Large Round Ottomans Here: Comparison & A Piece of Advice!

Ottoman furniture was one of the greatest things to come out of an empire that lasted from 1299 to 1922. When the ottoman was first invented, it would often cover a good portion of the walls of the room, often three out of four of them.

In that time they were armless but still had back, but it wouldn’t take long before the backs were a thing of the past, and the overall size of the ottoman started to be reduced.

Over the centuries the ottoman would first become a smaller couch, and then a backless bench, and then small pieces of corner furniture before eventually becoming the footstool we all know and love today. None of the previous styles disappeared; they simply became yet another incarnation of the ottoman.

3 Chic Ways to Use an Ottoman

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Multiple features were added throughout the ages as well, including legs, interior storage, flip-top lids, and more. When I went looking for an ottoman, I knew that I wanted a classic round design that was large enough to serve multiple purposes. The ottomans below are what I found on that search.

List & Comparison of Large Round Ottomans:

30 Distressed Vegan Leather, Tufted Coffee Table OttomanDesign 59 inc Ottoman30x30x17.5in
Vinyl, Vegan Leather, Oak Frame, MapleView on Amazon
Simhoo Large Round Tufted Lined Ottoman Coffee Table with CastersSimhoo Large Round Ottoman33.5x33.5x17.7in
Linen Fabric, Foam, RubberwoodView on Amazon
BIRDROCK HOME Round Pouf Foot Stool OttomanBIRDROCK HOME Round Ottoman20x20x15inCotton Braided CordView on Amazon
Modway EEI-2225-TEAModway EEI-2225-TEA40x40x16.5in
Polyester, PlasticView on Amazon
Provence Dark Grey Tufted New Velvet Round OttomanProvence Round Ottoman29.5x29.5x17.5in
Velvet, Polyester, BirchView on Amazon
Baxton Studio 532-Beige-OTTOBaxton Studio 532-Beige-OTTO37.4x37.4x15.25in
Linen, Eucalyptus woodView on Amazon
Baxton Studio 501-Beige-OTTOBaxton Studio 501-Beige-OTTO41x41x15.75in
Linen, Eucalyptus Wood, PolyurethaneView on Amazon
HomePop K5508-E676HomePop K5508-E67631.8x31.8x16.5in
Faux Leather, Wood/MDF, FoamView on Amazon


How To Pick A Large Round Ottoman

Selecting an ottoman can be something of a challenge once you realize just how many varieties, styles, and additional functions there are available.

Settling into a size and a shape can help reduce the number of available options quite a bit, but you’re still going to need to design a list of the features you want to have.

One of the most common features that people seek is internal storage space, a feature that is commonly available in multiple styles.

Some prefer certain colors or materials for the upholstery or may want their ottoman to have legs, or lack them. The best way to select a large round ottoman is to start by considering your available space, and then moving on to decide what features you want and what color will best serve your space.

Once you have this list compiled you’ll be able to narrow down your options to just a few hundred items easily, and then let your preferences take it from there.

Review of the Best Large Round Ottomans:

1. 30″ Distressed Vegan Leather, Tufted Coffee Table Ottoman

This ottoman captures the classic contemporary style in a lustrous brown vegan leather upholstery accented with authentic brass studs. The frame is constructed of oak dried in a kiln to provide exceptional durability while the maple legs accent the color of the piece beautifully.

Design 59 Inc is proud to produce products like these in an environment that ensures minimum exposure to pollutants or chemicals. Excellent for use as a coffee table, footstool, or additional seating.

First Impressions

This piece was absolutely lovely, and I was immediately drawn both to the deep rich color of the PU Leather as well as the traditional tufted design that graced the top. This piece is large enough to serve multiple purposes and sturdy enough to withstand years of hard use. I knew that the color and design would serve as a perfect addition to my living room, so I had to include it on this list of ottomans.


  • Vegan leather upholstery (PU Leather)
  • Brass studs
  • Solid oak frame
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30” D: 30” H: 17.5”

2. Simhoo Large Round Tufted Lined Ottoman Coffee Table with Casters

The elegant mid-century design comes together with high-quality materials and sturdy construction to produce this beautiful ottoman. The uniquely shaped wooden legs serve as a beautiful accent to the design and are supported by four caster wheels that make this piece easy to move.

Foam cushioning ensures the tufted top is a pleasure to sit on, while the high-quality linen upholstery beautifies a room in either of the available colors. The 275lb load capacity ensures this piece will be perfect as a seat, coffee table, or footstool.

First Impressions

Honestly, this piece just took my breath away with the simple elegance it brought to a room. I loved the wheels that made it easy to move when vacuuming and also made it great fun when the grandkids were over. The sturdy construction meant that I could have fun doing that without having to worry about it breaking or cracking under the strain. I knew it would look great in my living room or bedroom; it was just a matter of deciding on color.


  • Caster wheels
  • Overall dimensions: W: 33.5” D: 33.5”H: 17.7”

3. BIRDROCK HOME Round Pouf Foot Stool Ottoman

This pouf-style ottoman is upholstered in a hand-knitted cotton mesh that ensures your piece will both be of the highest quality and unique. The interior is stuffed with beanbag filling that provides comfort and support while remaining easy to move.

A great conversation piece, it also serves as an excellent place to sit and functions equally well as a footstool.

First Impressions

When I came across this adorable little beanbag ottoman, I immediately knew it was something that my youngest would want in her bedroom. I was surprised when she opted for the gray rather than the pink or even the black and white stripes.

The material is cotton and therefore easy to clean and durable, ensuring that she’d be able to enjoy this piece for years to come.

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the piece was, and found myself wishing for a larger version for my rec room.


  • Unique hand-knit upholstery
  • Stuffed with beanbag filling for comfortable
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Overall dimensions: W: ” D: 20” H: 20”

4. Modway EEI-2225-TEA

This mid-century ottoman is upholstered in beautiful fabric in any of sixteen colors to fit the décor of any space. With a sturdy mixed hardwood frame, this ottoman is sturdy and capable of putting up with rough use while the foam padding ensures that it is comfortable to use as seating or a footstool.

The all-over tufted design stands as a prime example of classic ottoman manufacture. Your floors are protected with four non-skid plastic feet.

First Impressions

I’ve always enjoyed this style of the ottoman, especially for living room spaces where varied height seating can be convenient for many purposes. The range of colors made it particularly appealing to me, and I happen to enjoy the teal tone the best out of all of them.

I opted to pick up two of these for my living room as we always run short of seating during gatherings, and this seemed like an excellent way of remedying that recurring problem.


  • All-over tufted design
  • Non-skid plastic feet
  • Mixed hardwood frame
  • Overall dimensions: W: 40” D: 40” H: 16.5”

5. Provence Dark Grey Tufted New Velvet Round Ottoman

Luxurious velvet upholstery in an all-over tufted design brings beauty, elegance, and a splash of tradition to this mid-century design. The interior frame is constructed of mixed hardwoods and combines with plush foam to provide an exquisite seating experience. With no need for assembly, this piece is ready to use the moment you receive it.

You can select one of three colors to fit your personal décor and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your floors are protected by four polyester legs.

First Impressions

There is nothing that captures my eye and takes my breath away like a velvet ottoman, especially when it comes with the quality of craftsmanship in this piece. This was another one I had seriously considered for my living room but ultimately ended up picking up for my bathroom to sit in front of my vanity. It’s been a great piece, and I love sitting on while I prepare for a night out.


  • Velvet upholstery
  • Polyester leg materials
  • All-over tufted design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 29.5” D: 29.5” H: 17.5”

6. Baxton Studio 532-Beige-OTTO

This elegant ottoman is a prime example of the modern style and is available upholstered in one of two colors. The tufted design on the top maintains a classic appearance while the brass tacks securing the fabric provides a beautiful contrast. The legs on the ottoman are black and are designed to not leave marks on surfaces.

The seat is stuffed with polyurethane foam padding to provide maximum comfort during use as a footstool or seating. The frame of this piece is made of sturdy eucalyptus to provide maximum durability.

First Impressions

One thing that will always sell me on an ottoman is brass upholstery tacks, they just look exquisite and make a piece look so much more dignified. Combine that with the beauty of the high-quality beige linen, and you’ve got a striking piece that will work anywhere. I’ve also had prior experience with eucalyptus wood framed furniture and can attest that it is both sturdy and decay/insect resistant, a great feature in any furniture.


  • Sturdy eucalyptus wood frame
  • Brass upholstery tacks
  • PU Foam Padding for comfort
  • Overall dimensions: W: 37.4” D: 37.4” H: 15.25”

7. Baxton Studio 501-Beige-OTTO

Another perfect representative of the modern style of ottoman this piece is upholstered in a durable and stain-resistant beige linen accented with an all-over tufted design. The internal structure is made of sturdy and reliable eucalyptus wood, while it is cushioned all over with a layer of PU foam for comfort and longevity. This piece is supported by four non-marking black legs to protect your floor, carpet, or workspace.

First Impressions

A slight variation on the previous piece but without the brass upholstery tacks. In its favor is an all-over tufted design that happens to be one of my favorite looks. I looked at this piece for much the same reasons as the last one and knew that if I opted to go with this one, it would have a long life in my family before it suffered any kind of irreparable damage.

I also liked the option to have it in the darker gray color, which almost made it find a home in my living room.


  • All-over tufted design
  • Eucalyptus frame
  • Black non-marking feet
  • Overall dimensions: W: 41” D: 41” H: 15.75”

8. HomePop K5508-E676

Elegant leatherette ottoman presenting a modern style that will add elegance and beauty to any room. This design has high-density foam to provide long-lasting comfort and uses MDF and wood material to present a durable frame. The rich black color of the faux leather exterior ensures it will heighten the look of any room.

Non-marking wooden feet support this piece and are stained to complete the look. Durable enough to serve as seating or a footrest. Internal storage adds another dimension to the usefulness of this piece, perfect for storing magazines, controllers, toys, blankets, and more.

First Impressions

This piece was absolutely gorgeous, and I adored the black faux leather look. One of the things that sold me on it (it ended up in my office) was the interior storage space. I’ve always been a sucker for that design, and the mere sight of a hidden pocket makes my mind light up with the possibilities.

The look was also perfect for the English Den style appearance I was going for, and it looks great next to the comfy chair I use for reading when I’m done with a hard day of work.


  • Faux leather exterior
  • Internal storage space
  • Non-marking wooden legs
  • Overall dimensions: W: 31.8” D: 31.8” H: 16.5”


There you have it, eight amazing examples of large round ottomans that are a perfect addition to any room. Each of these has their own unique charm, though I have to admit I wish I had found more that had interior storage. That small consideration aside each of these are great examples of what ottoman furniture is and how diverse it can be even when your specifications are fairly tight. It’s just one of the many reasons that ottomans have remained one of the most popular varieties of furniture for hundreds of years.

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