Can I Leave Humidifier On All Night?

Leaving a humidifier all night is safe. However, it depends on the state of your home as well as how your body responds to humidity. Thus, it may not be safe for you. Before we get into this, let us look at the upsides of leaving this gadget on all night:


Thriving House Plants

While house plants are great for aesthetics as well as for cleaning the air in the home, they may not always work. You could find that they are struggling and look unhealthy. One reason behind this could be the lack of moisture in the air which you can fix with a humidifier.

If the plants are healthy, air circulation will take place as it should. And you can finally achieve the balance that you need. Plus, your home will be free of toxins.

Reduced Infections

Moist air makes it hard for microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses to travel. You will thus find that you will suffer fewer infections when using a humidifier. This reduced risk is especially significant in the cold months when everybody seems to wake up with the flu.

Better Sleep

Are you a snorer? Do you keep your partner up at night with your snores? If yes, this could be the solution to your problem. When a room is moist, the temperatures also increase, and you will find that you sleep better. Plus, your sinuses will not be dry, and you will not experience much fuss to get a good night’s sleep.

Healthy Sinuses

If you wake up with a dry feeling in your nose, it could be that your air is not humid enough. Dry air could affect your sinuses such that you would be more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. With a humidifier running through the night, you would feel much more comfortable and would sleep better.

Protection of Items

Dry air leads to damage to furniture as it can crack. Where the air is humid, you can avoid this damage and can thus increase the durability of wood and other items in the house.

Reduced Static

Electricity shocks are quite standard when the air is dry, more so at night. Having a humidifier reduces the static in the air, and you can thus prevent shock to your loved ones and pets. You can, therefore, create a safe environment for your loved ones.

Better Skin

Where you sleep in a room with dry air, you are likely to suffer from dryness, flaking, and dullness of the skin. It owes to the cold and dry air taking moisture from the skin. With a humidifier, you can avoid this problem and look forward to radiant skin each morning.

Reduced Utility Bills

You will find that you may have to use a heater in the night to increase the temperatures in the room. While this may work, it adds to the utility costs. A humidifier, on the other hand, will increase the temperatures without running up the costs. It is thus the better option of the two.

In addition to these benefits, you can also cut your healing time in half when you suffer from cases of flu, colds, or sinus infections. Furthermore, you would avoid waking up with a growling voice.


Here is what you need to know about leaving the humidifier on all night. For one, you should wash it regularly to ensure that you do not circulate disease-causing organisms through your room. Also, you should check the hygrometer and see whether it lies between 40 and 50 percent.

Anything higher or lower than this range is not ideal. Filter changes must take place as is necessary to ensure that the humidifier works at an optimum. Finally, the water in use should be distilled to avoid the buildup of minerals.

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