How To Find An Affordable and Reliable Glass Computer Desk?

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your office that will give it a sleek modern look? Do you love the shine of clean glass and the elegance of curved piping? When I was looking for a new way to help make my office look professional, it was glass computer desks that caught my eye.

Thereโ€™s no shortage of styles of glass computer desks to choose from, but that in and of itself poses a problem. The best way to select the right glass desk for you is to know what your needs are and how it will meet them.

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List of Top-Rated Glass Computer Desks

1. Belaire Z-Line L-Shaped Glass Top Computer DeskZ-Line Designs ZL1441-1DU60x24x37inBlack Frame, Clear GlassView on Amazon
2. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Black Glass Computer DeskWE Furniture Soreno51x20x29inBlack Frame, Black GlassView on Amazon
3. Techni Mobili Tempered Glass Computer DeskTechni Mobili RTA-3802-GLS45x62x29.5inWhite Frame, Clear GlassView on Amazon
4. Mecor Corner Tempered Glass Computer DeskMecor 1050301557.5x56x36inBlack Frame, Black GlassView on Amazon
5. Walker Edison Silver Metal Small Glass Computer DeskWalker Edison AZ31S2931x20x29inSilver Frame, Clear GlassView on Amazon

How to Decide On The Best Glass Computer Desk For You

There are two significant factors to consider when looking at a new desk, the first being, whether it was going to be able to accommodate all my needs. The primary concern was finding one that had the amount of storage space I needed. Glass desks tend to be notoriously short on storage, but I tend to keep my area reasonably minimalist, so a few shelves were all I needed. The second is simply one of aesthetics. Glass computer desks come in as broad an assortment of styles as traditional desks, and I ultimately settled on getting a corner desk for my office.

How To Set Up a Corner Glass Computer Desk

Like most office furniture youโ€™ll find these days, glass computer desks require a bit of assembly when you get them. Thankfully the instructions are pretty straight forward, and I didnโ€™t have any issue putting mine together. The more complex the desk, the more moving parts there are going to be, but itโ€™s mostly just putting in a lot of screws and suction cups using an Allen key that comes with the unit. If youโ€™re mechanically inclined, you should be able to have it together in about 10 minutes or so. It took me about 20 to put the finishing touches on mine.

How To Hide Computer Cords On A Glass Desk

I like keeping a tidy area around my desk, and having the tangle of cords visible under my desk was a concern of mine. I bundled my cables together using velcro straps I found online, and then ran them down the leg with more of the same. The velcro straps kept everything comfortably together and avoided the unsightly image of tangled cables being visible through the glass top.

The Best Glass Computer Desks Reviews

1. Belaire Z-Line L-Shaped Glass Top Computer Desk

A classic L-Shaped corner desk with a raised platform for storage and a slide-out keyboard tray. The gracefully curving lines of the supports help bring aesthetic interest to your office space, while the clear glass work surface lends an air of modern professionalism.

First Impressions

I was particularly fond of this model, appreciating its clean and yet artistic design. It provides plenty of surface space, even for those like me who like to spread out while theyโ€™re working. I found the placement of the raised platform a bit odd as my first instinct was to put a flat-screen monitor on it.

I soon realized that the placement of the slide-out keyboard made that impractical, to say the least. Still, there were plenty of other applications that raised space could be turned to and its roominess was a strong selling point for me.


  • Slide-Out Keyboard Tray
  • L-Shaped design provides ample working space
  • Raised shelf great for storage of writing utensils and other incidentals
  • Simple to assemble
  • Overall dimensions: W: 60โ€ H: 24 D: 37โ€

2. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Black Glass Computer Desk

A straight-forward corner desk with a simplistic design that has excellent functionality. The black glass provides a hint of style that can make any office space look sharp. The keyboard tray is well placed and sturdy, and the design includes an intuitive place to set your tower, power strip, and other power and cabling needs.

First Impressions

This desk is definitely compact and minimalist, providing enough surface area to be useful but with a depth that makes it perfect for a small room. My office space is large enough to accommodate a roomier desk, but this oneโ€™s simple design was appealing. The keyboard tray was completely functional and large enough to accommodate most standard keyboards.

I appreciated the durability of the powder-coated steel legs, making this table a lot sturdier than its thin supports makes it appear. The CPU Stand that came with it was a useful addition as well, ensuring that your tower stays raised above the floor. Another thing I loved about this deskโ€™s design was its ability to separate into two completely functional units, providing ample opportunity for customization.


  • Slide-Out Keyboard Tray
  • L-Shape Efficiently Utilizes Space
  • CPU Stand Included
  • Durable Powder Coated Steel Legs
  • Overall dimensions: W: 51โ€ H: 20โ€ D: 29โ€

3. Techni Mobili Tempered Glass Computer Desk

This desk has a sleek and professional appearance thanks to the simple white color scheme it uses. It has a simplistic design that maximizes the use of space, leaving room for a printer or a second monitor. The clear tempered glass surface gives it a sharp appearance that is easily cleaned and scratch resistant.

First Impressions

I had toyed with going with a clean white color scheme for my office for a while, and that brought me to this desk. It shares a lot of the great features of the previous desk, but its overall design is reversed, something I hadnโ€™t appreciated at first.

The frames design is relatively utilitarian, lacking the elegant appearance of the Belaire model. A closer look revealed that the configuration was reversible, allowing this model to be set up in any corner of the room. The keyboard tray is one of the sturdiest I encountered, with the specs saying it could withstand up to 33 pounds of pressure.

Like the Walker Edison model, it has a fairly conservative depth that sacrifices available space but makes good use of it for a smaller office.


  • Slide-Out Keyboard Tray
  • Handy L-Shaped Design
  • Great For Smaller Spaces And Brighter Design
  • Quick Assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 45โ€ H: 62โ€ D: 29โ€

4. Mecor Corner Tempered Glass Computer Desk

This corner desk comes with the same standard features found with the other models, including a CPU stand and a keyboard tray. Unlike the others, Iโ€™ve shown you so far this one has two sides that are of equal length, which can make it appealing, thanks to its space saving element.

First Impressions

I primarily looked at this desk due to it having two sides of the same size and length. My office had plenty of room, but my daughter was in need of a desk for her bedroom. I knew that an L-shaped desk would be ideal thanks to the extra surface space for writing and studying, and the compact design meant it wouldnโ€™t overpower her room.

The keyboard tray is very compact, which works well with her Bluetooth keyboard. One thing that stood out to me about this desk was the depth of its surfaces, giving a full extra 9โ€ of desk space to both sides. That may not sound like much, but it accounts to over a thousand extra square inches of surface space.


  • Ample surface space
  • Equally sized sides make it versatile
  • Can be separated into two desks
  • Sturdy design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 57โ€ H: 56โ€ D: 36โ€

5. Walker Edison Silver Metal Small Glass Computer Desk

A tribute to the compact design, this desk is nothing more and nothing less than you need for a laptop or small tower design. The sturdy construction means that it will hold up to regular use while the silver powdered steel legs help it fit with any dรฉcor. The sliding keyboard tray ensures that maximum use is made of available space and allows it to convert to a reading or craft desk easily.

First Impressions

Sometimes I like to work on my deck or in the living room, so I was looking for a small collapsible desk. This one caught my eye, and while itโ€™s not collapsible, it is light and sturdy enough to transport from place to place in my home without a problem.

This same feature makes it perfect for use in my guest room on the rare occasion I have visitors staying overnight or longer. I ended up picking up this model to use for just that purpose, and it has stood the test of time. Itโ€™s easy enough to take apart and put back so that I kept its box so I could take it with me on business trips; I even took it camping with me once.


  • Surprisingly Durable
  • Light and Easy To Move
  • Minimalist Features
  • Compact Design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30โ€ H: 20โ€ D: 29โ€


Here are my previos desk reviews:

These five desks all represent excellent examples of what can be done with a design to work in a compact space without sacrificing utility. In the end, I picked up the Belair model for my personal office space, the Mecor for my daughter, and the smaller Walker Edison for its convenience and portability, and theyโ€™ve all served me well.

Each of these desks has served my family and I quite well, and Iโ€™d recommend them for anyone looking to upgrade their office space or simply replace an outdated desk. Remember when you go looking for that new desk for your office space to take into account the space you have available to you and consider if the admittedly sleek appearance of the glass is going to work.

The visibility of the cabling under my desk was a problem for me at first, though as I mentioned earlier I found a correction that made it work. You also need to take a bit of care with your desk if you go with glass, as the even-tempered glass can chip or even shatter under the right conditions.

One of the things that Iโ€™ve come to love about my glass-topped desk is how easy it is to clean. I use a simple spray of glass cleaner followed by wiping it down with a lint-free towel and it looks just like the day I bought it. I hope this guide proves useful for you when you go to buy your own glass table.

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