much more desk for a similar amount. The coloration was perfect, and it still came with the standard leather surface to keep that traditional look.

The client absolutely loved this piece enough that they started considering other options for financing their remodel to fit it into the budget. It did end up being the piece they chose in the end, showing that mahogany is a wood that great measures will be taken to obtain.

The drawers in this desk are sturdy and well-constructed, with a depth that provides ample space for any potential use. The site didn’t offer dimensions on this item, and I never did manage to get them from the buyer.


  • Leather surface
  • Beautiful hardware
  • Hand-finished mahogany
  • Overall dimensions: W: uk” D: uk” H: uk”

4. Southern Enterprises Mission Computer Desk

This desk brings missionary design together with modern considerations. Antiqued Bronze hardware accents the beautiful drawers on this desk, which include a pull-out/drop-down keyboard tray front and center.

A filing drawer is included along with three standard drawers and one storage cabinet for a CPU Tower. Has all the grandeur of a larger desk but with a consideration made for smaller spaces. Sturdy construction ensures this piece will be in your family for years.

First Impressions
When I brought this desk to the client, I was sure this was the one he was going to go with. If he hadn’t been able to obtain the funding to get the last piece in this list, this was going to be his back-up option.

It’s a beautiful missionary style design that has been brought up to date with considerations for the digital age, and that made it an absolute gem in my book. The client knew that it had more of the functionality they’d ultimately use in their office space, but the beauty of the last desk overcame his practicality.

I can’t say I blame him, but this desk would have been an excellent alternative either way.


  • Storage Drawer for CPU
  • Pull-out fold-down keyboard tray
  • Antique Bronze Hardware
  • Mahogany finish
  • Overall dimensions: W: 47” D: 23” H: 30”

5. Techni Mobili Mahogany Computer L-Shaped Desk

This contemporary design brings a modern elegance to a traditional design. Raised platform for monitor or peripheral in the corner combines with a keyboard tray to maximize potential use.

Gracefully curving metal frame combines with cutout design to produce a retro-futuristic appeal that would fit well in almost any office. Rear plates provide cable and wire management options when paired with velcro straps or zip-ties.

The desktop is made of a mahogany laminate while the frame is constructed from powder-coated steel.

First Impressions
This was a complete take-away from the rest of the pieces on this list, but in a flight of fancy, the client wanted to keep it on the list in case he decided to go this way. This desk is a beautiful piece that has a retro-futuristic feel that could easily be turned to a steampunk aesthetic with a little pain and know-how.

The raised platform is perfect for peripherals like a printer, though it would also be a great place to display a favorite item. The keyboard tray is durable and well suited to its purpose. I personally was really drawn to the perforated steel backing on the piece that provided options for cable management.

While they ultimately opted for another piece, I had to include it in my final five for its eye-catching design.


  • Mahogany laminate surface
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Retro-futuristic design
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Raised peripheral platform
  • Overall dimensions: W: 73” D: 57” H: 34”


How To Pick A Mahogany Desk

So the first question you’re probably asking is, “If I’m spending that much on a desk, how would I know if I’m getting the right one?”. You can only imagine how I felt when it sank in that this wasn’t the money I was spending, so getting it right was essential.

The first thing you have to consider when looking for a desk of this type is price-point. The amount of money you have to spend is going to play a central role in whether you get an actual mahogany desk or one that’s simply stained to match that gorgeous hue.

Once you know what your price-point is, you’ll be able to focus on functionality and form.

Mahogany is available in just about any form of desk you care to mention, though classical styles tend to be more common than the industrially produced desks of today. A proper mahogany desk isn’t just functional; it’s beautiful as well.

In the best desks, you are prone to find leather playing prominently in the desktops, a classic tradition in desk construction that brings an air of distinction to any room it occupies.

The best way to start is by compiling a list of options that you want to be included with the desk, after you’ve determined how much you have to spend, of course. From there, you can start winnowing it down to those items that fit your need.

One thing to consider when looking at a mahogany desk is that mahogany is a dense hardwood that is definitely on the heavier side. If you intend on having your desk placed upstairs, you’re going to want to consider having someone along to help you move it and set it up.

Professional movers or piano movers can be hired for this purpose, and often have special equipment specifically for moving heavier items to upper floors.

This heft is just part of the reason that purchasing a mahogany desk isn’t just a nice addition to your office, but is an investment in a piece that can serve as an heirloom that your family can treasure for years to come.


Here are my previos desk reviews:

As you can see, there is an incredible number of options to choose from when you’re looking at mahogany desks. My personal favorites will always be the ones that retain that taste of tradition by including a leather worktop and abroad, usable surface. If you’re in the market for a mahogany desk, remember that you’re looking for one of the world’s finest woods, so be sure you have ample financing available to get the piece you want. While you can settle for a piece that has a mahogany surface, there’s nothing like the real thing to compliment the perfect room.

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