Faux Fur Ottomans Here: Comparison & Personal Piece of Advice!

You’ll often find ottomans playing a central role in many people’s home furniture, and they have adapted to fit multiple styles throughout the centuries they’ve been with us. The term “ottoman” references the culture where this useful piece of furniture first made its appearance.

The Ottoman Empire featured armless couches that were frequently used around three-fourths of a room’s border. As time went on the design changed to abandon the back, and ultimately to become comfortable corner pieces.

Ottomans are available in a staggeringly massive number of designs, and one of popular version has the ottoman itself fitted in faux fur. The original Ottomans were often made from fur to help create a warm and comfortable place to sit on cold winter nights.

My own search for a faux fur ottoman started with a pleading request from my daughter for one of those ‘adorable shaggy footstools.’ Below is the list I put together for her to choose from.

How to Care for Faux Fur, Sherpa, Fleece & Minky Fabric

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List & Comparison of Faux Fur Ottomans:

Clever Creations 643664815605Clever Creations 64366481560512x12x13in
WhiteView on Amazon
Cheer Collection Round Ottoman with Wood LegsCheer Collection Round Ottoman17x17x15in
Tan WolfView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 300471Christopher Knight Home 30047116.5x16.5x16in
WhiteView on Amazon
Iconic Home FON2644-ANIconic Home FON2644-AN23x17x18in
Pink, White, Grey, BlackView on Amazon
Cheer Collection Square Ottoman with Wood LegsCheer Collection Square Ottoman17x17x15in
Tan WolfView on Amazon
HomePop K7573-B234HomePop K7573-B23419x18x18.5in
GreyView on Amazon
Iconic Home FBH2752-ANIconic Home FBH2752-AN18x39x19in
Beige, Green, Navy, White, GreyView on Amazon
Inspired Home Aurora Rose Faux Fur OttomanInspired Home Aurora Ottoman18x18x18in
Rose, Grey, WhiteView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 300443Christopher Knight Home 30044316.5x16.5x16in
Light Blue, WhiteView on Amazon
Cortesi Home CH-OT905467Cortesi Home CH-OT90546720x18x20in
WhiteView on Amazon


How To Clean A Faux Fur Ottoman

One of the things I Insisted on if my daughter was going to get a faux fur ottoman was that she would know how to clean it. I am personally aware of just how much of a nightmare this material can be to clean if you aren’t familiar with it, and how difficult truly deep discoloration can be to get out.

The process isn’t really hard so much as time-consuming and tedious, and my daughter was dedicated to having her ottoman. The first step to caring for faux fur involves gently brushing the material to get rid of the majority of dirt and grime.

Brushing it gently is necessary to prevent it from tangling. Following this step, you should mix together 1T of laundry detergent with 1c of water, which you should test clean in an area that won’t be visible to be certain it won’t hurt the coloration.

Once you know it’s safe, moisten a sponge with the mixture and wring it out before using it to blot the dirty spot on the faux fur until its clean. Gently brush once dry to remove any soap residue.

Review of the Best Faux Fur Ottomans:

1. Clever Creations 643664815605

My Impressions

This was where we started, I liked to think it would be easier to clean the short nap white fur that this piece was made from. A little research revealed that this wasn’t the case and that the combination of white fur with a short nap actually results in a more difficult to clean piece.

On the other hand, it was beautiful and the texture of the white fur was really soothing and comforting on tired feet. It was also compact enough not to dominate the space in my daughter’s room.


  • Stable design
  • White faux fur
  • Overall dimensions: W: 12” D: 12” H: 13”

2. Cheer Collection Round Ottoman with Wood Legs

My Impressions

It actually took me a couple of minutes to realize this was in fact a faux fur, and not a real fur. The fur is really plush to the touch and the stool itself is wide enough to be used as both a footrest and place to sit. The 220lb load capacity meant that it was likely to survive any punishment my daughters and her friends could think of. The surface was very comfortable for sitting thanks to the soft foam that they used under the layer of faux fur.


  • Soft foam padding
  • Realistic fur
  • 220lb Load Capacity
  • Overall dimensions: W: 17” D: 17”H: 15”

3. Christopher Knight Home 300471

My Impressions

The long fur on this made it an immediate favorite of my daughter, though I felt the white fur was perhaps a recipe for disaster. I was surprised to learn that the material was actually remarkably stain resistant. This product comes in a set of two, which was something else that appealed to my daughter. She claimed it would be perfect for her sleepovers so that two people could sit comfortably and get their make-up done at the same time. She had a good point, I have to admit.


  • Comes in a set of two
  • Long leg design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 16.50” D: 16.50” H: 16”

4. Iconic Home FON2644-AN

My Impressions

I remembered that my daughter had asked for a ‘shaggy footstool,’ and when I saw this piece, I had a good feeling this was what she was talking about. Her squeal of glee over the long nap pink fur and clear acrylic legs told me I had guessed correctly. I have to admit if this was my style of furniture that it is a remarkably well-composed piece, and I found the transparent legs an exciting addition to the design.


  • Clear acrylic legs
  • Long nap pink furniture
  • Sturdy
  • Overall dimensions: W: 23” D: 17” H: 18”

5. Cheer Collection Square Ottoman with Wood Legs

My Impressions

This piece was another example of a stool with astoundingly high-quality faux fur. It was nearly a perfect mimic of the soft fluffy texture of genuine fur, only easier to clean. The off-white color would handle the dirt and grime of day to day living fairly well, and it was equipped with a cushy soft foam top that made it a pleasure to sit on. I personally was taken with the square design, something that I was coming to realize was a preference of mine when it comes to ottomans. My daughter tended to agree and gravitated towards this style. This stool was also quite sturdy, the 220lb load capacity ensuring that it could put up with the most rambunctious of girl time play.


  • Soft faux fur
  • Sturdy Wooden Legs
  • Soft foam cushioning
  • Overall dimensions: W: 17” D: 17” H: 15”

6. HomePop K7573-B234

My Impressions

The unique design of this ottoman is what brought it to my attention; those hairpin legs are just too adorable to ignore. They had an interesting motif that reminded me of time spent doing hair in a kitschy little salon, and I thought my daughter would appreciate the idea of themed furniture. The stool also has a surprisingly robust load capacity at 250lbs thanks no doubt to the excellent construction and use of metal in its design. The legs don’t come attached to the final model, but that wasn’t much of a concern.


  • Metal hairpin legs
  • Soft faux fur
  • 250lbs Load Capacity
  • Overall dimensions: W: 19” D: 18” H: 18.5”

7. Iconic Home FBH2752-AN

My Impressions

This ottoman I was certain was going to be a winner. It had a broad design to accommodate multiple people and was topped with a rich, fluffy faux fur. The support of the ottoman had an open design with beautiful metal supports. The variety of colors it comes in are all striking and bold in their hue, and the frame was available in both brass and polished stainless steel. The combination of these factors meant that it had a durable design that could support in excess of 300lbs.


  • Metal support frame in brass or polished stainless steel
  • Available in one of four colors
  • Open style permits under-chair storage.
  • Overall dimensions: W: 18” D: 39” H: 19”

8. Inspired Home Aurora Rose Faux Fur Ottoman

My Impressions

The shagginess of this model spoke directly to my daughter’s original desire for her bedroom, while the chrome x-frame underneath made a striking fashion statement. This piece doesn’t come assembled but is relatively easy to put together. The overall appearance of this ottoman is ‘high fashion’ which made my beauty obsessed daughter excited about this option. I was just grateful there were multiple pieces on this list she enjoyed.


  • Chrome supports
  • Long faux fur material
  • Easy assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 18” D: 18” H: 18”

9. Christopher Knight Home 300443

My Impressions

I think I liked the long-legged look of this model than my daughter did, perhaps it was the mid-century design that caught my eye. The legs were angled to provide greater support while the seat had a lavish and plush material design that I couldn’t resist running my fingers through. The piece has enough support that it a broad range of uses it could be turned to. The combination of lightly colored faux fur and birch wood legs really made this one of my personal favorites.


  • Birchwood legs
  • 20% Polyester, 80% Acrylic Faux Fur
  • Available in two colors
  • Overall dimensions: W: 16.50” D: 16.50” H: 16”

10. Cortesi Home CH-OT905467

My Impressions

This was, in my opinion, the classiest of the smaller ottoman on this list, and I felt it would be a perfect addition to my daughters décor. The graceful chrome legs combined with the soft plush fur of the seat gave it all the charm she wanted for that space. It was also durable and comfortable. Its only drawback was that it only came in white, meaning that she’d have to be particularly careful about keeping it clean.


  • Metal Legs
  • Plush cushion
  • Realistic faux fur
  • Overall dimensions: W: 20” D: 18” H: 20”


The faux fur nature of all of these ottoman makes them part of a design tradition going back hundreds of years. Initially, fur was a standard part of Ottoman design, and while I’m confident nothing they used shared much in common with the pieces we selected for my daughter’s room, the spirit of the design remained intact.

There were literally thousands of possible designs available with faux fur material, many of which even have interior storage. The lack of interior storage spaces in the above list wasn’t an oversight; it was one of the things my daughter explicitly asked not to have in her ottoman.

If you’re setting out to look for a faux fur ottoman that doesn’t have interior storage, check through the list above. Even if you wind up opting for one that does have storage space inside, these will give you a great idea of where to start.

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