Category - Humidifiers

As we know, the human body is 70 percent water. Therefore, it is the main and the most essential product for the functioning of all vital organs and systems in our bodies. But we feel comfortable not only when full or not thirsty – climatic conditions for a living also mean a lot.

Maintaining the correct temperature-humidity conditions for both adults and newborns, whose body systems are still developing, while protecting them against various microbes and viruses, is extremely important. Cool and moistured air is healthy growth, strengthening of immunity, absence or easy progression of any colds.

According to certain researches, it is proved that dry low-humidity air dries the skin, damaging mucous membranes of the nasopharynx. In the treatment of certain diseases, the use of drugs may not provide the expected result – their effectiveness will be much lower.

Prolonged illnesses and unsuitable temperature-humidity conditions may result in chronic disease development.

Moisturizing the air in your room will help avoid these and many other problems. Many people buy special devices that effectively humidify the air and control the humidity level in their rooms.

Such rather compact and simple in operation household device, working from the grid or battery-powered, is called “humidifier.” Alternatively, more expensive models are featured with ionization and purification functions. 

Humidifiers can be large console models (with wheels) or small personal devices for single rooms.