Leather Club Chairs: Comparison & A Piece of Advice!

When I was designing my den, I knew that comfort and relaxation were going to be central to its feel, and that leather club chairs would play a prominent role in reaching that goal.

The trick was going to be finding the right ones to match the rest of my décor, a feat easier said than accomplished given the incredible number of styles that developed over the years.

Below are my Final Six, the ones that made it through my filtering process to reach the final stage. If you’re looking for a leather club chair, I hope this guide will help you too.

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List & Comparison of Leather Club Chairs:

Christopher Knight Home 237354Christopher Knight Home 23735429.5x28x33.5in
Bonded Leather, WoodView on Amazon
Best Selling 453732AZBest Selling 453732AZ27.5x30.1x34.5inBonded Leather,Brass studs, WoodView on Amazon
OSP Designs MET807RDOSP Designs MET807RD33x30x34.5in
Faux LeatherView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 232936Christopher Knight Home 23293633x35x35.5in
Faux Tufted LeatherView on Amazon
Belleze 014-HG-31933-BROBelleze 014-HG-31933-BRO23x26x29.2in
Faux Leather, WoodView on Amazon
Signature Design by Ashley A3000051Signature Design by Ashley A300005127.5x28.3x35in
Faux Leather, Faux WoodView on Amazon

Review of the Best Leather Club Chairs:

1. Christopher Knight Home 237354

This elegant accent chair is crafted in the Medford style of leather club chairs, featuring studded trim, seven buttons that create a tufted back, and hand-carved wooden legs. Available in 9 colors, including espresso, beige, pewter, light blue, and gray, there is sure to be one that fits your space.

The back and arms are plushly cushioned to provide extended comfort for lounging, reading, or watching TV. Environmentally conscious materials include synthetic leather and are perfect for adding a rustic charm to any room in your house.

First Impressions
“There is nothing about this chair not to love” pretty much sums up my first impression of this design. The vibrant color, elegant studding, and overall opulence of this chair just overwhelmed me, and I wanted to take it home right away. After I got over this initial rush, I realized that it didn’t quite have the feel I wanted for my den. It was far more ‘bourbon and cigars’ rather than the ‘nachos and game day’ feel I wanted for my space. I did strongly consider getting one for my office, however, but that’s not what I was in the market for quite yet. The synthetic leather is remarkably comfortable, and the legs are clearly the work of a master of their craft.


  • Hand-carved legs
  • Studded Trim
  • Tufted Back
  • Synthetic Leather for durability and eco-friendliness
  • Overall dimensions: W: 29.5” D: 28” H: 33.5”

2. Best Selling 453732AZ

This elegantly crafted chair is crafted from bonded leather to create a comfortable lounging experience that’s hard to beat. Studded trim provides a rustic design that matches perfectly with the hand carved front legs. The back has seven buttons to create a tufted design, and the seat cushion is designed to match. The beautiful marbled brown color is pleasing to the eye and can comfortably accommodate any design scheme.

First Impressions
I really loved this chair for many of the same reasons that the first one on this list caught my eye. It reminded me of the chair my father owned, and the hours he would sit in it reading the newspaper, watching TV, and generally visiting with the family throughout the day. At the same moment that I realized the first chair wouldn’t meet my design scheme, this chair met the same fate. It is a gorgeous design, though and was kept on the list as a possible option for my office space.


  • Tufted Back
  • Hand carved front legs
  • Studded trim
  • Overall dimensions: W: 27.5” D: 30.1”H: 34.5”

3. OSP Designs MET807RD

Rich red faux leather comes together with espresso finish legs to create this classic piece of leather club chair design. The material used in its construction is appropriate for residential use but isn’t suitable for high-traffic commercial areas.

The vibrant espresso color of the legs is a perfect compliment to the striking red that serves as a faithful callback to some of the original chairs of this design. The matching ottoman is made of the same materials and completes the look.

First Impressions
This was heading more in the direction I wanted for my den, an almost risque color combined with a comfortable ottoman to prop my feet up on. I really spent a lot of time considering this piece, so it remained on my Final Six to determine if it would get cut out at the end.

I was looking for something in real leather, but the eco-leather this design is made with has a wonderful and realistic feel that made me decide it would do fine. The rounded curves of the arms were also a factor that drew me in; it just had such a comfortable and classic look.


  • Comes with matching Ottoman
  • Rounded arm design
  • Eco-leather material
  • Overall dimensions: W: 33” D: 30” H: 34.5”

4. Christopher Knight Home 232936

This bonded leather club chair comes in a rich brown with a beautiful sheen that accents the smooth curves of its design. The tufted leather back creates a classic look that will look equally fitting situated in a living room, den, office, or dining room.

The overstuffed seat ensures it will remain comfortable during hours of comfort and use. Sturdy legs have surface protecting rubber studs to avoid damaging your floors. The sturdy legs are stained to match the leather of this piece.

First Impressions
This piece was beautiful, and I immediately fell in love with its richly tufted backrest and overstuffed cushion. It was incredibly comfortable to sit in, and the chair was set at the perfect height. The design of the chair fell perfectly between stuffy opulence and casual relaxation, so it clearly made it onto my Final Six list. I wasn’t sure it was what I was looking for for my den, but it was beautiful enough I had to leave it on the list for consideration.


  • Tufted backrest
  • Overstuffed Cushion
  • Overall dimensions: W: 32.8” D: 34.8” H: 35.5”

5. Belleze 014-HG-31933-BRO

Contemporary design brings the modern look of the original club chairs into the future. The back of the chair is tufted using a channel design rather than buttons.

A deep seat and high arms combine to create an incredibly comfortable sitting experience. Solid wooden construction combines with a durable faux leather fabric to create a piece that will stand the test of time. Perfect as an accent piece in any room in your house.

First Impressions
This was coming very close to the design I was looking for, and when I winnowed it down to the last two, it was fighting for a place along with that luxurious red set from above. They both had exactly the look I settled on in the end, more comfortable lounge than lavish gentleman’s club. The channel tufting of the back of this chair gave it an appearance that appealed to me, but it didn’t come with the ottoman, which was a mark against it.


  • Channel Tufted Back
  • Durable Design
  • High Rounded Arms and Back
  • Overall dimensions: W: 23” D: 26” H: 29.2”

6. Signature Design by Ashley A3000051

Distressed leather patterning gives this chair an antique look without the expense. The high-leg design presents an elegant appearance while the resilient foam filling ensures that you get a comfortable sitting experience.

The texturing of the chair enhances the distressed leather appearance while the squared armrests and back provide a fashion-forward style. Tufting using buttons can be found on the seat, interior of the armrests, and backrest of the chair completing the look.

First Impressions
This one drew my eye due to the distressed leather look that really gives it a solid antique feel. Something was appealing about having a set of old chairs for my office space that made me seriously consider using this one.

While I love the look, the long legs were a mark against this piece as it just didn’t fit in with my vision for my den. I appreciated the style and elegance of this chair enough that I had to include it in my Final Six, even though it stood no chance of going into my den.


  • Tufted back and seat
  • Long legs
  • Distressed Leather apperance
  • Overall dimensions: W: 27.5” D: 28.25” H: 34.75”


What Is A Leather Club Chair?

In the 1920s, France was brimming with creativity and fashion that touched on every part of life. The latest clothing trends were to be found gracing their streets. People all over the world were watching to see what would come out of the world’s heart of culture next, and that included their home décor. The fauteuil comfortable, or comfortable armchair, would come to be one of the most enduring designs of that period, also known as the club chair. The identity of the original creators of these chairs has been lost to history, as is the reason they’re known as club chairs. What remains is an iconic design that has graced homes, businesses, and lounges the world over for years to come.

How To Pick A Leather Club Chair?

Selecting the right leather club chair for your space can wind up being something of a challenge, especially given the massive variety of styles, colors, and combinations available on the market. These chairs come in varieties that would match the most elegantly appointed boardroom or the seediest of gentleman’s clubs in a questionable part of town. All of them have their own charm and can serve as an incredible accent piece to a room. Whether you select the gendarme’s hat style (named for a hat of similar design), the moustache, or one of the countless others available is going to depend on what you want your room to represent.

Some of the designs have a rounded look on both the arms and backrest and in fact these designs are the most common and popular. Others have a squared off look common in Art Deco designs, while still others have sturdy wood legs and deeply detailed trim on the arms and back complete with buttons. While you’re looking for a chair, the best thing you can do is keep a notebook handy and start writing down the features and style elements you like so you can narrow your selection down until you find one that suits you and your space.


In the end, I settled on the red leather chair as it most closely fit the design I was looking for for my den. The short legs, rounded edges, and of course the ottoman perfectly lent themselves to a day spent lounging watching TV, reading, and generally hanging with the boys. There was a slight risque feel to the design that really made me smile, and I have yet to have a moment’s buyers regret in purchasing it.

I’m looking forward to a great many years spent enjoying this piece and the good times it will share in my lounge. All of these chairs are excellent examples of the leather club chair era, and there are countless other options to choose from. These six chairs represent a great starting point for your search for your own club chair, and with so many options, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and space.

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