A Guide On L Shaped Desks With Hutches

One of the driving forces behind getting an L-Shaped Desk is maximizing available space, so it makes perfect sense to ensure that the desk you get has a hutch on it. In addition to the space-conserving design of most L-Shaped Desks, you also get a classic design with an appearance that will enhance any room you use it in.

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List Of Top-Rated L Shaped Desks With Hutches:

Mainstay L Shaped Computer Desk With HutchMainstay 9324056PCOM49x47x60inLaminated particleboardMore Information
Sauder L shaped desk with hutchSauder L shaped desk with hutch66x66x66.5inWoodMore Information
Bush Furniture White L-Shaped Desk With HutchBush Furniture FVW00260x60x59inParticleboardMore Information
Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk with HutchBush Furniture CAB001HRG59x59x66inEngineered wood, thermally fused laminateMore Information
Ameriwood Home L Shaped Student Office DeskAmeriwood Home 9324056PCOM49x47x60inParticleboardMore Information

A hutch has always been a must for me; there’s just so much additional storage and utility that can be brought to them. I spent a reasonable amount of time looking over desks that fit this description, but only a few of them were good enough to make it into my final five.

All of the desks included in this list not only include hutches but are also aesthetically pleasing and able to be incorporated into almost any office design. Anything less was left on the proverbial cutting-room floor.

Review of the Best L Shaped Desks With Hutches:

1. Mainstay L Shaped Computer Desk With Hutch

A simple corner desk design with a striking combination of black desktop and rich alder wood. The compact l-shaped design makes it perfect for smaller spaces, and the hutch adds additional utility and storage space to the overall design.

Slide-out keyboard included as well as ample under-desk space for placement of the CPU. Two cubbies, a top shelf, and a cupboard style space are located in the hutch for storage of incidentals. Space under the shelf ideal for peripherals such as a printer, scanner, etc.

First Impressions
This desk brought me straight back to childhood, and if I didn’t know this was a more modern design, I could swear it was the one I had growing up. A desk like this saw me through hours of homework, gaming, and angsty teen years, so I was obviously drawn to it as an adult for my office space.

The keyboard tray provides ample room for storage and use of both the keyboard and a mouse. The space under the cupboard is too small for any peripheral I might use, but it provides great additional surface space. If you’re working in a small area or are looking for something compact for a child’s room, this desk is a great solution.


  • Reversible desk arrangement
  • L-Shaped design provides ample working space
  • Minimalist Design
  • Easy assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 49” D: 47” H: 60”

2. Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk with Hutch

This design combines classic office design with beautiful Curado Cherry wood to create the perfect office accessory. Ample storage space is available in the cupboards, central cubby, and drawers on the side piece. Storage desk ideally suited for placement of CPU Tower and has an adjustable shelf to accommodate this.

Slide-out keyboard tray provides a sturdy surface for use of keyboard and mouse and contains safety stops to avoid overextension. One drawer includes rails for hanging files of European or letter configuration.

First Impressions
I was immediately blown away by this desk. If the last desk represents the one I grew up with as a child, this desk represents the one I always dreamed of owning as an adult. It’s an astonishingly beautiful design that combines form and function perfectly.

Abundant storage spaces, ample room under the desk to utilize all available surface area, and an elegant appearance make this one of my favorite selections. It is a bit wider than a few of the other desks in this list, which made it just too wide for a cut-out space that exists in my office space.

It made me sad to have to pass it up, but at least I didn’t have to pass up including it in this list.


  • CPU Storage Drawer With Adjustable Shelf
  • Sturdy keyboard tray with safety stops
  • File drawer with rails for hanging file folders
  • Convenient hutch cupboard space and cubby
  • Overall dimensions: W: 66” D: 66”H: 66”

3. Bush Furniture Fairview L Shaped Desk with Hutch

This desk features sturdy engineered wood construction combined with rustic white coloration with rich wood desktop. Ample storage space is available in the base unit with two side drawers with cubby, and a third vertical drawer optimized for CPU storage.

Hutch contains additional storage space with two side cupboards featuring cottage style window-slates, three small cubbies, and large open shelving space. Top of desk available for additional storage. Front drawer contains a drop-down shelf that can be used for additional workspace or as a keyboard/mouse tray.

First Impressions
Everything about this desk makes me smile, especially the antique coloration used in its design. It looks like it belongs in the corner of a country store or a garden supply office. Most desks designed for computing tend to lean towards a modern look, but this is perfect if you’re looking for a piece that supports your country leanings.

Its design doesn’t sacrifice utility at all, and even the most avid computer enthusiast will find ample space for peripherals, a sizeable monitor, or anything they need. I almost didn’t notice the keyboard tray/work shelf that is hidden in the front.

At first glance, it appears as nothing more than decoration, but it actually flips open to provide space for a mouse or keyboard, laptop, or even using it as a drawing pad. I was really enchanted with this piece, though it would be utterly inappropriate with my office design. I still had to include it in my final five.


  • Underdesk Storage Area
  • Raised shelving for easy storage on desktop
  • Compact design for limited space
  • Quick Assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 60” D: 59” H: 69”

4. Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk with Hutch

This unit is a corner office desk with drawers and hutch for additional storage and maximized utilization of space. Fluted glass front on CPU drawer and hutch cupboard space adds to its aesthetic properties, while the rails in the side-drawer increase utility with space for hanging file folders.

Hutch design provides ample space for multiple monitors in addition to four small cubbies and two large ones adjacent to central cupboard space. Top shelf offers additional storage. CPU drawer contains an adjustable shelf to provide extra storage.

A 4-port USB hub is integrated into the desktop to limit mess from cables and to make connecting with CPU simple and efficient.

First Impressions
At first glance, this desk doesn’t seem to bring a lot to the table, but there’s actually quite a bit to see here, and it’s quite an impressive piece overall. The design maximizes available space and utility by including conveniently located cubbies in the desk itself, with additional recessed storage in the hutch.

The top drawer is perfect for office supplies, while the bottom one is intended for use with file folders to organize important documents. One of the hidden features on this desk is the USB port integrated into its surface that helps minimize cable mess on your desktop.

This 4-port USB connects directly to your CPU through internal wiring, meaning that connecting your peripherals is mess free. The color of the desk is simply beautiful if you’re going for an understated look, and the silver hardware adds just enough flare to add interest. Just a great overall desk.


  • Ample surface space
  • Convenient Shelves For Storing Binders Or Books
  • Built-in grommets for cable management
  • Combines the compact design with ample storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 59” D: 59” H: 66”

5. Ameriwood Home L Shaped Student Office Desk

This desk is a simple corner-desk affair made for use in a compact space. Beautiful rich wood surfaces combine with black lacquer to produce a striking appearance. Comes with a slide-out keyboard tray to maximize the use of desk space. The keyboard tray includes safety stops to prevent over-extension.

Overhead cupboard provides ample storage space in combination with recessed storage spaces and top-shelf design. The space under the desk is sufficient for placement of a CPU Tower to reduce office clutter. Available in multiple colors, including alder and cherry.

First Impressions
This desk reminds me of the initial offering for its sentimental values, but somehow, the inclusion of the black duo-tone lends it a sophistication my childhood desk lacked. The keyboard tray that comes with it is sturdy and perfect for storage and use of both keyboard and mouse.

Definitely intended for a single monitor arrangement, it does provide ample space for speakers and other peripherals suitable for a student’s setup. The overhead cubbies are convenient, and the cupboard provides sufficient space for most needs.

One thing that stands out with this piece is the backboard included on the upper shelf, creating a space clearly meant for use. While it wasn’t suitable for my needs, its beauty and excellent design made it find a place in my final five.


  • Surprisingly Durable
  • Light and Easy To Move
  • Minimalist Features
  • Compact Design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 49” D: 47” H: 60”


Here are my previos desk reviews:

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When you’re picking up an L-Shaped Desk for your office, it’s important to remember that your ultimate goal is to save space. These desks are perfect for that, as the corners of a room are often the most difficult areas to make effective use of.

Before picking up your desk, you’re going to want to measure your available space to ensure that there is sufficient room for the one you want. I almost impulse bought one of the desks on this list, which would have been a tragedy given that the space I had wouldn’t accommodate it.

Be sure that the desk you choose has all the functionality you require, including a layout that will help you take the best advantage of your available space.

How to Build Mainstays L-Shaped Desk With Hutch

The mainstay is one of the most popular brands of desks on the market that include hutches in their standard design. With so many of these units going out, it isn’t surprising that there are instances where the instructions don’t make it into the box or otherwise get lost before the desk is assembled.

They’re also durable enough that many owners opt to disassemble them and take them with them to their next destination rather than dispose of them. If you’re looking for instructions on how to assemble your Mainstay desk, I’d recommend heading to YouTube and finding one of the many tutorials put together by owners of these beautiful desks.

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