Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines Here: Comparison & A Piece of Advice!

When you’re among those who enjoy the rich, fulfilling taste of tobacco as a normal part of your day, you probably strive to find the best deals you can.

Every year the cost of tobacco goes up as the Federal Government, state, and municipal governments continue to tack on vice taxes to the cost of your favorite brands.

If you’re like me, you finally realized that many of the loose tobacco options on the market have all the taste and quality of the name brands, and started looking into labor and cost-effective ways of enjoying your favorite loose-leaf.

Electric rolling machines are the ultimate in convenience and luxury when it comes to making your own cigarettes at home.

I set out to find the best ones that Amazon had to offer so I could get one to ease my own daily rolling routine, and these are the ones I discovered. I put together this list so that others seeking the same thing would have a solid starting point, so I hope this is of some use to you.

Powermatic 2 + Electric Cigarette Injector Machine, $1 Pack in 3 min.

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List & Comparison of Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines:

Powermatic PMATIC2Powermatic PMATIC2King Sized, 100mmYesView on Amazon
J.Shine Powermatic II PlusJ.Shine Powermatic II PlusKing Sized, 100mmYesView on Amazon
PoweRoll by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette MachinePoweRoll by TOP-O-MaticKing SizedYesView on Amazon
lcfun Electric Cigarette Rolling Machinelcfun Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine85mm, 80mmYesView on Amazon
Revolution Electric Cigarette MachineRevolution Electric Cigarette MachineKing SizedNoView on Amazon


How To Pick An Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines

There are a few considerations to take into account when you’re looking at an electronic rolling machine to ensure you get one that suits your particular tastes and needs. The first element you’ll want to look into is whether it is a battery-operated or plug-in electronic rolling machine.

Most varieties you’ll discover plug into an outlet, so that will be an easy part of your search though it won’t help narrow your choices much. You’ll also want to ensure that the machine you select can accommodate your preferred length of a cigarette.

Rolling tubes typically come in King and 100mm length tubes, but not all rolling machines do. You’ll also want to be certain that the electric rolling machine you purchase is available in a plug style that fits the country you live in.

Some cigarette rollers are even capable of making more than one cigarette at a time for those who are looking for the ultimate in speed and convenience.

When you set out to purchase your own electric rolling machine, make sure that you keep a list of the features you discover and make sure the piece you choose has the ones you want available.

Review of the Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines:

1. Powermatic PMATIC2

The Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Injector is a robust model with a good reputation for speed, quality, and ease of use. This machine comes with a conveniently sized loading hopper and an easy to operate silver handle for packing the tobacco prior to rolling.

Recent innovations have provided increases in motor power to ensure that loading your cigarettes is easier and faster than ever.

The included tools can be used to maintain your device and reduce jams while extending its effective lifespan. The internal mechanics on this model have recently undergone upgrades to improved materials to give you the best rolling experience.

Convenient side tray helps prevent the mess from spilled tobacco while the slip-on design ensures its easy to secure your tube in place.

First Impressions

This device was remarkably simple to operate, and I was happy to say that I had very little trouble with jamming or operating the device. The design of the hopper and handle made it easy to avoid over packing the cigarettes and ensuring that every rolled cigarette had a smooth draw.

The design of the device easily accommodates both regular King Size cigarettes as well as the 100mm variety that I prefer to smoke. I was able to quickly and easily roll two packs at the end of my day so they’d be prepared for my work schedule the next morning.


  • Improved Motor Speed
  • Accommodates King Size and 100mm Tubes
  • Convenient side tray to avoid messes
  • Easy and quick to use

2. J.Shine Powermatic II Plus

This electric cigarette roller comes with a unique anti-jam feature that detects overfilling and alerts the user. Configured to accept King and 100mm size tubes, this unit is a great addition to any frugal smokers kit.

Includes special cutting feature to ensure that long tobacco strands are cut off to accommodate a clean cigarette.

The motor delivers tobacco into the tube in one smooth motion to provide even and complete packing of your cigarettes. Get uniform cigarettes with an easy draw when you use this device.

First Impressions

I’d just like to say that this device contains some incredible features that I haven’t seen in many other rolling devices.

At first, it appears to be just like most machines of its kind, but a closer look reveals the anti-jam detector that helps preserve tubes by warning the user of over-packed tobacco.

Another feature that I was impressed with was its tobacco cutting element that ensured that the tobacco was cut off evenly.

This resulted in my cigarettes having an almost commercial appearance that made them easier to slide into a pack. The side tray did an excellent job of collecting excess tobacco strands and dust, and the whole device was easy to clean.


  • Cutting blade ensures clean even cigarettes
  • Anti-jam features
  • Makes 100mm and King Cigarettes
  • Provides tight and even packing

3. PoweRoll by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

Top of the line cigarette roller from TOP-O-Matic comes with a durable case and full set of cleaning tools. Configured to produce perfect King Size cigarettes every time this device isn’t designed to accommodate 100mm tubes.

The motor provides an even loading action that produces evenly packed cigarettes that have a clean, easy draw.

The convenient carrying case provides storage space for all the related tools and protects the device when not in use. Comes with a catalog for ordering additional parts, never buy another machine again!

First Impressions

I was really impressed with the case that came with this device that contained all the tools and equipment necessary to use it. While it lacked an anti-jam feature, it was well-configured to make loading the appropriate amount of tobacco easy.

Every cigarette that came out of this was beautifully packed and even, and the device rarely jammed or needed any maintenance outside of the occasional brushing out.

The only drawback I found to this machine is that it only accommodated King Size cigarettes, but that’s a small setback for an otherwise excellent rolling machine.


  • Convenient Carrying Case
  • Tools for maintenance
  • Slide of tool produces clean well packed cigarettes

4. lcfun Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

Compact electric tobacco roller is light-weight and takes up a small amount of space. The device is adjustable for different packing density to suit the individual user. To produce high-quality cigarettes of your preferred density just pack the tobacco into the hopper and let this machine do the rest!

The base of the device is non-slip to ensure there are no accidents while you make some of the greatest King Size cigarettes of your life. Convenient tools are provided to help clean out the device and keep it operating smoothly for years.

First Impressions

One of the first things I noticed about this roller was its light and compact design. Most of the other devices I found weighed in at a pound or two; this one was made of resin and was quite light.

It also came with another feature I had not seen on other models, the ability to adjust how tightly packed I wanted my cigarette.

While I’ve never had trouble adjusting my tobacco packing to the tightness I wanted previously, it was a relief to not have to do that anymore. The cleaning tools that came with it were perfectly suited to maintaining the device, and it was convenient to be able to break the device down with the removable power cord for storage. I used this device without difficulty and without it breaking down for quite a while.


  • Adjustable packing density
  • Removable power cord
  • Included cleaning tools

5. Revolution Electric Cigarette Machine

This large electric rolling machine is perfect when you need to rapidly make a pack of cigarettes without wanting to individually load tobacco each time. It contains a large hopper for loose tobacco and button-based operation to keep things incredibly simple.

A simple lever allows you to lock your tube in place, allowing the device to produce an evenly packed cigarette with a great draw quickly.

When fully loaded and operated, you can make two packs of cigarettes in just under two minutes, making it a convenient solution to your tobacco consumption needs.

The device is easy to maintain with regular cleaning, ensuring that your roller will continue to provide smoothly packed cigarettes for years to come.

First Impressions

The first thing I thought when I saw this was, “Thank goodness, I don’t have to load tobacco for each cigarette anymore!” Of all the things that I disliked about making cigarettes using a rolling machine, electric or otherwise, was the need to load tobacco one cigarette at a time.

This device handles that issue for you and ensures that your cigarettes are packed perfectly every time.

For the mechanically minded parts are available if you ever start to experience issues with the device that a good cleaning won’t fix. The one thing you have to take caution with is using pipe tobacco.

In most machines, you’re loading and cleaning each time, so even pipe cut tobacco works fine, but in this device, you want to make sure you’re using cigarette cut tobacco.

Thankfully there are plenty of varieties that use this finer cut, and you can always order tobacco from the manufacturers to ensure you’re using the proper kind.


  • Large tobacco hopper
  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Simple Maintenance


These rolling machines all had something to bring to the table, whether in the form of affordability, convenience, or speed. As I tested out each one, I weighed the pros and cons and found that all of them were equally good depending on your individual need. For me, it was the Revolution Electronic Rolling Machine that I stuck with.

The large hopper and smooth operation just made it so much less annoying to load up the two packs I smoke each day.

The sheer amount of time involved with using other types of rolling machines would have me stopping to pick up a pack of brand name cigarettes rather than taking advantage of the savings offered by my one at home.

The convenience it offered made sure it paid for itself in no time. In fact, I’ve even shifted to making a carton on Sundays, so I don’t have to make another pack until Friday, and I can do it in under ten minutes! I really can’t recommend this roller enough.

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