Is The Dyson Humidifier Worth It?

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People trust Dyson when it comes to cleaning supplies. This company has proven over the years that it can consistently deliver durable and high-quality products to the market. In all this time, their emphasis has been on vacuum cleaners.

Thus, their entry into the humidification market was quite a surprise to many. However, they did not compromise on quality, and users of the humidifier have been raving about it.

It is not a secret that dry air not only aggravates allergies, but it also leads to dry and cracked skin. What’s more, it damages furniture over time. These problems are quite common in the cold months, more so when people use heating systems.

Thus, it is necessary to have a humidifier. But should you buy the Dyson? Is it worth the price tag?


With most humidifiers, the airflow is weak. Thus, they can only serve a small area at a time, which brings about problems regarding placement. With the Dyson, this is not the case as it features air multiplier technology.

As such, you can install it in one corner of the room and look forward to even distribution of air. Plus, it will do so discreetly.

You will love that it comes with patented UV technology. Humidifiers require to be clean if they are to circulate germ-free air. However, that is not the case with most gadgets as they serve as breeding grounds for bacteria. As a result, they circulate inhalable germs, which aggravate allergies and cause respiratory issues.

That is not a problem which you would face with this humidifier, provided you use it as per the guidelines. It features UV technology which kills 99.99% of the bacteria in the water. Thus, the mist circulating in your home should be free of harmful microorganisms.

This humidifier can monitor both temperature and humidity levels in the home. You can thus set it on auto-mode such that it can regulate these two factors as needed.

Also, it does not have exposed elements and is safe for use around children. The same does not hold for most gadgets on the market which are unsafe for use around kids and pets.

At a Glance

This humidifier is very quiet, especially when you run it on the lower level settings. You can thus use it in a child’s room all night.

It comes in a compact design that will not take up much space and can, therefore, work in small rooms. Its design is quite stylish and will work to enhance the beauty of your home. The magnetic remote makes controlling the unit easy and will not give you much trouble.

You will appreciate that it can work throughout the year. Where you live in a humid region and do not require a humidifier in summer, you can use it as a fan. What more could one want from a humidifier?

On the downside, you should expect to part with a chunk of money to get this gadget. With most humidifiers, the price range stands at $20-$150. However, with this humidifier, be ready to spend three times as much as the higher limit of this range.

Most people shy away from using it owing to the price. But given how great its features are, this should not be the case. Also, the water tank may give you a bit of a problem as it may last for four hours.

The bottom line when it comes to this product is that it is worth the money. Yes, the cost may be hefty, but the upsides outweigh the downsides. Plus, it looks good and will function as expected. So yes, save up for this unit and grab one in preparation for the cold months.

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