A Guide On Cherry Wood Desks

Iโ€™ve always had an abiding love of the rich red tones of cherry wood, and the central role it played in the traditional English Den of my dreams. There are warmth and dignity to the color that brings a sense of respectability to any room it occupies, and nothing says professional like a desk made of this beautiful wood.

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List & Comparison Of Cherry Wood Desks:

Sauder Carson Cherry Wood Executive DeskSauder 41292053x22x30inEngineered woodMore Information
Sauder Palladia L-Shaped Cherry Wood Writing DeskSauder 41367065x68x30inEngineered woodMore Information
Bush Corner Desk Cherry WoodBush Furniture WC31430-03K59x59x30inCompressed woodMore Information
South Shore Axess Cherry Wood Computer Desk With HutchSouth Shore 724607641x19x38inNon-toxic laminated particleboardMore Information
Sauder Camden Cherry Wood Computer DeskSauder 10173053x20x35inPressed woodMore Information

While I had always dreamed of having an expansive red desk with the full leather armchair to tie it all together, the reality of my home office requires something a little less ostentatious. I set out researching on the internet to find desks that would suit the space I had to work with while cozying up to the dreams of a lavish cherry wood desk I still held so dear.

Best Cherry Wood Desks Review:

1. Sauder Carson Cherry Wood Executive Desk

This stylish desk is made of high-quality wood with a cherry wood finish and is accented with cast iron hardware. Two drawers are incorporated to provide ample storage for cables, documents, and other odds and ends for computing, etc. A large central drawer is a front and center providing additional convenient storage space.

The drawers slide in and out smoothly on metal runners and include safety stops to prevent them from being drawn out too far. The bottom side drawer has convenient hangers for letter-size files to aid in sorting documents.

First Impressions
This little desk made me smile when I saw it, it was just beautiful and the hardware so quaint that it reminded me of an earlier age. The color of the wood was exactly what I was looking for, and the storage place provided by the drawers made it a desirable prospect. I had been considering finding a method of storing what paper documents I still had so the hanging rods in the bottom drawer caught my attention as well.

Ultimately this desk wasnโ€™t large enough for my main office, but I was still looking for the lake house, so this one was kept on the list for that. It just had a quaint, antiquated look I felt would work, and it was a solid piece of office furniture besides.


  • Beautifully wrought iron hardware
  • Ample storage in three drawers
  • Solid cherry stained wood
  • Simple assembly
  • Overall dimensions: W: 53โ€ D: 23โ€ H: 30โ€

2. Sauder Palladia L-Shaped Cherry Wood Writing Desk

This desk is an elegant traditional corner office desk design in dark cherry wood with high-quality silver hardware. Six drawers provide extensive storage options, three of which have support rods for hanging files of legal or letter size. All of them are equipped with safety stops to prevent their being pulled too far out.

A center shelf/drawer arrangement provides space for a laptop or keyboard for maximum versatility. An area in one of the drawers contains a position for a CPU tower and includes an adjustable shelf to aid in placement. Construction is of engineered wood with an oak finish and an easy to assemble T-slot drawer system.

First Impressions
When I first saw this desk, I started imagining how I would arrange my office around it. It was an incredible piece with ample storage space that can comfortably be situated in a corner of the room. The multiple drawers and spaces for storage would become useful for those paper documents I mentioned earlier, and I liked that it had a shelf that slid in and out like a drawer for keyboards and laptops.

One element of this desk that I particularly appreciated was the grommet in the back for cable management; thereโ€™s nothing I hate worse than a mess of cables under my desk. I was also particularly pleased with the drawer that was explicitly set aside for use with a CPU Tower. It was a little bigger than I was hoping for when I started looking, but I could make it work, so it remained in my final five.


  • CPU Drawer
  • Grommet For Securing Cables
  • Multiple Storage Drawers
  • Slide out shelf for laptops/keyboards
  • Overall dimensions: W: 65โ€ D: 68โ€ H: 30โ€

3. Bush Corner Desk Cherry Wood

This corner desk boasts a simple straight-line design that is neither overstated nor utilitarian. Integrated with a 4-port USB hub to help organize your devices when paired with the concealed storage door with beautiful fluted glass door.

A file drawer is included with ball-bearing slides and hanging rods for securing A4, Letter, and legal size document folders. Two cubbies are included, one for the storage of office supplies the other for charging mobile devices.

First Impressions
This desk was a less elaborate version of the Sauder Palladia one and had a similarly lower price-point as a result. While not as beautiful to my eye as the previous desk, it still retained much of the quality and traditional stylings that had drawn me to it. The beautiful color of the finish was certainly in line with what I was looking for, and the depth of the drawers was perfect for my needs.

I appreciated the cubbies on this desk as I frequently kept traditional writing utensils on hand. Overall I felt this desk was of sturdy construction, and it wasnโ€™t difficult to set up when it arrived. The charging cubby was a strong selling point for me, as I always found myself moving my charging mobile devices around my desk throughout the day. Having a proper place for them was a godsend.


  • Storage drawer for CPU
  • Charging cubby with slanted surface and charging port
  • Hanging rods for document folders in a drawer
  • Optional coordinate hutch and cabinet
  • Overall dimensions: W: 59โ€ D: 59โ€ H: 30โ€

4. South Shore Axess Cherry Wood Computer Desk With Hutch

This desk is designed with maximum utility in mind without sacrificing appearance. Includes a slide-out keyboard tray and raised shelf for storage and monitor with cubbies underneath. A drawer is included with pewter hardware above a large and small cubby. Easy to assemble itโ€™s a perfect addition to any office with limited space available.

First Impressions
This desk caught my eye for use in my living room for holding the shared family computer, rather than for use in my office. It appeared to be perfectly suited to the task with its compact design and slide-out keyboard tray. The monitor shelf provided a convenient place to place speakers for the computer in the cubbies underneath.

While not immediately apparent from the images, a cable management solution is included in the form of a hole in the back panel. These arenโ€™t as effective as the grommets included in some desks but are perfectly serviceable.


  • Keyboard tray
  • Cutout in back panel for cable management
  • Beautiful cherry wood finish
  • Adjustable shelf capable of supporting up to 15#
  • Overall dimensions: W: 41โ€ D: 19โ€ H: 38โ€

5. Sauder Camden Cherry Wood Computer Desk

This desk encompasses a versatile compact design intended for maximum utility in the minimum amount of space. Raised platform useful for peripherals like a printer, with a storage place underneath for paper or other supplies. Slide out keyboard is wide enough to accommodate any keyboard and mousepad.

Convenient storage space is available for books or filing folders, and a drawer for hanging letter-size files. Storage space is available for a standard CPU tower.

First Impressions
My first impression of this desk was a call-back to my days living with my parents and attending High School. This desk represents the finest in a compact design with a lot of thought given to functionality without sacrificing form. Rather than appearing cramped it has a specific aesthetic you only find in well-organized purpose-built structures.

The raised platform is perfect if you have a printer or other peripheral, but is also removable in the event you need more flat desk space. Nostalgia played solidly into this desk getting included, but it has enough form and function combined that I felt it was appropriate to include in my final five.


  • CPU Storage Area
  • Raised Platform for Peripherals
  • Convenient Drawer
  • Pull out keyboard tray with safety stops
  • Overall dimensions: W: 54โ€ D: 20โ€ H: 35โ€

Small Computer Desks FAQ

What Small Computer Desks Are Good For?

When I said my available office space was small, I wasnโ€™t kidding. Iโ€™ve definitely seen smaller spaces used as offices, and I still have a respectable amount of room for an average-sized desk, but I had considered getting a small one to maximize space. Small computer desks are also useful for subsidiary office space, such as the one I have in my living room when I have to work late but still want to spend time with the family.

I also have a small lakeside house that has a small office space that I needed a smaller computer desk for. Ultimately the answer is pretty simple; theyโ€™re suitable for compact spaces where you canโ€™t accommodate, or donโ€™t need, a great deal of space. I use a traditional tower setup for my main working area, and my laptop for moving to the other locations I mentioned, so a small desk was all I need. You may find similar situations where a small computer desk will suit your need rather than a full-sized one.

How To Pick A Cherry Wood Desk

The process involved in selecting a cherry wood desk is very similar to that required in selecting any desk. It all starts with writing up the set of properties you want your desk to possess, including storage space, total desk area, keyboard trays, CPU stands, cable management options, etc. When youโ€™re specifically looking for a cherry wood desk, you have the benefit of knowing what your primary requirement is right off the bat.

Youโ€™ll also need to establish your budget as this will be a significant determining factor in whether youโ€™re looking for a desk thatโ€™s made of cherry wood, one stained to look like cherry or one made from particleboard with a cherry wood laminate. While the latter may feel like it lacks some of the respectability of a traditional cherry wood desk, modern materials have produced beautiful and believable facsimiles at a much lower price point. Once you have all of these factors written down, you can start your search with confidence.


Also, here’s a honorable mention of my previous reviews:

In the end, I succumbed to my pretentious nature and picked up the Sauder Palleria model; I couldnโ€™t pass up having such an elegant piece in my office. It did require some minor rearranging to fit given its size, but it has been an invaluable piece of my workspace since I acquired it. My son happened to need a new computer desk, having just reached the age where he was allowed his own computer.

For this reason, I picked up the Sauder Camden desk, and I have heard no complaints about it. He opted not to use the peripheral stand, opting instead to provide himself additional space for homework. Any of these items would be perfect for someone looking for a quality desk with the cherry wood aesthetic; the deciding factors will definitely be price-point and what features you want in your office furniture.

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