A Guide On File Cabinet Desks Here: Comparison & Personal Piece of Advice!

While digital formats are becoming increasingly popular for storing essential documents given the security and stability of cloud storage, the age of the physical filing cabinet has yet to fade into the past.


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List Of Top-Rated File Cabinet Desks:

Sauder Edge Water Executive DeskSauder 41879565x29x29in
Engineered woodMore Information
Coaster Office Desk with File DrawerCoaster Home Furnishings 80052047x23x30inMDF,particle board, engineered veneer, hollow board, metalMore Information
Bush Furniture Vantage Corner DeskBush Furniture HM66115A-0352x43x35in
Laminated particle boardMore Information
Techni Mobili Tempered Glass Top Computer DeskTechni Mobili RTA-156551x28x35in
Tempered glass, MDF, PVC laminate, steelMore Information

Filing cabinets are necessary when you have critical documents that you want to keep organized that aren’t able to be stored in a digital format for any number of reasons. Birth certificates, wedding licenses, death certificates, physical deeds, immunization records, and countless other essential records still need to be kept somewhere safe.

One of the best solutions for this if you’re not interested in a stand-alone filing cabinet and don’t want to use a safety deposit box is a desk with a filing cabinet built right in.

Thankfully there’s a vast assortment of options out there, and it can be hard to figure out which best suits your need. That’s what I found when I started looking for a desk for my own office that would let me store essential papers.

The final five choices are listed below and represent what was left after I winnowed out lesser competitors.

Review of the Best File Cabinet Desks:

1. Sauder Edge Water Executive Desk

This desk features solid wood construction with a chalked chestnut finish, though it is also available in an Auburn Cherry. Multiple drawers provide ample storage space, including the two large drawers which are designed to hold hanging folders.

The central drawer is secured on metal runners, which include safety stops to prevent over-extension. The front of the drawer flips down, making it usable as a keyboard/mouse tray as well as providing additional storage. Cable management grommet included in the core design making for a clean working space.

First Impressions
This desk is definitely aesthetically pleasing and had ample hanging file storage for my document handling needs. Further, the sturdy wood construction meant that I could drill out a spot to place a key-lock in the face of the drawer.

The side drawers are perfect for storing office supplies, and the central drawer was a pleasant surprise. I don’t know why it still catches me off-guard when the central drawer in the desk has a pull-out drop-down feature that makes it usable as a keyboard/mouse tray, but it’s a pleasant surprise I don’t mind.

One of the other great features this desk comes standard with is a grommet for cable control placed centrally over the back.


  • Chalked Chestnut Surface
  • Two hanging file drawers
  • Cable Management Grommet
  • Central pull-out drop-down drawer is usable as keyboard/mouse tray
  • Overall dimensions: W: 65” D: 29” H: 29”

2. Coaster Office Desk with File Drawer

This desk is built with a contemporary design scheme making it an attractive addition to any home or office space. The design includes a hanging drawer for filing folders as well as two smaller drawers usable for storing office supplies and incidentals; all drawers are on euro-glides.

Available in three finishes placed over MDF, Hollow Board, Metal, and Particle Board construction. Silver hardware provides an attractive finish to the piece.

First Impressions
This desk had the benefit of being simple, but I realized early on I was going to have to come up with another solution for locking my filing cabinet than a drilled out spot for a lock and key.

The material of the desk was sturdy, but drilling into it would compromise its integrity enough that I wouldn’t rely on the lock remaining secure. Additionally, it would allow moisture to get into the wood itself.

Ultimately I opted not to get this piece, but it would be perfect for someone looking for a small desk that would provide a low-security solution for document storage.


  • 3 drawers
  • Euroglides
  • Multiple Veneer Options
  • Overall dimensions: W: 47” D: 23”H: 30”

3. Bush Furniture Vantage Corner Desk

This high-quality corner desk contains ample storage space and innovative design that maximizes its efficiency and use. Frosted glass adorns a storage desk designed to hold a CPU tower and has a conveniently placed drawer above it for other peripherals.

The raised area is intended for placement of a printer or other office equipment that needs to be kept up and out of the way. A box storage area is available for office supplies and is situated above a standard drawer and a filing drawer, making it perfect for a busy office environment.

First Impressions
I really loved the design of this desk and the various colors that were available for it. The harvest cherry was particularly striking, though the white had its appeal as well. The construction of this desk called for an exterior locking bar if I wanted to use it as my filing solution, but otherwise, it was another desk perfectly suitable for multiple computing applications.

The cable management solution that’s built-in was another feature I insist on in any desk that I purchase for personal use, I simply cannot stand a messy collection of cables being under my desk. The price-point was a little higher than I had intended going for, but the feature-rich nature of this desk made it stay on my final top five list.


  • Storage Drawer with adjustable shelves for CPU Tower
  • Raised platform for peripheral storage and placement
  • Box storage provides ample under desk storage
  • The filing drawer is suitable for important document storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 52” D: 43” H: 35”

4. Techni Mobili Tempered Glass Top Computer Desk

This desk has a tempered glass work surface with sufficient space for peripherals and main computing hardware. Are under the desk provides ample space for CPU tower storage, and the unit includes locking standard and filing drawers for added security.

The drawer unit is coated in a PVC laminate over MDF panels. The modern style of this desk makes it an eye-catching addition to any room.

First Impressions
This desk caught my eye in part because of its inspired modern style, but also because it contained something no other unit on this list did. Locking drawers. It ended up being a top contender in spite of its lack of keyboard tray and dedicated storage drawer for the CPU.

One of the more interesting features of this desk took me a while to figure out when I first saw it online. The bottom drawer has a caster wheel attached to it to provide additional stability when you pull out the drawer, and likely to prevent it from tipping over this otherwise lightweight desk.

Overall it’s an attractive piece that wound up having all the features I needed.


  • Tempered Glass Desktop
  • Wheel supported file drawer
  • Locking drawer
  • Overall dimensions: W: 51” D: 28” H: 51”


How To Secure A Desk File Cabinet From Tampering

One of the drawbacks you’ll find when looking for desks that have filing cabinets built in is that not many of them are built for security. The majority are intended for an office environment where other security measures make a locking drawer unnecessary.

One of the things I had to research while looking for a desk for my home office was a way to prevent prying eyes from getting into my filing drawer. Thankfully there is a good assortment of locks built for securing filing cabinets that can be repurposed for locking a desk drawer.

If you’re good with tools, you could also install a standard lock from a hardware store by drilling a hole in the appropriate place on the desk. If the desk you want doesn’t have a lock on the filing drawer, then shopping around for a solution will present multiple options.

What To Put On A File Cabinet Underneath A Desk

Another clever way of handling security is simply to hide the filing cabinet from sight, a task best accomplished by placing your filing cabinet under your desk and concealing it with a piece of cloth to disguise it as a footrest.

For those looking for a more complete solution, you may consider adding additional ‘modesty boards’ under your desk to help conceal it from prying eyes. None of these solutions are going to keep people from getting into your filing cabinet once they find it, but you can reference the above solutions for securing the cabinet itself.

Ultimately, in this case, you’re probably better off just getting a desk with a filing cabinet and securing it according to the suggestions listed above.


Here are my previos desk reviews:

After looking through all the available desks I ended up going with the first one on the list, it’s chalked chestnut finish, and solid wood construction was too nice to pass up. Sure, I had to custom add a key and lock to it to ensure my files were secure, but I felt that it was worth the extra work for the beauty of the desk.

I also never really liked the “one key, all drawers” security feature that the Techni Mobili model utilized. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid in desks with locking drawers, so a custom design was pretty much the only way to go.

If you’re in the market for a great desk with a filing cabinet as a standard feature, any of these are going to serve you well. The final decision on which one is right for you is going to depend on the specific needs of your space and your use for the desk.

Don’t get me wrong about the one-lock system, it’s effective and a time-honored tradition, it just never suited the way I use my desk.

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