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Compact desks are perfect for when you’re trying to capitalize on a small space, or trying to cram as much working space as possible into a limited area.

When I was called on to provide a solution that would maximize the number of students that could make use of a room at our school, I knew I had my work cut out for me. The solution, to me, was evident.

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List Of Top-Rated Compact Desks:

Furinno Compact Computer DeskFurinno 14098R1DBR/BK29x16x32inСarb compliant composite wood, PVCMore Information
Mainstay Compact Dorm Room Student DeskMainstay Compact Student Desk36x24x25inLaminated particleboard, metalMore Information
Coavas Writing Computer DeskCoavas CAS00140x20x30inMDF, steelMore Information
Techni Mobili Compact Computer DeskTechni Mobili RTA-8336-C0943x20x30inMDF panels, moisture resistant PVC laminate veneerMore Information
BDI CH Sequel Compact DeskBDI 6003 CH Sequel48x24x29inTempered glass, hardwood veneer, steelMore Information

What I needed was a desk that was capable of providing sufficient workspace for the students in the programming class while simultaneously being able to fit as many of them in there as space would reasonably allow.

I started by looking into compact desks that were explicitly designed for use in computing.

I found several solutions that were economical in terms of both space and cost and then began winnowing them down to only the most attractive solutions. The result of the work are these five units. Each of them made it into my final five for different reasons, but they were all reliable options.

Best Compact Desks Review:

1. Furinno Compact Computer Desk

The simple, light-weight design of this desk includes a surprising number of features, including an under-desk keyboard tray. The shelves on the side provide additional options for storage space. Costs for this piece are kept low thanks to the engineered wood used in its construction.

The black coating makes this piece attractive as well as functional. Assembly is a simple process that can be accomplished in minutes with only a screwdriver. The extremely compact design makes it perfect for small spaces.

First Impressions

When I first started looking at desks, I wanted to find the cheapest, most practical solution for the task laid out in front of me. This piece served all of my intended purposes while remaining economical.

The students in the class would be bringing their laptops, making it unnecessary to accommodate a tower.

This made this particular design a great option, though the shelving provides space for a CPU if you’re using a mini-tower.

The only extraneous part of this design for my purposes was the shelving, but the compact nature of the design meant it could easily be used around the perimeter of the room while larger desks could take up in the interior space.

It made it on my list for sheer economic value and versatility. Sadly the composite wood used in its construction meant that it wouldn’t put up with the abuse of hundreds of students a year.


  • Minimalist design
  • Shelves for additional storage
  • Attractive Black Coloration
  • Quick to Assemble
  • Overall dimensions: W: 32” D: 29” H: 16”

2. Mainstay Compact Dorm Room Student Desk

This desk comes with sturdy and adjustable legs accented in a beautiful silver. The shelving unit has two shelves, the middle one being removable for creating taller storage for certain CPU towers.

The white surface is clean and efficient, providing sufficient space for the needs of most students. The material is durable and resilient to use, making it perfect for high use conditions.

First Impressions

This desk was essentially an upgrade in both cost and function on the Furrino model. It had a more finished appearance that would be easy to clean, and the material the desk was comprised of would put up with more abuse than the Furrino model.

For all that, it did sacrifice space in its design and was almost a little too minimalist for my taste.

The design of this model is respectably sturdy, however, with the back brace serving to eliminate wobble and provide a usable work surface. The shelves on this unit are wide enough to accommodate backpacks if the center shelf is removed, which was a convenient option for my classroom design.

Home users would find these shelves convenient for storage or for placing the CPU in the absence of a stand.


  • Adjustable shelving for convenient storage
  • Back brace ensures durability
  • The surface is easy to clean
  • Adjustable legs aid customizability
  • Overall dimensions: W: 36” D: 24”H: 35”

3. Coavas Writing Computer Desk

This desk embraces a simple minimalist construction that maximizes the use of space and material in one elegant design. The surface is made of composite wood construction with an attractive warm feel.

No assembly required, legs and back fold out and lock into place. The sturdy design makes desk capable of supporting 200 pounds of resting weight.

First Impressions

This desk was the ultimate in simplicity and had a price-point that made it difficult to overlook. I was pleasantly surprised by the durability of this piece and felt that it would sufficiently meet the needs of the classroom space I was furnishing.

The ability to assemble and disassemble this piece in seconds made it a desirable option, especially since it meant the room could be used for other purposes with a minimum of fuss.

This desk made it onto my list for all the factors listed above; it simply hit all the of the necessary points to serve my purposes and keep the budget down.

I also felt the color of the surface added to a sophisticated academic feel in spite of the simplicity of the desk itself.


  • Simple unfold and snap design
  • Warm wood appearance
  • Attractive powdered black steel supports
  • Overall dimensions: W: 40” D: 20” H: 30”

4. Techni Mobili Compact Computer Desk

This desk includes a compact design with a convenient side-desk and an attractive cherry finish. The work surfaces are made of MDF panels that are resistant to moisture due to being coated in a Laminate Veneer to protect the materials.

The silver supports are both attractive and durable, while the slide-out keyboard tray with safety stops allows it to be used with either a laptop or tower arrangement. The minimalist design means the piece is lightweight, without unnecessary additions. Rubber feet help protect surfaces.

First Impressions

I felt this piece had an academic flair that might just suit the purposes I intended to turn it to. Admittedly the feel of the design of the desk was more ‘High School’ then ‘College,’ but it had a number of attractive features.

The keyboard tray was unnecessary for my needs but was sturdy and convenient regardless.

It occurred to me it could make a useful note-taking surface for those students still using paper in a class on programming. The rubber coating on the feet would be appealing to the administration since it would reduce wear and tear on the floors, a feature lacking in the other offerings on this list.

The moisture-resistant nature of the PVC laminate that coated the work surfaces was also attractive as it would help their longevity in an academic environment.


  • Ample surface space
  • Convenient Shelves For Storing Binders Or Books
  • Built-in grommets for cable management
  • Combines the compact design with ample storage
  • Overall dimensions: W: 40” D: 20” H: 30”

5. BDI CH Sequel Compact Desk

Beautiful high-quality precision-built desk with sturdy construction perfect for a high-use environment with limited space. The desktop is made of tempered glass with beveled edges that are very durable.

Configuration of design is reversible for maximum convenience, and wire-management channels are built into the structure.

Slide-away drawer houses keyboard and mouse, as well as containing a charging port for small devices and is lined with a material that is slip-resistant. Desk includes dedicated space for placement of power strips and comes in one of four colors.

First Impressions

This desk had me wowed when I first saw it; it was an unusually elegant piece for a compact desk design. Further research only impressed me further as I discovered the many features it offered in the form of wire management and storage areas. This desk is the only one included that has drawers, built-in wire-management channels, and a place to store a power strip.

The colors available were all quite attractive, and the hidden charging ports were an innovative and creative addition I appreciated, and the students would as well. When I came across the price-point I realized I wouldn’t be able to sell it to the administration for the students in the room, but the many features it contained would be perfect for the instructor.

After the meeting, one was provided to the instructor, and a number of other members of the administration ordered one for their offices and stated an intent to buy one for their homes. Truly an impressive piece that demonstrates what’s possible with compact designs, and that function need never compromise form.


  • Configurable drawers
  • Keyboard tray includes room for mouse and small device charging ports
  • Wire-management channels built into desk
  • Dedicated Power Strip Placement In Design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 48” D: 24” H: 29”

Compact Computer Desk FAQ

How To Assemble Furinno Compact Computer Desk

Furrino desks are one of the most popular desks on the market today in the compact desk niche, and its no surprise. They are simple to assemble, durable and provide sufficient space for both laptops and traditional towers provided that’s all you’re looking to do.

The assembly process involves the use of locking grommets, cam-lock screws, and a very simple tab-a into slot-be style design that means it will take you minutes to begin using to start using your desks.

How To Pick A Compact Desk

The first thing you need to consider when looking into compact desks is whether or not they’re going to be durable enough to serve your intended purpose. Many compact desks seem to be designed with an eye to being disposable, probably inspired by the student desk niche.

Once you’ve established, they’re made of materials that will hold up to the task you want to ensure it has the appropriate features for your purpose. Many compact desks have been engineered to include storage space, but many are also focused on the absolute minimal amount of material use possible so you’ll need to find a balance.

Additionally, many compact desks are focused on laptop users, a fact which shouldn’t be too surprising considering the falling price points and improved functionality associated with that market. Style is probably going to be a final consideration, though even a small desk should be aesthetically pleasing to the end-user.

Ultimately you’re going to want to produce a list of all your desired features and continuously update it while searching through your options.


Also, here’s a honorable mention of my previous reviews:

I’ve already covered the choice that the administration settled on for the instructor, but it might interest the reader to know that a combination of items was selected for the classroom.

The Furrino desk simply didn’t have the durability to survive classroom use, but the Technii Mobil piece replaced its spot along the walls.

Its compact design provided ample walk-room between these desks and the main body of desks in the center of the room. The collapsible nature of the Coavis model sold the administration once the issue of durability was addressed.

This desk has served surprisingly well, and the unfold and lock mechanism has proved invaluable when the room needed to be temporarily repurposed.

I would recommend any of these desks to someone looking to take advantage of a compact space, especially the BDI model if it’s within your price range.

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