Can You Put A Humidifier Next To Your Bed?

There are so many great reviews regarding humidifiers, so much so that people are rushing to buy them. These gadgets are indeed essential in adding moisture in the home. In so doing, they keep dry throats, allergies, and eczema at bay. Thus, getting one would be to your advantage.

Fast forward to the point where you have this lovely gadget in your hand. And you are thinking about where you should place it. Should it be near your bed? Is it safe to do so? Well, here are the things you should consider when setting a humidifier and the reasons why:

What should you consider?

The Purpose

People use humidifiers for different reasons, and they affect how close the gadget should be to bed. Where you suffer from allergies, you can use the humidifier near the bed. In this way, you can be close to the moisture, and you can thus sleep better.

You can have it further where you plan to heighten the moisture levels in the room to prevent dry throat and other such issues.

The Type

Now, you may be using a humidifier to alleviate your allergy symptoms and may want it close to you. Where the humidifier circulates warm mist, this is a bad idea. These gadgets can fall and break and burn you with the hot water. The hot steam can also burn you in your sleep.

Thus, a warm mist humidifier should only be near the bed when you are not sleeping. However, where you have a solid base which cannot topple over, you can place the gadget next to you while you sleep. Note that having such a humidifier in a child’s room is risky.

Where you plan on using it near a child’s bed, be sure to be there to ensure that they are safe.

A cool-mist humidifier is safe for use near the bed. However, when doing so, you should check the humidity levels, which should lie between 30 and 50. Where they are above or lower this range, you should make the necessary amends.

Too much humidity aggravates problems while little moisture in the air leads to irritation. You can thus use this humidifier next to your bed if the levels are okay. The same goes for a child’s room.

The Water

What kind of water do you use in the humidifier? Where you use tap water, the likelihood of mineral deposits is high. As such, microbial growth can take place at a fast rate, exposing you to germs in your space.

Additionally, the minerals make their way to the air in the form of white dust, which triggers allergies. Thus, it is not advisable to use this water.

You should use distilled water in these gadgets. Where tap water is in the tank, place the humidifier away from you, if at all you must use it.

The Cleanliness Level

With humidifiers, there is a lot of emphasis on cleanliness, and this is not for naught. Where the appliance is clean, you can use it near your bed. However, where you have skipped a cleaning session or two, it is best to use it away from the bed.

Where there is buildup, you are better off doing away with the appliance until you deal with the issue. Failure to this leads to microbial growth and the circulation of germs in the air. You thus end up exposing yourself to respiratory problems which you could have avoided.

Other factors include noise levels and the frequency of filter changes. Where your filter is in good condition and does not emit warm mist, you can use it near the bed. While doing so, consider its size and that of your room. All the best!

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