A Guide On Contemporary Desks

If you’re like me and appreciate the beauty and elegance of contemporary design, then describing contemporary desks to you isn’t going to be necessary. For those of you who are wondering exactly what a contemporary desk is this guide is going to be invaluable.

First appearing in the 1970’s contemporary design incorporates a variety of elements from the design styles that had come before, and that definition continues to evolve as design styles come and go.

In current parlance, contemporary design refers to a style that incorporates elements of minimalism, curved lines, and a mix of neutral and bold colors.

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List Of Top-Rated Contemporary Desks:

Walker Edison Soreno L-Shape DeskWalker Edison D51Z2951x20x29inTempered glass, steelMore Information
Walker Edison Soreno Corner Computer DeskWalker Edison D51L2920x51x29in
Tempered glass, steelMore Information
Kings Brand Furniture Contemporary DeskKings Brand Furniture HO2960-WH45x21x30in
Lacquered woodMore Information
Coaster Contemporary Computer Workstation Office DeskCoaster Home Furnishings 717325x20x31inMetalMore Information
Modway Abeyance Contemporary Modern Glass-Top Office DeskModway EEI-1182-WHI71x35x30inTempered glass, steel, fiberboardMore Information

While this definition may change in the next decade or so, these elements are the ones presently associated with contemporary design. Below we’re going to take some time to go over five of the most striking and useful contemporary desks to be found on the internet.

Review of the Best Contemporary Desks:

1. Walker Edison Soreno L-Shape Desk

This desk features a durable tempered safety glass that has been beveled and polished to a high shine. The black frame has been powder coated to give it a matte appearance. Built into the desk is a convenient keyboard stand, and a CPU stand. The desk can be assembled into two separate desks for maximum utility. Tabletop is translucent due to being made of clear glass with a paper underlay.

First Impressions
This desk is a relatively simple affair that is an excellent example of minimalist contemporary design. The supports are intentionally narrow without sacrificing durability and stability. I was surprised to find that this item isn’t made of black glass, but instead has a clear glass top with a paper underlay that renders it opaque.

While this creates an interesting translucent effect, it does mean that any damage to the paper shows through the top. This desk is perfect for a spot with limited space due to its compact design, including a surface with a narrow depth and limited width.

While I wouldn’t recommend trying to put any peripherals, such as a printer, on the desk due to limited space, it’s perfectly suitable for other office use.


  • Reversible desk arrangement
  • Ample working space with an L-Shaped design
  • Minimalist Contemporary Design
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 58” D: 29” H: 44”

2. Walker Edison Soreno Corner Computer Desk

Clear temper, beveled, and polished glass is the primary component of this desk. Silver-tone steel provides excellent minimalist supports. Keyboard tray and CPU stand are made of the same material as Convenient multi-part design means this desk can be assembled in two separate parts. Easy to clean surface is scratch-resistant.

First Impressions
For all intents and purposes, this desk is essentially the previous one in a different color scheme. The one thing that sets it apart is that it is even narrower than the last entry, making it even better for conserving space in a cramped office. The color scheme is perfect for an ultra-modern office, especially those in a medical setting or a room that is well lit with white walls.

For the creative type, the transparent surface provides a perfect way to display your art, just tape it to the bottom and its protected and yet visible through the glass.


  • Keyboard tray
  • CPU Stand
  • Can Be Assembled In Two Parts
  • Convenient Design Saves Space
  • Overall dimensions: W: 40” D: 24”H: 30”

3. Kings Brand Furniture Contemporary Desk

Durable varnished wood provides a glossy white surface combined with X-crossed silver legs to create an ultra-contemporary look. The desk contains two drawers and a convenient pull-out keyboard tray in the same style as the desk surface itself. The compact design of the desk makes it viable for placement in many locations, including an open office design.

A perfect addition to any contemporary design scheme.

First Impressions
This desk immediately struck me as a layover from the ’70s, which of course is part of the reason I love it. The overall appearance makes it a perfect compliment to anyone using an Apple computer as it matches the color scheme perfectly.

Make no mistake that the surface is entirely reflective, you couldn’t use it as a mirror thanks to the white finish, but it’s going to reflect sunlight and anything you place on it. If you have a nook that just doesn’t seem large enough for anything else I would strongly recommend this desk as it just seems meant for a recessed area.

Alternately could see it used in a trendy cosmetics shop.


  • Underdesk Storage Area
  • Raised shelving for easy storage on desktop
  • Compact design for limited space
  • Quick Assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 31” D: 18” H: 35”

4. Coaster Contemporary Computer Workstation Office Desk

This desk has a contemporary design that takes minimalist design to its logical conclusion. Slide out keyboard tray combined with a lower shelf to create a mobile unit perfect for the smallest of workspaces. IT professionals and others who need their system easily portable would benefit from the design of this desk.

First Impressions
This desk had to be included for how compact everything about it is, and for the surprising amount of utility that can be gained from it. One of my colleagues uses this desk in his crafting workspace, so he always has his computer at his side for numerous reasons.

Rather than having to clear off a surface for the laptop, he merely rolls this convenient little desk around. It can’t be used with more cumbersome monitors, and I wouldn’t put much more than a tower and perhaps a few manuals on the bottom shelf, but it’s beneficial.


  • Ample surface space
  • Convenient Shelves For Storing Binders Or Books
  • Built-in grommets for cable management
  • Combines the compact design with ample storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 51” D: 53” H: 28”

5. Modway Abeyance Contemporary Modern Glass-Top Office Desk

This desk’s surface is made from beveled and tempered glass for a durable and contemporary appearance emphasized by the x-design supports. Drawers are included in a minimalist design that maximizes utility without sacrificing form. Each drawer unit contains two drawers in an over and under configuration. The silver tone of the legs produces an ultra-contemporary retro-futuristic appearance.

First Impressions
I genuinely love this desk, but I have to admit that it was surprisingly heavy when I received it. The materials used in its construction are intended to last and come together to create a beautiful piece.

I could easily see this unit being used in a New York Condo by a cutting edge artist. The drawers contain ample space for office or art supplies, while the glass surface is easy to clean and creates a beautiful contemporary appearance.


  • Surprisingly Durable
  • Light and Easy To Move
  • Minimalist Features
  • Compact Design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30” D: 29” H: 20”


How To Pick A Contemporary Desk

Choosing a contemporary desk starts with knowing what you want, and what the purpose of the desk is going to be. Like all desks, you’re going to want to make sure that it fits the function you intend to turn it to, while still incorporating the elements of contemporary design.

This means considerations must be made for storage space, functionality, peripherals, shelving, and durability, among others. If it’s modern style is one of the primary points that will be used to choose your table, then you’re going to have to balance form and function in your final decision.

Thankfully the breadth and scope of contemporary design provide plenty of options to choose from, so you should be able to find one that will meet all of your functional and aesthetic needs.

How To Mix Cherry Office Desk With Contemporary Furniture

Thankfully there isn’t a hard and fast rule for doing this, so long as the end result is pleasing to your eye. Contemporary furniture can quickly boost the appearance of a Cherry Office Desk if you’re choosing the right pieces.

It starts with using the dark and striking wood of the cherry office desk as a centerpiece for the room and carefully placing the contemporary furniture around it. The graceful lines and minimalist nature of this style of furniture mean that it will let the cherry wood take center stage and leave the rest of the room looking and feeling open.

Speaking of spacious, make sure you don’t try to cram too much into the room, or it’s going to ruin the whole aesthetic. Build an open, breezy room with that central cherry office desk being featured prominently.


Also, here’s a honorable mention of my previous reviews:

These desks serve as a perfect centerpiece for a contemporary office, but the desk is just the start rather than the pièce de résistance. All of them lend themselves to the light and airy nature of the ultra-contemporary aesthetic, so it would be a shame for your design to fall flat there. We’ve included a few tips below to help you round out the appearance of your office to really capture the contemporary aesthetic.

How To Finish Your Contemporary Office

To begin with, it’s essential to make sure you have sufficient lighting in your workspace to keep yourself alert and awake. This doesn’t mean you need harsh lighting, however, and there are some creative ways to bring the lighting into the room.

Lighting can be brought in the form of decorative pieces, LED lights hidden behind art pieces on the walls, or even under the ceiling behind panels that diffuse the light while providing ample levels. Natural light should be maximized, but you also want to ensure that glare and heat are controlled through the use of blinds and the like.

Don’t overload your office space if you want a contemporary appearance; ample space should be available in the room with the main floor area being clear. Include greenery in the form of indoor plants wherever possible, but remember not to clutter up space! Cluttered spaces create cluttered minds and complicate movement throughout the room.

One great way to really tighten up the contemporary aesthetic is with indoor garden spaces, even if it’s just a clean white potting plant in a bay window or windowsill. Contemporary design is focused on refreshing the mind, cleaning up the workspace, and spartan minimalism.

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