Cleaner For Soap Scums Here: Comparison & Personal Piece of Advice!

One of life’s greatest ironies may be the fact that you have to have a cleaner for soap, but when you’re using soap to clean your body, your clothes, or even your dishes the residue can sometimes build up and create an ugly stain.

Thankfully there is a whole line of products specifically designed to cut through this special kind of grime and wash it away leaving your surfaces clean and sparkling. Like all products, no two products perform the same, and not every product is even worthy of the name ‘soap-scum cleaner’.

List & Comparison of Cleaners For Soap Scums:

The Bucko 3934457The Bucko 393445732 ozMulti-purposeMore Information
ForceField ScumBlasterForceField ScumBlaster30 oz +32 ozMulti-purposeMore Information
StoneTech SYNCHKG030116StoneTech SYNCHKG03011624 ozSealed natural stone,
ceramic, glass
More Information
Quick N Brite 70010Quick N Brite 7001016 ozMulti-purposeMore Information
Scrub Free CDC3320000105Scrub Free CDC332000010532 ozceramic, glass, fixtures,
plastic, chrome, porcelain,
acrylic, fiberglass
More Information

When I went looking for a solution for my own soap scum problems I ended up going through an immense amount of products before I found a few I would even try. The list below represents the results of that search and what I discovered about each of them before discovering one that worked for me.

Review of the Best Cleaners For Soap Scums:

1. The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover/Bathroom Cleaner 32 oz

Bucko Soap Scum Cleaner and Grime Remover is the result of ample research in the best cleaning products available. It has a clean and refreshing lemon-water scent and cleans thoroughly without the use of harsh chemicals.

This product has been approved for use with outdoor furniture, fiberglass, stainless steel, bathroom tile, grout, fiberglass, ceramic sinks, and a broad range of other surfaces.

Simple to use, you just spray it on, wait a few minutes, and wipe it off with a soft rag leaving your surface shiny and clean with only the fresh scent of lemon-water left behind. Not for use with iron or rust stains, soap scum that requires scraping to remove, painted surfaces, or calcium deposits.

First Impressions

First up we have the Bucko Soap Scum Cleaner and Grime Remover, and it definitely made a fine showing. One of the things I loved about this product is that I knew it would be safe on almost any surface I used it on thanks to its gentle formula.

The drawback, of course, is that it wasn’t suitable for use with tougher jobs or mineral deposits, which really just encouraged me to keep up with my soap scum removal in the house. For those jobs, it’s intended for it performs excellently, leaving the surface clean and free of grime.


  • 32 oz or 128 oz Bottle
  • Safe For Most Surfaces
  • Spray, Wait, and Wipe

2. ForceField ScumBlaster: Soap Scum Remover, Tile and Grout Cleaner

Incredible ForceField ScumBlaster tackles your hardest to clean soap scum and grime issues, without dangerous chemicals. Made with organic salt it is harmless to septic tanks while being powerful enough to cut through rust rings, mineral deposits, hard water stains, mildew, and refresh stained grout.

Safe enough to use on all surfaces, including vinyl tile, fiberglass, acrylic, rubber, ceramics, and an extensive range of synthetic surfaces. It tackles the deepest set stains and scum in the grout in your bathroom, kitchen, or shower.

First Impressions

This bottle came with a lot of promises, and I’m happy to say that it lived up to all of them. I was particularly surprised after that ‘organic salt’ comment on the label. Whatever they are, they seem to do an incredible job of cutting through my hardest stains without harming the surfaces they’re on.

I found myself beginning to use it for everyday cleaning thanks to its effectiveness, and the little group brush is really handy for cleaning around the kitchen sink faucet. If you’re like me you have a difficult time getting all the build-up of food, soap, and general ick from around that space. This bottle was destined to become one of my first choices when it came to cleaning my house.


  • Included Grout Brush
  • Strong yet Gentle
  • Good for all surfaces
  • Great for mineral build-up and soap scum

3. StoneTech Soap Scum Remover, Cleaner for Natural Stone

Stonetech Soap Scum Remover is specifically designed for tackling hard water stains, dirt, and soap scum on sealed natural stone, glass tile, and ceramic surfaces. If you’ve got limestone, porcelain, ceramic, slate, granite, marble, or any other stone surface in your house, this bottle will become indispensable.

Easy spray bottle design makes it easy to apply and use, and its fresh, clean scent makes it pleasant to use in any environment. The bottle is 24 oz and should be stored in a cool, dry place to ensure its full lifetime.

First Impressions

Sealed stone and tile happens to be one of the most common surfaces in my house, from the beautifully tiled floors to the kitchen counters I’m surrounded by them.

Stonetech caught my eye as the only one I stumbled across that was specifically formulated for these surfaces, and being as I’m rather protective of them I wanted something that was guaranteed not to cause any harm. Gentle yet effective Stonetech’s spray was able to remove soap scum, dirt, and mineral stains from these surfaces without damaging them in any way.

My countertops have never been cleaner.


  • Specially Designed For Stone And Tile
  • Fresh Clean Scent
  • Works on Hard water, Soap Scum, and Grime

4. Quick N Brite Scum Off Shower Cleaner for Hard Water

When you have a difficult cleaning job that needs a powerful cleaner, Scum Off Shower Cleaner is a good place to start. Formulated to have 100 times the cleaning effectiveness of store-bought cleaners this is an incredible addition to your collection of cleaners.

Thick texture ensures it clings to surfaces well for cleaning or you can mix it in a spray bottle for easy application. A perfect non-abrasive cleaner for your most delicate surfaces.

First Impressions

This product was advertised for cleaning tile, and as I mentioned, my house has a substantial amount of tile and stone surfaces. There’s also a lot of glass to be found throughout our home, some of it frosted, and those surfaces require special cleaners to tackle them. This cleaner is one of those cleaners.

Combined with a soft sponge or rag Scum Off was able to remove all the mineral deposits and soap scum from the glass door on our shower. We didn’t even know it was clear since it’s always been opaque since we moved in! Now it’s beautifully bright and clean! I really can’t recommend this product enough if you’re looking for something for your most delicate surfaces.

I also found that it worked really well when diluted into a spray bottle, and used it for my regular house windows, car tires, and even the chrome on my truck!


  • Thick texture
  • Can be diluted for delicate jobs
  • Non-abrasive

5. Arm & Hammer Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover, Lemon, 32oz Spray Bottle

Scrub Free is another excellent product from Arm & Hammer that features its powerful OxyClean product as part of its formula. More than just a soap scum cleaner, this product helps to brighten your home with a fresh, clean lemon scent.

Perfect for delicate surfaces Scrub Free requires no scrubbing, just spray it on, wait, and then wipe it away for unmatched results. The product can be purchased in individual bottles or in a case of 8 32oz bottles for commercial or industrial use.

First Impressions

I included this one because it wound up being a great solution for my office, so I thought it deserved a space on here. Arm & Hammer has a decent reputation for their cleaning products, and I’ve always found that they are effective ways of handling messes.

This cleaner was perfectly suited for tackling the cleaning needs of my office, so I directed my boss to it. This was partly out of self-defense since I couldn’t stand the smell of the acrid chemical cleaners they used in the break room. Now the break room sparkles and shines and has never smelled nice! (Unless someone cooks fish in the microwave).


  • Scrub-Free Formula
  • OxiClean included
  • Lemon Scent
  • Powerful on soap scum and hard water stains


So there you have it, the five cleaners that made it onto my test list. All of them performed admirably well for the purposes I turned them to, and I ended up getting a couple of the ones off this list to tend to specific needs around my house. Scum Off quickly became a favorite and was used for almost everything except the stone and tile.

For that, I trusted the StoneTech product, it just seemed to perform better, and I felt that it was gentler on the surfaces thanks to its specific formula. All of these are great options, and my boss has told me he was glad I suggested we change to the Arm & Hammer product.

If you’re looking for a great soap scum cleaner I could heartily recommend any on this list; I just found StoneTech and Scum Off to work best for my needs.

How To Pick A Cleaner For Soap Scum

So now you’ve set off on a quest that seems almost redundant in its logic… You need soap to clean soap? Strange as that may seem this is a real thing, and what you choose to tackle this problem can have lasting impacts on your surfaces.

Some surfaces are capable of withstanding harsher cleansers than others, while others require a specialized cleaner made for delicate surfaces. Yes, even when you’re cleaning soap from soap sometimes you need to bring out the big guns.

Harsh chemicals like bleach, acid, and ammonia, just to name a few, can all find their way into a cleaner meant for tackling soap scum. These chemicals can damage surfaces, cause more staining, or even cause damage to your septic system when you wash it all away.

The first thing you need to do when trying to pick a soap scum cleaner is determined whether its safe for the surface you’re cleaning, then you need to ensure it won’t cause any other unexpected damage along the way.

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